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  • @j326 & kr - unlucky with the ss but i am sure you will hit your spring goals. 

    i am expecting upsy daisy to find here and our official paris thread image not sure why the super six are in the vlm bracket but tbh i hadn't found this thread earlier because of its location....expected it to be in the training folder.

    as i am not training for vlm but for paris am i still welcome? image

    can someone explain the progressive session for me...i haven't encountered this so far and it certainly isn't on the rw garmn ready schedules.


  • Nice rant Minni - agree 100%
  • dm1974 progressive sessions are runs that you pick the pace up over the session gradually

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    TR - phew.

    As ever, some great running on here. Inspirational (even with my gammy knee).
  • thanks zapo but in what kind of % increments, after each mie or couple of miles and what should be the end goal? mp?
  • dm Roughly quoting P&D  Start the run at MP+20% building up to last 5 miles or so at MP +10%. These are very rough guides. Other people like to have some MP in the middle or some towards the end.

    Barry Nice splits. All looking good for Jan.

    MsE I agree in relation to sub1:21HM, I also have distance hope of sub3, the 1:21 makes it seem impossible. Again TR comes on and talks sense and logic.

    Seeing as the snow has arrived in the shed load tonight even happier to have gotten the LSR out the way today.

  • Hmmmm, SSX voting. Everyone I know from RW and Fetch voted for KR. Interesting.

    When do the threads start?
  • Cheers CC2 - Good luck to Maria and I hope she gets the training schedule that is right for her to get her sub 3.15 goal.

    The threads have started already - look under the Hot Threads.

    Me and Jane are going to go for it (sub 3.15 that is).

  • It took some finding, but I've bookmarked it. I'm interested in Bud's coaching.

    Jools, you have my affliction. The curse of the continual colds. image
  • CC2 - that does not surprise me. I would be VERY interested to find out the actual number of votes allocated to each runner! Cynic that i am - i wants facts to back up these results ...

    I'm interested in Bud too. He was the coach i wanted if i'd made it into the six

    Im off to find that thread too

  • WardiWardi ✭✭✭

    Just to echo I am rather surprised by the results & agree with  Minni's thoughts.  Still, good luck on your continuing quests KR & Jane

    Marathon conversion.. in 2008 I managed 3:03 off a half time of 1:28.53.  We are all different - I tend to be better over long distances.  Probably because I put the miles in rather than thinking that 4 runs a week is enough.  Mind you it does tend to be my only day of glory.. the 10k specialists trounce me for the rest of the year. 

  • Commiserations Jane & KR, FWIW I'd say the support (or bags of free kit) from SS or other marketing based "competitions" may be fun, but no one ever can run a step for you so running is really about the individual and what he/she puts in and gets out. Maybe it's more satisfying (and less pressurised) to try to make oneself a better athlete by one's own efforts. Good luck and do stay around.

    (Oh dear that sounds a bit Kung Fu, but you know what I mean)

    Joolska, more commiserations, very frustrating, get well.

    Scooby, Barry - nice work

    Hmm, almost morning, just got in from work having abandoned the car in QUITE A LOT of snow.  Lorenzo has probably had his cornflakes and run 15m already.

  • I followed this thread but rarely posted on it during my ssx experience as my time was taken up on my own thread. I found it very time consuming but a good laugh.
    Catching up on a few questions:
    This is the sub 3h15 for all marathons irrespective of where they are
    I don't take supplements, vitamins,etc. I eat ok at home (meat and two veg cooked fresh every night) but I do have a weakness for chocolate! I'm not perfect with my diet but I don't have any deficiencies and my results are ok so far
  • RS78RS78 ✭✭✭

    TR is right there's way too much emphasis being put on half time in relation to a sub 3. I ran 1.23.06 and 1.20.47 halfs pre London in April and still came in just outside sub 3 at 3.00.31. The danger is (and I was probably a tad guilty of this), that if you get your time down to the 1.23 mark or lower you feel that the job is almost done. I had a bad day in London but at the same I don't think time my endurance was up to the task.The marathon is totally different to a half marathon and even if you have the speed you have to have the endurance to back up a fast half. So much can go wrong in those last 6 miles.

    1.23 is a good time to get your half down to pre marathon but its more about the miles in my opinion. The main thing I did for Amsterdam where I went under 3 hours was more long runs (8x 20s) and a weekly midweek medium long run (13-15miles). Both of those made a huge difference. Your legs are hardened from those long runs and at the same time you'll be more efficient burning fat.

  • Very surprising about the SSx voting...bad luck chaps, but I suspect that you're both secretly relieved. As others have mentioned, I think you'll do better following the advice in here and listening to your own bodies. Not each others', I mean...

    Hope you feel better soon, Jools - if only to get a few Christmas g&ts inimage.

    Amazing, mad stuff from Barry and Scooby.

    B&B, thanks for your good wishes - oh I'm definitely going to run it, yessiree. In fact I'm feeling pretty damn confident. Funny thing though, I got a phone call from the President of the race organisers last night. He wanted to make sure I was officially a resident of Asturias, because otherwise, being a foreigner, I wouldn't be able to take part.

    This is due to Spanish Athletics Federation regulations stating that no foreigner may take part in a race with National (i.e. not International) status unless they live in the region where the event is held.

    Whatever can the motives behind this be? I mean to ask this afternoon. I knew about this, but it's the first time I've ever been asked to provide documentary evidence. I have a nasty suspicion it's to stop all those Africans going round taking all the prizes...if so, this seems mean-spirited if not downright racist. In any case, I thought being a member of the European Community might count for something. However, I know from experience that this means bugger all, in practice, anyway...

  • Hello all, snowing here again today - thank you for your comments of support and nice video introduction of UpsyDaisy earlier on - she is my son's favourite character image I've got an impression reading the previous posts that you are a very friendly bunch.. - look forward to sharing my super six experience with all of you!
  • Poacher wrote (see)

    Hmm, almost morning, just got in from work having abandoned the car in QUITE A LOT of snow.  Lorenzo has probably had his cornflakes and run 15m already.

    'fraid not - back late last night after Christmas party (got a lift back - phew!) so haven't been out this morning and am now also watching the snow fall.

    Hope to get out tomorrow morning.

  • Well done on dropping by, Upsy Daisy Lady.  Good for you. 
    Congratulations on getting in, and I hope it all goes well.

    Almost 9" of snow here (yes, of course I measured it) and still falling.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Good luck Upsy. Personally I am more of a Makka Pakka fan, but I trust you won't hold that against me! Icey here. Due to train uncertainty I decided to abandon the plan of catching the midnight express home and instead stuck to the odd shandy and drove home instead. Funny how boring work parties can be when sober. Left early so woke this morning in less of a sore state than expected.

    Hope you get well soon Jools. Have you considered persuading the GP to do a blood test?

    Very nice splits BarryB. Sub 3.15 in January will be very impressive, but I suspect you may well go quicker than that if you manage to limit the number of mince pies you scoff over the next few weeks.

    Poacher, thank for posting at 3.44am to let us know that you're safely back home. We were starting to get worried. image

  • Afternoon all. Wise words Poacher...i also find i'm very lucid in the wee small hours image
    Off for an cheeky wee 5 miler in the falling snow
    it looks quite fun out there actually
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Sounds like sore legs is not the only thing everyone is recovering from at the momentimage

    Finally got some white fluffy stuff in Buckinghamshire so hat and gloves were de rigour for the early morning recovery run.  Only an inch or so, so nice running conditions through the woods.  Very atmosphericimage

  • Quick one guys
    just had a look at RW's Garmin-Ready Marathon Schedule: Sub-3:15 and it looks pretty easy compared to the P&D one Kier suggested (which i was going to follow starting on Monday)
    Most major difference is the increased mileage on the wed run which i can fit in time wise if my bod can take it... and also slight increase i mileage on all other runs
    what do you reckon? - shall i give the P&D one a go and if its too much and i feel possible injury onset and that im pushing to hard, then scale it back?
  • jane326 - for someone who never posted before you've turned into a forum nympho!

    Like the virgin discovering sex!

  • for the very first time eh image
    well its fun and i do like a bi of hedonism
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Jane - There's nothing wrong with the RW schedules but if you have more time and can do more miles the P&D schedules might prepare you better and get you a faster time.  If nothing else, get the book as it will give you a great introduction to the physiology of marathon training and hopefully reveal why running more of your training miles at a slower pcae will enable you to run a faster marathon.  As a marathon virgin, with a 10K best of only 43 minutes, I followed a P&D schedule and ran 3:05.  Of course if you want to join in the S6 thread you might be better following the RW shedule which UD will be usingimage

    On marathon conversions - you can convert to sub 3:00 on a HM of 1:25 or worse.  I could only run a 1:29 HM for this campaign but still managed to break 3:00 at Abingdon.  The key is not to get hung on your HM time (which you may not have tapered for) but to focus on the training you need to do to build your endurance and have faith in the final speed work and taper which will bring you to a peak come marathon day.

  • Welcome Upsy Daisy - I confess to having absolutely not a clue what secret language it is you and Keir are talking but hey ho ! Good luck over the next few months. Are you feeling any pressure yet !!!image

    Jane -  I think the P and D schedule is good but I overdid it when I started it and ended up with a bit of a slow burner of an injury last Spring - think you're wise to wind it back if you feel any twinges. I did the up to 70 mile18 week one and I think it didn't have easy enough days for me (which is what I needed at the time)

    Here in the far North it's been a lovely week. Cold but no inew snow at all and the pavements have been usable so no more frickin treadmill.Huzzah ! 12 yesterday with 5 at MP which was about 6.35 I think . Easy 5 in the cold this morning.

  • Jane, I personally use a schedule I based on the RW sub 3.15 one, but I added extra miles (more with each mara campaign) and more 20s, and now I'm on my 4th there'll be more MP running too. When I have time and can figure out how I'll upload it to that site that Steve put his on. I think you have to adapt any schedule to fit your own needs really.

    Welcome UD, yes, we're a bit miffed that one of our regulars didn't get in, but we'll get over ourselves soon enough and you're most welcome in here. Any comments that were made were aimed at RW and not at you personally.

    16 miles this morning, the longest I've run in, erm, a very, very long time. In fact unless you count the Thunder Run (where the 50km were split up over 24hrs) I probably haven't run that far since VLM. It was fine, except that I finished the run with my foot and trainer covered in blood. Turns out it's from a teensy tiny little cut. I knew I should have cut my toenails.
  • Welcome UpsyDaisy, yes we are a friendly bunch even if we all hate you for taking the SSx away from KR and Jane! image

    Jane – From my meagre experience I’d say the main weakness of the RW schedule (and some other schedules) is the lack of a longish mid week run. After the LSR the MLR is the second most important run for a marathon runner. I think increasing my MLR to peak at 15 miles in my last campaign was the reason I improved from 3:26 to 3:13 in five months.

    I managed 18 miles this morning in apparently Northern Irelands deepest snow in 25 years. It was enjoyable but got really tough and my legs felt like lead by the end. I finished with my slowest ever average pace but my stabilizer muscles have never had such a workout before!

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