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    Yes SBD all the Spanish Maras are cheap as chips.
    After a steady parkrun (19:33) yesterday, I did a five mile beach race today. The interesting twist is that they handicap it by age, so a 5 min head start for me over the Seniors. Consequently I came 3rd overall, my best ever finish over many attempts. The winner was a 17 year old lad who caught me on the home straight. 2nd was a v65 who had a 2 minute head start on me. Pretty please considering the heavy cold which I need to shift before Malaga in 2 weeks.
    Well done Ian, that's good pacing.
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    A fly by post. First, Happy Birthday, Leslie! 46 has been very good to me thus far so hopefully 47 will treat you equally well (or better!). 

    And Badbark, great to hear you are healthy and mounting a comeback. Very pleased for you. And congrats on your selection (what an honor!). 

    OO, nice racing over the weekend. All systems go for the marathon??

    SBD, glad to hear things are going well (I think you were dealing with a post marathon injury for a bit). 

    And PMJ, thanks for that link to the VT parkrun. Don't think I ever got a chance to thank you for that. I'll have to hit that next year. It's winter here now (cold, snow, ice, wind). 

    My recovery from the marathon has gone very well. Have been slowly building volume (60 miles last week) and began doing shorter subLTs (they have gotten longer each week and am nearly back at the pace I was hitting pre-marathon (covering 6 M at that pace)). I managed to sneak in a 5k (a turkey trot for thanksgiving) this past Thursday. Race report follows (even though I haven't done my marathon report yet!):

    So leading up to this race, I'll disclose that my last 5K race was in 2014. I ran 19:50 and managed to win it (hey, you can only race the people that show up!). But a secret goal has been to go sub19 and felt that with my lungs and legs feeling great post marathon, why not give it a shot? So packed into the car with my father in law and my wife's 2 siblings. They weren't racing (rather they were jogging) and of course thought I was bonkers for running a few miles warm up, etc, and moving to the front of the crowd at the start. So off we go and I was surprised to feel absolutely gassed in the first 1/2 mile of the race. Granted it was uphill, but I felt a heavy fatigue in my legs and even my arms. So weird. But as quickly as it came on it disappeared. Crested the first hill and then felt good. The first mile came in at 6:06. Settled in nicely in the 2nd mile. Good group of runners ahead and with me. Started moving up (and a few went past me). Finished 2nd mile in 6:14. Then in third mile was chasing down a few runners and caught and passed them. Near the end another guy came from behind and was working hard to go by. I stuck with him so this was good as it kept me frosty. Then a second runner joined and we were off down the final stretch (forgot to hit lap at the 3 mile mark). Right after the 3 mile mark I could see the clock at the finish and realized I would break19 minutes. So kept the peddle down but didn't have another gear to go past the other two runners (they were 20 years younger anyway!). But crossed in 18:46 and couldn't believe it! So my magical season continues. 3 races and 3 PBs. Gives me strong motivation to tackle more next year. Don't know where all this is coming from, but have loved loved this year! Running pain free and fast (for me) is intoxicating. Knock on wood this can continue.  
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    Brilliant post VT and very uplifting. Worth analysing all the small things contributing to your great streak so you can make it continue. Great 5k time on a hilly course.
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    Good to see Badbark back in the mix. Welcome back, Guvnor!

    SBD - I didn't have the hotel breakfast on race day, I took my own food just to have in the room while I was getting ready.

    Cracking tempo there, DT. I'm hoping to do similar sessions in the new year.

    Got super muddy on the trails on Saturday. did 10 miles in mostly swamp-like conditions, good fun and must be doing something for my strength work.
    Nipped out yesterday to back it up with an 8 miler. Did one of my fave road routes which is an out and back over a rolling course. First inclines of any note since NYC. Due to the injury woes I'd avoided all inclines on the road, so it was nice to work a little harder, albeit rather slowly.

    Legs tired today so will most likely rest and treat myself to my first track session in months tomorrow.
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    Good weekend training G-D - sounds like you're now fully recovered and ready for some fun sessions!   Will have to investigate the breakfast opportunities ...

    Well done on the 5K PB VT - a magical season indeed and great that you've been able to benefit from the marathon training over the shorter distance.    You just need to keep the training going and set yourself the next target (a spring marathon?).

    Well done on the beach race result OO - an interesting format.

    10K recovery early evening on the treadmill.  Average HR of 133 for a pace of 8:08 compared to 138 last week for the same session.   I do like it when the HR decreases on the recovery runs! 
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    Badbark good to see you right back at it again

    0054 nice racing without the parkrun the day before you would have won id say !

    VTR great 5k  maybe do a few more soon.

    Gdawg coming back nicely.

    SBD getting fitter all the time.

    Been a downhill spiral since my birthday sick last 4 days cold and aching joints so no running here .

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    Not good on the sickness and missed training Leslie - we need you back training! Any racing plans?

    Tempo session at lunchtime, so 10 miles with the middle 10K at tempo pace.  A bit work stressed at the moment, so a bit of effort needed to get the session started and completed.  Run on the treadmill, slightly progressive with splits of:

    4K @ 3:58
    2K @ 3:56
    2K @ 3:53
    1K @ 3:50
    1K @ 3:54

    So 10K in 39:18.  Died at 9K (HR of 177) so had to drop the speed for the last 1K!  Otherwise, pretty pleasing.  Had been feeling very unfit but looks like I'm almost almost back to pre-Abingdon paces which is a big positive.

    This was a key session for the Abingdon training, a big contributor to the decrease in marathon pace. I'm planning to do this on a weekly basis for the London campaign.  Hopefully, I can get the paces down over the next 20 weeks!
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    That's a great session, SBD. Nicking that! 

    First track session since April tonight. Various short bursts with 4 x 400m reps which were the main feature. Splits were 80, 82, 79 and 77 seconds. Pretty pleased with that as it's the fasteat pace stuff done for 8 months. Good base from which to build.

    Came home to an email saying that I've qualified for the Abbott World Marathon Majors GFA World Championships. Qualification based on my World Majors times in the past year (Chicago and London). Inaugural race is London 2020. Sounded good at first, then I got to the bit where they asked for £300. No thanks!! That's a lot of dosh for a rucksack and a medal.
    Still, it's a World Championships qualification I can dine out on!  :D
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    SBD- yes a decent tempo like that each week is definitely a good way to move fitness forwards.

    G-Dawg, that is  a bit of a liberty for the majors race! Nice to be hitting the track reps again.

    Leslie, happy birthday (belatedly!). There is some horrendous virus doing the rounds here. On Friday a reported 140 kids were off in my sons school so about 25% and a pretty large number at my daughters. So far my kids have avoided it.

    Congrats on the 5k pb, VT and the overall good year.

    Nice work on the beach race. Not much in between the top 3 either from what you posted elsewhere.

    Looking good for Telford, Ian looking at that club race.

    I did a pleasant 13 on sunday, then easy 4 with spin on Monday and 6m yesterday. Bit of a sharpener session today ahead of sunday. I am 8m off 2000 for the year so will hit it a good 10 days earlier than last year.

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    Yes I got one of those emails GD. Worth considering for anyone how didn't get a London place but but I guess by default most have.
    Great pace SBD, very impressive outside of a race.
    I'm going for a 55+ mile week. Last throw of the dice before Malaga, then full taper next week.
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    ah right, so it is a route into London if needed then.

    Nikce little session yesterday of 10 x 2 mins at hmp-10kp as a sharpener for sunday. I'm 2.7m away from the 2k mark so will cross that over lunchtime.

  • Leslie - belated best wishes for your birthday :) Good reps to celebrate. Oh dear, sorry to hear it's not been so good since though. Get well soon.
    SBD - HR not so good here. Not sure if it was my dodgy/cheap wrist HRM or a bit of a virus but I averaged 186bpm on a recovery run last Friday! Nice progressive and MLR. Cool tempo run too. 
    Ian  - sounds like the training is coming together ready for Telford.
    Badbark - great to hear from you again and to know things are looking up. Congrats on the selection again.
    DT - cracking tempo run - you are flying. Clocking up some good mileage. All ready for Sunday?
    OO - well done on 3rd place in the beach race - sounds like fun. Good week before the taper.
    VTr - great going! You are having an excellent year.
    GD - nice trail running in the mud. Nice track work too. You're right to hold onto your cash though!
    Been busy celebrating Mrs GD's 50th. We were in Norwich and Mrs GD insisted that I went into the Nike Factory Store (by Carrow Road) and buy some running shoes - so who was I to argue?! Very little stock in my size (sold out for Black Friday I guess) but picked up a pair at a very decent price - can't remember the exact name of the shoes now, but something ridiculously long-winded like Odyssey Epic React Flyknit. Hope they're as good as Aldi's old shoes ;)
    Today was the first run since last Friday. 15 easy miles this morning. 

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    Gul your attitude to running shoes is mint 😉
    It will indeed be interesting to see how they compare with your Lidl ones- what were your first impressions. 
  • OO - they feel comfortable enough; haven't been for a run in them yet though.
    Ran down to the park this morning to do some 400m/400m tempo intervals, but had to cut them short when nature called and I headed home. 6 miles with 10 reps. Then headed out and did another 6 - easy miles this time.
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    Good miles, Gul. Hope the new fancy underfoot foam pleases you.

    Got 8 miles in last night. Could really feel the track session on Tuesday in my legs but a good volume builder.
    WFH today for the for the first time in ages. Work got in the way but did manage a cheeky 5 mile recovery done.
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    DT-Good luck for today,had a crazy week in work so not the best prep so will see how it goes.
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    You too. Ive had a reasonable week, just hoping the wind doesnt spoil things. 
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    Good to meet, Ian today.

    i went out with a plan to run just under 6.10mm pace to bank a pb. i did my dd and Telford always comes up around 6.18m on gps so 6.10 pace would be there, anything faster and I'd be pushing sub 38. Stuck to plan pretty solidly with splits of 6.05, 6.06, 6.05, 6.10, 6.09, 6.12 then 6.09 for average pace of 6.08. I looked at my watch expecting to see around 38.10 but was dismayed to see 38.22, having clocked 6.26m 

    Second fastest 10k and 4s off pb. So frustrated and annoyed with self as i had it in me, i just didn't think i needed to take any chances by pushing harder. 

    I probably lost it on the switchbacks at around 2.5 and 5m. The 5m one in particular was difficult to pick back up from. 

    That got me 364th place such is the depth of the field where the top 5 were sub 29 and top 16 sub 30. 
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    Likewise DT-I recognised your top at the last turnaround.
    I didn't have the best race today,complete opposite of your metronomic pacing 5.48,6.17,5.54,6.19, so all over the place,didn't enjoy it from the start really so just put it down to one of them days,finished in 38.08 so about 30secs behind my best.
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    Good running at Telford - they're still pretty good times even though you were both a little disappointed.

    That's tough getting just outside the PB with some energy left in the tank DT.  Did you not do any time checks at the kilometer markers?

    Was the wind not a factor? 

    Good mileage building G-D

    The new shoes should serve you well Gul.  186bpm sounds a little high for a recovery run!

    I remember reading something about being automatically entered in to the Abbott World Marathon Majors GFA World Championships if you already had a London GFA place - so no need to pay the additional fee.  Should be attractive to American and European runners who couldn't get in on the overseas ballot.

    It was very windy here this afternoon and I even managed to catch some rain when I set off on the long run at 2:30pm.  A bit grim but ground out the 15 miles at an average 7:42 pace.  Brings me up to 64 miles for the week.
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    Well done guys, those times look pretty good to me especially if you had the same wind we got today.
    I did a slow 16 for a 61 mile week and an 18:52 parkrun yesterday. That's Malaga training in the bag, now it's full on taper this week.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    SBD, yes I was also doing the sums as I went passed each mile marker and had myself at 6.10mm (it was  a pretty easy calculation). I must have got something wrong somewhere.

    Anyway, I was going to do the Gloucs half on 19th January, I am now going to go down to Chepstow I think and do the Speedway 10k winter edition.

    SBD- I recall myself that all those with GFA places in London will auto enter into the age race and we would have to wear a number on our backs with our age cat in.

    So, do we also get a rucksack and a medal for that race even if entered automatically through London entry? They'd need to set up a separate finish funnel to facilitate that I would have thought.

    Nice 15, SBD.

    Solid weekend, OO. Looking forward to hearing about another sub 3 soon!

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Though this link here suggests something very different.

  • DT - great pacing for what should have been a perfect result; that must be so frustrating. Hope you can bag your PB in Chepstow.
    Ian - very good result to say you weren't enjoying it.
    OO - good week to lead into the taper.
    SBD - good MLR and weekly miles. Will you be cutting back for the start of P&D?!
    Another busy weekend and no running. With the end of base training in sight, I thought I could do the odd speedier session, so 11 miles this morning with 3 x 2M @ LT, averaging around 6:4x (which is fine at this stage), overall average of 7:34/m.
  • Got an email from the club for membership renewal in 2020 and decided it was time to call it a day. Just looked at my po10 entry and I ran just 2 affiliated races this year so the £16 affiliation fee is nonsense and other than races I do not run nor train with the club. All part of my "embrace the joy of running" drive with the emphasis on enjoying the day in, day out training runs and not worrying so much about performances.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Looks like we can cancel our £35 places and pay £300 instead!!

    Do you already have a place?

    If you have already secured an entry into the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon, you are still entitled to secure your AWMM Wanda Age Group World Championship place to receive the added benefits on offer to Age Group World Rankings qualifiers. 

    If you wish to upgrade your entry into the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon, once you have secured your AWMM Wanda Age Group World Championship place please contact [email protected] for further information on how to cancel your previous place and receive a refund. 

    7 muddy miles yesterday. Good session to run off the day of drinking in London the day before.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Sounds like a sound financial decision PMJ I imagine it wasn't an easy one though.
    Who in their right mind would give up a GFA place- far too risky and costly in my view.

    Annoyingly the first day I don't have to run is a nice crisp and sunny morning. I'm doing on line xmas shopping instead 😕
  • Ian5Ian5 ✭✭✭
    OO-Thats a solid run for the last week,what is the weather looking liem? We're off to barca the weekend and its showing 18°
    £300 for a rucksack is some going,can't see there being many takers from the uk as all should already have a GFA place? But can see it being popular for foreigners who cant get a place.
    8 miles after work today,felt decent and came out at a nice pace,all steam ahead for Seville now.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    Good post-work miles Ian - what's the Seville target?

    Will be interesting to see how you get on at Malaga OO - is this a social or competitive run?

    Muddy miles are all good G-D

    PMJ - don't forget you promised us a Sub 20 Parkrun time before the end of 2019!

    Encouraging LT miles Gul.  It's good to lay down a marker at the beginning of the campaign.  My plan is to tick along at 65 miles for the next few weeks before starting the London training on 23 December.  I'll use a similar plan to Abingdon, so broadly following the P&D 70 to 85 plan but peaking only at 80 miles (so no doubles).

    Mile markers for a 10K seems very strange DT!  Will be interesting to see how the Abbot Majors GFA Champs works out - perhaps you get a dedicated start at the front of the yellow start!

    Confusion over the timing of the work's Christmas Party meant I had to do my recovery run post rather than pre party.  Fortunately, I'd only had a few glasses of wine so 10K completed without any drama.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Weather is around 20 degrees in Malaga but should be cooler earlier when the race starts. I'm certainly taking it seriously and will give sub 3 another shot. Clearly it's not in the same league as London or even York, so I'll not be too broken if it doesn't work out for any reason.
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