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  • I'm stitching hexagons together in a random fashion at the moment.

    Hope you get that finished before your chap retires Schmunkee. It will be lovely. image

  • Right, I have filed my patchwork away (for that read, chucked it in the bottom of a cupboard) and am now embarking on a new project.

    10 rounds into my first sock. image

    Just hope I don't get KO'd. image

    *ding ding* seconds out...

  • Ooo, I need to update the photo of mine as there has been some progress

  • I managed a few rows on a dish cloth this week, tension not great so I shall leave real stuff on hold for a whlle longer.

    Wi;; look out, Schmunkee

    Good luck with the sock, Small

  • Socks rock!

    I'm doing a shawlette with Lidl's wool. It's a camouflage colour, so I'm hoping to be able to have a sneaky snooze under it in work as no-one will be able to see me. image

    My immediate family are getting knitted gifts for C***s this year,

  • Knit one for me too please Kwilter if you find the cunning ploy works.

    I have mostly been doing socks, socks and more socks.  I tried some Swiss embroidery on one pair.  One sock is about 75% done, it is the most frustrating thing I have ever tried.  I will eventually finish them but I it may be when I am in prison for not paying my parking notice thing image

    I was supposed to be going to a workshop on Moebus knitting next week but I forgot to pay the deposit and have lost my place.  Oops image I didn't want to knit amoebas anyway, too small and fiddly.

  • I've found the pattern for my next pair of socks

    WTF is moebus knitting?

  • moebius knitting is where you knit in the round, but put a twist in before you join it. thus you end up with a scarf/tube thingy with a twist like this

    named after mathematician Moebius image

  • That is clever, Fraggle

    I think though only Ravelry peeps will be able to see it, as with Kwilter's socks, which I loved!

  • sorry!

    been tempted to knit a moebius something, as it appeals to my inner nerd image

    have no pictures, but have completed one set of baby socks and hat, with the next one due to be cast on at the weekend  - babies due left right and centre where I work at the moment image

    non-ravelry linky here

  • The 'sewing' part has been finished of my project, it needs beads, lining and sewing together and it will be done   image
  • dang me I've just read the instructions on that link - it's *way* more complicated than I thought !
  • Fraggle image

    Crack on Meldy image

  • Wow Fraggle, that sounds a bit hard! I'll stick to my socks I think.

    Beebs, they're fab aren't they? I'm thinking of just using the charted bit and a standard sock pattern in black yarn with green contrast.

    Meldy, when do we see pics?

  • When its finished image

    I am away the weekend so dont hold your breath!
  • According to the lady in my wool shop who is teaching the Amoeba class, it sounds complicated and it looks complicated but there is only one real bit to learn and once you 'get' that then it's easy.   I suppose it's a bit like sock heels which sound complex when you see it written down but once you've done the first one just seem so logical.

    There is a very good youtube demo of it (and several very bad ones).

  • /members/images/88814/Gallery/Craft2.jpg



    All Finished  image

    You see I have a very lovely pink filofax and it lives in its orginal box in my handbag to stop it from getting battered .... so I made it a coat  image

    All lined in some nice stripey fabric and a few beads (and a few more since I took the photo)

  • That really is very nice M..eldy, did you follow a pattern or make it up?

    BTW Schmunkee, if you are around, I'm still on the case with that project, but I've been so busy, now that winter is bearing down on us, I'll be getting on with it. I've done a sample and it seems to work ok so far.

    spelling image

  • Very pretty, Melds!

  • Aye caramba, how'd I miss a thread about knitting till now?!

    That's nice Melds image

    Went to JL at Bluewater yesterday to get some buttons for the jacket I'm knitting at the mo.  Found some but the haberdashery department there isn't a patch on what it was.   Still at least they still have a haberdashery department.  Bloody hard work finding one these days!

    Hopefully I shall get the jacket finished today/tomoz..  Looks like it's good timing with the weather on the turn

  • Bought loads of sock wool at Lidl the other week, not that I've ever made socks or can get on with knitting in the round.  Could be interesting!
  • M.ouse wrote (see)

    I can knit but I can't cast on.  It really annoys me.  I reallly must learn.

    I wanted all my nan's knitting stuff when she passed away but something happened (possibly someone chucked it all out or gave it away before she died) and there were only a few bits and pieces left.  Breaks my heart.  Should have said sooner.  I did get her sewing box though.


    I can teach you Mousey if you want. image

  • LOve the filobox Meldy.

    Kazz, there's a pattern in the Lidl's bag for socks, but I found it very confusing. Are you on Ravlery? There's loads of basic sock patterns for free there.

    I'm in the middle of Christmas knitting, cast on a ripple effect scarf last night, but might rip it back and try again in different yarn.

  • I wasn't Kwilts but have just signed up.

    Have lots of sock patterns but it's more the technique of knitting in the round that I have probs with.  I have an odd habit of sticking the right-hand needle into my waistband and obviously you can't do that with circular or four needles so it feels really very alien to me.

    Did you get any of that bobbly yarn that they had in Lidl?  Really couldn't understand the 'pattern' for that at all!

  • Pretty filofax cover M.eldy.

    I've finished my first ever sock image

    Just got the other one to do now but Tall wants me to knit him a hat as well. So I might do that first.          

  • Going back to Wilkie's question way back at the beginning of the thread about where do you get yarn and patterns from, I tend to get most nowadays from Readicut or have found this seller linky on fleabay who I've started getting yarn and patterns from.  The jacket I'm knitting at the mo worked out to be about £20 cheaper buying the yarn and pattern from them rather than Readicut (partly because Readicut only sold the pattern in a book rather than inidividually)
  • there you go M.ousey

    or if you cant' get on with them, we'll have to meet up for a "pie fest" with knitting needles image

  • That's so pretty M.eldy image

    I am still socking away for Christmas though so slowly it may be next Christmas before some people get theirs.

  • Nice one Melds image

    one set of baby hat and socks done, next one on the go image

  • Lady Sue of Waddlerton wrote (see)
    BTW Schmunkee, if you are around, I'm still on the case with that project........
    I am here and that's ok
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