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    There's your answer I'd say then as to why you can't sustain anything higher. 
  • True! I may have asked this in the past, so apologies I have, but what is your routine? 

    The bulk of my injuries tend to be around my left knee and my lower back. Rarely get calf, hamstring problems. 
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    I took my foot off the s and c gas for a few weeks either side of my holiday and as soon as I started running again I immediately started get aches and pains. Upped it last 2 weeks and last few days I've started feeling strong again. 

    I do my runners core and glute on line class on a Monday, bodypump Tuesday when gym is open then I have a very basic set of exercises off my physio I do twice a week. These comprise of monster walks with a heavy resistance band, hip hitches off a step, single leg squats with one leg on a chair, squats holding a bar above my head and not allowed to let chest come forwards and single legged deadlifts holding a dumbbell. Takes about 25 mins to complete but if time short I'll do one less set of everything. 
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    AD: I also took my foot off the s and c gas when I had my hip biopsy four weeks ago: suspect that this is why my hips are playing up as they are no doubt doing the work that the glutes should be. I must get back to it!
    I was doing at least 20 minutes of gentle Pilates type work most days with at least one longer session of 45 to an hour. Emphasis on glutes and general flexibility: at my age both seem to disappear rather quickly!
    Did I ever send you a video or two from my physio?

    Just half an hour each of the last few days. Being cautious and my hips seem to be thanking me for it.
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
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    If your glutes are strong and firing most other areas will work with them. 
  • I would agree, DT. I would also work on keeping the ankles and back flexible. 

    40 minutes or so just banked, most off road which is getting rather like liquid mud. Gradually getting back to things, I hope. 
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Well I did some exercises last night and now have achey legs today 😂 I suppose it’s a start though 
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    Yes, don't worry I ache after them as well. 
  • How do you fit those sessions into your week? The thing I always struggle with is where to put them - I've always done them on easy days, but that often means I'm sore for the quality days or long runs. Either that or I'm having to do the exercises with a bit of muscle soreness from faster running sessions.

    Maybe now that I'll likely only be doing easy running for a couple of months, it's an opportunity to get a good routine going, and that will mean I'm not so sore after doing that work by the time I get back to doing sessions.
  • I used to ache/be sore a fair amount after the s&c work. Around two years ago I started with Pilates based work: it is a long term gentle project! A little and often rather than having any great intensity. I rarely have any issues afterwards so there is no knock on affect on running. Unlikely to injure yourself doing them either.
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
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    Monday, Thursday and Saturday are generally light running days so those are my key s and c days. I only ache mildly now so not enough to affect my sessions/long run which occur the following days. 
  • I think I may have just pushed too far for a first s and c session - as there is quite a sharp pain in the top my right hamstring/glute area when I walk or go up or down stairs.

    Had to cut short last night’s run at 3 miles
  • A little and often, AD!

    Pleasant 39 minutes off road this morning. Felt a bit more like it. As in a bit, rather than a lot!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Alehouse, I tried out some Pilates this morning. Lots of the movements were familiar of course, but for many of them I would normally reach for a resistance band/weight/deeper stretch. I tried them without - it turns out a little more focus on alignment/engagement makes lots of the movements hard enough without using any extra resistance.

    I'm also really glad I discovered the reverse plank - what a brilliant exercise to add into any routine.
  • Think I will have to get onboard the Pilates train too! I did receive your video link Alehouse, so I will have to dig it out!

    So after a rest day yesterday and some icing of my upper hamstring, things feel pretty much normal today. So I’m unsure whether to play it safe and have another day’s rest, do some Pilates but no running, some running but no Pilates or both!! Choices, choices!
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    Personally, id go for a recovery run just to see if it reacts, before I start pulling the body about in ways it isn't used to.

    Muss, yes a lot of these simple exercises, if done properly are pretty hard. Take a glute bridge repeats. When I had physio in the Spring she got me doing these and I was smashing them out with ease. When I then demonstrated it to the physio she made a few tweaks to my angles and it suddenly became pretty hard to do half the volume I was doing.

    Session went well today. First 5k in 19.46 with 6.24, 6.18 and 6.19 and some extra bits.

    3 mins rest before next harder 5k. Went off like it was a parkrun and reigned it in as best I could for 5.54, then 6.01 then 6.00 then 5.50 for the scraps for 18.31. My parkrun pb is 18.20 but on a course that has changed now as it was short. On a course measuring 5k my pb is 18.37 so a casual pb on the streets following a steady 5k.

    Pleased with that but I must caveat it that at about 1.8m I had to cross a very busy road and got stuck and so stopped my watch whilst waiting and had a little rest as a result. My elapsed time was 18.55, which frankly i'd have been happy with anyway. This wasn't a TT, just a hard tempo, following a steady one.

  • Fantastically promising DT! Get yourself tapered and into a race! What do you think you’d aim for in a race?

    I actually did opt for the recovery run option (before reading your message) and after quite a stiff opening mile or two (but without any pain) things felt much looser and so I stretched it out to 4 miles.

    I was originally planning a 5k TT this weekend but I’m going to defer for at least a week to allow these muscle niggles to settle down.

  • Sounds like you're in great shape DT! What was different about the angles on the glute bridges? I find bringing your feet towards your butt makes it harder.

    10k brisk walk today, in just around 1:40. A couple of hills got my heart rate up to around 145 - I'm hoping it was because I was walking up them faster than usual, rather than because I'm losing fitness. Normally that hill takes me up to 125 max... Hip slowly getting better, though. Annoying as the discomfort is so slight, it feels like it should be improving faster!
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    I'd probably be looking towards sub 18 by the time I get to a race i hope.  A flat course, race environment, better footwear and no pre race tempo should in theory give 10s a mile. 

    Muss, it was the single leg glute lifts. The upper legs and knee on both legs should be in perfect alignment with each other, whereas most will have the raised leg much higher. 
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    I also bought a 5 pc set of resistance bands off Amazon for about £8. They gave proven a very useful purchase as I've progressed. 
  • I was going to ask if you might target sub 18, but wondered if too optimistic - glad to hear you are targeting this!

    Going to do some more easy running for the rest of this week and reassess next week about whether to reintroduce sessions or whether to just call an end to this training block and go straight into winter base training.

    Hope the injury is clearing up for you Muss? Sounds like it 👍
  • 6 miles today, felt pretty relaxed for the first time in a couple of weeks, which was pleasing.

    92 miles for the month.
  • About 6 miles brisk walk today. Hip feeling a lot better the last couple of days. Almost equal range of motion on both sides now. 

    I'm thinking of testing the water again tomorrow - I'll probably do no more than 6km very easy jog. Any advice for getting back into it? I'll probably take it day by day and see how it goes. But to start off with, I was thinking a day on followed by a day off, <i></i><i><b></b></i><b></b><b></b>so long as it feels ok. I've also booked a swim for Wednesday, which I'm pretty excited about.
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    15 easy for me yesterday at 7.49 pace then 5 this morning, gives me 203 for the month, first 200m month since January. 

    Muss, not sure id run that far, 20 mins max id say. 
  • I hadn't read your reply to Muss, DT: I was just going to type around 20 minutes... perhaps walking for 10 before breaking into a gentle run.

    Back later!
    Progress is rarely a straight line. There are always bumps in the road, but you can make the choice to keep looking ahead.
  • Thanks guys - that seems very short, but if that feels good and I recover well I guess can always stretch it out to 25/30 mins on Thursday! 

    As an aside - how do you edit posts on here? I've tried on two different devices and browsers and can't for the life of me see any option to edit! 
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    When I started back after 12 weeks out over Sumner (granted a very different scenario)I started with 7 minutes then added 2 minutes every other day. 

    If 20 mins goes well then do 30 then 40. If there's still a problem 20 mins should let it present without causing more harm. 
  • Wow - that makes your current form all the more impressive! And it's also very reassuring :) 
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    Muss- to edit, there should be a small wheel/cog in the top right corner of your post - then it should drop down an edit option. You can only see this within 1 hour of the original post though, for some reason.
  • DT - another good month of training completed then. 

    Alehouse - hope you’re doing ok? How’s the hip now?
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