Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Evening you lot

    Not long up after a sleep as off to do a night shift at 10pm tonight !

    valis: Great home win today for Bluesimage

  • Kate: Yeah I'm still enjoying the job thanks.

  • morning all

    just having my porridge before trying to find some shorts and heading off to Retford. A late start - 10am should confuse my body!!

    looks lovely out there, so enjoy whatever you are doing today

  • Hope it went well MC. First long bike of the year for me, 95 miles in the sunshine.

  • wow, well done on the bike Kate

    very hot and I suffered a bit in the heat, but stuck to my run/walk strategy and even overtook quite a few people (new experience for me!!) image

  • 95 this early into the season. Impressed. Seriously impressed.

    Well done Maths. It was a good day to be out.

    Me.. Garden. image Fabulous and now all tidy and ready for the spring. My calfs are really tight from yesterday hence a nice recovery day. Apparently it will be like this all week. Whoop whoop.
  • I wear Nikes

    Did 5hrs on the bike today, out at 0620.

    Lovely day indeed.
  • Morning all - weights and plyometrics this morning, a new kind of pain. PSC, no choice, first IM is 22 June.

  • Proof of how times change

    In October I struggled to run 5km in 19.30

    Today I ran 5 miles at 6.29 pace with the last 3 miles in 6.19 6.10 6.10 on a hilly loop and it was only a steady effort.

    Oh I have now lost 8kgs
  • well done gobi image don't lose too much weight though!

    my times haven't changed much - the first half marathon I did nearly 9 years ago, in pretty much the same time I did yesterday's!!! Mind you, I have had a crappy injury and didn't really start running properly till January time after almost all of last year of not running much so I am doing ok, Maybe I will have some improvement by the end of the year...

  • Evening everyone

    math - well done yesterday

    Kate - wow! 95 miles, how long did that take?

    Gobi - well done, your pace is brill

    5 miles for me this morning. The sun was rising just above the trees and the park looked lovely, wish I'd had my camera with me it would have made a lovely picture.

  • Morning all - garage prancing this morning, track tonight. Yesterday morning was beautiful wasn't it, there was a pink plume of cloud in the sky for me. MC, is the injury fully gone now? Gobi, oh for one single mile at that pace.

  • Good morning all

    After a week off due to a niggly knee back to it at the weekend and this morning, Looks like everyone is doing well at th moment.

    Nw 1 fox OR 1

    Cycled to work yesterday and this morning and got my second punture in a month of riding in. Wouldn't mind but brought a gator skin tyre to help stop this being a regular downside. so fellow cyclists what tyres or anti puncture products do you use.

    Birky, I watched the bears game on Sunday it must of being the one occassion you were glad for a bit of  traditional Scotish goal keeping.      

  • morning

    4 slow recovery miles for me this morning

    Kate - no, not fully gone, which is why I am sticking with the run/walk, and I try to avoid breast stroke, which is a shame because I am good at it, but it does aggravate it.

    The guy that won the half on Sunday did it in 1:11 - I don't think I can even run an interval at that paceimage

  • Morning you lot

    Not that long back from a decent 45 mins off road

    It's a cracking sunny, cold and frosty morning hereimage

    NW: 2 robin red breasts, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 1 cyclist, 1 vintage car from I think the 1930s or 40s !

    PW: 1 motor bike

    Catch up time soon.

  • morning

    3hrs on the bike had me up at 0415 to get to the meeting point. Home by 8am after a few issues on a colourful morning.

    Today I rode with Brad Wiggins(impersonator throwing bike) and had a discussion with a van driver on 2 plus 2 riding

    Pace as I always say is relative and I am still a long way from the sharp end
  • Hello

    5 miles this morning, quite windy and cold.  A few more runners starting to appear now its getting lighter in the mornings.

  • Track tonight, 8.5 miles total, 3 sliding sets of 600m, 500m and 400m disappointingly slow. started warm, got cold and windy.

  • Valis, what pressure are you running your tyres at? Gator skins should be pretty good.

    Slack day today.
  • morning

    5 pretty slow miles this morning, I have still have Sunday in my legs I think!

    gobi - yes, you are right, pace is relative and I know I will never be fast, and actually I was very pleased with Sunday, first time I have done a half with a run/walk strategy, first time using jeff Galloway's run/walk intervals in a race and I was pretty close to a pb. With a bit more training and building up safely I will get under 2:30 for a half, which is where I would like to be.

    valis - I just haven't been out on my road bike for ages, potholes are crazy round here and they have just cut all the hedges too so the roads are covered in spiky things!

  • Morning all - core and jumping up and down on a step this morning. Valis, I have some special Kevlar tyres which seem to work well, more pumping needed as PSC said, fnar, fnar. Happy hump day.

  • weight is down to 11st 2

    Ran 11.5 miles before 7am and am getting used to seeing more people in the morning on bikes and in cars. Biggest thing living back in a big town is how bloody noisy it is.
  • Left at 6am for a 20miler, but when I got to 20 my legs felt ok, so I just carried on. Marathon Personal Best before breakfast image

  • A'noon

    Another cracking sunny frosty day here this morning

    NW: 1 ladybird.

    Working 4.30 till 10pm tonight.

    valis:I sure was. Younger son is going tonight when hopefully we clinch the title.

    gobi: Good weight loss mate

    Charles: Good for you mate !image I assume you're the taller guy in the picimage


  • birky - this was my running weight in 2008 when I was faster

    Charles - are you an ultra distance runner or is there a real marathon race on the horizon?
  • Gobi: Okay Gobi. I've got an aim to get back down to somewhere within half a stone(ish) eventually of an ideal racing

  • @Gobi: 11.5 before 7am. So you started at something with a 5 at the start... image

    I just run (and mountain bike) for fun - not sure I fit into any class of runner apart from "OMG getting old - best get on with it while I still can". I'm hoping to do the 24hr Thunder Run again but probably in a team. And a daft Guiness record marathon in the autumn.

    @birkmyre: yes, I'm not a stealth Haile account image Top guy he is. Went running with him. His fave workout is a long run in the forest - same as mine.

    I'm trying to make Wednesday morning a regular "get up early and run" morning, so thought I'd check this thread out for inspiration. Getting out of bed is not my forte.

  • Birky, if you're going for racing weight does this mean a race on the horizon? Charles, there is usually a 4 or 5 or at least a 6 at the start of the time for the SOC brigade. Good run, slow swim tonight, one day it might all come together.

  • out around 5.25 Charles

    birky I never made it to what Stilman calls a racing weight

    Up at 0450 tomorrow for a bike ride so better hit the hay
  • morning all

    resting my legs today so nothing yet, but swimming tonight image

    Charles - I am normally out before 5image

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