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  • Love the video Badbark! 

    Mennania, is your surgery for the shoulder or the psoas? Or both? I hope you get fixed soon. Don't rush the recovery. 


  • efc-colefc-col ✭✭✭
    Thanks Fraser,

    Minni yes would love to try and say hello to you both,missed out on meeting up at

    Chandos last year and this year because of charity meetings. Hope the trainings going well.
  • Badbark - Excellent work, both on the vid, and the race itself. Looks like the weather wasn't too bad, either...

    Right, then, I'm off to Portugal tomorrow, so good luck everyone for the next two weeks. I'll be in Lisbon first, and then 80 miles up the coast in (what was once) a small fishing village. Two pairs of trainers packed...

  • Oh, forgot to say, Gul - I didn't get a notification to say you'd rivalled me. I got one today because Ant has rivalled me, and I was suprised to see your name there as well!


  • Just rivalled you Speedy!
  • Nice 11 miles for me last night across part of Dartmoor! Visiting family in Plymouth. Fantastic running routes around this area and ponies/ sheep on route. Going to do a 15 across the moor tomorrow.
  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    HI Speedy - It is for the shoulder and am pleased to say that I am much more OK with the lay off than I thought I would be. I am looking forward to getting fit and getting back at it when I am ready

  • After a cracking week, nailing every session I blew out after 16 miles this morning and had a painfully slow last 4. Uurrrghhh

    Never mind, feet up now ready for the footy and I am now officially on my planned "no running to avoid the usual point that I get injured" week. Catchy title. image

    Swimming and cycling planned for the next 6 days before my next 20 on Sunday.
  • SJ- no need to panic all will be well!

    This morning I did one of the most challenging runs I have ever done. I did 15 miles from Plymouth to Princetown on Dartmoor. It was a continuous steady climb with hill after hill rising 1500 feet above see level. A very tough run and quite warm. Thank you to the old lady who refilled my water bottle in Princetown whilst waiting for my lift back. Still managed an average pace of 7.29 despite virtually grinding to a jog on the worst hills. A big tick in the box and I won't be rushing to do this again although the scenery was stunning!!
  • SJ - just bank it and move on. You still did the miles which is what counts. Tread carefully on the thin ice of injury

    Good work DM. Hills make suh a huge difference don't they.

    Paisley 10 k for me today. Managed 37.12 which will do for now. Went through 5k in 18.24 so not too much of a fade. 10ks feel fine afterwards don't they but at the 2 or 3 k point you do think " what the hell am I paying at here!!"
  • Haha - know exactly what you mean FW. Well done on nudging close to a 36:xx. Sounds like the form is building nicely.

    Well done DM also. Sounds like a niceday out.

    Not worried at all here. Every campaign throws up a few runs which feel tougher than they should but they all count come the big day. Body is feeling surprisingly good for this stage of the campaign and I am a bit lighter than is usual too (although I do have a beer in my hand and a prophylactic bag of frozen peas on my ankle). Making the most of run downtime by having a prep week this week for my debut triathlon in the middle of September. I'm even booking an open water swim coaching session for later this week! How's that for dedication?

    Hope the op goes well Menna!
  • Also-ranAlso-ran ✭✭✭
    Good luck with the op and recovery Menna.

    Great hill run DM. I've done very little hill work this time round, but for me always find them as satisfying as they are challenging.

    Nice 10k FW. I have only done 1 before, and you summed up my feelings.

    SJ - felt similar on my LR today - a tired last few miles, but the run is banked. Enjoy the open swim.

    Not the best Long run today. 21.5, and I had planned a short section at MP. Hit MP and felt comfortable, and then about 2 miles in two German Shepherds came racing out of nowhere. I'm pretty good at dealing with dogs , but this was something different. One jumping up at eye level barking, and the other nipping at my shorts and legs. Owner eventually turned up without so much as an apology. Two mins later, one of them had chased off after me and it started again. Slightly shaken, the run turned into easy pace. People like this give dog owners a bad name.
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Nice 2nd place with video to match. BadBark! Very amusing Benny HIll musical accompaniment. I have to say the countryside looked utterly gorgeous. Would love to do a run like that and an out and back course is always nice.

    Great time for a 10K, Fraser. How far off your PB is that? 

    Your long run sounds divine, Dylan Man. That is some pace for an undulating course like that.

    Will be interested to hear how your tri goes, SJ!  I would love to do more except the time commitment is huge and totally incompatible with, er, having any sort of life outside of swimming, biking and running. 

    Having said that, I watched MsEtte1 and MsEsq race in their first triathlon this weekend!  Both were dead keen so we all travelled to a rather lovely park in Orinda to watch them both come 7th in their respective age groups.  I was very impressed with the standard of the swimming by the kids generally. Both my kids were nearly last out of  the water and while they are not exactly swim team swimming standard, I would still call them reasonably good swimmers.  The techniques I saw were really impressive and made me all the more determined to get my brood swimming with great technique from an early age rather than ending up like I have, self taught with appalling swim economy!

    15 weeks to my next marathon and I have just completed week 1 of returning to training after an 8 week layoff with this Achilles injury.  I did just shy of 50 miles and ended with a 10 miler today which felt surprisingly easy.  Am really hoping I am not having to get the legs and lungs back to fitness from square one...

  • Glad to hear you're getting back into training with ease MsE

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    PM- that sounds tough but it's great to run in new places with great scenery- very impressive pace for a lone run.

    And good 10k Fraser. I have one tomorrow and I'm looking for a similar time.

    Had a similar experience Slokey. After a slow start to the week I ran 8 miles every day with good pace. I just needed a steady 16 yesterday to get to 50 for the week. But the legs gave up at 11 so had to settle for 45.

    Apart from the mid week 10k I have a 10 miler next Sunday, so a busy week. 

  • That sounds very unpleasant AR. Some people are just idiots.

    Good news on your comeback MsE, and well done to the junior triathletes. Is this another Brownlee family in the making?

    Seems a few of us have hit some tough runs recently. Will soon be bounding along again. To pass the time whilst it's pouring down, I've been doing a bit of research on ultras. Yes, dangerous I know, slippery slope before you end up bonkers like Poacher and co. Must stop it.
  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    If you'd like to come outside (for a very long run) and say that.....

    Which ones are you looking at? I'm prob going to return to the Thames Trot as a sighter for the start of next year. Maybe target the GU or the Lakeland 50 later. Got two jobs at the moment so no longer a gentleman of leisure which doesn't bode well for training. Bah.

    7m on the beach this morning, Newton to Craster and back, empty beach, oystercatchers and gulls galore, can't be bad.
  • I won a race outright today, but sadly the reality is far less impressive than that sounds. 11 of us toed the line for the Enigma Gold 20, technically the 'Fun Run' alongside the Enigma Gold Ultra. Some of those 11 had run the Enigma Gold marathon the day before. I ran it as 8 miles @ LSR pace and 12 miles @ MP. If I can ever persuade my Garmin to upload I can check the splits (it's still Transferring Data) but I think all were under 7.02 and one rougue one was 6.51. Oh, and there was an extra 0.47 on the end, which I ran at 6.15 pace. Ran the first 8 with the chap who ended up being first bloke (20 minutes behind me), a clubmate of our very own Matchstick Man. Rather low key you might say, but I got two trophies for my efforts - one for 1st Lady and one for Race Winner.


  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Well done, Speedy, sounds like you are in great shape.  Surely sub 3 has to be worth a shot??

    Glad to hear things are improving for MsE.  Achilles tendons are pesky little b*ggers.

    Busy weekend for me with a hen weekend, but managed to squeeze 12M in on Saturday morning and 4M on Sunday to get 45M for the week.  Also snuck away to go to the Diamond League  in Birmingham, so all in all a great weekend image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Great prize Speedy- nice to get the pair of boots instead of just one- very good trophies for a small race.

    4 easy miles on the beach here- I got totally sandblasted.  

  • Shame they're two left feet and not ones I can wear, since I need a new pair!

    Jools - no. Just no. MP is 7 min miling. 


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Well done Speedy! image 

  • MennaniaMennania ✭✭✭

    Speedy - You are certainly in great nick at the moment - I wouldnt turn your back on the sub 3 just yet. It seems you are not far off it.

    Nice 10k Fraser


  • Well done Speedy! And man up and go for sub3. You know that you can do it.

    Poacher, I've been foolishly reading someone's blog on the Lakeland 100. Sounds horrific and amazing in equal measure - and the start line is 30 mins from home do HAS to be on the list really. My wife also caught me looking at photos on the Internet.... of the west highland way race.... bad boy

    Think my plan is as follows

    1) nail sub 3 in Abingdon

    2) unofficial multi stage ultra (great glen way) in Jan

    2a) maybe run Manchester - Definitely if haven't got sub 3 yet

    3) ironman in June

    4) find an ultra in the NW in autumn 13

    5) ecotrail de Paris in spring 14

    6) Lakeland 50 in summer 14

    Of course, I might change my mind next week

    This is what happens when I'm deliberately not running for a few days. I go into "run planning" mode.....
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    5.25M into work this morning at 7.55m/m, which is fairly swift for me with a rucksack - clearly reaping the benefits of a shorter than normal LSR (12M) with an extra day's recovery (did 'LSR' on Saturday not Sunday).

    Speedy!  You can throw a 6.15m/m 800m onto the end of a 20M run including 12 @ 7m/m when you're knocking out 70-80mpw.  I do understand the philosophy of not being greedy in terms of marathon targets, but by the same token if there's a reasonable chance you are in sub-3 shape, go for that sub-3 while you can.

  • Speedy, great racing. Definitely a sub 3 lurking in there. Zip up the cat suit and go for it!
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    Mennania - Sorry to hear that you've had to pull out of the Lake Vyrnwy HM; at least you have a good diagnosis now and can get appropriate treatment. Hope the op goes well.
    Speedy - I don't always seem to get notifications of replies on this thread nowadays. There must be a big black hole full of missing emails somewhere on the internet. Congrats on the win and trophies; very impressive.
    DM - must be nice running on Dartmoor, as long as the weather is fine!
    SJ - hope the rest nips any niggles in the bud. Good luck with the triathlon.
    FW - very tidy 10k. I obviously don't try hard enough as I usually fine fine until the last 2 or 3k!
    AR - not a good experience with the dogs; glad it didn't turn too nasty.
    MsE - sounds like a great day out with the family; you must be proud. Good training from you too; progressing well.
    Poacher - nice beach run. When we say you're bonkers, it's meant as a compliment.
    Jools - well done on sneaking in the miles.
    Busy weekend for me. Overslept on Saturday and had to cut back to an 8 mile plod, then finished decorating the 2nd bedroom. Spent the rest of the weekend with family and didn't run yesterday. 5 x 400m intervals off 60sec recoveries this morning and didn't pace them too well: 76, 78, 76, 80, 80. Just one speed session left before the Magic Mile now.

  • Great work Speedy. Don't discount your sub3 chances just yet. Though of course you feel you know your own abilities - you just never know on race day if weather and end evreything aligns in harmony it just might be on. It might just be one of those big psychological barriers that we all meet regularly. I always seem to have loads of them on the go - currently 60 min 10 mile, 80 min HM, 17.30 5k and 36.00 10k !! There's not alot between 7.00 and 6.51 pace and on-the-day factors can be huge.

    Good targets SJ - don';t go wishing your life away though!! Remind me what your mara PB is just now

    I think the thread notifications are totally wazzed. As seems to be the latest posts feature

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