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  • Colour's not come out well in the pic but I'm happy with it.  What a lot of faffaging tho!
  • That;s a very nice purse, where did you get the clasp from?
  • the clasp and pattern were free in Simply Knitting. Think they sell similar in Hobbycraft
  • That's lovely Kazz! Looks rather complicated to me, so well done on a great job! image

    Oh and I've finished one glove.... and it fits Big's hand! image

    Just got to do another one now image

  • Wasn't really complicated small - apart from trying to decipher the new abbreviations for the lace stitches and the finishing off was a bit faffy. 

    Been ages since I knitted any gloves. 

    Yarn's arrived for the next project - a felted bag from the latest Woman's Weekly (or is it My Weekly?) knitting and crochet mag.  It's in Sirdar Eco wool ordered from Fleabay so will be nice to knit with.  Can't help wondering if the one time I want something to shrink and felt in the wash actually won't do that tho!!! image

  • Oh now I've seen a really nice pattern in a mag I bought today.  Oh the temptation, the temptation!!! image
  • Kaz!  Go and buy shoes instead !
  • <waves>

    Ahem. Confession. I used to knit when I was wee...from the age of 4 to the age of about 20, when my stupidly hypermobile thumbs clicking and cracking in and out of place every stitch finally got the better of me. Now I'm thinking of starting again. Mr.S has got a large bonce, and goes to work in the winter in a smart black coat and a crappy black beanie hat that makes him look like the burglar from Home Alone image

    I want to knit him a lovely chunky pale grey hat that is warm, big enough, and doesn't make him look like a bank robber. At the risk of asking a stupid question, does anyone have any recommendations for websites for knitting patterns? I've done a search and it's come up with a myriad of results (some of them very interesting - I draw the line at gimp masks)- just wondered if anyone has a tried and tested site they would recommend?

    you can shout at me now image

  • Register  Here

    Its a great site for patterns and many can be downloaded free., TDS.

  • I started using www.ravelry.com last year after hearing about it from Beebs and Kwilts. You have to register but it's free and has a good searchable pattern section.

    I knitted my eldest a beanie from a pattern on there. Also a shrug for me, some gloves for t'other half, some doll's clothes for nieces...

    You can even look for a pattern to suit the yarn you already have. It's great! image

    Have fun and don't get too carried away with the many ideas of other things to knit... like I do! image

  • Small,  I've roped Kwilter and TP in too.
  • Cool - thanks, guys image
  • Oh, this site is dangerous - i've already found a lovely pattern for noro stripey gloves image
  • I have bought a beading loom as I found a skull and crossbones pattern that I want to turn into a bracelet
  • Schmunks, I've just had a look at your cross stitch on FB - WOW! You're so talented!
  • I think so too!
  • Thanks guys.  I must put an update photo on FB as it is nearing the end
  • Finally finished Big's gloves.

    I decided to get on with them yesterday and had them completed before he came home. Then I wrapped them for his Valentine's pressie.

    Well, they do have the word 'love' in them after all. image

  • image small

    my folks are coming to see me later in the week - my mum is bringing a full set of knitting needles, some stitch holders, row counters, darning needles and some patterns for hats. Hope I can remember how to cast on image

  • Anyone going to the Stitch and Craft show at Olympia next month?
  • I'd love to go, but there are other craft and knitting shows coming up. I particularly want to go to the wonderwoolfest as I can do that in a day.

    I've been to the Stitch and Craft show in Alexander Palace 2 years in a row and am so tempted with this Olympia one. So many shows, so many crafts and so little time (and money)

  • Know what you mean about so much choice!  Olympia's relatively handy for me though
  • hmmmm tempted by the Olympia show - went to Ally Pally a few years ago and bought faaaaaar to much yarn image

    I am onto my third set of baby hat and sock - they seem to be quite prolific at work lol!  after that I *must8 do something for myself.

    btw I'm pinkfraggle on ravelry if anyone wants to find me image

  • oooooh - I just knitted my first garment this weekend, for about 17 years! It was only a hat, but I was so surprised that I remembered how to do it, and quickly!

    I've also found a local cheapo wool shop, and bought some lovely DK wool, a lot like the Noro sock wools, but with the bonus that it's £2.49 a ball, and I can shove the resulting garments in the washing machine. I've been looking on Ravelry for simple glove patterns, but most of them seem to be knitted in the round, and that's something I hate doing. Does anyone have any patterns they can point me towards? I am going to keep searching in the meantime...it's a shame I can't search on Ravelry for glove patterns that aren't knitted in the round!!

  • Well done Sossidge!

    Glad to hear you remember how to knit. Did you manage to cast on by yourself too? image

  • Yeah, no problem small! Even remembered to knit in the back of my cast-on row, to make the stitches more even image
  • Nice one Sossidge.

    I'm sure I've got some glove patterns at home - will try and have a look later.

    Re casting on - I use the one needle/thumb method which means I get a far more even/tighter edge so I don't have to do the knitting into the back of the stitch thing.

  • Cheers, Kaz - much appreciated! And thanks for the tip - will gie that one a go, though I'm all thumbs at the best of times image
  • It's well worth having a go at it - you'll really see the difference.  I very rarely cast on the other way now.
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