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  • Stret, mite keep a look out for next year, sounds like another Half to try!!!
  • hi guys, some good times at Bristol, and likewise chippenham, nothing to report from me, still easing my way back, (had a set back due to trying to do too much too soon,but getting there again now!) doing an average of 100 miles p/w on the bike and clocking some respectable times for 5 and 10 mile time trials. Nice to have something competetive to do whilst im finding my running legs again!

    enjoying the Nessie v Binx "ramble off"!! (dont think i've ever seen anyone give nessie such a run for her money-good effort Binx!)  xx


  • You would enjoy Chippenham Seejay.

    Towner, I read something recently saying that cycling can really improve a runner, I think you will be back faster and stronger than ever image

    I'm off out for a gentle 6 actually maybe 8 image

  • Stret, you dont know what gentle is
  • LBB, We took it easy, nothing under 9 minute milesimage image How was  PIlates tonight?
  • Stret it was good thanks, thanks for your recommendation.

    Both myself and Stret are thinking of this weeks Weston Prom run 5, if anyone wants to join us.  Mrs LBB is also considering it but is worried about being tailed off.

  • Glad you enojed it again LBB, spoke to Bidders earlier he said it was good as well.

    What are your plans for the week running wise? I want to do 17 on Sunday if you or anyone on here fancy it, 9 - 9:30 minute mile. 

  • Afternoon all

    Still no running this week went to the physio yesterday and he has advised me to lay of running until the shine split i have eases of so no running this week has given me a couple more exercises and to use a tennis ball to massage the muscles in the back of the legs

  • Towner and Toby hope your soon back to full running fitness.

    SEEJAY Chippenham is a great half and i'll definitely be there next year 

    Ran 6.4 tonight in 59 mins with Tyango, which hopefully has put us in shape for Thursdays Prom run at Weston. 

  • Evening. Just a short run around North Dock tonight - really enjoyed it image
  • Hi RK welcome to the thread, glad you enjoyed your run tonight.

    Have you thought of entering the Weston Christmas Cracker, you will meet many of us there in person

  • Thanks 2010 LBB. That date clashes with the Aberytswyth 10k which I was planning on doing - although this Weston one may make more of  a family "day out".

    I will certainly consider that one!!

  • Online entry is open now for cracker
  • imageKev , just messaged you - Ta ever so Nessie -

    imageLOL Stret I ride horsie nearly every day & it's quite a challenge persuading them to do what you want - they have quite a short attention span & can either get bored or you can blow their minds by asking too much too soon from them !!! imageGlad you enjoy the training & racing , you certainly have amazing times - I don't ever aspire to those sort of times but am quietly chuffed that slowly but surely my times are coming down!!!

    imagePosted entry to Cracker at the beginning of the week - so fingers crossed I will make it this year imagegot my outfit planned already - Hope you are all dusting off your tinsle in readiness for the run???

    imageHi Towner - did you say earlier on thread that you will be ready for the Cracker in December - if that is so then  Binx & I might make you run with us so we can ramble on  all the way round with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  imageDon't worry only joking , I wouldn't inflict that on anyone - the good thing about chatting on here is no one actually has to read it if they dont want toLOL x

    imageToby, don't know if this is poss for you but when I had a few injuries a wee while ago I was advised to run in the pool - I know I looked a twit but I thought  "What the heck" - as long as it was helping me recover & helping my running I didn't care - so I wonder if this is an option for you????

    imageLBB - hope you have good run at Weston & hope Mrs LBB does as well x

    imageRan this am , only 3.38miles but it was all b****y imagehills , so I guess its good for me !!

    image Thinking of putting in for Stroud Half which is end of Oct, do you think that would be ok for me or too soon after Bristol?

    Hope everyone else ok TTFN Nessie x

  • Stroud should not be a problem Nessie, although it's not a mass event so you may be running bits of the race with hardly anyone around you.

    Having said that it is a great race and I would be doing it if not for Dublin.

  • imageThanks LBB - should really enter as I'm not going to find anything closer as I'm only a few miles from Stroud -

    imageWhen is Dublin? Are you going with family/running club/friends ? However you go all the best of luck for you - Hope you get PB - My grandfather was from Dublin & I have only been once when I was about 10 - so didn't get much clubbing done !!!!LOL


  • No probs Nessie image
  • Hello Running Kev - fancy seeing you here! Looking forward to meeting you Saturday.

    LLB - see you in Dublin maybe?  

  • BTW def want to hand off my Swansea 10k place - need to do an extra 22
  • FFran, I think somone on the Swansea thread is looking for a place!! Sorry you wont make it,  hopefully will meet at another race. Good luck with your long run, sounds quite daunting to me but then I will prob be doing those mileages in a while!!

    Toby, I have had to do that, its very painful but it does get deep into the muscles!!! Good luck with your treatment, I hope it works.

    Nessie, give it a go, you know you want to!!! image

    LBB, we must get a run together, training or race!!!! Must put Chippenham in my diary for next year!

    Towner, great to hear from you and that you are still mobile but watch you dont overdo it, dont want you slipping backwards!!! image

  • See you Saturday ffRAN image
  • Nessie a few club mates are going, but no family

    Fran, hope we can meet up in Dublin, when are you travelling and where from.

    Toby I am massaging very painful place in my glutes with a tennis ball so know how it feels.

    SEEJAY, Hope we do meet again soon, alot of my training runs are on the cycle path, normally starting at Sainsburys if you want to join, although at present alot are over HM distance. 

    Looks like it's me, tyango, stret09 and mrs lbb going to weston tomorrow, should be pb's all round as none of us have done 5 before. 

  • I must start putting my mileage up soon!! What Sainsburys do you start from?
  • LLB - flying from Cardiff early am. Saturday 23rd -my lovely husband can't come as he's not able to get the shifts off so it's developed into a real girlies weekend - 6 or possibly 8 of us - sisters, daughters and pals. really looking forward to it!

    How are you doing with your training? mine is going ok as far as the long runs are concerned but midweek I'm getting really tired - my age is telling!

  • Morning all

    Glad that everyone’s training is still going well the shin split seems to be getting there but i think i will leave it till Monday or Tuesday of next week

    the trouble is the lock came of the  biscuit tin and i have gained some weight so  i will have to make a concert effort to lose it again over the next three weeks if i can get down to about 12st 4lbs i will be happy as that’s about my normal weight to race at

     The tennis ball and the exercise seem to be helping but i am under no elution now about how long this is going to take to fix after all if i had done some ting about it when it first occurred back last year instead of ignoring it then it might not have been so bad

    it started while running the bath half last year but as i only planed to run the Bristol 10k and half that year thought nothing of it as it seem to ease off but the training for Brighton and Leicester this year has done all the damage and i did have to run walk a couple of my training run for Brighton due to my hip

    And at one time even thought i may have to have pulled out of that

    so i have learnt the hard away so here hoping by Monday i can start with a nice gentle run and build up from there the trouble is i just to stubborn and b***** mined to rest when i should do

    Thanks everyone for your kind word and advice

     lop- a- long that sounds like a good idler i might well give it a go

    ffRAN hope you find someone to take your 10k place of your hands

    Seejay/LBB your right it is painful but if it does the trick it will be worth it

  • Helllooo all new and old.

    Its been busy on here while ive been away!!

    Well Im back, that was lovely. 3 days relaxing in the sunshine, eating and drinking, fantastic. Ro Runner it was just mainland Spain we went to and you should see my tummy after all that food and drink, god knows what it would have looked like if it had been a week we went for!!

    Nessie - No Pimmpoms!!image I had to make do with Vodka and the occasional Baileys (I use the word occasional loosley!!) Some very good rambles while ive been away, your setting the standard very high! As lovely as it was to be away it was nice to come back. The Children were nice and cuddley to me for almost half an hour before they got back to their normal behaviour!!   Must admit Ive come back feeling a bit lazy, I didnt go to runing club last night as I was soooo tired with the late nights and I dont sleep well after alcohol anyway. Was fantastic to have a big sleep last night, I now have enough energy for a run later, Ive planned 6 miles although I need to do alot more to run this belly off!!!

    FFran Know what you mean about the tired bit, I think after Cardiff Half Im going to have a few weeks off of the speed training and take it a bit more easy. Havent got any major races planned until March. Going to do the Bath Half again even though organisation was a bit dire.

    Towner Hiya hope all ok with you, I can only reiterate what Seejay said, be careful you dont want to damage it again. Glad the biking is going well. Havent seen you in Tesco's in ages!! image Glad yr enjoying the ramble off, think I may have beaten Nessie with this one!!image

    Toby  Sounds like your repairs are coming along well, I know how frustrating it is as I popped my calf muscle last year, wouldnt wish that on anyone. Take it easy and you'll be back at it all mended soonimage

    To all you Guys doing the Weston Prom Run tonight Good Luck hope it goes well imageimageimageimage

     Take that Nessie! Its surely taken the lead in the ramble stakes!!!image

    Talk Soon All and Happy Training.

    Binx /x

  • Forgot to say Well Done to the guys that did the Chippenham Half ! Stret I would have to have a jet pack on to reach those speeds (im not green with envy at allimage)

  • Hi everyone - got back early from my meeting in Cardiff so having a "spell" on the sofa before setting out for my first stage Relay run at 6.

    As I'm doing my LongRrun as the 2nd stage on Saturday, I'm doing the grand total of 64 miles this week . This is mind-bogling for me but know it's quite normal for some. No wonder I needed those new trainers!

    I have someone interested in my Swansea place but I'm really sorry not to be doing it - want to, but know I need to concentrate on the marathon training.If I'm back off my travels will come to watch. IF I don't get into London, I think I will really concentrate on speed training and try to better my feeble PB, in some Spring 10ks.

  • Fran we are flying on Sunday morning, back Tuesday.  64 miles is a dream for me, highest week 35 and that was a struggle - what time are you aiming for.

    Toby - take it easy,  I find as long as I use the tennis ball the night before it always loosens me up for a run.

    Binx glad you had a good holiday

  • ffFRAN - great mileage. If you don't make London - try the Great Welsh Marathon at Llanelli on April 11th.
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