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  • AR- that's a tough one with the hill reps. I know exactly how you feel about just keeping the mental toughness to not quit or ease off in training. So much more difficult on your own than when racing. Well done that you saw it through

    GD- autumn is in the air! Make the most of the morning runs!
  • Off for a days walking today in preparation for a short trekking holiday at the end of the month. Need to make sure my boots are OK - last worn in January running down Kilimanjaro like a mad man.

    Had a Good 20 mile LR this morning. Was gutted to see the time was 2:22:23 - for some reason this upsets me. Last 8 miles were at 6:42 pace and this felt reasonably good. I am however struggling with running on flat roads, I just seem to nod off and loose concentration. Before I know it the pace is falling off. I think I have grown addicted to chasing target paces on undulating and hilly runs.

  • Well done AR, that is a very strong sounding run. Looking good for sub3. Are you targeting Abo?

    Gul, it was highly frustrating. Planning to have the day off today having woken up with every limb aching. I'm assuming this is a result of my exertions swimming against the current in Windermere last night rather than the frustrations of not being able to post. Back to running tomorrow! Slow 20 planned and can't wait image
  • Does anybody have "the list". Surely it is time for a refresh and for people to nail their colours to the mast..
  • 13M this morning including Cambridge parkrun in 20.35.  A little slower than I wanted, but then the warm-up was a little longer than I wanted and the legs were still tired from yesterday's 15M, so I'll take it.  And ending up with 13M today means I can get away with 4M tomorrow and still hit 50M for the week image

    Off to a wedding this afternoon so some dancing as cross training this evening;)

    I think that's a pretty impressive LSR, AR - I'd take it with both hands!  If I'm on straight roads I often distract myself by counting to 100 (i.e. 400 strides).  It makes me keep my cadence up so I theoretically don't lose speed.

  • Finally made it back on here after a couple of weeks away (without Internet access) and then it's been a busy week.

    More impressive running from Speedy and OO, and some great training being put in by many others. I dread to think what was in the water at Windermere that made SJ go so doo-lally!

    Hope you had a good time in Southport Ant - surely Portugal can't come close!

    I had a fantastic 2 weeks in the Basque Region - we rented a cottage midway between Bilbao and San Sebastian and then found out when we arrived that the hamlet it was in was about a mile up a hill with (accoridng to the Garmin) about 150m of climb from top to bottom. Not huge amounts of fun at the end whether I was on 2 legs or 2 wheels (I took the bike out there) but becuase the scenery was so great and the roads were such good qulaity, especially for cycling, I managed to get in a dozen sessions of either running or on the bike.

    The runs tended to be shorter (6 miles with 530m of climb) being the longest, but I managed to get about 150 miles in on the bike and it was brilliant!! Ant may also be able to vouch for it, but if you want great scenery, fantastic food and friendly people then the Basque Region takes some beating. Oh, and we were very lucky with the weather as well! image

    Back in Blighty and I've managed to get some miles in since I've been back; a coupel of short session then 50 miles to and from work yesterday on the bike and a 19 miler up to the top of Leith Hill this morning. Good prep for the Greensand Marathon at the end of October and perhaps a couple of duathlons this autumn as well.

    Off to see the athletics at the Paralympics this afternoon, then again tomorrow morning follwed by the swimming. Having missed out on athletics at the Olympics Im dead excited about the prospect of being in the Olympic Stadium. image

    Can't help on the list I'm afraid SJ - where's Keir when you need him.

  • I can't remember when we last saw the list. But wasn't there a spreadsheet thingie...,

  • Nice one Speedy - can this be updated online?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Well done Speedy - I kept meaning to post that.  Lorenzo you should be able to edit it.


  • Great holiday Lorenzo. Sounds wonderful.

    Excellent work young Speedy! Thank you image
  • Hi SJ, yes I have a place at Abo and am likely to be running that. I will have a go at sub3. I already had a place at Leicester the week before which I am keeping open. I have a trekking hol in the middle of tapering. Last trek/camping I did I came back ill (camp lurgey) and dehydrated, so a few weeks ago I got a place at Abo in case I needed a bit more time to recover. Not sure trekking in a desert is ideal tapering but I'm a willing Guinea pig
  • Hmmm, sounds like the "illness level" to "availability of modern sanitation" ratio might not have been at its optimum there AR. Hopefully you'll have a better experience this time.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Sounds like a cracking holiday Lorenzo- I lived in Spain for a couple of years and regret not exploring the Basque region. Nice steaks I seem to recall.

    Sounds like a great time to me AR if you were on your own- no shame in that kind of speed ovr 20 miles.

    Shake a leg Joolska

    Race tomorrow....

  • OO - it wasn't the time that bothered me - I was pleased with the run, it was the numbers 2.22.23. That 3 bugged me! Looks untidy in the training log.
  • Poacher - Wadi Rum, off to Petra. Hope to drop in at the Dead Sea on the way back so that I can at least get in some aqua-jogging.

    SJ - modern sanitation last trip consisted of a pack of baby wipes. Must do better this time.

    OO - good luck with the race
  • Petra is a stunning place AR. You know they host a marathon there don't you?
  • Unfortunately they no longer have permission to run the marathon at Petra - I imagine that would have been one amazing event. Would have been a great 'warm up' for Abo!
  • Have a great time AR - Petra is one (of many) places on my "I fancy going there" list. 

    OO - the final meal we had was a fantastic ox steak at this great cider house image, but I can never get enough seafood or jamon serrano when I go to Spain. Team trip to Ant's place for the Asturias Marathon?! Which part of Spain did you live in?

    Awesome day at the Paralympics yesterday - world records falling like dominos! Back there today for athletics in the morning, then swimming in the evening.

    Good luck to anyone racing today.

  • DM - the early morning runs will definitely continue; just pounding the well-lit streets instead of dark country lanes
     AR - solid 20 miler; must have been tempting to log 2:22:22.
    SJ - hope your limbs feel fresher today for your LSR.
    Jools - nice parkrun and MLR.
    Lorenzo - welcome back. Holday sounds fab. Enjoy the paralympics. 
    OOlg - good luck with the race today and that applies to anyone else racing too.
    Winner of King's Lynn parkrun finished in 20:03 yesterday so missed out there!

  • Very tough day at the office this morning. Scheduled 22 miler. Being feeling tired last few days so wasn't looking forward to it. Felt leggy after 5 and miile long climb at 10. Hit a bit of a wall at 17 and had to dig deep to prevent throwing the towel in. Got to 20 and felt awful with nausea. Stopped garmin at 20 and jogged last 2 at recovery pace. 20 miles clocked in at av pace of 7.20. This felt like a confidence knock back rather than a boost! In the previous 20 and 21 milers ive finished really strong. Bearing in mind my marathon goal pace is aprox 7 min miles, am I running these long runs too fast? Maybe my mid week 15 at 7.06 av pace caught up with me and tough HMP run on friday which I nailed! Looking for excuses here. Would it be wise to try another 22 in a few weeks when PD schedule says 20? Looking for some advice here from you experienced guys as this is my first marathon training attempt. Ta.
  • We're all different DM, but my intended marathon pace is also 7 min miles and I run my long runs at about 8.10s. 

    Finally nailed that ruddy sub 40 10k today. No idea of position but it was a big race with an elite field many 'Great Runs' would be jealous of. They were offering free entry and accommodation to those meeting the 'elite' criteria. I most certainly did not meet that criteria! (sub 36 for girls, sub 31 for chaps). I didn't want to risk another shit or bust like earlier this year when it ended with a 40.16 bust, so I didn't push *too* hard. Hard enough though in hot and humid conditions. 39.37 on the Garmin. Most people were complaining they were down on their expected times as well. More to come on a cooler day now that the psychological barrier is down.

  • Sounds too fast to me DM. P&D suggest warming up over first few miles to MP plus 20% and then a block at the end of MP plus 10%.

    Your 7:20 average is MP plus 5% over the whole run.

    Mind you, my 20 averaged at MP plus 20% this morning which is probably a bit on the slow side but I'm thinking that the LSR is there to stress the aerobic system a bit but mostly to build endurance and train your body to increase fuel reserves / burn fat more efficiently / recruit muscle fibres. If you can fulfil this at a slower speed then you'll feel stronger at the end and definitely recover for the rest of the week's sessions where you can do the LT work, MP practice etc in shorter but higher quality sessions.

    Last thing you need is to leave yourself out on the roads where you train and end up shattered and/or with low confidence on race day.

    On your 22, try the approach above. You should end up taking about the same time as your target marathon time I.e. 3hr 04min. If you take less time you are probably overdoing it.
  • Well done Speedy, that's a great milestone to smash through! I'm sure you'll find it becomes routine to be under 40 now the barrier has been beaten so convincingly and you know that you can do it.
  • Also DM, your 15 MLR looks more like a 15 MP run! Either you are being too conservative with your target MP or you are frying yourself on these sessions. P&D say that MLRs should be run using the same structure as LSRs - progressive up to MP plus 10% with the idea that these sessions augment the adaptations from the LSR rather than become additional MP or LT sessions.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Completed my 10 miler today in 60:08, a course PB and 5th on the all time list. It was an absolute scorcher but heat doesn't affect me as much as most. I should be devastated to miss the hour but I was always behind. This is a good time for this hilly course. Ran it fairly even paces, 30:20 at half way. My club got a vet team prize  and I was 3rd home. All round very pleased with that.

    Don't be too hard on yourself DM, that's great pace for solo running. Great sub 40 Speedy!

  • Great result OO, nearly 2mins under your target time. Excellent stuff image
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Great barrier breaking, Speedy, and excellent result too, OO . . . .

  • Thanks for advice all, particularly SJ. Perhaps my MP target is a bit on the conservative side., but I will ease up on paces. PD just seems so light on MP runs though?

    Welcome to the sub 40 10k club speedy! Great racing.

    OO- fantastic 10 miler. Nearly 60 mins on a tough course is awesome running.
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