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  • Luna Man can you believe MrsMM is telling, yes telling me to do Parkrun next Saturday?!?!?!?!?
  • Hi B&B
    they ALL have loads of swearing image
    but "Im not afraid" is current fav but can also do a mean "Loose Yourself" - the one from 8 mile ...
    i am a mad Eminem fan ... i've even met him image
    well i smiled and said hello
  • Hello everyone,

    I've been following all your progress from Florida. Unfortunately I havent done any running, I've just had no motivation at all. Really homesick and missing Mrs RJ! Now I'm stranded at Tampa airport with not much news of when I'll be back. Hopefully I'll be back home for Christmas... and then I can restart my running with vigour and enthusiasm.

    Gutted for you both KR & Jane re the super six. It does seem odd that neither of you won but massive congrats to Upsy daisy and looking forward to seeing your progress. We are a nice bunch in here really, such a lot of enthsuasm and knowlegde.

  • 7.5m in the bag @ 7:12mm while listening to the football. That makes it 42 miles for the week. Hopefully I can do as many this week, what with Christmas and all. That's if I can get over there: supposed to be flying to Stansted on Christmas Eve. How's it looking over there?

    B&B - You guessed it, a lovely shade Yippee!

  • Always love reading your reports Ant - you normally indulge us with a pic of said t-shirt...

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Nice racing Ant. I bet you were in all sorts as you reached the line!

    Exceptional long 'uns from BarryB and Lorenzo. Impressive stuff guys.

    Matchstick Man wrote (see)
    Luna Man can you believe MrsMM is telling, yes telling me to do Parkrun next Saturday?!?!?!?!?

    She will be encouraging you to train for a Marathon next! image

    Thanks for congratulating me on the LSR Fraser. I hadn't actually posted details, which raises my suspicions that you have a secret network of CCTV camera around the place spying on me, or have hacked into my Garmin account!

    So you probably know that I also did 16 snowy miles in 2.15, 8.23 pace. Takes me up to 50 for the week. Last 4 weeks have been 55, 47, 52, 50 miles. Best ever 4 week run of mileage so far.

    First time today that I've used the Yaktraks and they worked a treat. Did have to remove them for 1 mile of gritted road, but were great for the rest. Bit worried that I've picked up the kids cold now as feel tired and have a sore throat. image

  • Nice race Ant!

    Right then, I have had a go at uploading my schedule to that shared file thingie of Steve's. Let's see if it works....

    <a href="" target=_blank>VLM 2011.xls</a>

    *edit* clearly not! I hate technology.

    OK, I think that works if you copy and paste the link. I can't do hyperlinks in Google Chrome.
  • Bah - t-shirt is in the wash, as I wore it home from the race. Here's one of my Christmas tree instead:

  • Nice race report & time Ant - it that old race t-shirts that you have made into bows for your Xmas tree?

    Badbark - hope you make your 2010 miles for 2010

    Jane - we used to play a drunken drinking game in an Eminem style. Using the “My name is” song it would pass round the table and you had to say a famous persons name without pausing. The loser had to take a drink and so forth…

    Keir - a great set of 4 weeks worth of training there - I'm Jealous!

    Club Xmas handicap race this morning. Usually this is a 6 mile rural road race. However the snow & ice put a stop to that so intead we did a 4 mile XC route instead (spilt into 2 x 2 mile laps). Conditions were interesting, biting cold air, frozen muddy fields and quite a few stiles. First runner set off at just after 10.30 then I had to wait another 19 minutes before it was my turn (second to last to go). I had a 45 seconds gap to make up before I caught up with the first 2 guys and by the end of the first lap I'd caught up with one more. By then the last guy to start the handicap had caught up with me (he's a 1.22 half marathoner). He passed me about a third of the way through the last lap, but we managed to catch some more up before the end. It was a bit of fun and there was a great Hot Chilli & mince pies at the end - just what a Club Handicap race should be. I think my time was about 28.23 which wasn't too bad for the conditions.

    Marathon training starts tomorrow!

  • KR - Brill race image
    good luck with the DAY 1 of training tomorrow
    what schedule are you using ?
  • jane326 wrote (see)
    KR - Brill race image good luck with the DAY 1 of training tomorrow what schedule are you using ?

    A bit of a mixture of the RW sub 3.15 schedule & P&D, basically adding more to the mid week long run.
    I've asked for the P&D book for Xmas, so I'm hoping to tweak my schedule post Xmas!

    What are people's thoughts about doing 2 x half marathons in the 16 week schedule - end of week 7 and end of week 11?

  • Hmmm, some of you doing huge weekly mileages already, good stuff! 3:14:59 shouldn't be a problem if you're into 20m + runs already! Got a little mileage envy this evening! image
  • SBD - sledging is making me jealous now! But that's the sort of run that you will remember for a while.

    Badbark - that's some going. Hope you make your 2010 target.

    Lorenzo, you have every right to be pleased with that 23 miler.

    Barry - 21 miles on the dreadmill? Respect.

    Great race and report, Ant. You really are flying again.

    Nice run Keir, and the mileage is building up very nicely.

    KR - well done on the XC race. You earned those mince pies!

    Well done evyeryone getting out in the snow or ice or generally freezing conditions.  Take care out there now - don't want any injuries.

    I did a bit of a Lorenzo this morning (not a 23 miler!). Misread the alarm clock and got up at 4:40am. So I went out anyway for a 4 mile recovery run anyway. Foggy and damp out there today, with a touch of frost. Now warming up again. I only have myself to make sandwiches for today as everyone else is now on holiday, so I should have time to nip back to bed for a quick snooze before work image

  • Nice early start there Gul image.

    I took the opposite approach and decided that a recovery run on icy roads was not a great idea and after a few late nights / early starts my body would be best served by staying in bed. Not feeling too guilty about it either.

    Loved the race report Ant and can't wait to see what the latest commerative t-shirt looks like.

  • Gul, Lorenzo - My approach today is kind of half-way between yours- I'm off to the gym now. Will decide on the way whether to hit the treadie or just get on the bike.
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Rest for me. Sore throat, blocked nose, disturbed sleep by kids in similar healthy state. image

    Still, could be worse, at least I'm now on holiday. image

    Gul - That is WAY to early!

    RJ - Hope you return to blighty (and the arms of your wife) soon. Sorry to hear about the lack of training over the past week. The mileage did look high and I would have been very impressed if you had completed much of it. I find that in that sort of work event / change in circumstances for a week or so, usual routines are really hard to maintain, let alone return to after a break before hand. At least after your Xmas easy week you can start training a fresh on the 1st of Jan (along with half of the UK population!)

  • You sound a very unhappy chap, Jase. Sorry to hear that. Hope you're reunited soon.
    Take care Keir, you've built a lovely base so a couple of days off won't hurt. That's all the sympathy you're getting off me cos I'm on the bus to work! Should have been the train but they're up the spout...not even had snow for 3 days!
    Nice racing KR. Sounds like fun to me...especially the food! Re your HMs...I'd say week 7's perfect to race to reassess your training pace for the following few weeks. Maybe the same for the week 11 or check how MP feels for 13.1 miles so you know you're on the right track.
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Well done on an excellent race, Ant.

    Sorry to hear about your homesickness, RJ, and keeping fingers crossed you get home (and indeed that Ant gets here). We had a nightmare flight scenario on Sunday when my brother in law was 5 hours into a flight from HKG to LHR and the plane turned round and went back to HKG as no European airports could accept incoming flights. Now there is a question mark over whether he will make it here for Christmas. Last I heard he was drowning his sorrows in Lan Kwai Fong (district in Central full of bars and pubs).

    Well done on the race, KR! I haven't done cross country but imagined it to be as energy sapping as my snowy run was yesterday. My leg are very tired today indeed.

    Gul - are you mad running at that hour? The only thing that can get me up at that hour is a newborn/breastfeeding baby. An early morning run would have to be after 5am from now on, even if i am a running fanatic.

    Keir - your run average is very impressive given the snowy conditions. Would you recommend your shoe grip thingys (forgotten what they are called)? I slipped and slid a lot yesterday which made it very hard going and, I think, contributed to my calf strain. Week 1 into my schedule and I have another injury already so should probably look for ways to avert further problems.
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    PS Keir - get well soon. Your kids were obviously up in the night on Saturday as they were coming down with this cold. Commiserations.
  • These pesky viruses must be catching. I've got one now with sore throat. Don't feel systemically too bad - bring on the lemsips. Will still try and do some gentle miles at luinchtime

    Gul - you are clearly certifiably insane. Nothing in the universe would make me get up at that time to do anything - let alone go out for a run. Presumably you didn't see a soul...

    Good luck with your travelling RJ

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Hi MsE - Yes I would recommend them. AfE bought something similar but with bigger spikes (probably necessary for his part of the country, also useful to defend yourself against being charged by 50 head of cattle!) but I think those were £40 ish. CC2 bought these for £20 and I followed her link. Link here. I thin the Pro version are meant to be better for running in. If you have smaller feet it might be worth Googling as some stockests have discounts.

    KR - Personally I found that racing a HM full on 4 wks out set me up for the taper and also gave me some real confidence. Not sure if it is to be recommended by all though. I think racing one in wk 11 (of 16 of 18?) would be fine for recovery before the M. It's just a question of how much time it takes out of your training (mini taper before hand and recovery afterwards might mean 7 days lost M training). As B&B says, you could always use it to test M Pace, possibly by running 6 miles before hand? Worked well for RJ this yr.

  • Well, if Keir's agreeing with me I'll change my mind image No, seriously, as it's a 16 week schedule I reckon an MP test with (as Keir says) a few miles stuck on the front (i.e. easy running to the start line) will be a perfect scenario. It won't take much more out of you than a 'regular' 20 miler so won't compromise the following weeks and you'll know whether you've got your MP right or can improve on the planned pace over the remaining 3 weeks of solid training before your taper. I suppose really it's a case of whether you want to risk your marathon for an HM PB?

    Wish I'd got around to getting some of those Yaktraks too. It's going to be a ice -mare here for a while.

  • Ant: Nice Race/Report/Christmas Tree

    Keir: Good Running mileages your posting!

    12.6 Miles on the Treadie for me yesterday, interrupted by a power cut! nice. I've stuck to P & D for a week now! not sure how I am going to fit in the runs around Christmas though.

  • Was -10C when I got up this morning - glad I wasn't going out running in that!
  • Still -9 here in Crosby, Merseyside. I will not be running in this either BOTF!

    Good effort on the treadie Steve. Not sure about taking a rest during your workout though. I hope you continued by doing laps of the gym image

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    Steve, when the power cut did the Treadmill slow slowly, or did you do a comedy run and dive over the front? Similar happended to be once when I fell off the rollers on my bike. Wierd, having a 20 mph crash when your actually stationery!
  • Keir - sorry to hear you're under the weather. Hope you're all better soon. FW too.

    Steve, sounds like it's going well so far.

    It was only -6 here this morning (well, it still is actually) and I did see a few cars and bicycles, but no other pedestrians or runners.

    MsE, as I only had a very short run planned, I actually meant to get up about an hour later. But if I'm going out for a longer run then 4:40 is only 5 or 10 mins early as I usually set off about 5am. Yes, I am insane, but I'm happy image Trees look nice at the moment; I think I might be in Narnia. Hopefully it won't be always wintertime but never Christmas.

  • Yaktrax Pro all sizes in stock here for £20

    just bought a pair...
  • Select according to OFFICIAL sizes ist on YK site as other sites (including above) not giving correct sizes
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