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  • I'm following a Runners World sub 3:15 marathon training schedule leading up to Rutland. Yesterday was a sub 1:30 half marathon, at least that is what the training plan had me down for. In the end I managed to cover the distance in 1:30:40s so was relatively happy with that. Got a big pile of excuses as to why I failed to get below 1:30, but hey, I'm more or less on track.

    Must point out that I doubt I'll get a sub 3:15 time at Rutland, but aiming high has to be the way to go!

    Don't know about energy drinks Jimmy V, I'm thinking of getting a camelbak for this as I always have issues with fluids at events and at least that way I can use my own drink.

  • 3.15 sounds like a right time at Rutland with some people saying it is a tough course.

    I personally dont like to carry bottles etc might contact the organisers and see what is on offer. I dont fancy taking it on with just water available at the drinks stations!

  • Yikes !

    As an early contributor to this thread I had kept away whilst waiting to see if my achillies injury stood up to GNR - didn't want to tempt fate.  Now find I've missed the boat and the race is full, rats...

    and I'm feeling fitter than ever...

    looks like Luton in December - probably not the same scenery but hey ho...

  • Hi all,

    Wharfy, you must be gutted.

    A question for all those of you who know the course - as I did my long run last weekend mostly off road my thoughts turned to footwear for this marathon. Are the trails good enough to use road shoes, or will trail shoes be required do you think? 

  • Amanda, road shoes will definitely be fine. The paths are hard with some loose stones, but nothing "off road" that I can remember. I am starting to feel nervous and excited about this now. First marathon, eek.

  • I'm hoping to use road shoes but that's because I don't have any trail shoes!  I was given the impression that it's not an off-road race - and I'm really hoping that that's true otherwise I'm in deep doodoos!
  • Oh good Craner - looks like you heard the same thing as me then!
  • Great, thanks very much, road shoes it will be then. My new pair has just arrived so i'll start breaking them in!
  • has anyone got 2 spare places for rutland water marathon??

    hello, can anyone HELP please ? my husband and I have missed the entries for Rutland Water Marathon does anyone have any places and they can't run??? We will happily cover entry costs etc. Please contact me on or 07745958427image

  • I am going for road shoes also. My new ones are on the way will see how i go breaking them in but may just stick to the tried and tested ones I am wearing now!
  • road shoes for me as well. i may retire my old ones after this race or break in my new ones depends if its raining image
  • I'm broken in a new pair over the past 3 weeks since the last race I did. Nice and comfy now, downside is that they stink already as I get right sweaty feet. They'll be nice and dirty looking by Rutland as well since it is raining a lot at the moment and this time around I got white Brooks not my usual black ones.
  • Does anyone know if energy drinks are supplied on the route?
  • Did the Autumn Spitfire 20 in 2 hours 40 minutes this morning ... wet, windy and hilly (ish) so hopefully really good prep for five weeks time.

     I'm going with road shoes as well.

     RW - even if Gels are provided my advice would be to take  ones that you are used to rather than risking something unknown.

  • Hi All.
    I'm not doing this one but I ran it minus the peninsular this morning in road shoes and wished I'd worn my Cabrakans. Was peeing down, shocker, and it was hard going in parts.
    Oh, and it does more than undulate in my humble. It's a tough one but should be a good one too. Enjoy.
  • that's encouraging AS3 - NOT!
  • Minardi... Sorry! I actually laughed when I saw it listed as flat/undulating. It's a good run though, very scenic, but challenging. If peeps turn up expecting flat they'll have a bit of a shock is all.

    RW's a reservoir but I think there's confusion around the path. It's not like a canal towpath. Much more interesting than that, following the contours of the surrounding land rather than at water's edge.

    All this being said, I'm a newbie, and I'm sure there are tougher 26 milers out there that you guys do all the time. I'm doing the Spires & Steeples on the 17th which is also supposed to be a toughie. image

  • there does seem to be some conflicting views coming out as to whether this is a hilly course or not!

     I am used to running on hilly routes so i am hpoing i will be ok!

    not that long to go now!!

  • Jimmy - I'm sure you'll have a blast, especially if used to hills. There are some long flats - Manton to Lyndon and Barnsdale to the Hambleton peninsular - the rest takes a bit of effort. I'd already booked Spires and Luton by the time I heard of it but I shall be looking to do this one next year!
  • I only do flat races - living in Boston, I don't do hills.  I had realised there was 1 hill on the course but I went with it, just cos the hill has a pub on it (esp. cos the pub sells Speckled Hen!).  The fact that you seem to be intimating that there may be other lumpy bits is rather disconcerting image
  • Minardi - In for a penny... image And there's Speckled Hen plus there's usually decent guest brews at the Finches Arms. That's got to be worth a trundle round surely?! Didn't mean to put you off, it was more that having run it, peninsular and the rest separately, I thought I'd chip in to let folks know in advance. Just my take, I'm sure there are others who'll disagree. image
  • ooo, another pub?  i was talking about the Horse & Jockey at Manton (I think).  Where's the Finches Arms?  Does the race route go through this pub, so to speak?   I really will be crawling over the finish line!

  • Yes, you run straight up the (ahem) hill (new track been put in there as well) past the Horse & Jockey heading in to Manton. On the other side of the water, having done the nice long flat from Barnsdale to the peninsular, you go up to Hambleton. I think you'll probably go off-road before the pub but The Finches is a couple of hundred yards up on the left. Nice place too.
  • Hi all,

     myself and a running partner are very keen to run this but are only currently on the reserve list - does anyone have an entry (ies)  who cannot make it due to injury etc?

     Thanks all  - Jase

    ps - this is prompted by not managing target time in the Mablethorpe Marathon yesterday  -great run but the wind was a bit too much! 

  • Andrew, thanks very much for the info, really good to know for someone who lives nowhere near. Just wondered how you would describe the paths if they are not like towpaths? Are we talking grass/mud or a hard surface? And does it vary?

    Hope all is well with everyone's training. Been sidelined with a cold - at least it's now and not the week of the race.

    Jase - how did you do at Mablethorpe? And what was it like?

  • Hi Amanda - I came in at 3:27 so in the conditions was pretty happy with it.

     I think weather permitting it's a great course and was a really nice event that was well run.

     The big issue was the wind in the first half, but no complaints - a great race.


  • Hi Amanda,
    The paths are generally in extremely good condition. There's some tarmac, and the mud paths are compacted so there's no heavy stuff to get through. In some short sections there are tree roots and the like but nothing tricky. The new diversion in the Egleton area has lots of loose gravel/stones as the covering which I found quite tricky, but it's only for half a mile or so and I am a bit of a clutz. That said, it's such a heavily used cycle route that this track may also have compacted a bit by the time of the marathon.

    There's also lots of sheep poo image

  • Thanks very much Andrew, very helpful. I'm well used to sheep poo where we live - will feel quite at home!

    Jase - really well done, what a great time. Glad it's all going well!

  • What time is everyone going for guys? I personally am looking to get under 4 hours for the first time!
  • I'm looking for under 5 - so keep an eye out for me at the back somewhere image
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