Brighton Marathon 2011



  • TB - congratulations on your pb image

    15 mile long run with hubby tomorrow afternoon, wibble.

  • No running for me, I've been at a riding school hotel for the past few days, renewing my acquaintanceship with large quadrupeds. Had lots of fun.

    Today hubby and I went on a mountain bike tour, it's held every year at this time, and they change the routes each time. 3 courses today, 34km, 43km, and 79km. we did the long one. There were 32 stations along the way, offering all sorts of eats and drinks, plus interesting exhibits, shows, etc. No charge.

    I think my calf injury is ready to be tested out on a short run tomorrow.

  • Morning all, looks like everyone is having some fund, well I did my HM yesterday the work one that I metioned ine arlier posts, and my target time was 2hrs 10mins as it was a hilly course, but did it in 1hr 54mins 30secs, the fastest ever for Hm distance for me, and mest of all we won the unaffiliated team trophy, so good weekend for me.

    Take care

  • Julia 50 miles took about 2.5hrs. Which was okay considering the beers and rum the night before... 

    Well done on the run Spen. A PB and in front of all your work mates image

    Ironwolf I need to move to Europe where cycling event are popular and free, or at least very cheap. Something like that in the UK would be at least £30 image I remember when I was in Morzine for the chair lift opening event one summer; I've never seen so many bikes, riders and events put on for cyclists. 80km off road, yes please!!

    Everyone else hello! Best get back to looking busy image

  • *tim* - you are correct, cycling is huge here on the Continent and bike tours occur from April to October everywhere at a normal rate of 4 Euros entry fee.
  • Morning all

    Well fates are conspiring just when i thought i be back running have now come down with a sinker of a cold


    Sorry just needed that

    Weekend went well the ten pin bowling was great fun and the meal after words was nice the boy enjoyed himself which was all that mattered

    Will still try a run tomorrow as the colds all in my head at the moment and not on my chest

    Tim bike riding must admit it something i haven’t done in a long time the trouble is the weather here doesn’t lend itself to the idea of riding a bike all year round or may be i am just being a wimp but must say with the price of petrol being what it is my well considerer as an serious alternative

    C & I Dad well done on the PB great result

    UW sound like you had a nice time

    Tracey G good luck with the run

    Tracy B well done on the PB 63 makes you realize you’re never too old to run

    Julia T diet such an ugly word i prefer to think of it as cutting down on my fuel intake what i try and do is cut down on the size of the meals i eat and stop the picking in-between the picking i find if i try to cut things out i just wasn’t them even more so for example roast potatoes instead of having four i will only have two and so on this way you don’t miss out but the size of the meal get smaller and hopefully in the end you get used to eating smaller meals

    Well that the idea any way

  • C&I Dad - tremendous result! 

    Well done all Great North Runners - I watched the GNR on the telly yesterday morning, to inspire myself to go out and run the half marathon distance in the afternoon.  This is the first time I've done the distance in training and my half marathon proper is still 6 weeks away, so the aim was to take it easy and just convince myself that I could get round the distance.  Plus my boyfriend kept needing to stop and "stretch".  I think the 6 pints and 2 sambucas he'd had the night before might have had something to do with it.  So, after all that our time was 2.26, but taken at a very comfortable pace so we know we can do better. 

  • beetchawa - well done on doing the distance and with 6 weeks to go, the drinking the night before is nevr a good thing for running the next day for me. It is only 3 weeks until my next HM, you need to be careful this running thing is very addictive, i was just going to do one marathon, Brighton this year and that was it, but now i have a HM booked, brighton next year and looking at an ultra for next July.

    Keep up the training it is obviously working well.

  • G'day all, just back from the very very wet North East. GNR = 1.46.04 too many people! Almost didn't start as they shut the pens 5 mins early and told us to go to the very back. Fortunately I was near 2 v big lads who dismantled the 6' fence and suggested the steward move or else, so I got in but 2 pens back from where I should have been.

    It's not really a PB course, you can't really get a rhythm going because of the people and between 6-10 miles there are 6-8 roundabouts which means that all the runners block each other as they go around them. Couple of testing hills and one v steep one downhill to the finish. My mates were on the big green Newcastle bridge as the Red Arrows went over the top of them.

    What you didn't see on TV was the torrential rain that fell about 3 hours after the start, the roads flooded and it was vile.

    As it was the 30th I'm really glad I did it, but would I do it again? Possibly not. Others to do. Now possibly looking at a few overseas, trying to find one somewhere in the world on Saturday 31st March 2012 as it'll be my 50th. Would love to set a PB on my 50th!! image
  • Peter Pan - I think 1 hr 46 is very impressive even without the extenuating circumstances, well done! 
  • C&I Dad - it certainly is addictive, I've just completed my 50th year of running and racing! Never get tired of it.

    PeterPan - I'll have a scout around on the web and see if I can find one that might suit.

  • UltraIW - Rome is the 20/3 next year, so would probably be the 24th in 2012, close but....!
  • Ran the inaugural Farnham Pilgrim Marathon yesterday. Have to say that it is a lovely part of the south, running sort of between Farnham and Guilford. Quite a tough trail course with many hills, but most of them were runnable, so not to bad. The weather down south was great yesterday being cool and overcast with no rain, so guess was lucky there.

    Ran it in a time of 3:55, which seeing as I was aiming for a sub 4, am pleased with. This gave me a position of 35th out of 254.

    Certainly a race I would like to do again.

    Now time to get ready for this weekend and the New Forest marathon.


    Right, I'm not the fittest of people but I plodded around the Great North Run course yesterday and i admit was very slow. But now i have running people and am thinking of entering the Brighton Marathon 2 questions really

    1) anyone who has done it before, how did you find it and how was the course?

    2) for someone who is unfit will between now and April be long enough to train?

  • Toby - Did the 15 miles, but it was slow and didn't enjoy it at all.
  • Brighton marathon is full, all places went within a few days of the entries website opening up. Maybe you might be able to get a charity place by pledging to raise a certain amount of money.

  • Thats what i mean. I'm think of entering with a charity place image

    Just re-read post, that wasn't clear sorry image

  • Claireruns - it is a good marathon for begineers image
  • Spen! Fantastic time! Well done mate !! image

    Toby, wish you well soon

    Beets... that beats my HM PB! Well done image

    PP and SR Well done to you both too image Great times!

    Claireruns, many of us on here did the first one this year and as our first marathon. I did a proud 6.49mins and had been running for two years! If you prep right, learn your fuel intake, follow a schedule (these are all just my opinions) you have time to do it, but you need to get to (again, just my opinion and based on schedule I followed) about 10miles by end December if starting a 16week training plan.  Certainly doable, depends on your aim. Mine was to get round.. I did.. of sorts... but I did it! I have the view that you can prepare totally right for it.. but anything can happen on the day image

  • Claireruns - Tracy B is right about the 10 mile base to start marathon training from. Hoping for no snow during marathon training for next years Brighton Marathon. The snow test us to our limits last year, going out and doing long runs was very interesting and I live down south and had it a lot easier than some did.

    Will not mention my crap training for Beachy Head Marathon in 4 weeks and 5 days time.

  • i am going to try a small run today just to see how i go physio has recommended run one day and rest the next but he did not look happy when i said i was going to try a run

    Claireruns have a look at this link 

    Tracey G sorry to hear the run never went well

  • Toby - I just struggled because my legs were tired from my long bike ride that we did on Saturday. Going to have the same problem next week as we are going for another bike ride this Saturday.
  • SR - well done on your run.

    TraceyB - thanks, I have another HM in 3 weeks and now looking for a 1:50 if i can as this course was hilly and the next one is flat.

    Clarieruns - I had never run any sort of race before Brighton this year, I started training seriously just afetr Xmas this year and had the aim to just finish and still be alive. i am definately not the most athletic of people but I managed it, I was only running 3 or  4 times a week about 4 miles a time before my training started, you have run a half marathon, so as said above if you can do 10 miles by Xmas you will be able to follow a 16 week plan and do Brighton, the difference with the HM apart from 13.1 miles extra is the re-fuelling and pacing are different. The course at Brighton was fantastic and the support absolutely brilliant.

    Take care all

  • Spen: you did not do too bad in your half either. Bet you can't wait until your next one now you've got the first out the way.

    Feeling a little more with it today. Was mentally and physically worn out yesterday, but slowly coming back to life. Legs are still sore, but not having trouble walking type of ache. Will try and get to the gym latter if they have finished the refit for a gentle workout, if refit not completed will have to run outside and just use the pool. Just hope I did not give to much Sunday and I can get myself back to full fitness for this weekend, as feel this race offers me best chance of PB. But will have to see.

    Hope everyone else racing last weekend is recovering.

    Oh, and isn't it nice to see the warm sunny weather return, even if it is just for a few days.

  • Claireruns - I'm a beginner and Brighton will be my first marathon.  I've only ever done the odd 10k before.  I'm working towards a half marathon at the end of October, and since you're already at that stage then I think you have plenty of time to work up to the full distance.  At least, I hope you do or I'm in trouble!  Good luck with getting the charity place. 
  • claireruns, you're on course (excuse the pun) with your training and there are plenty of marathon training schedules on the web if you need them, this is from the Birmingham Half Marathon ( but it gives you an idea of what's involved or try this one:

     there are plenty of good people on here who will be happy to offer advice and encouragement. keep up the good running  image

  • Afternoon all

    Well just back from my first run in 2 weeks did a nice gentle 5 miles which took me about 50 minutes not including the time i stopped at the turn around point to stretch

    I did the exercise the phyiso had given me before i set off and they seem to help as it was the freest i been able to run in a long time

    there were still one or two niggles the especially from the shine splint  which i was excepting as i still know it’s going to take a while to get me back to full heath but nothing half as bad as it had been

    Will rest tomorrow and go out again on Thursday and may continue to train up until Leicester and then have a full rest up until Christmas that way i am hoping i will be in a better shape to train for Brighton next year

    but we will have to see as i don’t  know whether i can go that long without a run or i my rejoin the gym so i can go swimming on a regular bases just to keep the fitness levels up

    meant to say well done to everyone that ran the GNR over the weekend must try that one year just so i can say i run it

  • SR - thanks for that I was very pleased, now got my sights on a sub 1:50 now for the 10th October, just make sure you get some rest before the weekend.

    Toby3 - good to see you got out for a run and all went well

    take care all

  • Thanks for everyones very swift responses. Just waiting to hear back from my chosen charity and hopefully in a few days i will get the good news and can start training.
  • Claireruns - fingers crossed for you image
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