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  • CC2 - Speedy Goth wrote (see)
    PMJ I got a bit lost somewhere in your post of which runs you do, but I can't see any intervals in there. Do you do them? 

    I do intervals or a race as the 10 miler. If  I am doing intervals I run out to the track which is a tad under 2 miles, do a session (so e.g. 4x1200 in 4:12 with 1 lap jog recovery) and then run back a longer route to top 10 miles. Intervals tend to be longer so 1000, 1200, 1600 or 2000 reps. I quite enjoy the shorter 400 reps but you need a lot of them and it gets tedious.

    I don't find it very hard to run sub 6 and as this year I was aiming at 6:30 pace I didn't feel a great need for speed. Even for 2:45 I don't think speed will be an issue: the Riegel formula gives half and 10 mile times from a 2:45 marathon that are pretty much spot on my PBs so it is more a case of getting marathon training right rather than getting the speed up to much.

  • Nice mile and LSR from Speedy, parkrun from Gul and great to hear from Birch.

    PMJ: you have the shorter distance times, so best of luck with the 2.45 preparations and attempt.

    14M for me this morning including the Battersea Park 10M at about marathon pace (ending up with 66.50).  All felt extremely comfortable and was able to wind it up to HMP (6.30) for the final mile.  I couldn't help wishing I'd done the final 2M at HMP as I missed out on 3rd lady by a matter of metres...  Still, they hand out gaudy trophies like confetti at BP races, so I have one hiding in my rucksack as I type.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    This is getting creepy - idly surfing, just thought "hmm, nowt from Jools lately", and bingo - post appears !  Looks like good cause for optimism, there Jools.  Good work.

    Just generally musing; saw a TR post on another thread re youngsters - so true - get them involved , emphasise the "fun" aspect (Although I generally dislike the word, as it sometimes can mean "don't try too hard") and the seed can be planted. Mention this as at today's parkrun where my daughter ran, saw three other competitors who were at the primary school where I coached the nippers in XC, and later at my local shops bumped into another who'd done a different local p'run (we have three). All now at uni, but running of own volition, with all the fitness/socialcontact benefits. Oddly gratifying.

    to end this rather random post, this is my favourite "psyching" track - jump past the ad, though  - sums it up for me "gotta lose this skin I'm imprisoned in" (play loud)

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I've just been skim reading - sorry not a lot of time and have picked up a bit on the adding extra miles etc.  This article is really good on recovery runs and the importance of including them in your schedule. 

    Speedy - well done on more pbs.  Marathon training certainly does suit you.

    MsE - good to see you getting back into it with speed!

    Jools - nice run.  

    I used the smurfs as pacers in last year's GNR but managed to beat them in the end. image

  • In that case, Birch, please idly think about me running a stonking pb at the Bristol Half 3 weeks tomorrow image

    And I meant to say in my earlier post really pleased to hear you're back training again, MsE.  Achilles are tricksy little beggars to heal, so hope everything continues to go well.  I dream of being injury-proof...

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I managed 8:09 at the parkrun Birch (3rd), so balman would have beaten me too. But mine was the middle section of a 10 miler as I'm on catchback.

    However when batwoman (Nel) ran the GNR last year Speedy I passed her in the first mile. And I think it was 2007 FLM when they had the Elvis theme and the winner stormed past me at 19 miles.I was all shook up.

    19 required tomorrow to scrape a 40 mile week. I'm not sure if I'm up to it but that's the plan.  

  • Nell ran GNR as Wonderwoman in 2008 (the same year I ran it as a Runner's World/Lucozade Super Sixer). Since then she's run in normal running kit as far as I remember. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    She ran as Batwoman last year Speedy.
  • Why don't I remember that? Probably cos I never saw her as she disappeared the road into the distance!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    attention seeker..... 

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Oh, she looks really good as Bat Girl!  I have entered the Big Gay 10K here next week and EVERYONE will be in fancy dress.  But I think unless you look as good as Nell, it probably isn't worth doing, right?

    4 easy miles today (with  dog) to shake out the legs.  I ran 16 times around our house and garden which is about 400m!  I find it strangely therapeutic despite the repetitive nature of it...

    Someone suggested rolfing to me as a solution for treating my Achilles. Has anybody heard of or tried it?

    Enjoy your weekend, folks.

  • Sounds kinky to me MsEimage
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    MsE - I've never been rolfed but I think its similar to Bowen, which I have had but only  because my physio is trained in it and when I'm paying the money I want EVERYTHING!  I think like everything else, it can aid injury recovery or help prevent injury in the first place but I'm not sure it is a wonder treatment.


  • Nice running from Speedy and Jools.
    And congratulations to OOlg for knocking over 4 mins off the 5000m world record; shame it was a parkrun and won't count.
    MsE - You don't live in the middle of a running track by any chance, do you?
    After yesterday's run I was actually worse than I liked to admit. A bit painful getting onto my bike to go home and also sitting down later on; gave up trying to do some of my usual stretches. That didn't last too long, but I do have a pain at the top of my right leg which is very reminscent of the injury I picked up before VLM 2010 and it's freaking me out at the moment. I'll probably have a rest and see how it goes...

  • Fingers crossed for you, Gul.

    A friend swears by rolfing, MsE and Bowen certainly helped my tight calf a few years ago.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Those nagging niggles that are reminiscent of niggles gone by are the worst but definitely ones to be taken care of, GD! Rest easy and hope it goes. Perhaps some light stretching?

    Right, thanks all, Minni and Jools. I'm going to see this Rolfer. Anything that might blooming well work is worth trying isn't it? And at the very least I can report back on it for those of you who are injured and similarly desperately seeking a miracle.
  • Crikey, I just checked my watch from yesterday and I seriously over-cooked the warm-up. No wonder I struggled after the 1st mile. MsE - a day of two off and bit of stretching seems the order of the day.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Well spotted Gul, it was 18:09 of course image

    scraped 19 this morning, at 9:00min/mile pace.

    I can only gues what it is to have a good rolfing image    

  • What the hell is rolfing???? It sounds well dodgy to me. And the Big Gay 10k? Really? America is a strange place!


  • Rolfing - (i) to vomit - It is an onomatopoeia (ie to rolf). (ii)  some annoying bugger saying 'can you tell what it is yet?' in a crap australian accent.

    Really enjoyed the readback over the last few days, a lot going on and some very impressive action and plans being assembled. I have pb'd - I am now the heaviest I have ever beenimage. Shoulder has been fixed and another three weeks or so before I am back on the road so hopeful that the tendonapathy in my leg will be a distant memory. Good news is I havent felt it in some time!.

  • I sniggered at the Big Gay 10k, too...

    15M @ 8.16m/m for me this morning.  Perhaps a hilly route on tired legs was never going to be spectacular...!

  • Listned to the parkrun show and they talked about chuckers and duckers but not rolfers.

  • Rolf and Jim Bowen - flashback to the eighties!

    Good news Menna

    Tough session today. Plan was 18 with 12 at MP. Went off with 3 fairly steady then kicked into gear for the MP block. Legs were heavy but felt ok for the first 4 then started to flag a bit. Hit 6 mile point at ave 6:49mm and tried to take a gel which wouldn't open properly then found myself standing at the side of the road. Oh dear. Got my thoughts together for a minute or two then set off again - next mile at 7:25 image whilst taking gel and then picked pace up for 6:50mm for the next 2 to get another block in but decided to break the remainder into intervals so stopped again for a minute then 2 miles at 6:49mm then a couple of slow miles up and over a hill, a final fast mile at 6:50mm then slow slog home.

    18 total

    Disappointed that I couldn't hold the pace

    Optimist in me says that I still got 12ish miles training in which averaged MP and a hard week with a 30 mile hilly ride the day before will have taken something out of me

    Pessimist in me says 6:52mm is perhaps a stretch too far - but we don't listen to him... He's a miserable git.
  • SJ- head up! That's still a decent MP session.

    Scheduled 18 today but felt in the groove from mile 1 so kicked on and did the full monty of 22. Partly due to lack of confidence created by last Sunday's miserable 22. I really felt the need to run another 22 and take control. Took it really steady for 15 and up the pace for last seven all well sub 7.30. Av pace 7.43. Very satisfied happy runner today!
  • SJ, [email protected] solo is a toughie and I guess the heat today is not on your side. One more vote for your optimist side.

    Dylan, nice 22, good to finish with a positive note and pace increase over last 7 is definitely that.

  • SJ - 3-0. Even though it didn't go as you had planned you completed a very tough session which proves you have the determination to see it through. Well done.
    DM - great run; must be a good confidence booster.
    No sign of the niggle at the moment, so I'll try an easy run tomorrow.

  • Great running DM! Stonking session.

    Good luck Gul

    Thanks for the encouraging words chaps - I hit the pool last night to punish myself with a hard 1500 for being rubbish which felt great. A cheeky Shiraz later and all is right with the world image
  • Too much to do - too little time.....

    Keep it up chaps !

    Still chugging out mid 60 weeks up here. Too much other life going on but it has to be done eh

  • Nice session from DM and SJ.

    got this week off so plan to read advanced marathoning. Get myself back in the groove. Off to Old Trafford this aft to watch our boys take another drumming from SA. Hope the weather behaves.

  • That's more like it SJ - can't have you down in the dumps for too long!

    I'm with Mennania on the definition of rolfing, but if you do indulge in a spot of it, just be careful where you put your didgeridoo.

    Managed an off-road (North Downs Way) 20 miler on Saturday morning - not too hilly, but still felt it for the rest of the day. No doubt in my mind that running on trails is more enjoyable than roads though. Followed that up with a circuit up and around Box Hill yesterday morning before heading up to the Olympic Park for the final time (this summer at least) to watch the Wheelchair Rugby medal matches. It's more like American Football than Rugby but either way you've got to be a bit bonkers to play it. Amazing to watch the way the players were able to manoeuvre the wheelchairs at such speed.

    Gentle 4.5 miles on the trails this morning - took it easy as I'm making my volleyball comeback (after a few years out) this evening. image

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