Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Morning all - turbo this morning, foggy start but looks like another sunny day. Finally finish a tender I have been working silly hours on today so back to proper SOC sessions next week.

  • Good morning all image

    Run / commute in today. New tyre and pump should arrive today. Psc I was pumping the tyres as hard as I could get them so no idea of actual psi so ordered a new pump with gauge. Kate putting my gator skin on front and I think I have ordered the same tyre as you have. Fingers crossed these things should help.

    Have to admit years ago working on a particular industrial estate my ninja had 3 non repairable flats due to nails or screws in a two month period. I must of paid around four hundred pounds to get new tyres plus fitting .


  • Morning

    Valis: Oh Yesimageimageimageimage

  • Oh and 35mins steady off road. Dull and dry here today

    NW: 2 robin red breasts, 1 white cat, a few crows.

    PW: 1 car

    Catch up soon

  • Gobi: I just remember what my racing weight was and how it suited me. I dunno if it is a correct figure. I do remember reading a fair bit about it in Frank Horwill's column in the British Miler Clubs newsletters right enough

  • Wow. Kudos to all the 4.xx runners. I'm sure I'd have to buy a new alarm clock for that. I'm not sure mine has that on it.image

  • Hello everyone

    Foggy this morning, but turned out to be a lovely bright day. 5 miles this morning but had to walk for some of itimage

  • Birkmyre - real racing weight is too scary for words

    Having been up before 0500 today I am off to the velodrome for some high end intervals.
  • Birky, if you're going for racing weight does this mean a race on the horizon? Charles, there is usually a 4 or 5 or at least a 6 at the start of the time for the SOC brigade. Good run, slow swim tonight, one day it might all come together.

  • Where did that old post come from?

  • Weird image

  • Kate, Did it come from the bottom of a wine glassimage That's where most of mine come from after 7pm 

  • Believe it or not I'm not drinking this week, 20 mike race on Sunday and I'm so badly prepared I'm taking desperate measures. Sunday afternoon might get a bit wobbly though! Turbo again this morning, another beautiful day  but the heating was broken on my train so my fingers are struggling to type through the cold.

  • Not running Kate but I have a cycling season :??)

    This is me this morning, Jan 2nd I was 12st 6(80kgs) now (11st) 70kgs

    Easy day today with just 30 mins on the rollers to loosen off at 630 this morning and will jog later.
  • morning

    nothing yet today, road was closed coming home from swimming so I had a long diversion then struggled to sleep

    will probably turbo tonight if I can persuade OH to cook while I do it image

  • Valis, it's amazing how hard bike tyres can go. I run mine at 110psi.

    Another day of missed runs yesterday. 14 hours work put paid to that. image

    Off to the big smoke today. I feel like a tourist. image
  • Morning you lot

    What:45mins steady on a dreich Friday morning with smiry rain.

    Working 11pm Sat -7am Sunday again.

    Kate: Possibly a race on the horizon. Mid you I have a competition with the scales once a weekimage

    Gobi: It'd mean I can get into my 1980s racing kit. Think they are back in fashion againimage

    Coffee and catch up time

    Listening to 'Mull Of Kintyre' by Paul McCartney. This is just a random song from my childhood that I like again at the moment !

  • run my tt bike tyres at 160psi
  • Morning Gobi

    The Paris - Nice race is on eurosport today from11.30am

  • Hi all

    Nothing for me as yet today, been busy finishing up my work and preparing for holiday, leaving tomorrow morning to Fuerteventuraimage

  • Jo - have a lovely holiday image

  • 160psi. Jeepus. I run my TT at 130 and thought that was hard. I lower them a bit in the rain to give me more contact with the road. There is a school of thought that says run then lower 90-100 but that's when punctures seem to happen to me so tend to stay 100+.
  • Evening

    Jo: Enjoy your hols.

  • Daughter woke me, so I'm off to watch the sunrise at the beach. Still not sure about being in this thread heheh.

  • I run tubs PSC, if I use clinchers then never more than 120

    Up watching the F1

    Parkrun and hilly TT today should be challenging
  • Morning all - lots of bike geek chat going on here. 3 mile run done, was supposed to be my usual pre race shake out where faster tha race pace feels easy but instead it was a struggle. Out on the bicycle now. Good luck park runners, TTers and have a great holiday Jo.

  • Morning you lot

    Enjoyed the cycling on eurosport yesterday. It's a cracking channel for the road racing which I'm now a big fan of.

  • Morning all.... Missed the qualifying, but interesting to see red bull on the podium. Who'd have thought it heyimage
  • Ah, tubs. Yes, now that makes sense.

    Long run later... Food first! Have fun peeps.
  • Morning psc: Enjoy London yesterday ?

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