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  • Great racing from Speedy and OO.

    DM: either your MP is way too easy for you or you are running the LSRs too fast.  P&D promise that if you follow their schedules you will succeed, and you will: but you have to follow the schedules, and not push too hard on every run!

  • Thanks Joolska, I'll promise to be a good boy and ease off on paces for last 7 weeks ! Just so easy to get a rhythm and get carried away especially in the mid week Med long when I generally feel good.
  • Top running OO and especially Speedy, that barrier was doomed to be smashed after the way you have trained lately.

    DM that's very quick, whether or not its the best pace for you for the current campaign, it does show you are quick and have the potential to be even more so. Nice one

    I sneaked in the Kent Coastal mara today, had some work to do nearby so used it as an LR. Fairly hot, breezy, humid, and not a fast course so happy with 3.18 off only one 20 miler. Irritatingly, in a slow race that would have been good for county championship MV50 silver medal but my entry had been lost/overlooked or something so slower folk got the honours. A bit annoying as we old plodders don't get many medal chances. However it's a useful bit of training and I should be faster next month.
  • Also, sounds like a top holiday Lorenzo, are you going to work off that whole ox you snaffled by entering the TT again?
  • Poacher- very impressive. I casual 3.18 marathon, I like it!!!

    Probably people there who sweated blood for 6 months to break 3.30. Lol
  • I love how you just throw in a marathon in a pretty decent time off next to no training Poacher!

    Chip time was actually 39.27, and I was 8th lady. First lady only managed 36.30 and has a PB two minutes faster than that. Maybe she too had run 80 miles this week and 330 miles in August. I would say I could run faster if I tapered, but actually I don't think I could. All of my 10k PBs have been during marathon training. Likewise my 1 mile, 5k and HM PBs. Tapering is overrated. 

    Nice 10 miler OO. Prizes to boot! 

  • Well I wasnt exactly slacking, I was working on that county championship medal, which proved to be a waste of time. The problem is turning a casual-ish 3.18 into stg much faster.

    Nice work Speedy, competing against people of that calibre can only make you faster. But if the mara is the A target then you dont want to get distracted by the short stuff
  • Great racing Speedy, OO and Poacher.

    DM - don't be too hard on yourself. 20 + 2 @ recovery pace sounds like a 22 miler to me! Job done, when the going was tough it's a good result. Many would have thrown the towel in. I understand what you mean about lack of MP sessions with P&D, but sounds like you have been running close to that on several MLRs.

    Just a little 5m jog today for recovery.
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Wow brilliant Speedy! You must be thrilled with that.  What's your target for GNR?

    OO - great racing.  It was a tad warm today.  I was down in the Toon and was quite glad I wasn't racing.  Well done!

    Poacher - looking very good for the TM, although I think you said you weren't racing it...?   Pity about not bagging the medal.


  • COngratulations Speedy - great time and barrier defo broken now!

    Great 10 mle time OO.

    Nice off the cuff marathon Poacher - very casual with only one 20 miler in training!

    It was our Club's 10 mile league race today and came home in 65.55. Quite pleased with the time (about 10 seconds off PB set on same course - only ran this 10 miler so only benchmark) as I've really only been concentrating on the shorter distacen recently. But as it is a very hilly undualting course am sure I could go quicker.

  • DM wise words from SJ you do have to throw in a few time on feet runs.

    Speedy brilliant barrier broken and your in fine form well done.

    OO, another fast 10m on a hilly course too, nice PB.

    Poacher loving the casual mara after only one 20 miler, shows you still got bags of stamina.

    FW the company games in Toulouse, involves USA,Spain,France,GB,Germany in a so called non competitive event with running,cycling,golf,rugby,karate disciplines all paid for by the company so a nice freebie....

    Managed to reach the 62m this week with a 20m LSR including 10 miles off road,

    some quicker miles thrown towards the end so not a bad end to the weeks running.
  • Here's the actual report taken from my blog...

    Sunday - I kept waking in the early hours, conscious of the pain in my leg. I wondered if I'd have to pull out of the race. Eventually when the alarm went off I tried manipulating the leg a bit, and it did another loud crack. That seemed to help, although it was still sore to the touch (don't touch it then!!!). I got up and discovered that walking on it didn't hurt at all so carried on as planned. I rubbed in some tiger balm and stuck a couple of Phiton patches on it. You never know, they *might* actually work. I collected my friend Rich and we headed over to Wilne, which turns out to be pretty close by. By the time the race started the sun had burned through the clouds and it was really quite warm. 

    Knowing there was supposed to be a sizeable elite field I lined up maybe 5m behind the line. Big mistake. There were loads of slower runners ahead of me. It took 10 seconds to cross the line and more time was lost after the line trying to get past great lumbering idiots who think it's appropriate to line up with 30 minute runners when they're going to run slower than 45. Grrr. I was running to the watch and not really paying too much attention to other runners in the first lap, but then the heat started to get annoying. I started to pick out runners to pass. Since the only women in sight were quite far down the road and didn't seem to be coming back to me at all, I had to use men. I opted to victimise the ones in inappropriate clothing to begin with. Baggy capri trousers and a fluo nightlife T-shirt for a daytime race on a hot day? Passing you. Ipod in your ears when it was made clear they're not permitted? Passing you. Club vest that reads BRAT? Sorry if you run for them but it's a silly name. Passing you. Then I ran out of clothing issues and had to just settle for passing any old (or young) bloke that happened to be ahead of me. 

    At some point I was caught by a bloke with a really annoying breathing pattern. It was like he was snorting out of his nose making a loud shushing sound with every breath. I was tempted to let him get far away down the road, but I needed to hold the pace so had to stick with him. Just as I was being irritated by that fact I realised that the two girls who'd been way ahead of me were now within striking distance. Hurrah! And goodbye noisy breathing man, I'm off! The first girl must have gone out too fast, she looked like she'd blown up and I passed her quickly. The other girl, Claire (it said so on her back) was more resilient. But with each step I was gaining on her. As I drew level around the 9km marker she tried to stick with me. I edged ahead but I knew she was still there. So was noisy breather, unfortunately. At the 400m to go mark I put my foot down. It wasn't a sprint, but it was an acceleration. There was no clock at the end and I'd started my watch on the gun not the start line, but I knew I'd finally cracked the sub 40. 

    Results came out this evening - 39.27 and 8th place. 

  • DM - 20 miles at MP + 20s untapered is going to be a very tough session at the best of times and given the fast MLR and HMP sessions you had already done it's not surprising how it turned out. Take it easy for a couple of days and try and follow SJ's advice for future MLRs and LSRs.
    Speedy - that's brilliant! You must feel ecstatic. Congratulations on a thoroughly deserved sub 40! Sub 3 nextimage
    OOlg - amazing result. Easily beating your target on a scorching hot day too. Well done.
    Poacher - sneaking in a marathon?! Well run in far from ideal conditions, slow course and off 1 long run!
    KR - solid 10 mile race result.
    EFC-Col - Great week's running. Bonne chance.
    A slow 4 miles for me this morning.

  • Speedy. Great race report as usual. I'm with you on the breathers, so annoying when you get stuck with one. During a recent 10k I got alongside the eventual 2nd lady after about 8k and she sounded like one of those tennis players, very off putting, you get the drift!!
  • Speedy, love the report! You don't half get grumpy when you raceimage

    Col, do you have to do all of those events? Would make for an eclectic weekend!

    Poacher - another one ticked off! You should post your count of maras/ultras vs target and months left so we can cheer you on in your quest ...
  • Good to see Poacher knocking out sub 3.20 marathons as training runs.  Pity about the medal - no chance of an appeal against that?image

  • More congrats due to Speedy - great to tick that sub-40 off the list. Have made mental note to myself not to go off too fast and get ahead of you in a race!

    Pleasing Sunday performances from Col and KR.

    Poacher - very sneaky little marathon there! I'm not planning to do the TT this time around as I want to do a couple of autumn events then concentrate on VLM. I only ate an ox steak rather than the whole animal so don't feel TOO bad about giving TT a miss.

    Day off today, so nipped out for a 25 mile bike ride first thing.

    Great atmosphere at the swimming yesterday evening - certainly reinforces the mantra of "ability, not disability"!

    What are people's thoughts on Pistorius' comments after the 200m?
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Ironic when so many questioned the legimacy of his blades that he now confirms those doubts.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭


     photo from a 'hot' 10 mile yesterday. Thanks to sportypix for the photo.


  • Lorenzo wrote (see)
    More congrats due to Speedy - great to tick that sub-40 off the list. Have made mental note to myself not to go off too fast and get ahead of you in a race!

    Like at Abo last year you mean? imageimage 

    Looking super cool in the heat there OO!

    I reckon Oscar was just pissed off 'cos he got beaten. He didn't run his best, probably went too fast in the semi final when it wasn't necessary. Sour grapes. 

  • Nice pic OO you can see how dashed hot it must have been, very good time that on a not ideal day.

    I interviewed Pistorius a while back, he seemed remarkably self assured, super polite, very professional. It was inevitable that technology and innovations aimed at gaining fractions of seconds would come into paralympic sport as they have into the other Olympics. Hard to blame a guy for being p!!!ed off about losing in the heat of the moment....if you're not p!!!ed off about losing, what are you doing in competitive sport in the first place?
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Well I've given up on the GNR. I'll take my daughters of to Uni instead that day and sulk all the way image. Then rejoice at all my thread pals heroic efforts image.

    Need to find a decent race in the next few weeks though. Any thoughts, preferably a Half M?

  • Robin Hood half on September 30th? There was a GNR number being offered on Facebook, but it was Green Zone I so I presumed you wouldn't want that. Deffo not sharp end!


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    GER 15th October OO?

  • Minni wrote (see)

    GER 15th October OO?

    Good race, Ive entered as it a flat course (actually Sunday 14th, not 15th!) image.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Oh thanks for that KR.  I had it in my mind that it was 15th. Wouldn't want to turn up a day late! image

  • CC2 - Speedy Goth wrote (see)
    Lorenzo wrote (see)
    More congrats due to Speedy - great to tick that sub-40 off the list. Have made mental note to myself not to go off too fast and get ahead of you in a race!

    Like at Abo last year you mean? imageimage 


    Exactly! Lesson learnt.

  • Minni/KR/OOlg? - GER - watch out for the slope as you go under the by-pass; killerimage 
    Magic Mile this morning. For some strange reason no-one else turned up. Got the pacing more or less spot on and came home in 5:37. Now thinking about when to have another go and see if I can shave a few more seconds off.

  • Oooh well done Gul! That's thrown the gauntlet down!!

    Poacher, agree about Pistorius, it is easy to let the tension of the moment overtake you but with his position as such a great ambassador you wish he'd have kept a lid on it. I did hear a quote, can't remember where from....

    "show me a good loser and I'll show you a loser"

    - you can still be gracious in defeat though eh?
  • OO  - Nice 10k run -  I still have my unused number for Lake Vyrnwy which you are welcome to, although it is this Sunday and in Wales.

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