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  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    For the record I have won a RW competition before!  I won a pair of skins.  There was an email waiting for me when I got back from the London marathon in 2009.  I was so pleased and I wear them all the time!  That though, is the only thing I've won.  But, it makes me forever hopeful.
  • debbo wrote (see)
    TG - I'm sure saying 'bog off newbies' will help your case no end image

    To be quite honest I'm not very photogenic so If I got through I doubt I would get many votes anyway.

    But I would actualy like to be selected for this as I believe it will be a life changing experience for the betterimage

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    well I'm doooomed if it's based on photogenicity - at least they didn't ask for a photo for the application image
  • You can imagine them getting 1000's of photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie!!!
  • Debo thats just the cynic in me i'm afraidimage

    still if they think I'm a penguin I might make for the novelty value

  • seren nos wrote (see)

     Alli will have to kick the teenagers out so that you will have the time to post.............part of the prize is that you have to kepp the rest of us informed and entertained............night and day.............image

    To be perfectly honest it's not the Marathon Training I'm entering for, it's just to enable me to have the perfect excuse to regain the use of my laptop from them image   and enjoy the luxury of prattling on about me.

    And night and day works really well for me with working shifts as you can see from my 1st post timing image.

    But somehow I think it's going to take me a little while to catch up with you on the posting front

  • I've been around for a while AB and am expert at talking crap..............but would fall short in the informative and entertaining bitsimage
  • Ah but I'm so easily amused and entertained, but now beginning to get a bit worried that my prattling on might not cut it then image
  • Hi Alice

    I would really like to apply, but unfortunately wouldn't be able to make the March date for training as I will be in New Zealand.

    Are those who can't make all dates definately excluded? I would happily communicate from New Zealand image

    Many Thanks


  • Apart from already being entered in Brighton, I'd never get through the boot camp day, if I were selected that is.  Shame as I've always fancied having a go at being a Super Sixer image
  • What a great opportunity! I saw the half marathon there last month and the crowds and music were brilliant. Paris in spring time would be beautiful for a challenge. 
  • debbo wrote (see)
    well I'm doooomed if it's based on photogenicity - at least they didn't ask for a photo for the application image

    Haha - getting shortlisted is obviously nothing to do with photogenicity since I got shortlisted last year! Maybe you've got a point re chances of people voting though since I wasn't chosen and the lovely Hash was image

    Worth entering as long as you're committed to the training and the forum - please don't waste everyone's time if you're  not. The chosen six last year did a fabulous job - their commitment to the cause can't be faulted and if they'd had more luck with injuries etc would have all met their goals, I'm sure of that.

    I won't be re-applying this year, since am only now getting used to walking after a chronic back injury that has kept me out of normal life (including running and work) since June - injury not related to running-  just bad posture and getting older!! Ran my first km last week since May so slowly on the mend!! Maybe I'll be able to try again in 2012 - aiming at a marathon next year would just be stoopid for me right now.

    Good luck to all entrants and whoever is chosen, I hope you have a blast. Even being shortlisted was v cool too - I was more than pleased to get an entry to a half marathon and a runner's world subscription, even without mentioning meeting some very tidy people in here too! Thanks to Alice and Catherine who were open and helpful throughout last year and I'm sure will be again this year.

  • I have already run Paris (2009), in a then pb of 2:48, great course, though found the city hugely expensive, still would like to go back and with the expert training/nutrion advice hopefully go under 2:45.
  • Hi Teresa,

    I'm afraid we would need you to be able to attend the selection day and both training days. I hope you can manage to make it!


  • I make it about 25 hours left, so if you havn't entered ...... go on do it !!  

    Does anyone know how soon after mid-day tomorrow the lucky boot-campers will get the call ? 

    Will I need to carry a spare mobile battery around on my long runs just in case !!  

  • Interesting conversation re people entering the competition.  I'm a RW reader and subscriber but forum lurker - I'm a bit more chatty on Fetch but don't really get the chance to contribute much as I sneakily lurk at work!  I've entered competitions in the past and have entered this one - I don't think forum activity should be the most important aspect.  I'd obviously have to up my game if selected though! image (not holding my breath mind you!!)

    Good luck to all who have entered!

  • I've not posted on this site before (save for reviewing events), but with a prize like this - I'd love to get involved and share my experiences. Also looking forward to a proper coach telling me what I've been doing wrong (and right) all these years. And a nutritionist telling me how to eat well given that there's a whole list of food that I won't eat because I think it's revolting: brown rice, nuts, pulses, cous-cous, etc. Sure, you can read articles, but getting it from the horse's mouth so-to-speak (no offence, Asics Team) should make the difference.

     Why not have some fresh input on the forum? It doesn't matter that you've never heard of me - I'm sure that 5 months down the line you'll have heard too much from me!

    I'm chuffed that it's not London. takes away the pressure of performing in front of the home crowd... image

  • This is a RW spring marathon competition, not a RW forumite spring marathon competition. Chill image 
  • Woo hoo! ... Chilled... image
  • Just entered. yay! 
  • Who was the oldest super sixer last year? Dont remember anyone quite my age, shame if they are all junior members of the running fraternity as there are more over 40s running than any other age group. It would be nice if some living further north in the UK were able to get a place rather than being southern residents only.......good luck to all who have entered.

    Whoever gets the opportunity to be trained by this team will have a great experience and a very busy six months. Listened to the Asics team at last years VLM expo and they were very professional and had some good tips.

    Hope its me, never won a thing in my life!!! Managed a pb for Birmingham Half last month of 1.49 would love to go quicker for a full marathon than this years first effort at London where I dont think I fuelled up enough in the second half of the race. So much to learn, look forward to an email tomorrow.image

  • Mark Street 2 I'm with you on the age thing, though in my case it had better be over 50.  I can't remember a runner of that maturity being chosen before, are we too much of a challenge to have an effect on, don't know, though the previous super sixes effectively only ran over about a 16 week training span so it would be difficult to make any dramatic changes on somebody's running capability in that time.

    Not certain whether there is a southern bias though by using Birmingham this time for boot camp and I presume the training days it evens it out a bit for most of us.

    It is a great opportunity and I think a no brainer to enter assuming you can make the dates needed for the get togethers and the race.

  • The terms and conditions state you'll hear by Nov 27th (I think) so basically a week.  Don't forget that they'll have lots of 100 forms to read.  Also it states you'll be contacted by phone.

    Mark - I think if you ask Hashette you'll discover that she fitted the over 40 bill image

  • Yep but not over 45 surely.............hence my comment over 45................not over interesting to see how old the supersix are this year.................image
  • year before last there was a mature lady I believeimage
  • Well I'm plumping for the mature guy this year, well I guess older if mature doesn't fit!!
  • Well if I get in i'll be 46 image
  • I hit 57 in January which used to look so old when I was younger!  When you run most races though there are still an amazing number of mature runners, probably more than say under 25s, and some of them are hammering out great times.  I  guess what you have to accept is that you lose some pace so your half marathon and 10km pace become much closer.  Whether this is a negative factor in the eyes of the Asics selection team look at who knows. 
  • I am still getting PBs and I'm easing down towards 50
  • Last year there was a spread of ages and experience in those shortlisted. In the time band that I was shortlisted for, three of us were in our 40s and one was in her 20s. Those actually selected as supersixers is not down to RW - that was up to the voters. Strangely enough three of us in that group were also based within 20 miles of each other - I think a welsh bias was suggested, but was probably random!

    I'm pleased it's in Birmingham this time as a statement, since many people seem to think that the whole world revolves around London ... image

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