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  • I make it up as I go along,  used to design my own patterns but too impatient to wait for the drawing stage!

    I have some bits left over so I am making a going out coat for my iPhone and I have just ordered some 'bits' for Inspiration #2 .....  its in my head but not sure how it will transfer into material stuff   image
  • 40 odd metres of ribbon arrived

    Watch this space  image
  • Does the Maypole arrive next Meldy?  Bit early aren't you? image
  • M...eldy wrote (see)
    40 odd metres of ribbon arrived

    Watch this space  image
    just about be able to weave it into that plaited hair of yours image
  • Jacket finished and sewn up.  Just the buttons to sew on
  • Popped into Lewes on the way home from Eastbourne yesterday and bought a huge stack of buttons.  A lovely big 40's one that I'll make a brooch out of and two bags (nearly 400 in total) of new buttons that had been made for Ghost clothes but the manufacturer had gone bust.  Will keep some for future knitting projects, have an idea for some jewellery and will have a bash at flogging the rest on Fleabay.  Should, hopefully, get my money back if not a bit more.
  • I like buttons.

    Can we see a piccie of your jacket then? image

    I have run out of wool for my sock half way through the second one... d'oh!

    My fault for thinking I'd have enough after knitting a pair of slippers with it. But I found some wool in my stash which is of a similar colour and weight. Just hope there's enough of that! image

  • Project no 2 is hurting my brain at the moment   image
  • I need to put down the socks and finally finish the jumper I started last year.  I only have to pick up round the arms and knit an inch of rib (it's a sleeveless cowl neck effort).  I have stared at it a lot but it is refusing to knit its own sleeves no matter how much I scowl.
  • I like buttons too small!!  I've two big tins of old buttons buried somewhere - must dig them out instead of buying new all the time.

    Will post pic of jacket later - got one on facebook.

     Didn't much like the jumper I was doing then found a pattern for a lacy stole which uses the same wool so am now doing that instead

  • I used to keep all my odd buttons in a wicker ol, but it recently collapsed so I bought a black and red flock box from Dunelm. I blame my mum for my obsession with saving buttons from anything I throw away, but it does mean I can usually find what I need for anything new.

    I'm going to visit a wool mill tomorrow. My mission is to buy fluff for spinning, and to drop subtle hints to Rattler about a spinning wheel plus lessons. In the meantime, back to the sock!

  • ooh a wool mill, what fun!
  • morning

    that's a fab jacket Kazzaaaaaah! I took a peek at your other stuff as well some awesome cards and stuff. I particularly like that Christmas one.

    I also have a 'button tin' I was looking through it a few weeks ago, looking for buttons for a school cardi I'd made for one of the grandkids. It was better than looking through a photo album in many ways. I spent ages reminiscing over stuff I had made or people had worn. I even have my grandfathers buttons from his official military blazer when he was in the Welch Guards in the first world war!

    I've been making scarves from fancy wool, easy peasy and looks rather fetching.




    I knitted these two on the train, one can be made on the way to London, and the other on the way back!

  • Thanks Sue, I usually take a pic of things that I've made but I lost a load of pics some while back which is really annoying. 

    I've got my Dad's Parachute Regiment blazer buttons and I've always had an idea of having a teddy bear made and using a few of them for that.  Another thing that's 'on the list'!

     Like the scarves.  They look like really good fun.

  • I think I saw someone demo-ing that top wool at a show recently. The scarf looks gorgeous, love those colours.

    Had a nice morning at the mill, the volunteers gave us a mini personal tour with demos of the machinery, best bit was the mill shop. I got 2 bags of fibre for spinning, a skein of sock wool and a niddy noddy. I think the last two are going to be hidden until Christmas. image

  • Sue, are those scarves made from Rico Can Can?  Bought a ball on Fleabay today image
  • I've done 3 of those scarves in Rico Can Can already and am now home with another 3 balls.  I can get 3 scarves out of 2 balls.  I gave Sweetest Thing one last week for a prezzie.

    Don't try to follow the instuctions on the ballband UK, there's a good youtube video which will show you how to do it.  It's a knack which once learned is simple.

  • Saw there was a youtube vid - will have to go into explorer for that - can't watch anything like that thro Firefox.

    Some lovely patterns in December's Knitting magazine and the supplement mag. Want to make everything!  Downloaded some free patterns from the Rowan website too.

  • It really does make it make sense though Kazz so have a look at work if you can.

    Just doing scarves and socks as Christmas presents for the foreseeable here image

    I have a good and easy sock pattern if you feel like giving that a try.

  • Oh and before I forget again, thanks for the jam tis blinking fab.  Tastes really lush with Wensleydale on toast image

    *edited for numpty error!*

  • Can watch it here but just need to run IE as well as Firefox - this pc is a real pain!  I shall look forward to the wool arriving image

    Ooh sock pattern would be good ta.  Have got some sock wool but haven't tried having a go yet.  Because of the way I knit I have probs with double ended needles and circular needles but would like to give it a try

  • Thanks.  I had a similar comment about my spiced apple chutney the other day.  I am thinking of retiring and taking up knittng and jam making as an occupation image
  • I am a sucker for chilli jam I must admit image

    Right, I now know how to knit a can can scarf.  *drums fingers waiting for the postie*

  • /members/images/88814/Gallery/Owls.jpg

    Another project finished ..

    Think I needed a stronger fabric and I padded it with quilting stuff ... lined in pink and sent to a (hopefully) greatful recipient  image

  • That's really cheerful, Meldy - and the snow covered world outside looks lovely too!

    I'd forgotten this thread, so will brag about my latest finished project as well. Quilt - king size (just don't look too closely at the corners - not the best examples in the art)


  • I am loving that, Melds image

    I am still plodding on with the cross-stitch.  Am racing to get it done as soon as poss as the guy who frames my work retires early in the New Year

  • I've got a skirt that I bought recently but have decided it doesn't suit me.  It will however make a fab bag - when I get round to converting it!
  • Lovely bag Meldy, funky owls!

    I saw a pic last night of a bag made from the waist band to crotch of a pair of child's jeans...if only I had a small child whose clothes I could cut up. image

    I've just cast on a new pair of socks, but am itching to start using the wool my SS sent me...someone from here maybe?

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