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  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Gutted, I did 5.2 yesterday. Could easily have made a 6!!

    Gul, so by 7am you'd been out running and decorated?? There's me disappointed I couldn't get back to sleep when I work for a wee at 7.30!

    Not much fun trying to hit 5k sort of pace in the wind, OO.

    Off out lunchtime for my usual 8m tempo.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    DT19 said:

    MsE, nice progressive there. I came along here as you were just beginning your issues so I've no real idea where you were pace wise and where you are heading back to?

    9 for me a well yesterday, however I kept it very easy following Tuesdays reps. I managed to avoid the rain but it was very windy. Just a shorter recovery today and some turbo work if I get time.

    DT - it was so long ago that I was running without an injury I think I have forgotten too. I joined here when I first started running properly to try achieve a championship entry place at London and times were something like, 2011: 3:27 (HM 1:31); 2011: 3:15 (1:30). Took two years to relocate to the US, did a bit of racing and ended up injuring my achilles which benched me for a year. Returned to the UK in 2014 having resumed running: 3:13 (1:27); 2015: 2:58 (on a sprained ankle sustained at mile 3) (HM 1:24). I then took a year out to do a MSc in psychology and continued running for fitness but didn't race and had an ever weakening ankle which led to 3:07 powerless performance in Berlin. On investigation it was because I had ruptured the ligament at some point and a bone spur and lack of stability were causing problems with the suggestion I stop running. The first surgery was 2017. Second surgery 2018 which I mentioned earlier. So, on reflection, pace-wise I am probably around where I was before it all went pear-shaped. BUT that was many years ago and while the mind is willing the body is 48 on Sunday.... 

    Very nicely done on 9 mi with appreciation for balance in the approach. Easy to get carried away rather than tick over.

    VTr - light snow sounds lovely to run in. Nicely done on 7 miles in that.

    OO - do you have a good 3.3mi course for a fast attempt?

    Gul - fartlek sounds a good compromise!  No foot exercises yet???

    GD - how are you settling into your new rhythm?

    Jools - sounds an enjoyable steady 6, spring does seem to be around the corner which is lovely. 

    8 miles on the 'mill today around 7/mi av with a faster final 10 mins or so. Something McMillan recommends in his advice and which I enjoy doing when feeling fresh on the longer runs. I've got a long run tomorrow with a 9 miler Zwift group run (err race) so will probably add some time on feet at the end of it to steadily bring my weekly total time on feet up a smidge.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    You're going pretty fast these days MsE  and are right back on it...😳

    My virtual is a fixed course 3* 1.1 mile laps,
     2 long straights with a couple of small hills. It's at the sea front so very busy, and you have to juggle weather, daylight and people, to find the best time to run (the window is Friday to Monday). I'm planning to jog along this PM and assess the conditions- either do it then or come back tomorrow .morning. I was top 3 last time so bragging rights at stake 😉
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    MsE, pretty decent level then and no reason why you can't go on to better things despite age. You've done well to get back there. I was 45 recently and feel better than ever. I do spend a lot more time helping myself recover these days though. Basically after any session or run over 10m I have an Epsom salt bath on return  a good stretch and then give myself a good massage using my thumper maxi Pro (great piece of kit) and will take a recovery drink as soon as home. I also make an effort to get more sleep. 

    Good luck, oo.

    8m tempo with a final mile pick up today so 10m with wu and cd. Miles came out 6.33, 6 33, 6.27, 6.25, 6.20, 6 26, 6.19, then 6.04 last mile for 6 24 average. Nice little session and average hr 159, so just below my desired 160bpm. Rewarding myself with a takeaway and few beers tonight having resisted all week. 
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
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    OO - very timely advice; should be moving on to the woodwork this weekend. Good luck with the virtual race.
    Jools - gets lighter here when they switch the streetlights back on ;)
    DT - ashamed to say that on Thursday I was late up so only time for decorating before 7. Did both yesterday though :) Amazing tempo run. Hope you enjoyed the well earned takeaway and beers.
    MsE - err, no foot exercises yet, sorry. Enjoy the Zwfit race:)
    As I've got the rest of the day for decorating, I thought I'd go out for a proper run this morning. So a progressive 12 miler ending with 4 miles @ 6:4x before 1 w/d. Time for breakfast.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    You are our daily hero Gul. An early 12 with a fast 4 to finish- then painting all day 👊

    I did my virtual in the dark last night. 20.04 (=19:40 5k). The miles were 6:12, 6:09, 6:02. Not too shabby but well off my best. It felt comfortable though and HR below 120 which reflects this. Its freezing this morning so just as well I got it done.
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
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    OO - I do believe a HR of 120 suggests you were sandbagging at that pace! Not too shabby at all. Have you retained your position in the rankings?
    Gul - that is impressive running first thing before most of us have even woken up. Am sure you must have time to fit in some foot exercises... 🙂
    DT- very (very) speedy tempo run. I'm going to be more diligent with my Theragun once I have wrestled it off my weight-training son. 💪

    Today's LR included a Zwift group run (aka race) which I thought I would tackle as a tempo effort run for about an hour (it was 9 plus a bit miles). I'm finding Zwift is really good to force me to move a bit quicker. Did a 10 min warm up and managed to get a decent run in. Followed with some warm down miles to bring today's effort to just under 2 hours of running (half of which included puffing a bit). Total of 6h 18m for the week. Will aim to continue building that time next week. Now to head into a bath with Epsom salts (thanks for the reminder DT 🙌).
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Nice work, OO.  For me 120bpm would be the slowest of slow jogs.

    C'mon, MsE, don't be shy.  What does "managed to get a decent run in" mean?  You must be getting into decent shape to have done a 9.x mile run at a faster pace as well as the 7m/m stuff earlier in the week.

    12 miles with 3 x 4km @ marathon effort today.  Just outside 3 hour pace (which would be 17 minutes dead for each effort): 17.11, 17.02, 17.04.  But definitely going in the right direction (especially as it's still 8.5 months until the B of Bang, if that happens at all...)
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    edited January 23
    Joolska said:

    C'mon, MsE, don't be shy.  What does "managed to get a decent run in" mean?  You must be getting into decent shape to have done a 9.x mile run at a faster pace as well as the 7m/m stuff earlier in the week.

    12 miles with 3 x 4km @ marathon effort today.  Just outside 3 hour pace (which would be 17 minutes dead for each effort): 17.11, 17.02, 17.04.  But definitely going in the right direction (especially as it's still 8.5 months until the B of Bang, if that happens at all...)
    I'm worried I will jinx my efforts! Today's run took me 1h and 45 secs to cover 9.34mi (average pace 6:30 min/mi.)

    Lovely efforts within a MLR there, Jools. Heading in the right direction is all that really matters in life. 🙂
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    That's great, MsE. Tho it does mean you were sandbagging about 6.30 pace last week 😆
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I'm sometimes dubious of garmin HR Jools especially low readings- I was very cold though.

    You are motoring MsE, really impressive.

    Rest day here and was planning 17 tomorrow for a 50 mile week if I can find an ice free route, which looks doubtful.
  • I think ice will an issure here too OO. It snowed a lot this afternoon, then the sun came out and started to melt it, but not all of it. Then it got dark and it's going to be minus 3 overnight, climbing to the heady heights of Zero at 11am tomorrow. I may have to resort to the treadmill again. :( 

    I just watched the last hour of the Hoka Carbon X2 100k. It made me want to do another one. I definitely didn't do myself justice in the one I did. 

    MsE Happy Birthday for tomorrow! Mine is on Monday, when I shall have The Answer as my age. I've bought myself a present of a Theragun Pro ('cos no one else is going to buy me one!), and I'm ridiculously excited to try it. I've even booked a live workshop on how to use the thing properly for Tuesday night. 
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    OO - 120bpm! Are you sure you weren't using my watch? My progressice run yesterday averaged 126 and recovery run today 171 :) Still a very decent time in the conditions.
    MsE - great going. Foot exercises next week... And happy birthday for today :)
    Jools - solid tempo efforts.
    Speedy - coldest night of the winter so far here.  Treadmill sounds sensible.
    I'm glad I checked the forecast last night and hunted out my thermals. 6 mile recovery run in the freezing cold (minus 3 - 4 ?)
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    edited January 24
    Happy Birthday MsE and for Speedy tomorrow- hope you both find some way to celebrate 🤞🥂

    For my 18 mile easy run today Gul HR was 170 so makes little sense. Still, I met the weekly target (51 miles) without any tumbles and felt comfortable at 8:15 pace. We had 0 degrees, but those few degrees make a big difference and it felt ok apart from frost on the ground.

    Yes MsE I finished 2nd on the leaderboard. But we were all trounced by a 16 year old 😆
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday, MsE!

    A steady 15 for me: a thin layer of snow which was already going slushy by 8am meant I had to have my wits about me, so abandoned any thoughts of a longer long run, and settled on 55 for the week.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday MsE!!

    Got a 15 done yesterday on icy roads. First 7 miles were rubbish, just couldn’t get going, then it all just kicked in. Completed the lot in 7.57 pace.

    Big snowfall in Surrey today, so I popped the trail shoes on and hit the common for 5 and a half miles of snow fun. Got a couple of good photos. Loved it!

    45 for the week, a lot for me, very unusual considering I’m not training for an event.
  • Snow turned to ice overnight, but I picked my way through it down the hill to the ring road, where it was mostly decent underfoot, just a few iced over puddles to dodge. 9 miles back and forth at sub 3.15 pace then back to Narnia at the top of the hill. The snow started again just as I got home, so who knows what tomorrow will bring!

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Well done on getting out in the snow and ice everyone. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Sunday is my rest day so I was able to have a rare lie-in and breakfasted in bed while the snow created a nice blanket for me to walk in with MrE and the dogs and to play with MsEtte3MsEsq made a nice snow creation, as only a teenage boy would do.

    Hope you have a nice day lined up for tomorrow, Speedy. Enjoy the Theragun. They are brilliant. 
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    More painting first thing, then I dusted down my trail shoes and headed for the field and did 5 easy miles with 20 mins of drills. Will read back later, but must say happy birthday Speedy :) Enjoy your new toy! I must remember the foot exercises too if I get cleared up in time before work.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    Happy birthday, Speedy!
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    OO - snap on the weekly miles :)
    Jools - well done on the 15 miler - don't you just hate slushy snow?
    GD - good running in the ice and snow.
    Speedy - well done safely negotiating the ice. Enjoy your birthday, even if it has to be a treadmill day.
    MsE - sounds like you had a great birthday. Ran out of time for the foot exercises. Must do better :)

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Happy birthday, Speedy. I have a massage gun as well, though it's a cheaper version of the product, but still effective.

    MsE, decent 9m on Saturday. We must be in relatively similar shape. Happy birthday also.

    I wish i'd got my long run in on Saturday, g-dawg.

    We had an initial covering of snow Saturday evening and then there was forecasted snow sunday mid morning, then about 8am as I was contemplating getting out it came down fast and heavy and before I know it there was a reasonably significant snowfall. I decided 17m in trail shoes and yaktraxs wouldn't leave my hips in great shape so went out  for an enjoyable 7m in the lanes with a few nice photos also.

    Todays 4m recovery is now a bit more with 10m planned for lunchtime. My aim is to try and ensure that I end up with the same mileage for the month, so 4m to slot in over the course of other runs this week.

    It's annoying as it left me with 44m last week and broke my 6 week run of 50m plus weeks.

    With talk now of schools not going back until after Easter and the Govts clear line that schools will reopen before anything else, the prospect of Dorney mara happening on Easter weekend is a fast diminishing one.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear that DT, I guess none of us will be racing any time soon.
    Hope you are enjoying your new toy Speedy, though I've no idea what it does. 

    Stiff legs today- I may rest.

  • Thank you folks. I have yet to figure out the Theragun. It didn't really come with instructions. I have a live workshop thing tomorrow evening though. 

    Made it out for a run but it was icy and difficult. The roads are too busy to run on and for the most part the paths are not great. No rain on the forecast and minus 1 overnight so it looks like I'm doing miles and 800s on the treadmill tomorrow then. Ugh. 
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    DT - sadly that does look likely. Really frustrating for you when you're in such amazing form.
    OO - hope the legs feel easier today.
    Speedy - hopefully the thought of the workshop will keep you going on the dreadmill.
    Cutting it fine this morning and no time to post when I got home. Just a steady 5 mile supermarket sandwich after some undercoating earlier on.
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Hope you had a good day on your birthday Speedy! Have you used the Theragun yet?Maybe after those 800s on the 'mill.

    Gul - not seen any foot exercises or have I missed them?

    DT - sorry to hear your Dorney event is unlikely. Will you try a solo marathon anyway?

    Yesterday was an interval day on the Zwift plan but half way through the 3rd set of 6 x 400s, my avatar stopped running. So there I was huffing away in real life but in virtual life I had ground to a halt!  After fiddling with a battery change and not succeeding in getting the footpod to work I continued without it. It is SO MUCH HARDER running while staring at the garage door! Luckily I managed to get it going for today's 45 mins shakeout run around London and Richmond. For some reason Zwiftland has all roads with runners, cyclists (and presumably cars, if they were there) on the right. This technical inaccuracy bothers me.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    MsE- No I am not slaughtering myself in a solo mara. If something doesn't occur in April, someone will organise one in May/June. I'll keep my powder dry without the need to taper and recover.

    Until someone tells me otherwise, much like SBD did over the summer, i'm cracking on as if it's all good.

    I do have a place in the Ashby virtual 20, which is currently in as my last big session, 2 weeks out from Dorney. I basically just needed a new hoody and the £20 entry seemed quire reasonable to get one.

    Shame about the virtual session. Amazing how engaging it must be for you to then not enjoy just continuing.

    Well done on getting the 5 i n Gul.

    I'm leaving my run today for 4pm to maximise the thaw and still squeeze in daylight.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Hope your races workout, DT, you’re in amazing form.
    Good tech recovery MsE. Tech motivates me and I hate it when it fails.

    Waited all morning for something of a thaw outside but not much happening, so decided to take my chances on the trails, gambling that the rutted mud wasn’t frozen and wouldn’t break my ankle.

    Wasn’t sure what distance to do, just had fun and added a few bits on as I went. Ended up with a 10 mile workout in terrible ground conditions and got covered in mud. Loved it!
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    MsE - that sounds frustrating. Well done ploughing on. (Blink and you'll miss the foot exercises, but not yet).
    DT - hope you got the timing just right.
    GD - glorious mud :)
    Bit of a manic morning. I wanted to finish the undercoating in the shower room so didn't get out till 6:20 and then had to pick up some apple sauce from the in-laws. So a 2.5 tempo run, pretty much flat out, then back home via the supermarket, so another 5 miler.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭
    A ploddy 10 yesterday and a steady 6 today.  But loving the fact the daylight is creeping back: it'll be a while before early-bird Gul gets daylight, but for the mere mortals amongst us, who leave around 7am for a morning run, it feels like there will be at least half-light for most of the run soon :)
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