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  • I've got a bomber jacket that I bought many years ago in an American retro clothes shop that used to be in Long Acre which is made from bits of old jeans.  Can't bring myself to throw it away somehow
  • I seem to have knitted enough socks to keep a centipede cosy and and am desperate to do something else but Christmas is looming and I don't know enough one legged people.

    Nice bag Meldy.  I used to have a bag made from jeans way back in the dark ages of th e1970s Kwilter.  Considering the size of my @rse these days I could probably now get a bag big enough to put my gym kit, running kit and a weeks shopping in.

    Have you mastered the can can wool yet Kazzah?

  • Yep, but I'm not getting into it.  Got about 4 things on the go and can't seem to concentrate on any of them
  • I got some can can wool from a friend last week, but haven't started using it yet. My most pressing project is to sew a label into a baby quilt...the baby's due in the first week of next year.
  • Need to get some fabric for the lining of a knitted purse I've just made.  Any ideas what'd be good to go for - need something that's reasonably sturdy but not too stiff/thick.

     Was thinking about something like this

  • Dress lining or curtain lining would have been ok ?
  • that should be ok Kazz, but it won't have any "give" in it so will not move with the knitted purse, which may be what you want. Best to do some "french seams" to give it that extra strength.

    Nice colour.

  • Vaguely remember French seams from sewing at school! 

    As my sewing machine is buried somewhere under a huge pile of junk (and may not even work any more!) I'll likely be sewing this by hand.

  • Hand sewing is def the best   image
  • Hope you show us the finished project Kazz.

    I've labelled the baby quilt. Must remember to take a pic before I post it off,....with the snow, it's going to be a close call as to whether it arrives before the baby does!

  • If it looks ok I will image

    It's the pattern (and freebie frame) from this month's Simply Knitting.

  • http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-ash1/hs756.ash1/164697_471240085737_654995737_6204973_5070141_n.jpg

    You didn't see me on here...

  • Which one's you?
  • Great work image
  • M.ister W wrote (see)

    You didn't see me on here...

    Kwissmass Kwilter wrote (see)
    Which one's you?
  • Toying with doing a knitted lining for the purse.  If I do it on fine wool/needles it might just work
  • I am on my final attempt for baby W's hand knit gift, if this goes tits up I will buy something.
  • Happy New Year to you all - may 2011 bring you all you would wish for ( but be careful of what you wish for - you may get it image)

    Schmunkee  - I need your snailmail address please, I have something that has been hanging around waiting for the snow to leave.

  • Happy knitty new year all! image

    Since posting last I've knitted 2 bonnets and 2 ponchos for my young nieces dolls.

    2 beanie hats. 1 was for Tall but was too small, so I had that one and then knitted him a larger one.

    1 lacey shrug for myself, which was meant to be worn to a Christmas party but I only finished it a couple of days ago.

    I have just started knitting Big some gloves... I think they might just be finished in time for Christmas. image

  • small - please remind me to take a photo of t'other half when he gets in from work. He's wearing his christmas pressie today. image
  • Happy knitty new year to you too, Small.

    For pirates who knit /forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif

  • I've made a list of my knitty UFOs. Socks from yarn bought in Frome, ballet cardigan for my daughter, lace weight cashmere scarf (yes it is for me, how did you guess?) swingy cardi for me and a pair of boot toppers. I've got a nagging feeling I might have forgotten something.  image

    Pleeease don't make me list my quilty UFOs.

  • http://images7.cpcache.com/product/164998497v2_480x480_Front_Color-Black.jpg

    Just re-posting Beebs pic to see if it will come up properly...
  • cool T.
  • Oh I want one of those!!!

    Got a some fabric in Peter Jones for the lining of the purse.  Shiny silver stuff which appears to fray really badly.  May not be the best thing to have chosen but it was the right colour and didn't want to spend a fortune!  Will try and get it finished at the weekend.

  • Thanks Small image
  • I think I shall be ordering myself one of those image
  • Purse - finished at last!!  

  • Its great, UK.
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