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  • hi all. entered yesterday. not a regular forum chatter, i mostly just comment on races. I feel this would be a great opportunity for whoever won it. good luck to every1.


  • Just nipping out but you can get me on my mobile............... Please!
  • Hi Alice,

     On my application I forgot to put an X in the I AGREE WITH THE T&C BOX.  

    Just wanted you to know, I confirm that to my best knowledge the information I have supplied is correct and true. I have read and agreed to the competition terms and conditions 

    Hope you havn't excluded me, was in rush to get it off to you the other day.


    Funny Hat 

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm a lurker - I'll admit it now! It's not big and it's not clever image

    I thought I'd better out myself though. Just in case! 

    Good luck everyone! Hope the waiting doesn't become too much to bear. 


  • Well form complete and submitted keeping everythig crossed. This is going to be a journey of a lifetime for some lucky winner!! Just noticed put wrong target time down!!!! DOH! If you readin Mr selection comittee can i change it???

    I would love for the paris marathon to be my first!

  • Alice RW ive just noticed i put the wrong target time down on the form i submitted can this be changed?
  • Hi everyone, I'm not a regular forum chatter either, I entered the first day it was on the site i think. I have a place in the marathon already and also accomodation booked and paid for, My wife and I are making a weekend of it, but I think the prize is a once in a lifetime oppertunity for the lucky six. The race being just the icing on a very tasty cake.
  • I wonder if they will let me do my 10k race sunday with my phone strapped to my head just in case RW Phone lol image
  • ipone ....pah sorry but that just winds me up

    For fook sake you can run without a bloody bit of music in your ear or is it just me image

  • Do you think if you were lucky enough to be selected for the Boot Camp and you missed RW's call your place would be held?

    I think this opportunity is insanely AMAZING, I have checked my emails and phone far to many times today!
  • Get a grip image

    if you are choosen I think they would give you a few days grace to accept, I hope so or i'm stuffed

  • C'mmon c'mmon we wanna know who is the super six!!!!image
  • it does say in the T&C that and I quote

    "Shortlisted candidates will be notified no later than Friday 24thNovember "

    So don't expect anything real soon

  • If I remember rightly from last year they said they recieved about 2500 applications. Which means with 6 places, that's a 1 in 416 chance of winning, better than the 1in 14 million chance of the uk lottery, so you've got to be optimistic
  • It'd be cool to know who gets to go to boot camp though....
  • I got a call this evening!  It was all in French and I couldn't understand a word! imageimage 

    I suspect its going to be at least Thursday before we hear - going to take a long time to read through all those forms as  there must be a thousand or two.   Mine had a link to obtain 2 Take That tickets so I'm assuming I'm in (hehe). image

    Good luck to everyone though.  Fingers crossed. x   Its a bit more exciting than trying (and failing) to win a pair of trainers. image

  • Fortunately I've sorted my Take That tickets already, so won't be trading my place for tickets image
  • Tommy Gun said above;

    "Shortlisted candidates will be notified no later than Friday 24thNovember "

    So is that Wednesday 24th November or Friday 26th November? I noticed the date didn't tie up with the day when I entered but told myself stupidly to expect a call on the Wednesday but would be more than happy to get a call next Friday instead!

  • All will come to He or She who waits !!

  • Soup Dragon - that was a very funny email image
    I like your style
    good luck image
  • god the suspense is killing me LMAO!!!!
  • Have taken a long weekend off, fitted in a load of xmas shopping and a 10 mile race, know which I preferred, and back to see no phone calls yet.  So its a few more days of waiting, time to put in some training, running and French of course, I believe both will be tested at boot camp, possibly even the phone call could be in french, thats got to be fun in the office for the colleagues listening in. 

    I must remember to answer all those 0800 numbers that come up on the mobile this week, may not get into the Super Six but at least I'll be able to insure the car several times, the house, and probably get a new kitchen and conservatory!

  • Am I the only one on here today?  You've all had a phone call haven't you and you can't tell me I'm out in the cold? 
  • if thats the case im out in the cold with you LMAO
  • Better get our thermals on image
  • anyone bought the coffee?????
  • John, you are clearly not alone. I bet if you did get the call, it will be a case of MUMS THE WORD !! Heres to waiting, hoping, praying and a bit of luck !
  • I thought you'd all organised a conspiracy over the weekend!  I am not paranoid thoughimage

  • Does anyone remember the categories last year?
    I know there was one sub 3, sub 4 and sub 5 runner but what were the other categories to make up the super 6?

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