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    Some more great runs going on. Well done, team.

    After Monday's 20 I got 7 recovery miles on the trails yesterday and had a double day today. 6.5 this morning run as mile alternates of steady and MP to average 6.56 pace.

    Tonight was a track session with laps of 5,4,3,2 and the 5 single laps, all run at 5.5x pace although each 400 for the final set were around 5.30 pace.

    13.6 miles for the day but feel I need a good confidence booster next week with a 10 miler at MP or quicker to see how easy/hard it feels.
  • DT - yes, certainly better now than in another week or two.
    SBD - nice MLR. And to answer your question, yes, today and then one final MLR next week if I remember correctly.
    GD - cracking start to taper week 1 - you shouldn't need any more conference boosters. Looking very good.
    Final long run today. 18 miles in gently progressive blocks. 3 w/u, 8 easy, 3 steady, 4 MP.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Hope you enjoy the sports massage, SBD.

    Exciting that we are all now at the 'last of' stage of the cycle.

    Nice work on the last long, Gul.

    Solid double there, g-dawg. When is the 10 at mp planned in for?

    Easy 13.1 yesterday at 7.58mm. Just 5m recovery today. Really thinking we will get a vmlm e-mail today with final instructions on. There was some speculation on sub 3 fb page yesterday. apparently Blackheath is closed off to the event until 12.30 and someone else had said that vmlm had committed to the last wave going off no later than 90 mins after the first so you'd think by 11am really.

  • DT - sounds like the waves will start later rather than sooner then.
    10 easy miles today to make 65 for the week. Taper starts tomorrow with 2 rest days most likely.
  • Nice total again, Gul. Enjoy the taper!!

    Dropped the car off for a service this morning and ran the long way home. 13 miles just run on feel and I felt OK, as it goes. Came out at 7.10 pace on an undulating route.

    Legs starting to feel this week's volume. Rest tomorrow as I'm watching my eldest in the Swim Serpentine event in Hyde Park, then 6 miles recovery on Sunday to hit 60 for the week and my biggest Monday to Sunday total ever.

    Quite looking forward to the 10 at MP on Tuesday. 

    Have a good weekend, Team.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    A good final long run Gul and the ten today.  Enjoy the break at York.  My oldest is going back on the weekend of the 2/3 October - not sure how that's going to work yet!

    Nice easy 13 MLR DT.

    So where are these promised final instructions!

    The sports massage was suitably painful but hopefully beneficial.  10K recovery lunch-time today with 10 sets of 100m strides.

    Final 10K tune-up race tomorrow - a park run double planned.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Nice going with the 13, gdawg.

    Enjoy your weekend away, Gul.

    SBD- Good luck tomorrow.

    Yes, I have been wondering that! When they said 'next week' I didn't realise they would take it to the very edge. Some people (less so me) have various logistics to get in place for both the expo and the start and could probably do with knowing what the plan is sooner rather than later now.

    My final 10m tempo today. Pretty much identical to last Fridays with 6.20mm and 161 bpm. Legs were tired after sundays 22, Tuesdays 8 x 1m and Wednesdays 13 so pleased to get that done without too much bother.

  • Well we have half a plan DT19. You can definitely plan the expo now, and I'd bank on being the first wave so 9am or thereabouts for race day. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Yes it says waves will set off between 9.30-11.30 so at least we know there's nothing silly. Can't actually see that much different re how the start works, still 4 starts as always. 

    We wait for early next week for more info. 
  • Yes, not really much useful info in the "final" instructions! Printed LFT result is acceptable, so you don't have to carry your phone with you if you don't mind not being tracked in detail on the app. Next week it is then for start time and area which would be nice to know - why the delay?!
    GD - nice work. [email protected] next week? Don't overdo it:)
    SBD - enjoy your infamous parkrun double. Logistics for your eldest's return Uni could be tricky. We're staying in Staithes this weekend overlooking the harbour. Going out for a walk along the coast path in a bit.
    DT - good final tempo run.

  • Yes, I mean 9.30am, not 9am. I clearly can't read! 

    I ended up doing parkrun freedom run for my session this morning. Should have checked the website. Parkrun cancelled due to a funfair in the park!
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
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    9:30am would be a good start time assuming the Abbot Age Champs doesn't push the the V55s in to a later Wave.  Of course, that's still a 5:30am breakfast! 

    Hope you enjoyed the coastal path Gul - you didn't bring your running shoes with you?

    Good final tempo DT - you've had a big week with some quality sessions.

    Hope it goes well on the track tomorrow OO - I was tempted to enter but it's a bit of a trek!

    Good weather at Black Park parkrun this morning which thankfully hadn't been cancelled.  Struggled on the solo effort with only a 20:28 but just couldn't get the heart rate above 157 (170 being 10K effort).  Fared a bit better on the main race, managing to knock 3 seconds off the PB with an even paced 18:48.  I had initially thought I'd come home in first place only to discover there was a youngster 1 minute 20 seconds ahead of me when I checked the official results.  Will need to save the celebrations for another day!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Thanks SBD. Would have been great to see you there but a hell of a trek as you say. It's been a strange week. Quite worried with my high HR both during exercise and at rest. So completely backed off this week. Confidence for tomorrow not great but will have to play it by ear...
  • Speedy - hopefully the funfair hadn't opened by 9am :) 
    SBD - cracking parkrun; shame about the 1st place youngster. No running shoes this weekend, although ironically we were passed by dozens of runners during our walk yesterday who were taking part in the Hard Moors 60 (Guisborough to Filey!)
    OO - wise to back off, unlike me. Hope you are okay today.
    Logistics for London swirling round in my head at 5am this morning when I should have been making the most of the extra sleep. Back home via Whitby ( for lunch) and York today.
  • Great parkrun, SBD. I'd take a second place any day.

    Hope the HR sorts itself and is just a light bug, OO.

    6 miles easy for me today to hit the 60 mile mark for the week, biggest ever.

    Still can't shake the sore hammie/glute issue that comes and goes but hopefully continued rolling, massage gunning, stretching and rest during taper will sort it.

    I'm fretting about getting caught out with a positive LFT to ruin the campaign. I've never had a test but will do a practice one on Tuesday to see how it all works. Hopefully my defences are high after having C19 last year and 2 jabs this year.

    Another taper madness thing to worry about! 🤪
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    A good week's work G-D - you need to let the taper work now.  Hopefully the hamstring/glute issue will ease off over the remaining 2 weeks.

    With my two youngest still at secondary school, we have a twice per week LFT testing regime in place.  I've still only taken one test though!

    The Hard Moors 50 sounds tough Gul - perhaps next year?  What's your running plan looking like next week?

    17.5 miles heading off at 9:00am this morning (9:30 just seems too late for a long run!).  A bit of light rain but conditions good.  I wanted to test out the Next% over a longer continuous run, so after a 2.5 w/u, ran successive five mile sections at increasing pace:

    1-5 miles     - 7:28/m - avgHR 138
    6-10 miles   - 6:54/m - avgHR 148
    11-15 miles - 6:15/m - avgHR 160

    Quite pleased with the pace on the last five miles with the shoes feeling good and the heart rate just below marathon effort.  So decision made on the shoes!

    Not much icing to add to the cake now.  Just need to avoid injury and preserve the sanity!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Sbd, solid long run. Next% will serve you (and gdawg) very well in London and be a decent step up in what you have worn before. 

    Gdawg, nice week there, time to taper. I test myself 3-4 times per week, have done for some months. I can carry out the process in about 45s now. No one else in my house does, I just feel with the training I do,i need to know if harbouring it. 

    Gul, I've been slowly working through things. I note no u18 allowed at expo. One guy I saw comment gets into London Saturday morning with a 4 year old and his partner doesn't arrive until the evening. Vlm told him he either has to arrange for someone to get his things or miss out completely. 

    I've bought a couple of packs of wet wipes, one to take to start and one for finish bag and some small tupperware to put my anti chaffe stuff and foot cream in so no just throwing £10 tubes. Will hand my bag in with a towel, deoderant, clean socks and a shaker with my rego recovery powder in. My wife will then bring phone, wallet and tracky bottoms for chandos. 

    Easy 16m today at 7.35mm. Went out at 10.30, was very pleasant and just bounced along. 

    One big session Tuesday then full on taper time. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    You're in good shape SBD, well done. 

    GDawg - caredul with that 10m test run, you've run loads of faster miles so not sure whar you are trying to find out.

    DT - good to have yr plans sorted........mine have changed a bit as theres no parking at the start now, so I'll park at waterloo east and get the train to biggest fear is catching CV during the expo trip which is a train, 2 x tubes and a dlr each way......esp when they are posting me a drop bag, it annoys me that they could have put the number in too and kept an outside bag drop.......i could drop stuff at the expo, catch CV on the trip home and not get to run, with kit (inc some post race cash) stuck at the expo.

    I have had an ongoing glute/hip thing too that i cant seem to free up. I had an email in the week telling m i had a deferred 10k place from May 2020 for today, so i decided to use it as a hip loosener. Which seemed to work to some degree (i have a fizz session booked for weds anyway to free up any stuck parts). Last 10k i did in feb 2020 was 36:3X, bit dissappointed to go 37.18 today but it was a shock to try to run faster. 6mm should make 6:4Xs seem comfortable anyway.......strange feeling to be on a start line with 450 other runners after socially distanced mottor cct racing........wore the next %, im convinced they are no quicker for me than my old lightweight trainers but we'll see how i pull up tomorrow and if they are a leg saver in the later vlm miles.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Tr, I'm booked on a train from brum to Euston Friday lunchtime so will do my test Friday morning and it's the same result to be used then for expo and start so I at least don't have that concern. 

    Good work on the 10k, funny how things like that can free up a niggle. That's a decent time given you haven't done similar in a whole and don't tend to smash out the fast paces in training from what you say. I'm yet to experience a 'normal' start. 

    I've got chiropractor on Thursday just to make sure I'm straight. Been having some lower back aches last week or so which is leaving my hamstrings a bit tired on longer runs so feel some adjustment is needed. 

    I'm 2lb over Dorney weight right now and have been since June consistently so I need to just reign it in this next 10 days before carb load just yo shave those lb off. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    DT - that all sounds well planned, similar here lower back causes hammy and glute issues, but then show me a flexible and loose vet marathon runner.......ill have to take the actual LFT itself to the start. Otherwise ive a print out to dispose of securely and wont have a phone.......i havnt had a haircut all year so have been training hot and heavy with my bushy barnet shoved under a cap to run, even on hot days, so ive weight, cooling and areodynamics gains to make at the end of next week.
  • A tough day at the Bristol Half for me today: my calves had been tight for about 10 days, but yesterday they seemed a bit better so I decided to give things ago.  I had to DNF at 7.5 miles and am currently icing a sore achilles.  Hopefully a few days' swimming and I can get back to at least easy running, but I'm not convinced the Newport marathon will be happening.  I thought I was due some good luck, but maybe not just yet  :p
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Sorry to hear that Jools- you certainly are due some good luck. 
    Well done TR- that wasn't the Trafford 10k was it?
    I also struggled at the British masters track 10k today and almost stopped after a mid race wobble. Fortunately the sight of the 3rd V55 passing me was enough to hang on and produce a late comeback and sneak the bronze medal in 40:15.Not sure I ever worked so hard for a medal.
    This doesn't bode well for Berlin but still as week for things to settle down.
  • Central governor theory would say you are focused on the marathon next week, which is why you couldn't get in the hurt box today.  You've had great results recently, don't let one bad race throw you off track (excuse the pun!).
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Thanks Jools. I was top student at the hurt school today 😇
  • GD - would it be worth giving the [email protected] a miss if the ham/glute issue is still niggling you?
    SBD - you are on top form by the looks of that run. No Hard Moors ultra for me, thanks, unless I move somewhere a bit more hilly first :). I'm following P&D (18wk 85?) so similar to your schedule I would imagine.
    DT - you are mega prepared. I'm taking the train down in Saturday morning and then going to expo. Need to check I can leave bags at hotel before check-in and also after checking out. If not I guess I will have to pay for a locker somewhere. Not used to all this messing around!
    TR - you've reminded me to get a haircut :) 
    Jools - sorry to hear that - you're having some terrible luck :(
    OO - well done fighting back. I'm sure all will come good next week.
    3 x 1 mile efforts this morning in 5:56, 6:10, 6:05. Where did that come from? 2 days rest maybe. 8 miles in total.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Hotels are usually very good at bag storage Gul either before or after check in so don't stress about that 👍
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Jools, sorry to hear that. Hope it's feeling not too sore today? Did you see the story about the winner? I don't get how he could officially be the winner if he found himself diverting from the 10k to the half mid race and wasn't entered into the half. That's assuming I've understood the story correctly. I've done a parkrun with him at before and watched him cool down. Was probably faster than I had raced!

    Gul, great reps, taper working its magic already! As OO says you'll have no issues with the hotels and bags . I've got a haircut booked for 8.30 next Friday morning.

    I hope things settle for you, OO. Good to at least walk away with a medal.

    I am liking the sudden drop in morning temps over the course of the last week to something more like early Autumn. Was 11c at 8.30 today even with the sun out. Easy 5m over lunch and spin tonight.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Can't wait to see the hairdo DT....
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    It'll basically look just like my current one but short and sharp, number 1 on the back and sides and then just some trendy styling on top of course. 
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    I have the haircut booked for this Thursday but probably a number 3 rather than 1!

    Well done on securing the third place OO given how you were feeling.  What was the time for the first two?  Hope you can get rid of whatever has been raising the heart rate in the next few days.  Have you done a Covid test?  May be get the doctor to run a check on a blood sample?

    A good 16 miles DT.  Definitely getting in to the Autumn weather.  It's quite exciting being able to run London at this time of the year.

    Nice pace on those mile reps Gul although I'm sure that session is not scheduled until Thursday!

    That's still a quick time for the 10K TR and good to get the legs turning over at the faster pace.

    Sorry to hear about the DNF Jools - hopefully you can be back up and running within a few days.
    I'll be travelling to Blackheath on the running club coach.  Just need to organise the top layer of clothes that will be ditched.  

    I'm planning to go to the expo on the Wednesday afternoon and will probably drive there to avoid the train/tube.  Hoping to spend the minimal amount of time in the expo as well so if I catch Covid I'll be seriously annoyed!

    On the Lateral Flow tests required by London - I'm assuming you can just do this yourself using the NHS tests and use the NHS email as proof of a negative result? 
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