Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • It certainly did rain yesteday afternoon just before I was about to leave work. image
  • haha...oh oh dear! yeah luckily i had just come in! and then stood at window just watching everyone else getting drenched! sorry!!!image
  • fortunately I had an unberella with me yesterday.

    Right off to catch the bus so I can catch the train image



  • agreed...bit grey...but jees did it rain yesterday!!! hope no one was stuck in down pour!

     nice 6 miler for me getting back into it after achy legs, 3 foxes ( one of which i literally ran into...dont know who was more scared!), 2 cats, bats and birds..and few drunk people..!

  • Wet up here at stupid o'clock this morning.

    Have also run early ,5amish, when down in London on courses with work. Always try to get a hotel near Hyde Park !

  • ha! wonder why i didnt see you!! maybe we went opposite ways round the park! image x
  • Dry, but drizzle came on when coming back in this morning

    Actually really enjoy running round Hyde Park when down in London. Great on summers morningsimage

    Gemma: I'll go round the opposite way the next time then. SoIt was you in the distance ! Can rest easy now knowing thatimage

  • Popped my head through the curains at 04:00 this morning as the plan was a hill session but it was absolutely pouring down, so a revision to the schedule is required as I am still recovering after my back went on Sunday, and need to do a hill or long tempo session sometime today as a bit of a stress test ready for a 10k race this Sunday and tomorrow will be rest day.
  • birkmyre- i saw someone else running today when was down near hyde- wondering whether it was you!!?? or if not its another nutty to add to this forum!

    hyde park is great, only thing is the time thats i go in morning its not open to go inside so just means trotting round it, but peaceful all the same.

    today nice 7 miles, feeling much better and gearing up for long run sundayimage

    sorry your backs been playing up derekb, but good thats youre getting a rainy opportunity to rest image youll be back soon!!!!

  • Gemma: Somebody else ! (I was only kidding, sorry ! image)

    Haven't been down in London for a while.

  • Sorry again Gemma !image said in his best Basil Fawlty voice...

    Okay thats the humble apaologies / crawling overimage

  • haha....apology accepted!..and no crawling please, only running.

     hope you have a lovely weekend x

  • Afternoon

    Well I had the best intentions of running this morning but unfortunatley I didn't wake up untill 7.00amimage

    Went to a colleages leaving drinks last night and a quick couple of beers turned into bit of a session. Got home later than I had intended and a little bit worse for wear. Normally this doesn't stop me running even if I only do a couple of miles, but I just sleeped through my alarm image

    Oh well off cycling all day tomorrowimage With a run up Boxhill after image  

  • yikes! if you slept through the alarm...you were probably pretty tired!! so maybe a good thing you did sleep in. enjoy session tomorrow. ive got club training then prepping for long run sunday....16 miler. hope the weather holds!

  • Wakened at usual time, got up, but legs felt really heavy, so went back to bed. Legs felt fine when I got up at 9am !

     Weird or whatimage

    Enjoy your long 16miler Gemma.

  • totally not weird!- happened to me...got up felt really drowsy for like an hour! thought i was unwell and may go back to bed....half hour later fine! up out and running great. bit tired but ok...think its just stuffy/humidity of weather giving headaches..

    but maybe your legs were bit sleepy...seems like they woke up eventually!

    yes will need it for run...first long run of mara training so will hurt after like /forum/smilies/dont_tell_anyone_smiley.gif[/img]@!$]#@!$


    bring on the ice baths!

  • errr what just happened to my post above?!!!!????? i didnt mean to write that!!!!


  • Dunno Gemma.I usually blame the computer... image

    Cheers for your advice re my heavy legs at stupid o clock.

    More bramble picking done earlier for bramble jam, so brownie points gainedimage

    Rest day tomorrow and back to stupid oclock running on Monday.Eeven though I've got a day off work. I just prefer to get my routine going.

  • Actually sometimes i've run( usually in the winter)  at stupid oclock and genuinely don't remember the first mile or so of the runimage. On auto pilot, I suppose, fortunately the first mile is always on footpaths.
  • ha! unfortunately im the same...at barmey o'clock ive actually run into a tree...and im not just saying it! i did...and it hurt!! well at least it woke me up!

    silly computer indeed! i totally agree with you about getting into routine..i think thats why i felt so sluggish this am...wrong hours.....its a shame because ill never really be able to manage past 10pm now! haha...but i dont mind.

    i do like the sound of the bramble picking..you mean blackberries??? i used to spend most summers doing that when i lived out of london....i remember the thorns!

    enjoy x

  • Think (sure) it's blackberries, we just call it bramble jam ! Got scrapes, stings etc as proof anyway. Typical guy kinda  'hero' thing !!image

    ' Yeah right'...they'll say without a glance.

  • Didn't get up particularly early but went to Box Hill witha few other Pirates and did a lumpy 35 mile ride followed by a 5 mile run. Very hard days training. imageimage

    Supposed to be doing 15 miles tomorrow but my legs feel abit shot so i will see how they feel in the morning

  • hope the legs were better today tommy.

    did 20 miler today!!! yippeee me..! very proud of myself! lovely thames run...image

    im sure my legs will be hurting tomorrow though so maybe not slly oclock run.

    tommy- pirates? box hill? must explain!!!

  • tommy - have you done any of the trionium events at box hill? i'm signed up for the knacker cracker on new year's day. i've done it every year for the last five years, also the mid-summer munroe and the unbelievably tough 'picnic marathon'!!   trionium races

    good effort gemma - gonna be doing a 19 miler myself next w/e. mostly on the basingstoke canal which is a tad less scenic than your thames run!!

  • haha...im sure the basinstoke canal has its interesting bits!!!image

    yeah next w/e is my 18 miler, then w/e after is half mara race. so hopefully i will be ok for next weekend and find another interesting route!

  • Hmm didn't do my 15 miles today legs felt really sore this morning so decided to have a rest day and just did a bit of spinning on the turbo.

    Gemma Pirates  Triathlets, if you look at the Triathlon section on this site you will find us as well.

     Box Hill is in surrey sort of a cycling mecca of Surrey

  • Morning fellow 'stupid o clock' runnersimage

    Up and out at my usual time, despite having the day off work ! Anybody else do this, or is it just me ? image

    First day of my serious training block, so just wanted to start as I mean (hopefully) to go on. Wet, windy, but mildish up her in the West of Scotland.

    Gemma: Well done on 20 miler. I need to build up my own long run.

  • morning birkmyre, i was up..but not out this morning! even though feeling actually ok, not achy muscles just sore knees...ish. i thought best to rest today anyway, dont want injury creeping up!

    might just stick to some walking and core/ stretch work later on. hope the serious training starts well, for anything in particular?

    i have 18 miler this weekend and in a wierd way really looknig forward to it! weekend after is lot less- half marathon comp.

    hope youre having fun in scotty!

    tommy- gotcha! yeah rang a bell! will check it out. sorry legs tired, sensible indeed to take a rest day, hey thats what im doing today! itll do you good! image


  • ok, tommy had a read..so this skull and cross bones thing... is that why you have one on your forum name?

    im getting there!x

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