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  • OO - two good slow long runs and mileage for the week. Good luck to Mrs OO.
    SBD - the lure of a PB is always there, but don't be disappointed; that's a very strong run and the icing on a big week.
    Speedy - well done, that's very impressive and as a solo effort from the front is some going.
    11 slow miles to start the week. Only 45 miles last week due to the holidays (3 rest days). 
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    That's pretty insane, OO, covering that far on the track!

    Valencia sounds very nice and always produces fast times for the elites. It'll be a nice bit of mild winter sun as well.

    SBD- Solid effort yesterday given by the last 3m you'd run quite a long way. That does seem random just picking the race up though like that.

    gdawg, nice reps and long running.

    Gul, some good miles also.

    Speedy, great work on the 1500m. Did you sort matters with your coach? Yes, Maidenhead is about 6m from Dorney.

    63m for me last week. Big run on Friday with 6m easy, then 2 x 6m at mp off 1m easy, which came out at 1.26.25 and 6.35mm, then a 1m cd. I've not done a session that big in summer before, and even tough it wasn't hot I underestimated how much more 18c would affect me than 8c. I was spitting feathers by the last 3 miles, drenched in sweat and quite depleted as a result. That's 5 runs of 20-21m complete and 3 or 4 18-19 milers done. Just 22m next sunday as a raceday equivalent time on feet run then that's it for the big ones.

    Did an easy 8m Saturday morning, was a bit creaky at first but got moving second half then a rest yesterday and spin first thing today. Will get out lunchtime for a recovery run. Have a sports massage booked in tomorrow evening, which I am really ready for!

    This little blast of hot weather might be quite useful as it should in theory starting cooling quite dramatically as we get into the last couple of weeks of September so this final hit should serve us well.

    We ought to hear further from London in the next few days re start times and waves. Everyone had until yesterday to submit details and the event doesn't have the luxury of time to sit on things for 10 days now.

  • That is indeed a mighty session DT. I keep scheduling my big ones round the godawful boating lake, largely because I can refill my water bottles there. I did get sorted with my coach. We'll see how it goes going forward, but I saw him in the flesh yesterday and I think we're ok. I probably need to give him more feedback when the sessions are too big and too often. He's not psychic after all.
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    Good you got that all sorted with the coach.

    Yes, unless you tell them you are horrifically under pressure at home or work, or have a niggle etc they assume you are fine and the head is above water.

    I also think with coaching it takes a bit of time for  coach to work out what you can tolerate safely and handle within the rest of your life.

  • DT - well done on the sweatfest. Yes, hope to hear more details from London soon.
    Speedy - doesn't filling your water bottle in the boating lake make you ill ;) Hope things work out with the coach.
  • LOL, I should perhaps have specified that there's a water cooler in the Leisure Centre there. 

    New treadmill has just arrived, so that's my evening sorted! 

  • Speedy - I had assumed that's what you meant, but I can't resist a silly joke. Hope you enjoyed the new machine.
    14 easy miles this morning. Out before 5am, so getting back to "normal".
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    I did wonder about the boating lake 😆 Ours is surrounded by duck poo so a bit dangerous for fast running.
    Great sesh DT it all seems to be coming together. Although injury free I've felt sluggish for a couple of days. Took a rest yesterday and back on the track tonight so let see how that goes.
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    I am pleased normality has resumed, Gul! Probably wise in the temps forecast today.

    I am just speculating here, OO, but perhaps the sluggish feel is from the parkrun and then 22m on the track...…

    Off out in the lunchtime sun for my usual Tuesday torture session. Will have to slow it down today! Sports massage later then, which from experience will also be torture.

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    Well done on the 1500m time Speedy - it's good to take a chunk off those old PBs.  Enjoy the new treadmill.

    For Maidenhead, the organisers said there were insufficient entries to justify the road closures (there were c. 1,500 entries in 2019 when it was last run).  They also run events at Eton Dorney which as DT said is only  6 miles from Maidehead, so there was some logic to the move.  I guess the alternative was to cancel.  They also had to schedule it for 11.00am as there was a triathlon event being held at Eton Dorney earlier in the day.

    And we had bottled water on the day rather than drinking from the lake (given it's used extensively by Eton schoolboys I would hate to think what exotic substances could be in there!)

    A good session on Friday DT - do you think splitting the 12m MP section with 1m easy helps keep the pace on track?  

    Valencia sounds great OO.  I've been tempted a couple of times.

    I'm assuming it was dark before 5am Gul - at least you're avoiding the heat!

    7.5 recovery miles yesterday with some S&C.  Legs a bit weary after Sunday but the recovery had the desired effect.  

    There were a couple of runners that finished Maidenhead around the same as me that also ran the big half two weeks earlier.  Their Maidenhead times were almost a minute slower than their big half time, so perhaps conditions were worse than I realised and my time was not that shoddy!  And - for G-D - the Garmin measured the course as 13.26 miles!

    Intervals planned for early evening - should be fun in the heat!
  • OO - hope you felt fresher for the track session.
    DT - sounds like a torturous day all round :)
    SBD - better result than you thought then. Hope it wasn't too hot last night. Yes, not light till maybe 5:40 at best.
    8 mile recovery run this morning.
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    SBD, hope the intervals went well? I am not sure on the thinking of the broken session. Lewis never sets blocks of effort more than 10m in one hit, also, it's a way of extending out the mileage covered as you don't recover hugely with an 8mm in the middle of that.

    Session went well, covering the 10k in 38.30. My strava linked temp app said it was 28c when I started at about 12.20.

    12m MLR today.

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    OO/SBD, What's the current thinking with Berlin/London? There for both, ditching Berlin until it's easier?
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I'm planning both flat out 🤞
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    I'm impressed OO!

    Berlin reintroduced a deferral option, so I took them up on this c. 4 weeks ago.  So just London for me - a lot less to stress about and it will be nice to do Berlin in a more relaxed environment.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Gonna miss you SBD. I gambled one or the other would be cancelled but neither did. Berlin is definitely my A race but I've done the double before and if I can avoid injury I can definately cope with 2 hard efforts in a week. 
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    Oo, you're an animal!!!!

    SBD, sounds sensible. I'm very pleased I kicked NY back as far as I could when we were presented with options. Loads of UK runners opted for 2021 and are now almost certain to not get there. By 2023 I should be able to have a relatively normal NY experience (event and city in general). 

    12m over lunch, bit of a trudge in the heat. Sundays 22 at 16c will seem very easy. My return to the office due from next week has now been conveniently postponed to the first Tuesday in October.  Very good timing! 
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
    Yes - travel to the US looking far from certain at the moment.  I'd still like to do New York but I'm not sure when that's going to happen!

    Good work on the mid-day 12 DT - it was hot out there.

    Good recovery miles Gul.

    A tough couple of days in the heat for me.  Intervals yesterday early evening - 5 sets of 1,200m with 600m jog recoveries.  I had lots of fall-backs lined up but in the end none were needed and I manged to hit the planned paces, so 4:27, 4:27, 4:27, 4:23 and 4:23.  HR peaking at 180, so working quite hard.  Today, I waited until 6:00 pm before hitting the country roads but it was still quite warm and humid.  Ground out the 15 mile MLR, picking the pace up at the end with the last 6K at 6:32/m.  It's currently raining which is really welcome!

    A couple of easy days and then 10K at Kew Gardens on Saturday.
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    Well done folks, good to get out there and work hard in what should be hotter temps than race day.

    I was going to do 24min, 18min, 12min, 6min yday but when i checked i'd done 14x3min on the tues and then 20 inc 13.1 mp on the saturday 3 wks before Goodwood Sept and April, where i ran strongly in wind affected, socially distanced marathons, so i did the 14x3min. Will have to do the 13.1m now too, tough run solo.
  • DT - looking strong as ever.
    OO - as Badbark said, tapering is overrated :)
    SBD - well done with last 2 sessions.
    TR - that's a character building session ;)
    Last ridiculously early start of the campaign today for a 22 miler. 2 w/u, 10 easy and 10 steady. Will work out avg paces later, but overall was 7:59/m.

  • The last two days have certainly been a bit warm! 28 degrees both evenings here in Nottingham. I actually ran my intervals session in a crop top, in public. It was a tad chaotic as the park was heaving. Reps came out at roughly 0.7 miles (no idea what that is in metres) but depended hugely on how many people/pushchairs/scooters/errant footballs you had to dodge. Oh, and a circus setting up in the corner meant a cable to hurdle on every rep! 

    Just an easy one last night and since it was almost all in the shade thanks to the 'winter' sun being lower in the sky, it wasn't too bad heat-wise. Everything else though.... Pre big race taper niggles plus hormonal bloating plus bruised knee-cap (no idea what, how or when I did that but it hurts!). Ugh. Rest day today, and off to Newcastle tomorrow! I've not been since I cleared out mum and dad's house in early 2017 and I'm a bit unsure about how I'll feel. I can't see my uncle and aunt as they have Covid. I can't see my bestie from school as she's on nights. I don't think I want to go back to the old house and see new people in it but part of me feels drawn there. Maybe I'll just hibernate in the hotel and only go out for food and the odd run. 
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    I have the same experience going to London Speedy but always find it Cathartic. I'm sure it will be great to be back in the North. 

  • Speedy - at least you should get a good rest before Sunday; hope it goes well.
    Easy miles this morning averaged 8:07/m and steady miles 7:32/m. Last 20+ miler before London d&d.
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    Hello peeps. Apologies for being AWOL. Life has intervened in all sorts of ways. I'm afraid it means I haven't caught up but I wanted to ask if anyone wanted a transfer of my place in the Cambridge HM on 17 October? Thought I would ask in here before offering it more generally. I would not want payment but tend to suggest a contribution to a charity of your choosing is a nice way to pay it forwards. Life is still a bit hectic to think about indulging in this sort of thing sadly.

  • Hi MsE. Thanks, Cambridge is not very far away from me, but I'm busy on that day unfortunately. I get the impression that it's not all good things that are making life hectic for you at the moment - take care and hope all is well or will be soon.
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Thank you Gul. That means a lot.  <3
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Good to hear from you MSE and hope normality returns soon 🙏
    TR I tried the 20 *100 in the pool, thanks for the tip. It was not flat out so no improvement in pace but it felt like a good workout and the short breathers made it less tiring overall. Think I'll stick with this. I'm not planning any taper for GNR so easy run today, tomorrow and parkrun Saturday. c45 for the week.
  • OO - enjoy GNR.
    10 slow miles this morning.
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    Gul - last long run done or last 20+ done? 3.5 weeks out is a long time for a man of yr mileage.

    OO54 - good stuff. It shouldnt be like running intervals, the rest is just to break the rythmn, so sounds about right, as you shouldnt be gassed between are suppsed to do the reps at around the pace you could do a continuous swim on a good/race day. I found out by doing this that i was dawdling too slowly in continous swims and improved loads by the regular reps instead.
  • TR - yes, last 20+.  I'm roughly following one of the P&D schedules, so one more long run to go (17 or 18 miles?) sometime next week. 
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