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  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭
    Thanks for all that info, Minni - it helps to know exactly what the gripes were. Doesn't put me off, which is good. And yes, please do give me any hotel or b&b tips. My hubby is a bit fussy and wants a hotel only but I'm open to all options. At the minute, we're looking at an offer for Hilton at the airport then would get a taxi in on the morning of the marathon. Still cheaper and better availability than hotels right in the centre.

    Hi Sue C. Hope training goes well for you and you get to do Edinburgh.
  • KR and Jane - gutted for you.

    Welcome Upsy Daisy - congrats and hope it goes well.

    Welcome too to seren nos.

    Jools - hope you're feeling better soon.

    Ant - good luck with the race.

    It sounds like I'm one of the privileged few with no snow at the moment; very cold but no problems with running on the roads at the moment. 12 miles for me early this morning. Target was miles 1-4 @ MP+30%, 5-8 @MP+20%, 9-12 @MP+10%. Actual paces were MP+23%, MP+14% and MP+6%. Feeling very chuffed as I've also finished my sermon early, so I might even go out for a short recovery run in the morning image

  • -8 overnight and -4 when I left the house, so it was a bit nippy for the 70 hardy individuals at parkrun this morning. The winner still managed 17:27 which is within 20 seconds of the last time he ran, despite the inch of icy snow. By the time we were packed up and had done the results however it was snowing hard, so it was a very slow trip home. In fact the guy with the kit didn't even make it home as most of the roads around Wycombe were closed by the police so he had to leave his car and walk. We've ended up with 5 or 6 inches of snow, so I'm not sure where that leaves my planned 19 tomorrow - 19 miles pushing your feet through snow is very different to 19 miles on tarmac, so I guess I'll just have to see how it goes. At least it isn't particularlt cold tonight, only just below freezing, so it's not going to set completely solid.
  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭
    I want to get out for a 16 miler, but not sure on what the roads are going to be like. Had planned to go early, but kids playing up in the night, so I have let my wife have a lie in whilst I sort out their breakfasts and hopefully will make it outside in an hour or so.
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Keir - ditto except substitute "12" for "16", "husband" for "wife" and "up at a party drinking cocktails and watching me sing karaoke" for "kids playing up in the night". Hope you manage your run. Not sure my short (bandy) legs will be up to much in these piles of snow but we'll see.
  • Another one here who used the RW 3:15 schedule with success two years ago. If you're wondering why I'm still here then, it's because I took a year off marathons, can you believe it!

    Planned 16 outdoors yesterday came to nothing - blizzard, and then the gym shut just as I got there for a replacement treadie version, which I was dreading. And today I come down with a cold. Oh yes do I feel sorry for myself! Well done to everyone managing their runs in bad conditions, or indoors.

    Welcome Upsy and seren.

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    Doesn't sound good luna man - speedy recovery.

    Very jealous of the run GD - nice progressive pacing there.  Hope the sermon went down well.

    Lots of snow deposited here yesterday so a bit of sledging R&R yesterday afternoon.  Not so good for today's planned 17 mile LSR. Went for the early morning road option.  A bit nippy to say the least and the roads were covered in frozen slush with very little traction.  So hard work but managed to get through 16 miles in 2:24 and no I'm not going to work out how slow that wasimage  All character building stuff and very atmospheric.  Only came across 8 moving cars during the whole run.

  • Welcome seren nos!

    Well done to everyone who managed to get the miles in despite the weather.

    I managed another 6 miles this morning and added to the 18 yesterday brings my yearly total to 1,987. I’ve had a goal of running 2010 miles in 2010 which barring disaster should be reached with a few days to spare!

  • 8 miles with the group this morning at very leisurely 10 minute miles. Wasn't that easy mind going through the snow and ice - couldn't go much faster to be hinest. Windsor Great Park wasn't that bad as they'd ploughed the main routes, but it was still hard work, even with studded shoes, and as soon as you went off the main routes it was very slippery. It was really beautiful out there though - so quiet and peaceful with no aircraft from Heathrow and very few cars. I could have done more, but it was still -4 and I didn't want to risk really starting to slip and slide when I started to get tired, so I took the long view and just did what the others did.
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Get well soon, lunaman!

    SBD - I just managed 12 miles at an average pace of 8m47s in this snow and ice. It was very hard work on the legs but Richmond Park was beautiful. I think I may have aggravated an old calf injury however towards the end as I tried to pick up the pace towards home only to feel something ping. Am hoping it is not serious and will rest tomorrow rather than trying to do circuits or any recovery type activity. I think snow running must work muscles much deeper than usual!

    Badbark - what will you do on achieving your goal? Buy something nice as a reward perhaps (I am hoping for a head torch for Christmas)?
  • We've been lucky this time around, and forecast snow has yet to materialise. We did have a prolonged flurry on Thursday, which has since turned to ice, but nothing more of note. It's not possible to run on the footpaths, but my friend and I ventured to the canal path yesterday morning for a 16 miler at MP+ 60. We did have to do some ice dodging once we got out to the nature reserve, but otherwise it was good under foot. Bliddy freezing though. It took me over 3 hours to stop shivering afterwards. I was stood in a huuuuge queue in the Royal Mail collections office for over 30 mins shaking uncontrollably. God knows what people thought I was on!

    Running club night out last night. 3 course meal, most of a bottle of wine and a Jagerbomb. I'm amazed I don't feel too delicate this morning.

    Today's plan is to start packing for the trip home for Christmas, and while it's still possible, get the car up the hill to my house and pack everything in it that won't be affected by the cold. Hoping to drive up on Thursday.
  • Definitely energy sapping out there this morning, but as MsE says it must be doing the muscles some good. Certainly good for mental strength, but most important the endorphins really get flowing.

    Managed to get out just after 6 this morning and was out for just over 3 and a half hours to get a 23 miler in the bag. Nice to see a deer leaping across the path on a couple of occasions. Clearly the average pace (9:20) was nothing to shout about but it was about time on feet and apart from not really being able to speak when I got in due to the cold, I feel pretty good about it.

    MsE wrote (see)
     "up at a party drinking cocktails and watching me sing karaoke"

    So come on - spill the beans. What's your signature tune?!! I'll tend to go for American Pie as long as the words are provided but I think that's just an excuse to hog the mike for a long time. image No words available means I have to fall back on Wild Rover, Fields of Athenry and Jerusalem!

    On the subject of singing, I had an enjoyable train journey back home on Wednesday last week in the company of various members of a local choir who'd been up carol singing in Trafalgar Square but had lost their conductor on the way back home. Very amusing to listen to all the phone calls that were taking place but once that was over and the train was delayed because someone had thrown a shopping trolley on the line (why?!), then I got into the Xmas spirit with what I thought was a pretty decent rendition of "In the Bleak Midwinter" to keep the rest of the carriage amused.

    All good fun, though I did have that and "Good King Wenceslas" (plenty of deep and crisp and even snow lying all around!) continually going round my head while I was out this morning.

    Hope Lunaman and anyone else with the sniffles gets better quickly. How are you feeling Jools?

  • PipesPipes ✭✭✭
    Wow, Lorenzo - 23 miles - I'm more than impressed!

    Just over 5 miles for me at 8m/m. Delivered cards and went shopping along the way - fastest and safest way round here at the minute. Really loved the run but had the same troubling discomfort in my hip as I had just before Abingdon. May just be tightness but I'd better watch out.

    Badbark - I've seen you refer to places familiar to me - I'm ex-N.I. (Belfast) myself. Haven't been back for 4 years now, though.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    12 this morning again in the snow with two falls and a slow pace.  Snow snow go away.....
  • 11 treadmill miles for me this morning @7:45. Boring as hell but miles in the bank now. Will have to learn to love the treadmill this week it seems!

    Could anyone tell me what the SuperSix thing you're all talking about is?!

  • Ormeski - have a look on the RW website front page. I think there's a link to it.

    6 lucky people not only get entry to a spring marathon (Paris this time around but was London for the last few years) but also the benefit of a professional trainer and loads of goodies. In return they have to post what they've been up and get a whole load of questions / comments / advice for all us onlookers.

    We've got a number of ex-Super Sixes on this thread so you're in famous company (NB: I'm not one of them!)

  •  Lorenzo, very impresive again, well done in these conditions.

     Lunaman, hope the colds not too bad, get well soon!

     Well club handicap race was a no go today with the snow, decided to go out at 9.00 this morning try and do as much on the road as possible, hoping roads would be a better a bit too dangerous... why dont drivers give a little bit more room when thy pass? plenty of room...oh well diferent route was called for and with the snow harder.  Long story short 17 miles done 14 in the snow, legs knackered at the end but job done!!! 2h 15mins.

         pub lunch soon one or two drinks too....

      Good luck everyone on their training this week!

  • Well done to all for getting out in the dodgy conditions, pavements too slippy down here so I went for the treadie option.  21.75 miles in 2hours 47, 3.1 miles at 8:00, 3.1 at 7:20, 3.1 at 8:00, 3.1 at 7:00,3.1 at 8:00, 3.1 at 7:20 and 3.1 at 8:00.  OH off shopping and I can hear the couch calling for a afternoon nap.
  • Great running from Barry B and Lorenzo with such long runs and to SBD and others with good length runs. I matched MsE with a 12.2 miler at 8m44s pace out in the lanes with the club. Not deep snow but enough to make things hard underfoot. Makes 40 for the week which in this weather I'm happy enough with
  • Lorenzo - 23 miles is rather impressive... image

    Just back from a 16 miler and was pissed off with crap pace (av 8.45) as quite slippy but got a pretty good leg workout image

    its was like a christmas card out there today - beautiful image

    ref karaoke - i work with a lots of japanese karoaoke fiends and usually go for a bit of Eminem (if i'm sober enough) its a tough one if you don't get the timing right ...
  • Kier - loving the P&D book by the way
  • See Amid the Winter Snow...people are still running! I really admire you lot.

    Minni wrote (see)

    I found the route long.

     Are there any shorter marathons about, then? That'd be a sure way to go sub-3!!image
  • Los 8 kms de Castrillón

    This race goes from the town of Piedras Blancas along the coast to the seaside resort of Salinas and back again, and has now reached its 18th edition. I last did it in 2005, when 475 finished. This year there were a staggering 1,125, making it by far the biggest race in Asturias in terms of participation.

    Having shown the necessary documentation as Johnny Foreigner, I got the race number and chip in good time and was able to change and warm-up for a good while in bright sunshine, and not the biting cold I'd expected.

    As the 5 o'clock gun approached I got into position but was still a way back from the start. When we set off there was all manner of pushing and jostling; despite this I still managed to get to the first km in 3:48. The second km is downhill, so while you can peg it along, at the back of your mind you know you've got to come back up it towards the end of the race. Anyway, this was a quickie, 3:41, and trying not to go all-out too soon. Lots of people cheering on as we went through a tunnel and emerged on the seafront of Salinas, but by this point I was working hard and not enjoying myself a great deal. I was desperately trying to hold onto the pace, and it hurt, to be honest, but hey - only 5, then 4 then 3 kms to go, and kms in 3:49, 3:52 and 3:52 were in the bag for a 5k of 19:04 (can I have that as a PB?).

    We then turned back towards Piedras Blancas again and the road is definitely uphill, and it was not just my imagination. I really had to grit my teeth and push on but the terrain told in the kms of 3:55 and 4:00 before we got onto the final stretch, a long, long straight road with the town there in the distance waiting for you. I was going through a very private agony by now with my HR up to 165bpm.

    I thought the finish was on this road but i couldn't see it. I then realised there was a right turn to negotiate, and imagined the finish would be right there as my Garmin told me the 8kms were just about up, so I put on a bit of a spurt and overtook three runners. Imagine, if you will, my horror as I went round the corner to see the finish was still 500m away...still, no holding back now and I belted down to the best of my ability and veritably charged through the arches to the finish, in 32:15.

    What I didn't know was, despite the race's name, it is not 8kms any more - they had to change the route and it's now 8.480m (5.27m) officially, which my Garmin concurs with. So I'm very happy with  my 32:15, as it works out at 3:48/km (6:06mm). 162nd place out of 1,125 finishers.

    Nice goodie bag, and guess what colour the t-shirt is?

    Drove home in 35 mins and had a long soak in a lovely hot bath with a beer. Oh, the decadence. Then went out to the works' Christmas dinner and managed to get roaring drunk, come home at 6:00 and get into all sorts of trouble with Mrs Ant image. Forced to sleep in the spare room, but this morning she relented and let me out of the doghouse just before lunch. Phew!

    I'm going to do a cheeky 7-8 miles later on, to see how my head is. Oh, and my legs...

  • Brilliant race Ant! No wonder you were looking forward to it. Really impressive pace. t-shirt perchance?

    Excellent miles being put in by loads of people, notably Lorenzo and BarryB. The dedication of the people on here is really inspirational, hence...

    14.5 miles for me today, slipping and sliding on the snow and ice along the river front and round 2 parks. An absolutely beautiful day. Average 8:14mm and 133bpm. Many strange looks and whispered discussions from passers by.

  • Great race Ant - good to be reasurred there's some speed in those legs eh ! Glad you're back out of the doghouse

    Nice long stuff from Lorenzo, Keir, Badbark,BandB and others

    Snow back with aplomb here today so did a hilly treadmill 9 mile fartlek run - all a bit of fiddle. I never really like the lack of structure in fartlek and am never sure if I'm too easy or too hard on myself.

    Eminem at karaoke Jane??!! Wicked

  • Great report Ant and great race also.

    Very impressive long commited runs being carried out, especially given the conditions.

    No running, nice restful day on the couch prior to cooking Sunday lunch for the family.

  • ant - that race sounds fab!
  • Lazy get Scooby image I'm cooking a roast now too.

    I reckon your button pushing fingers get as much of a workout as your legs in a fartlek on the treadie, Fraser.

    Which Eminem song, Jane? I hopes it's one with loads of swearing?!  Nice run btw and it really doesn't matter about the pace.

  • That's a great time Ant, well done, especially for holding out at the end when misjudging the finish line position!

    If this sniffle stays in the head, I'm tempted to get out there tomorrow regardless, all this talk of running. At least I get quality time with the foam roller, mmmm.

    Anyone planning their long run next weekend for Christmas Day?!

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