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  • Nice to hear from you, MsE, although likewise sorry that things sound a bit difficult at the moment.  I'm now tentatively doing the Newport full marathon on 24th October, so although a trip down memory lane in Cambridge might otherwise have been fun, I will to pass on a half marathon on 17th.

    Work has been a bit busy, and then I lost several hours this week to sorting out a broken mobile phone, ordering a replacement, and inputting passwords.  How did I let myself become this dependent on so many apps??  Anyway, 60 miles last week (first time I've managed that since early July), and on track for a smidgen over that this week.  14 miles hilly yesterday lunchtime and a plodtastic recovery run this morning.
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    Enjoy the GNR, Speedy/OO.

    SBD- well done on the 15, it was indeed hot. Is the 10k to be raced flat out?

    Gul, good work on the 22. I am off out sunday for my 22 which I always do as time on feet equivalent to race day so looking at around 7.50 mm to have me out there circa 2.50.

    Jools, my wife broke her phone when we were away in the lakes, it was carnage! Amazing how totally reliant we are.

    MsE, good to hear from you, hope things pick up soon.

    Off out shortly for my usual Friday 10m tempo. I'd really like to hear from VLM today re start times as I generally like to run this one at the exact time i'd be running on race day. With 3 weeks to go and step 1 of their 6 steps taking 3 weeks to complete, it all seems a bit last minute. I thought they'd be poised and ready to pounce once the 05th September deadline passed.

    One more big week after this one, then a 20% reduced week, mainly kicking in, in the second half of the week, followed by an aggressive drop off for the final week. Been quite organised following my massage Tuesday and have booked massages, chiropracter and haircuts early to make sure I get them lined up correctly. Booked my train ticket to London as well for a meagre £15 (wife and kids driving down after school so plan is I go straight to expo and get that done alone). Restaurants now booked Friday and Saturday night and Saturday lunchtime. Just been too excited this last week about the reality of this happening.

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    TR I swim about 2 mins per 100 yards. Judging by the  number of large and unfit folks who seem to pass me I guess that's dawdling 😉
  • Jools - good to see the mileage building up nicely.
    DT - a bit cooler today for your tempo run but still feels very humid here. Yes, I hope London get their act together very soon. I am taking the train down on the Saturday, so hope expo isn't too busy. I've been looking at getting there and I think it will take almost as long as the 100 mile train journey to King's Cross! Enjoy the 22 miler. I will be gobsmacked if mine equated to time on feet equivalent (2:55!)
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    Gul, yes, when you get into London you are inclined to think you are close to the expo but it's actually a good hour from central London to actually walking into the expo.

    13m over lunch with the usual 10m tempo at 160bpm. Came out 6.20 mm. I was utterly drenched in sweat afterwards. The humidity levels, as Gul points out above, were silly! I really would like to see some more traditional fresher Autumn weather coming in quite soon!

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    OO - i started off a bit slower than that and was able to get down to 1:4X per 100 for 20+ reps, i was going to need better technique after that.

    Gul - fair enough, you must have some 18s still to go then.

    DT - just do that run when it suits you, 10am would be a best guess for you as to a start time that would probably be sometime between 9 amd 11. But what time uou start it wont have a negative effect on your race day. Not knowing is a controllable, so let it go.......good going on that ran today, you are dialling in the 6.20s. Good to train in harsher conditions than race day too.......I have my now usual 20 inc 13.1m tomorrow at 3 weeks out, always a toughie.
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    My lowest has been mid 1:50's TR and tbh that hasn't improved much in 2 years just takes less out of me . Good luck with the 20- rather you than me 😉
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    Yes 6.20s coming nicely. 

    Good luck with the 20. I did similar last Friday albeit it was 2 x 6m with 1 easy between them after a 6m wu. 

    It's come out tonight that the Brighton mara doesn't have a race licence for Sunday so won't be on po10 etc, and they haven't notified any runners. Not sure how flexible London are on criteria but there'll be a lot of gfa chasers there Sunday. 
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    OO - stick at it, the reps is the way to go.

    DT - vlm will probably still take gfa ftom there. Its an accurately meadured course and they will produce their own results, which is if i remember correctly is what vlm ask for. Id be a bit cheesed if it didnt appear on my p of 10 profile though......funnily enough i completed my deferall to Brighton April 2022 yday and was asked to link to my P of 10 page in order to request a fast start place.
  • DT - yes, looks like over half of the day before will just be taken up with traveling.
    TR - just one next week (taper week 1). 
    12 miles with 6 x 1200m efforts. Started off fairly relaxed and worked down from HM to 5k pace.
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    Good efforts on the 12 miles Gul and an excellent final 22 miler.

    Shocking news on Brighton course certification - I'd be very annoyed!

    Another strong tempo run DT in the humid conditions.

    Hope the 20 went well TR.

    Good progress on the running front Jools.

    Hope you injury free on the running front MsE.

    Good luck to OO and Speedy for the Great North Run tomorrow.
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    Good session gul

    4m wu, 13.1m, 3m wd. Came in at 1.26.42 which is 2 min quicker than july and 1min quicker than i did 3 wks before goodwood mara in April. I also did 1.27.0X before Goodwood in the gale in Sept (the 3.00.00 race), so happy to be back where i was pre CV19, although today was coolish and still. Probably worth 1.25 if it was flat. Tough run solo.
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    Kew Gardens 10K this morning as a tune-up race.  So recovery runs on Thursday and Friday as a mini-taper.  The legs have felt very heavy all week following Sunday's half, so I wasn't expecting a great result even though I'd hoped to get close to the PB of 37:50 from October 2019, 2 weeks before Abingdon.  It was a bit of an early start, 8:20am, and getting lost at Heathrow's Terminal 5 on the way there didn't help the stress levels.  I decided to enter this race after watching the British Athletics Marathon trials in March, where the course looked ideal - flat, sheltered and not to many bends.  The course today had a few more bends but was still pretty good.  This was also the English Masters Representative 10K race, so over 140 runners sporting their England Vests lined up at the start, including a couple of M80s.  There were not many fast club runners around, so I lined up immediately behind the M80s and got past the slower older runners before the first bend and the narrow paths.   I'd planned to run c. 3:45/k on the Garmin for the first 4K (so probably 3:45/k actual) and then try to increase pace from this point on.  I soon realised the watch was beeping just after the kilometre markers, so no need to allow for the Garmin 3 seconds.  Garmin splits for the first 5K were:

    3:38, 3:39, 3:42, 3:42, 3:47

    I was working hard but had Masters runners ahead (including a few V55s) that I was slowly reeling in.  The fifth kilometre was on a dirt track which slowed the speed a little.  At this point there was a group of three runners ahead (including a MV55 and a FV40) that I was slowly catching but it took a few kilometres to finally reel them in.  I struggled a it on Km 8, but then picked it up over the last two kilometres, even managing a sprint for the line.  Splits for the last 5K of:

    3:44, 3:42, 3:49, 3:44, 3:37
    Although I was checking the splits each kilometre, I wasn't aware of the cumulative time and thought I might just squeeze under the 37;50 PB.  On crossing the finish line, I checked the watch and it was reading 36:59.  Woh - I wasn't expecting that!  The official results have rounded it down to 36:54, a 56 second PB, 35th place, and faster than six of the eight MV55s wearing the England Vest!

    So a pretty good day really although I'm finding the experience a little surreal at the moment!

    There is a shoe story to the day.  So second outing for the Next% 2.  I ran the Maidenhead HM last Sunday in them and improved on the big half time from two weeks earlier by 8 seconds.   I had been looking for a 2 minute improvement but it may be that conditions were significantly worse.  I also got pretty bad cramps at the end of the race so was not really sure about the plan for London.  Anyway, I thought I'd give them a go at the 10K today and the magic seemed to work!  In the Asics GT 2000, I would have struggled to come much under 37:50 so credit to the shoes!
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    Well done SBD that's a sweet PB. Let's hope none of those fast V55s turn up for my British Masters track 10k next weekend 😉 Several anecdotal stories about the wonder of Vaporflys recently. Sadly they are banned for my track race next week.
    Not sure of your have post race plans Speedy but if you are at a loose end after GNR I'm meeting a big group at the Monkseaton Arms for afternoon sesh. 5 mins from Monkseaton metro and you'd be most welcome. In any case good luck👍

  • TR - well done, that's a great solo effort and bodes well 
    SBD - awesome stuff. You really are in fine fettle! Super PB too.
    OO & Speedy - good luck today.
    8 easy miles including a couple in the woods once it was light enough. 85 for the week.
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    SBD - nice one good to be in pb the shoes I used my Next% for the first time in my july 1/2, im convinced i could have run the same time in my normal shoes (i ran much slowee than i thought i would) but i recovered quickly and my legs were really good the next day. I have a theory that the faster you run the more they help, and im not quick enough at hmp.......i did the Chichester 10k in feb 2020 as a 5m,,10k, 9m training day, i unknowingly  just missed qualifying for that 10k yday, although i dont suppose id be allowed to take part as a member of unattached harriers......i remember all these 60 and 70 yr old runners in super shoes on the start line.
  • GNR was weird. The course was harder than the usual one with an uphill finish and a headwind for most of the second half, but despite an agonisingly slow 10th mile I managed a new PB of 1.23.53. I'd finished, got my T-shirt and medal, trekked at least a mile to the baggage tent a couple miles further to the station (via queuing in Costa for 10 mins for post run coffee and a mooch around Start Fitness's actual shop), waited an age for a metro and got back to my hotel room and there were still people crossing the start line on TV.

    Sorry I didn't see your post earlier OO. Now I'm back out at the Airport I can't face going out again. I'm going to brave the hotel restaurant when I can face food (if I can get a seat). 
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    Sbd, that's fantastic, congrats on the pb and sub 37. Bodes well for London. A lady at my club was running in v40 for England and did 37.18 so suspect you chased her down.

    Tr, good work on the long mp. Mentally, it's a tough run alone. Similar time to mine 10 days ago.  

    I dont know if you've seen the Kipchoge breaking 2 docu. There's a discussion around the shoes and Kipchoge says he doesn't feel they make him faster, he wears them because he recovers much quicker in them and can do more hard sessions. 

    Anecdotally since April I've raced a mara, 20m and 10k in alphaflys and a 10k and a hilly 10m in the next %. The worst I've felt in recovery were the 2 races in next%. 

    Well done on that tally, Gul. 

    Speedy, great result  congrats on the pb. 

    I see Brighton followed up not having UKA licence by cocking up the course set up today and making it 568m too long. 

    I went out at 9.30 this am. Set out wanting to be out for 2.49. Run the 22 in 2.49.30 without having to make it happen by pulling my pacing about. One more big week to come. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Good stuff on the pb CC, good for you

    Top timing then DT......fair point re the shoes glad i deferred Brighton, they must have changed the usual course, they defo moved the fast start to the same start as the masses, but must have changed that route......568m is enough to break a few sub3 or sub4 hearts.....the guy who had led all the way was overtaken with around 100 meters to go too.
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    Good time on feet run DT19 but I think you'll be quicker on the day. I must have passed a few FV40s - with the participants displaying their veteran category on their back it was a bit like snooker after a while!

    Shocking course over measurement at Brighton - I hate to think what someone trying to have run a tight Sub 3 feels right now.

    Congrats on the PB Speedy - should make Sub 3 at London comfortable.

    That was an excellent 20 miler TR - 13 miles at MP on your own is tough - looking good for London.  There is another age representative qualifying race at the Chichester 10K in February 2022 - you have to be a club member though.  So will you wear the Next% at London?

    Good final week mileage pre-taper Gul.

    Hope you had a good one at GNR OO.

    I'm still working on the 8:30am London start, so breakfast at 4:30 and then 22.4 miles (36K) starting at 8:30.  Legs feeling somewhat sluggish after yesterday, so it was very much a case of grinding out the miles.  Picked it up at the end with the last 5 miles at 6:35/m pace and then a couple of miles w/d to give 24 miles for the day and 83 for the week.

    Good to have reached the 3-week taper point relatively unscathed.  Cake well and truly baked, just need to add a bit more icing in the next few weeks.
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    Tr, yes saw that re the leader. Really frustrating for him. 

    I looked at runners on strava at around 2.50 pace which was in or around top 10. They all ran 26.70-26.75m.

    SBD, to run 2.49 over what will be 26.40 ish I need to run 6.25mm. The good thing with a marathon though is if you can run 4 or 5s per mile faster than target it results in minutes coming off so who knows. 

    That's a great run after racing. I hope it isn't before 9am. They've said race guides are coming this week, hopefully earlier rather than later. 

    I felt disappointingly heavy legged today I later miles.  Not near enough to bother my pace or rhythm or make it uncomfortable, I just kind of hoped to cruise it. 
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    SBD - ill probably be doing that Chichester 10k as another session day then, ill wear the Next % at vlm, cant really spend out on a flash car and leave it in the are planning for a 4.30 breakfast pre vlm ? Or you did it today in preparation? If so did you go back to bed after youd eaten it?
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Sbd, what on earth were you feasting on? 4 hours pre run, I'd want another meal by then! 

    I got up at 8 forr tea and toast then a maurtens 320 and zero high electrolyte drink. 
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    I have to eat breakfast 4 hours before a marathon - the aim is to get 170g of CHO  consuming a mix of porridge/bananas/raisins/OJ and water and coffee.  I prefer to stick with the natural foods and give them time to digest.  On training runs I'll probably eat a bit less and eat as close to 2 hours before setting off.  But today was practice for London!  After eating, I usually chill and read the newspaper!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Sbd, there are various things I see people do in the build up to a mara and I think, 'oh, that sounds interesting, I might look into that further'.

     I just wanted to inform you that sadly this isn't one of them, for no other reason than there's absolutely not a cats chance in hell that I'm getting up 4 hours before London.
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    I did a 9 mile jog to GNR then run in costume at 7:40 pace for a 1:40 finish. I felt a bit ropey today possibly up late watching the tennis didn't help. I thought the course was ok. Well done Speedy that's a fantastic result. I think the taper starts here.
    I'm a porridge fan too SBD 😜
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
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    Good costume running OO!

    I haven't criticized your pre-Marathon nutrition strategy DT so I think it's pretty poor form for you to criticize mine.  

    As good as your training is going, I've run a faster marathon time than you, despite the age gap!  And I may well run faster than you at London despite my early breakfast!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
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    Sbd, it was just a light hearted joke, more to do with my own desire not to be getting up really early rather than the nutritional content of your pre race meal or any purposeful dig at your own process/system.....

    Apologies for the offence, we are all an experiment of one and do what works for us. 
  • Speedy - congrats on the PB on a worse course and non-ideal conditions.
    DT - nice work on the 22 miler.
    SBD - good race day rehearsal 
    +1 for porridge, but doubt I'll get that on marathon day, unless I imitate Poacher and smuggle a microwave into the hotel.
    14 progressive miler today (except mile 7 going up the only thing that passes for a hill round these parts) finishing with 6:37.

  • Big_GBig_G ✭✭✭
    Regarding porridge and staying away, I prepare an overnight oat pot and then just pour milk in and throw some fruit on the night before, and stick it in the fridge. If I know there isn’t a fridge, I take a cool box!  Oats, chia seeds, honey, sultanas in a tub, and then milk and fruit added in the evening. 
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