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  • Sorry not been on for a few days also.

    Looking forward to hearing news from Swansea.

    Well done to all those training hard this week. 

    Stret amazing run, thats some speed including those hills,  I ran a few of them yesterday during my 19.25 miles, but it took me 3.09.  I am wary of my sore feet, particularly left side which had me pulling out of races all over the place between 2005 - 2008.

  • Stret and Ro - brilliant runs and nice run, too Toby - it's great to recce new routes, isn't it? 2010LLB - sounds like an excellent time!

    Had a mixed day run-wise. Tried a long run and it was dismal - but then my preparation was very poor. Ie.1) Had been poorly all week,2) I had too rich a meal last night, plus a very large glass of red, 3) I'd run yesterday and finished at the gym and did loads of leg work (in case I hadn't managed a run today). Consequently, the tried for 18 miles turned into 15/16 (I didn't wear my Garmin on purpose) and I walked a lot towards the end. Oh yes, and not to be too indelicate - my tum was in an awful state. but at least I ran. Got back, showered and off to the Swansea 10k as a spectator.

    Then the running took a turn for the better.

    What a wonderful race - I know I'm biased, but for position, atmosphere and organisation, I believe it beats most. I met fellow forumites which was fantastic - I'll let Seejay tell you about his run, cheered on lots of friends and whoops!!! I nearly won 1st placed female Vet -"a very good runner" had my place as his wife is full term so he couldn't go to his planned race, and almost slipped up by beating the area's best lady - that might have caused trouble.

    Soup Dragon - Amazon are brilliant at taking returns - I bought a Garmin 405, tried it for a few weeks but really didn't get on with it - response, and reading size (I'm presbyopic) - they refunded me full amount - no questions asked.

    BTW  tlrhou  w 

  • Fran dont be down.

    I ran Glos 20 3 days after a bad sickbug, went really well for 16 before dehydrating really badly.  Stret09 missed Bristol with a sickbug - and then pb'd a week later at Chippenham.

    I have looked at Swansea results and someone we all know did rather well

  • That sounds promising LBB.

    Ffran - thanks for the reassurance on Amazon, but I'm hoping it will be just what I need.  I've fessed up now too. image

  • imageRKev well done to your son for running - after all that I wasn't able to go, never mind there is always another day.

    imageRo - hope your foot will be ok - good mileage though

    imageStret, amazing run - you must be well chuffed, fantastic mileage - imageHmmmmmmmmmmm one day.......................................LOL

    imageSoup Dragon, good runs,  I was advised to sometimes forget taking garmin out & just run with no pressure, & it does you  good for a change.

    imageFfran, that is some mileage you are tackleing when poorly, take care x (Try white wine next timeimage)

    imageToby, glad you got daughter there safely, my youngest lad at Swansea & was hoping to see him today but I couldn't go, glad yuo got a run in & a swim, well done. 

     imagethings all went wrong today & I had to miss Swansea & was really fed up but I went out & ran on my own & pretended really hard I was at the race (no walk breaks) & I did 10k in 63.10image I was absolutely thrilled as that is 3.18 off  Bristol 10k -

    imageI let Seej know & he will surley be on here soon to let you know how he & Deli did.

    imageBinx sorry you're poorly - hope your back to rambling soon x

    TTFN Nessie - Hope everyone else ok x

    imageHope else  everyone ok

  • LBB, well done mate, you will pb at Dublin for sure.

    ffran, You shouldn't stress about your run, 15-16 miles after a stomach bug is good going. And you said it yourself that you did loads yesterday and besides you have been doing some impressive mileage so you really dont need to panic image 

    Nessie, sorry you missed Swansea but a massive well done on getting out there and racing your own race imageimage great time to boot, keep it up and a sub 60 will follow. 

  • Sorry you couldn't make it Nessie - I was checking how "I'd" done on the results image That explains it!
  • imageThanks Stret - never in a million years at my age did I ever think I would be thinking of 60 - my first 10k was Bristol 2008 & I did it in 76.20 !!!!!!

    imageLOL Kev, bet you thought "you" were still out there runningimage

    Cheers Nessie

  • Thanks for the reassurance everyone. I'm sure I'll be fine next week.

    Lop A long - I was with Seejay and Deli when you text him - so VERY well done - wish I could knock over 3 minutes of a PB.

    Kev - no wonder I couldn't see you at the finish.

    Binx - hugs for a swift recovery!

  • imageAh thanks Ffran, SeeJ said "hello" from me - mind you if I was doing your mileage I think aPB would be out of the window !!!!!LOL


  • Hi everyone, sorry for the late post but had to watch the F1!!! image Anyway, great posts from everyone and all being busy as well, Nessies fantastic mock Swansea, Strets, mountanous run in super quick time, Ffrans long distances after sickness, Ro Runners return with a loose axle, Binx with some great training while unwell and LBB's marathon prep!!! Sorry to hear you didnt run Kev image, I am sure you where gutted to find out!!!! image

    Well as I am sure you now know, Dele(rsb) and I ran Swansea today and considering Dele was running with a really bad injury I think she did really well to finish in about 59 mins. Apparantly after 3 or 4K her foot nearly gave up and she practically hobbled the rest of the way, an amazing feat of mental strength, where most of us would probable have given up so well done and I hope she gets sorted out soon!!

    I did quite well, I decided to stay with the 50min pacer but by 4 K I was cheesed off trying to keep him in sight and decided that if he was behind me and did not pass me I would get home in under 50 mins!! Simples!!! The strategy worked and I managed to trundle home in 48:41, I was shocked to find when I loaded the run on fetch that my average pace was 7:49 min/ml, I know it is only 22 seconds faster than last year but it is without a doubt my best race of the year!!! As you can imaging I am well chuffed!!! imageimageimage

  • Morning all

    Seejay well done on a great time and well done to Dele for keeping going

    Lop a Long sorry to hear you had to miss Swansea and that a wonderful time

    ffRAN well done on the run what i wouldn’t give to be able to run 15to 16 miles at the moment

    waves to everyone else and wishes you all the best

  • Ffran, I must apologise for not mentioning it was great to meet you yesterday and many thanks for the explanation of your name!!!

    Thanks Toby, lets hope your recovery keeps going, it must still be quite frustrating for you!!!

  • Morning all

    well i done it myself this time walked into the corner of a self at work last night not watching what i was doing and now have bruised a rib i being to think someone’s trying to tell me something oh well get it all out of the way now and hopefully next year i will be injury free

    Still on for the H/F but am going to have to step the training up as i was puffing like a train after the run on Saturday

    See jay you hit the nail on the head i had all these grate plans this year run Bristol and was going to break my PB and run it faster than Bath something i have been unable to do up to now then on wards to Leicester marathon were i was going to have a good go at getting down to under 4hrsOh well the best laid plans of mice and men
  • Morning all

    Soooo much to read and catch up on. Thank you so much for all you well wishes, feeling alot better and not so grumpy today.

    Kev - 8 miles walked thats fantastic, there is nothing like a bit of retail therapy for incentive is thereimage . You are doing brilliantly and should be very proud of yourself.image

    LBB/FFran/Stret - You guys are doing some amazing mileage, i can only but aspire to it at the moment havent managed over 13.2 yet.

    Soup Dragon - That was a clever woopsie, think i'll give that a whirl next time im on amazon.image

    Seejay - Thats a fantastic race, under 8 mins a mile. Rightly so you're chuffed! I'd be over the moon.image

    Toby - hope all good with you and things are still improving.image

    Ro - You have done some fab runs, hope you get good news from the consultant image

    Im hoping to do 10k with a bit of speed thrown into it today, probably on the treadmill as cant leave my babes home alone, got running club Thursday and hoping to fit 9 miles in at some point this week. So all being well I should manage those aims. image

    Hope everyone is ok and not catching all these lurgys that seem to be flying about. Hope we all get some good runs in.

    Talk soon

    Binx x

  • Sorry Toby didnt see you last post, you poor thing, sounds very uncomfortable. It is frustrating when you dont hit your aims but your still out there persisting with it all and running which is inspiring. Keep your chin up good times (excuse the pun) are on there way.x
  • well done seejay thats a great time.  image

    Hello to everyone else, seems there is some great running going on!!

  • Well done Seejay, you deserve to be chuffed image

    Hope your 10k on the dreadmill went well Binx. 

  • Great stuff SeeJay.  What an inspiration. image
  • Dele well done on your perserverance.

    SEEJAY awsesome time, shows all the hard work is worthwhile.

    Nessie your a dark horse, putting yourself down and then throwing in a quick time like that.  We are all slower in training than we are in races, keep plodding and sub 60 will come.

    Really sorry about ur ribs Toby.

    Nice suit Steve.

    Hope ur run went well Binx

    5.5 for me earlier tonight and off to Pilates later

  • imageFAn dabby dozy SEEJ - now you've set me a target  !!!! LOL

    imageLBB thanks a lot,  I have so little confidence, I know its silly, & on Wed I did that same route & managed to do it in 65.26 with some walk breaks as I struggled a bit -  then on Sun  I took the bit between my teeth & thought I am not going to walk & I am going to do better than Bristol 10k - was really amazed & gradually began thinking if I keep trying really hard I might just get a bit better before I get to much older  LOL

    imageFirst  & fastest mile was 10.01 & slowest mile was 10.47 - imageSorry to bore the pants off everyone but am truely amazed that Ole Plod has got it in her -

    imageLOL dont I rabbit on - Sorry

    imageJust back from water work out & eyeing up a bar of chocolate !!!!

    Hope everyone else ok TTFN  Nessie x

  • Nessie  - Just realised i missed you off, dont know how I managed that, had a little bit written down on my pad for you imageimage. Well done you, fab 10k time thats a huge chunk off. See we knew you could do it and like Stret said definatley a sub 60 on its way!! Youre certainly not boring the pants off every one, its lovely to hear how you're getting on.image 

    Ive just scoffed half a bag of revels, its got to be done, it would be rude to ignore that bar of chocolate its just asking you to eat it Nessie!!image

    LBB/Stret - The dreadmill run went very well, have been building it up each time to get so I can do 8 min mileing for at least 6 miles and finally achieved it this afternoon. I know the dreadmill does drag your feet along a bit but im hoping it will transfer to faster half mara times if Im able to run for longer periods at that pace.

    Hope all ok.Talk soon

    Binx x

  • Cheers for comment Binx! Revels mmm....

    Seejay - awesome time well done image

    10 min miling Nessie - you would have done me proud lol!

    Off to watch Inbetweeners now image

  • imageBinx - chocolate eaten !!!  imagegood speed - don't think I'll be catching you any time soon !!!

    imageGlad you like hearing my rambling - feeling a bit tired now so will sign off - must be one of my shortest ever

    Nessie x

  • imageCheers Kev - I feel a new nick name coming on 10-min-mile-ness    Hmmmmmmmmm maybe a bit of a mouthfull - but I'll work on it

    TTFN 10mm -Ness    Howzat?????????

  • Hi everyone, thanks for all the praise, it was hard work but I did actually enjoy the race, unfortunately I didnt get to see Catherine Jenkins but then maybe it was just a well, probably would have tried to recruit her into Seejays Strollers!!! image

    Toby, so sorry you have really injured yourself,I know that sort of thing can take time to heal and certainly wont be comfortable trying to run either!!! Fingers crossed you heal quick!!

    Binx, most people here are younger than me so I know they can do it if I can, its just perciverence, you will get there, you just need to keep plodding on and it will come to you!!

    Steve and Stret, thanks guys, you two are an inspiration on here, your times have been tumbling since you started posting here and been giving LBB so much help.

    LBB, thanks mate, hopefully one day soon we can get to race together at the same pace, with a little sprint at the end just for fun!!! image

    Soup Dragon, thanks, if I can inspire one person to faster pace then I am happy!!! image

    Nessie, I have been telling you for years there is a quicker lady in there, you just need to dust her off now and again and let her have her head!!!!!! Keep up the great work!!

    By the way Binx, what happened to the other half a bag of Revels??????

  • Sorry Kev you posted while I was writing!!! Thanks, it was very quick for me and I usually struggle in training to get that pace so was well chuffed when it all came together yesterday!!

    Thats 10millimeter Ness!!! imageimage

  • lol 10 millimeter Ness! Think you may have to rethink that one Ness.;0))

    Thanks seejay for the encouragement,
    I'll keep at it and hopefully I'll get there.

    Believe it or not I've saved the other half of the revels for tomorrow! ;0)
  • I though you might have shared them around!!! image
  • Nice running Binx

    Seejay sure hope we will be racing together soon

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