Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Really nice pictures Tom. I took some too this morning.  And you're right - it's mornings like these that inspire me to get out of a warm bed and go for a run!!


    Gemma - the weekend in Italy must have been cool. We're off to West Cork on Saturday where the weather's likely to be slightly cooler than you experienced in the tuscan hills!!

  • Nice picture too Chris, are they on the MoD land near Aldershot?

    Bagshot heath or something like that

  • .... and this is sunset last night....the good thing about doing a double session is that you see the sun rise and set!!


  • wow, slightly jealous of both Chris and Tommy!! and by slightly i mean very!

    i wish i could join in with all these photos of misty early morning lakes but that would mean googling them and pasting instead! hopefully ill get some nice ones up soon!

    yeah chris it was pretty nice to run in but only downside is their mosquitos! i got bitten and especially when your sweaty from running! have a lovely time in west cork!

    sooo ive been thinking, us early lot...i wonder what time you guys go to bed because if its anything me its not gonna be late!!!zzzzzzzzimage


  • Tommygun2 wrote (see

    Nice picture too Chris, are they on the MoD land near Aldershot?

    Bagshot heath or something like that

    Pretty close - Hankley Common near Farnham which is also MOD land.
  • gemma carter wrote (see)

    sooo ive been thinking, us early lot...i wonder what time you guys go to bed because if its anything me its not gonna be late!!!zzzzzzzzimage


    ..never earlier than 11pm! Usuaaly nearer to 11:30.
  • ok, maybe i need more sleep than others! gulp!image

  • Ah I sort of know it Chris, I used to do a lot of Orienteering around there some years agoimage

    Gemma it won't be much longer and I will be back to running the street as the morning light goes.

    Bed time for me is around 11.00 - 11.30pm I have never need much sleep Plus I get to sleep on the train to and frow workimagezzz

  • yeah, i used to need a lot less sleep than i do now..it depends if i have a late night ill try nap through the day!image but generally something around 10....ish..im kinda a light sleeper so usual dont get a great night anyway!

     tommy, you know i always find it easier to go out early early in the winter because to be honest its dark pretty much all the time so if its 4am,5am or 8am its dark! so what does it matter!

    chris, soon be joining you in doubles...got to find time for my milage when cranking it up for marathons, 20 milers coming up soon too...gotta start planning some good routes!


  • Chris I'm the other side of Hankley Common at the Godalming end, I'm glad you've got the skills to capture it in pictures so well, particularly on a run! Are you doing the Farnham marathon in a couple of weeks?
  • Hi Kate, I haven't entered yet but might go for a late entry when I return from Ireland. Do you go out early mornings on Hankley Common too?

    Tom - I run with a head-torch during the winter months so that I can stick to cross country runs.
  • I do, I'm up at 5 and if not commuting into London then I'm out of the door, in the dark as everyone here's been saying, usually along the Wey canal with the rabbits and this week the first robin of the year.

  • I sometimes go running at 6am, but does anyone else find it alot tougher running in the morning? I guess its just because i haven't eaten and have just got out of bed, but it feels alot more tiring.
  • Hey guys, just found this thread while looking for another but thought I'd join in and add a post too. I've just been put back on shiftwork and every other week finish at 3am!!

    Running the 8 miles home at this time of night is quite unreal- moonlight, stars, foxes and owls, fantastic!!
  • Welcome to Man of Bronze. You seem like a convert to Stupid o clock running.image

    Some great photos Chris

    A couple of drunks in local High School this morning !  Who both  'acknowleged me' in language I can't use on this forum. Quite funny 'Anglo Saxon' for that time of day actually. Think Rab C Nesbitimage

  • Morning

    9 miles plodded this morning, slightly different route than normal just to make a change. I had to run through a herd of cows this morning but they did seem to even notice me which was good as I am a bit nervous of cows. also saw a fox and the usual ducksimage

  • Tommy, I'm with you, cows give me the jeebies. I grew up in the country and used to help milk the cows on the farm, but after a herd of them and chased me and stole (well I dropped) my commemorative Charles and Di wedding balloon  I haven't been the same since. I guess I've turned townie.
  • welcome Man of bronze! loving your early early run status!!!!image

    tommy, yeah cows have that spooky gormless stare dont they? freaks me out too. luckily no cows in central london........i think....

    chris, im liking the head torch! think i might join you on that soon, at least all the cars in london who dont expect a runner at 4am will at least not run me over!!!!image

  • Hi Everyone,

    KateF - did you get a Charles and Camilla balloon? image

    Was out at 6am and caught the orange skies marking the end of the sunrise.  Am really looking forward to the darker mornings.  I do most of my runs on a pedistrianised prom which provides some great views to Liverpool skyline, Welsh mountains or out to Irish Sea - but it was great to everyone's pics of the green countryside. 

    There's a section of the prom that doesn't have any streetlights, so I may try out the head torch once the mornings draw in.

  • I love getting up in the morning for runs,well I have to. Normally up by 5.30am..warm up and run,then back by 6.30am just in time to see to my little boy. It`s a sure way to beat that "dark morning" syndrome thing,i.e,lack of sunlight. Just to get out and run in the dark,all be it safely, cheers me up no end,seriously!!
  • Ickle legs - it was at our school celebration lunch, not a lot happened where I grew up and it was on the Duchy of Cornwall estate so all very royal. 
  • Morning fellow early morning runners

    No drunks in the local high school this morningimage

    In fact nobody else about drunk or otherwise, bar me that is. Thats one of the reasons why I enjoy 'stupid o clock' running. The peace and quiet. Call me anti socia if you like, l but I enjoy it anyway, always have.

  • A Charles and Diana balloon ! That takes me back down memory lane...
  • First stupid o'clock run of the week as I am on hols (except for today when I need to go into workimage)

    Out the door at 04:20 for a 10k slow run, part country part urban with hills, the cold must be keeping the wildlife in their burrows. Road tested the new Sennheiser earphones this morning and what a difference they make from the old ones, very bassy felt like high kicking down the A5 when old blue eyes belted out New York, New York !!!!

    Another early morning tomorrow, toss upbetween a tempo or another slow run as Sunday I want to run the Lichfield 10k race course again at a faster pace to feel the hills before the actual race the week after that. 

  • No running for me this morning, I got up at 5 and started to get ready but going down the stairs my right calf felt realy sore. I noticed a bit of stiffness on my run yesterday along with bit of a pain in my right glute. So I decided to give it a miss as I want to do a long run tomorrow.

    I think it maybe because I have ramped up the milage a bit to much over a short periodimage 

    So taking all the wisdom and advise from this forum I have decided to listen to my body and not push it. As they say ,getting to the start line is often the hardest bit.

  • No running for me either but it wasn't me that was injured but my dog!! We were just about to set off across the MOD land when I noticed he was lifting his right paw and limping a bit so I decided that we should give the run a miss. Gonna knock out a 30 min session on the rower later today and maybe a swim!!
  • chris...maybe jackson would fancy a swim too??? considering the paw n all.........?????? woof woof splash!!
  • tommy, sorry to hear about the calf/ glute situation....

    can you narrow it down in the glute area? if you can figure out if its glute medius or glute max that may help you understand whats happened. on the calf side of things could be anything but possibly milage increase or maybe just pure tightness, regardless i'd go find those ibuprofens and a nice bath...hope feels better soon.

     unfortunately im away this weekend so no long run (which i really need!) so in accordance with stupid o'clock im doing a stupid 'long run' monday morning...watch this space! i wonder how far ill get at god knows what time!!

    have a happy weekend all

    jackson....rufff ruff woof woof!image

  • Believe it or not I do go swimming with jackson! We swim in a nearby lake at Frensham where we have races to see who can swim to the tennis ball first. Jackson usually (always) wins thanks to his amazingly large paws!!


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