Who else gets up at stupid O clock to run ??



  • Cheers! Am I the only one who's finding it much harding getting up with the dark and cold? image

  • Craigerrs: Nope its an 'occupational hazard 'running at SOCimage

  • Haha, I suppose. Just need to get neon clothes and thermals again, image

  • is it weird that I don't mind going out and running in the dark?

  • I like the dark, I just don't like the cold that usually comes with it! image

  • Morning you lot

    I admit I prefer the lighter summer mornings, but well used to running in dark now

    Out for an easy run today. Bit foggy and a few street lights out so not much of  a NW today. 1 owl, 1 cyclist, 1 Milk Van.

  • Craiggers: Yup looks like it mateimage

  • I like running in the dark... keeps things slow and steady.  I'm also less worried about loose dogs in the dark as Ninja dog walkers tend to keep their hounds on the lead.  Not that I often see anyone out there.

    I'm still a bit sore after my tumble but 3 nights on and my sleep was less disturbed.  The first 2 nights were a nightmare - when ever I moved I woke up as I bashed my elbow on the duvet!  Not exactly the hardest thing to bash into but it still hurt like hell.  Anyway, last night was much more comfy.  It hasn't stopped me running so thats a good thing.

    Tiny, as the others say, have your kit ready, don't hit snooze.  You are either going to leap into action or not.  Sometimes not going out is an option, but don't take it as the easy option. 

    It's always cold for the first half mile - two options either put something on over the top of your normal gear that can be taken off and wrapped around your middle, or just man up for the first bit knowing that you are going to warm up!image  (I use option 1 more often than not! image )

    Did I see the word lurgy on the thread - out, damned lurgy! Out I say.

    Morning peeps  - it's frigging lashing down out there.  Lucky today is a rest dayimage

  • Good morning allimage

    10 miles this morning windy with rain on the plus side quite warm 12c here

    1 ninja cyclist

    Kate and Psc hope your both recovering well.

    Hope everyone has a good Friday.

  • 3.1 miles this morning! I'm getting there image Wasn't too bad where I was this morning.

  • morning everyone

    I usually go for the manning up option of being chilly for the first 5 mins as I am always warm after that.

    rest day today

    PSC - hope your elbow is feeling better

    well done craigerrs

  • Morning everyone.  Well done, Craigerrs.  And the tip with the alarm by the door sounds like a good one, I might try that next week.

    Rest day for me today and then probably NOC with a parkrun tomorrow.  Happy Friday everyone!

  • Morning Birky, PSC,Valis, Craigerrs and MC.  Reveille obviously worked well this morning.  It was wet, misty, dark and apart from hearing a couple of birds take off in trees as I woke them and a couple of cars in the distance I didn't see another living thing this morning, lovely runimage.  7.5 miles in just over an hour. 

    Still quite warm here so no manning up needed yet, I find gloves are the main thing needed and they can get stuffed down the shorts once the blood is flowing, run a hill early in the run and optimum working temperature achievedimage

  • Morning all - 6.5 miles, still a bit rubbish but I'm going to stop banging on about it now. Well done Craigerrs, Tiny, we all have a bit of NOC now and again. Just as well you like the dark MC, I think you're always out before the sunrise. valis, hope Mrs V had a nice birthday day out yesterday. No BMWs this morning birky? Agreed JF, warm out there today, I was overdressed for a change. Glad you're getting some sleep PSC, still sounds painful. Happy Friday all.

  •  Kate, Mrs V had a good day all presents asked for plus a couple more ,pre - raphaelite exhibition at Tate was very good. Drink in haunted pub around the corner then home and meal out.

    Next year she wants to do PhD involving medieval literature( her M.A subject) and its influence on the pre raphaelite brotherhood or there abouts so yesterday was part research. Its just a pity she can not get her head around the offside rule in football.image

    Psc , good to hear it hasn't hindered your running.

    Tiny and craigerrs, well done on getting out.

  • 530am530am ✭✭✭

    Morning L&G

    Lots of new arrivals over the last few day. Welcome all.

    Booked the catamaran for Sunday. Car, train, cat - it certainly going to be a different way to arrive for a run.

    Valis, all my studies felt a bit of a punishment so I'm in awe of your missus for willingly studying to that level.

    Kate, no not an Olympic hula hoop! I'll ask next time I meet up with them if that's in the training regime! Just got planning permission to double the business. Quite exciting but tempered by the fact it's going to be very difficult to persuade the bank to lend the necessary funds. Somehow I'll just have to bluff it. I've earmarked the Olympian who lives just down the road to do the opening. He's probably a bit like David Radisha - the best GB Olympian you've never heard of....2 golds 1 silver.....


  • Good to see some new SOC's. Welcome Tiny, Leighton & Craiggers!

    Really struggled getting up this week - mainly due to our youngest teething!

    I have a 18/19 mile SOC planned for tomorrow as my final long run before BH. just got to work out how totaper and what I should be eating over the next few weeks. The roue planned has quite a few hills in it, going around Ashdown Forest so if it's clear the views will be worth it.

  • 5:30 - what is your business?

    celtic - enjoy your run - the weather is forecast to be fairly nice

    I am off to clumber park for a 10k tomorrow morning, so shall be up pretty early

  • Hi all .

    I was out at 5:35 and all i can say that i do need a torch or something !

    Done a 4miler from town to village via road paths that not all were lit - all of course with a hivis on.


  • Quick question, how long did it take people to start running at about 10miles a day? I've just started, but I've been doing 100 and 200 metre sprints and long jump. I'm trying to get better outside of the track to! image

  • I'm running about 3 miles a day now. Not 100metres for those wondering. Haha 
  • I don't run 10 miles a day - the hardcore ones on here that do that kind of mileage are crazy people that run ultras. image

    however, you can build up your weekly long run to get up to about 10 miles, don't rush it though as you will end up injured. If you are running 3 miles, why not find a 10k training plan and aim to do a 10k around xmas time? from 10k it isn't too much to build up to a half marathon....

  • Yeah  I think I might do that, and I don't want to run 10miles a day anyway, I doubt I'd have the time and energy! image 

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    @Mathshick... then i'm a crazy oneimage I'll run 10 miles as part of a mid week long run for marathon training image

  • emmy - I would probably do 10 miles midweek if I could run fast enough to fit it in before work!

    the question was about 10 miles a day I think, which is a lot, but I am pretty sure valis were doing that in the run up to the thames path 100.....as I said crazy doing an ultra...

  • maybe if your job involves sitting down most of the time then 10 miles a day isn't that bad,not that i will be trying it.

  • Evening

    Chapper: Welcome another convert to SOC.image

    Catch up again.

  • Kate: No no BMWs thi smorning orany  Kingsmill Vans. Ran another route for a wee change. It was kinda foggy and there were a few street lights out too.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi Mathschick, that's a good point. I know that on the P&D plan - that's the "normal" sort of mileage but for us mere mortals - it's OK as part of a midweek run.

    At the moment for my MWLR - i get up at 5am to fit it in before work!

  • I would like to run more miles, but I'm quite bad at time keeping. It takes me a while to get breakfast mainly because I don't know what you're supposed to eat. And I have to fit in a shower when I come home.
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