Snowdonia Marathon 2011



  • Brer, fantastic news! imageimage I was so sad for you before. What unbelievably good luck. I shall go to sleep tonight happy with that good news.

    If anyone's still awake, I've just posted my report with pictures of last weekend's outing. The sunny views of the Derbyshire Dales are uplifting, I hope you will agree.

  • Brit Nick ....another great are see you will have to stop this because it gets more tempting each time i read them.... mind you the lovely weather in your snap shots helpimage....i could not imagine being able to run that distance again only 2 weeks after running Snowdon...i dont know how you do it image 
  • Brerimage Great got van back and some good mileage out of your legs!!!image

    Brit Nick Love these reports with Nicola on this you make it sound so tempting!image

    6miler for me this morning in the dark cold air...loved it, legs felt back to normal and did last 2miles at half marathon paceimage 

  • Brer - that is excellent news!

    Good luck with the Conwy half on Sunday TR - if the weather is like it is in Colwyn Bay today it should be a cracking race - and the views from the Orme should be excellent. Remember to drop me a line if you fancy a lunchtime run along the prom!

    I'll carry on following this thread (one of the few on RW I follow), but doubt I'll be posting much - I'll probably only be doing a couple of races before next years Snowdonia marathon, although one of them is my village race which I am helping with the organisation of this time around. An early plug - it is a cracking/challenging 12.5km race, which will be taking place on the 11th of September 2011 (excellent training for Snowdonia!) - starting/finishing in the village of Llanddoged (1.5miles from Llanrwst in the Conwy Valley). I'll post a link to the race webiste once it is up and running!

    Good luck to all with the forthcoming races - enjoy! 

  • JB Thanks. Haven't forgot about lunch time run will be giving you a ring soon once Conwy is done.image  Like the sound of your raceimage
  • Hi all, as ever thank you so much for your kind comments re my little mishap-still in shockimage

    Britnick, superb report yet again.I forget how beautiful it is around where I live which isn't far from where you took those pictures. John Bach, what a superb place to have a race, Llanwrst is one of my fave walking areas in North Wales..far from the madding crowd which congregate around the Snowdon group.

    Good one JD, blimey 3000 miles. That sure is a tidy trainer expenditureimage

  • Britnik- sounds like a grand day outimage

    Went out this evening to do a 6m recovery run, but felt great (wrapped up in tights, gloves and wooly hat!) so went on to do 11m and bring up the milestone of 3000m for the yearimage

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Went out for my first run since SNOD this afternoon. Since the race and my excursion in the Glyders on the Sunday I seem to have developed an achilles tendon issue.  I've left it a couple of weeks, feeling it was settling down, and nipped up my local hill today - only 7 miles and 1320' - but I've come back practically crippled.  Don't know what's going on.  Will have to have some time out image.  I very rarely get injured.

    Keep up the running and the banter, folks.

  • brer - I now live on the outskirts of Llanrwst - I enjoy heading out into the hills either side of the Conwy Valley - favourites include upto Llyn Geirionydd, Llyn Crafnant and Llyn Cowlyd - the Marin Trail in the Gwydir Forest is also good fun, although you have to be careful with psychotic mountainbikers about!

    Take it easy TR - hope that the a t issue soon clears

    Working in Colwyn Bay, one of the benefits, running wise, is that I can have a gentle, flat chillout run at lunchtime or I can head inland and hit the hills upto/through Bryn-y-maen - which I plan to later as I'd probably end up getting soaked along the prom with the waves crashing over!

  • T Rex- take it easy and give it time- and avoid hills like the plague until it's properly betterimage

    JB- sounds great- enjoy the run!

    Well, think I'm recovered- followed yesterday's 11m with a pre Aberystwyth 10k track session- 2.28m warm up on the road and then 3x2m @ 10k pace with 800m recoveries. Splits: 12.46, 12.46, 12.54 (wind picked up for the last one- honestimage). Good session and legs feeling ok afterwards 

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭

    Looks like it's achilles tendonitis.  For the first time in my running career I think I'm going to see a physio.  Not something dinosaurs usually do but I don't want this hanging about.

    You mean I can't even go up my local, little hill? 

  • T Rex ...sorry to hear youve picked up an injury ...achilles tendonitis = stay off hills like JD says avoid like the plague.  I have carried on running through this with advice from sports therapist ....but not on hills!!!! and it does seem to get better quite quickly....probably will be venturing for a visit myself sometime soon as i have slight IT issues that have flared up again since Snowdon.  Im presntly trying to ignore it in the hope it will go awayimage 

    JD ...your flying again .....sounds like you had a good session ...would have liked to have done something myself last night but decided on having a drink insteadimage

    Club run tonight and then hopfully legs permitting Elan valley 10 miler on Saturday... i think i will probably just be using it for a training run though.

  • Hope that the physio gets you sorted TR

    Looking good for the 10k jd. I must admit I'd love to do one of the Aberystwyth races - spent 3 very happy years there (and met my wife there in 1989!)

    Good look with the Elan Valley 10m nq - enjoy it. I did the Rhayader 20 this year (a race I wanted to do ever since taking up this running lark in 2006) and loved it - what a cracking race/course.

  • John B ....i did Rhayder 20 miler as well this year and loved it .....what a specatular race......i will definately be going back to do this one next year if i can keep my fitness up.  Used it as a training run for London this year so next time around i really want to go for a time.  You can so easilly be put off some of these tougher races because of the reputation or reviews that go with them ....but they always seem to turn out much better races than the faster flatter ones.  Fellow runners always seem far more friendly and have a mutual appreciaition for what you are actually doingimage  And that is without the huge buzz you get from finishingimage
  • So anyone doing the Beacons Ultra on Saturday?
  • Unfortunately I won't be doing Rhayader next year nq - I am limited re the number of races I can get away with and having done Rhayader this year I'm doing a different Spring race next year - London!

    I understand that they have changed the Rhayader course slightly for next year so you no longer have to do the two loops around the housing estate at the start. I totally agree with your comments about the race - I was fortunate enough to stay after the race (I usually have to shoot home fairly soon after finishing) and really enjoyed the chat/banter with other runners. I hope to do the race again, although I doubt I'll beat this years time - I'll probably take it a bit easier and enjoy the scenery a bit more!?

  • Think I'm racing tomorrow and Sundayimage, so rest day todayimage

    NQ- hear you're doing Elan Valley 10 tomorrow too? So see you there!image

    Andrea- see you in Pembreyimage

    Anyone else ?

  • Hey, great to see we are back in race modeimage Good luck, one and all.

    Trex, sorry to hear about injury-hope you get it sorted quickly,no bog hopping this weekend then?

    No race for me this weekend just a nice, long gentle trot the fog and rainimage

    Have a good weekend whatever you are up to.

  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭
    Anyone want a sneak preview of the list?
  • T RexT Rex ✭✭✭


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  • T Rex wrote (see)
    Anyone want a sneak preview of the list?
    oooooooooooh - it's lookin' good alreadyimageimageimageimage
  • TRex- I hope your injury clears itself up quickly. Always good to see a nice early list, sub 4! i must have said that after a couple of shandys in padarn lake, better start my hill training now.

    No running today as i have got a 10k local run tomorrow, not really my distance but Steve Cram is running and it is organised by our local brewery (Adnams) so some beer in the goodie bag and the race finishes right outside the local pub so it would be rude not to.

    Hope everyone has a good weekend.

  • T Rex- slight adjustment needed- undecided for meimage, at the moment at leastimage
  • Hi All - what alot to catch up on

    Back from my hol's image havn't managed to run yet as i seem to of ended up with a wonky knee not sure how really just walked up the hill from the hotel one morning and was in agony really strange cos it only hurts on uphills???? Going to Dr's on Monday to get it checked out just in case.

    Glad almost everyone else (sorry Trex know how your feeling)  is all recovered and back running esp Frodo image   Brer glad you got your caravan back

    I also see the list is back already image Mr C is going to divorce me but i think i'm going to be an also running maybe under the catagory of finish the blinkin thing this time image

    Happy running everyone

  • panadpanad ✭✭✭
    Another muddy off-road plod for me this morning image lovely!

    Then a 22mile wobble on the bike this afternoon,1st time I've been out just for a ride (rather than a commute) for a while, felt great image

    Good luck TR38 (and any others) doing Conwy half and to the rest of you doing other things tomorrow!
  • JD imageimageimage How can you possibly not do the mighty Snod again??

    Hi Chrissi, thanks for good wishes and glad you had a good holiday to recover slightly, hope docs visit is productive.

    TRex, how are you fairing? Good to see list up already, when do we need to commit to a target..??

    Well, just a gentle 18 miler in 2hr 53 minutes for me, very enjoyable

    Good luck tomorrow at Conwy TR38 et al

  • Brer- didn't say i wouldn't do it again, just not sure about next year- so many races, so little timeimage Good running by the way. You too Panadimage

    Found out that the Elan Valley 10 is a hilly little number, but weather was great. Legs felt the speedwork from Wednesday evening a little (I only decided to do this race yesterday evening), but managed 27th 1:09, so happy enoughimage

  • Brer ...personally i dont think he will be able to resist !!!!!  image  Im jealous of your long eager to go out and have a long amble in the valleys on a nice Sunday morning......hmmmm maybe i will fit one in this week if the legs recover wellimage

    T-rex....i see there has been a sneaky move for sure i said put me in the sub 4 hour group again......not sure i would cope with the pressure of the3:50 groupimageimageimage

    Elan Valley 10 mile race is a tough one.....stunning scenery.......some nice big hills and some smaller cheeky ones ...all coupled with some great down hills and a long straight run in for home.....the straight being the toughest actually beginning to worry that im enjoying these hillsimage  really wasnt sure about doing this race as i felt it was pushing it a bit but hey ho me being me couldnt resist and came home a happy bunny with a pb of 1:16:24........woooohoooooooooooooimage  Saw JD who i can confirm is back to business but will leave it for him to tell his own storyimage

    Good luck to all doing Conwy Half marathon tomorrow......and to those doing Pembrey MT 10 miler......have a great race i will be thinking of you all while im stuck in workimageimageimage

    Have a great weekend everyone elseimage

  • NQ- well done- good to see you todayimage
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