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  • Ah, thanks SJ, I've just set Downton Abbey and Elementary to 'keep'. Gawd knows when I'll have time to watch them! 

    Go on Ant, let's get it on! (Ooo-er missus!)

  • Ant - no problems. Where do you want them dropped off? Have you got any colourful running tops I can bring back to the folks over here in exchange? 

    I'm up for Jantastic again. Makes sense to be consistent with the name as well.

  • Jools and Speedy nice running in what sounds like entertaining conditions. Good news that the neck seems sorted.

    XC has never appealed to me since I stopped doing it once I had left school.

    DS2 I had am image of you and your pike ala Lord and Lady WhiteAdder (sad reference, but my favourite episode)

    Am I correct in thinking anyone doing a 18 week schedule for VLM will be starting on 17th Dedcember? Also meaning a nice gentle bimble on 25th.

  • A nice bimble? I'll be doing Parkrun myself. 

    I was in fact perusing P&D last night. Well, the last 16 weeks of the 18 week 70 - 85 mpw schedule. I am confused. Firstly the highest mileage week (87 miles) is described as a recovery week. Eh? Also, there is not a single rest day in there. And lastly, the tune up races are on Saturdays. Other than short things like XC and Parkrun, which races are on Saturdays? And you can't just swap Sat and Sun around as then you'd be doing an LSR the day before your race, which would be stupid. I am perplexed. 

  • Scoobs - "except perhaps, a table in a brothel" is a line I've used more times than you might expect! image
  • Seriously CC, 87 is a heck of a lot of miles....are you absolutely convinced that a schedule which is so demanding holds the key to what you want to achieve? It sounds like there's not much wriggle room.

    Good luck DS...

    Scooby - re XC, I hadn't done any since school until this summer. Actually it's fun. Why not give it a go. Although that might be difficult on a boat.
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    evening all - nice to hear from Ant once more, and to see Jools is no longer getting it in the neck . Fingers x'd for DS2 . .
    Speedy - indeed perplexing, but you have enough experience/savvy to craft your own plan now, based (or not)  on P&D
    An odd run today - 10 miles with a pal - felt very decrepit and have been aching all day - in contrast to last week's 12, when felt strong (albeit v. slow). Nevertheless, it felt so good (in mind if not body) just to be out there plodding along after the year's tribulations of one sort or another . . . . .

  • Apparently if you highlight the progamme you like Speedy and press the blue button - that "keeps" it on the Hard drive. What ever you do don't press YELLOW!!! But readnig back realised you've worked this out now!

    I've seen the forcast Minni for the NE and it looks bleak! Treadmill?

    Really glad you enjoyed bootcamp DS2 - it's a great experience in itself. Fingers crossed you get to the voting stage.

    NO XC for me tomorrow unfortunately as I have to take my son to play football (top of the table 6 pointer clash).  But managed to get a 7 mile XC run this morning though to compensate.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I think its because its American that the races are on a Saturday.  When I followed it I just changed things around, although I only went up to 55 mpw.

    Still moving in the right direction Birch.

  • Say it and repeat it Birch - "I am a warrior, I am the king of the road"

    Super dull at work tonight for various reasons, so just looked at Jantastic. Ant! Legend!! You are sharing the video with the equally legendary Gimgerbreadman. As a random nomadic runner the idea of predicting the number of runs per week seems bizarre though.
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    tks Poacher - you have sent me off chuckling to view MOTD !!!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    xpost KR.  I have a good treadmill at home but hate it with a passion.  I find my stride is completely different on it and the furthest I've ever been is 8 miles.   However, if needs must.....

  • Minni get yerself down to the coast and hit the beach, the sand does freeze sometimes but it's always runnable.

    Birch -

    (especially the last line)
  • Chitter chatter, can't keep up with ALL of you. Glad to hear that you're on the mend Jools, and that you got your XC done. No ill effects I hope.

    2 degrees here at 0800, and brilliant sunshine. It was forecast to be sub zero and thick gloopy fog, so the bike got cancelled last night. As a result I got the chance for a nice little run, and knocked out 22 miles, dressed in the full winters. That's my excuse for the slow pace.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    knight rider wrote (see)

    I've seen the forcast Minni for the NE and it looks bleak! Treadmill?

    I wish I hadn't read that just before bed last night.  I had a restless night with dreams of being chained to a treadmill!  image

    Got a run done through the frozen fields this morning.  Not the long run I'd planned but got out anyway. 

  • Poacher wrote (see)
    Seriously CC, 87 is a heck of a lot of miles....are you absolutely convinced that a schedule which is so demanding holds the key to what you want to achieve? It sounds like there's not much wriggle room.

    Oh, I have no intention whatsoever of following P&D. I always follow a schedule of my own devising. I was just studying it out of interest, and frankly it looks stupid! 87 miles isn't that many, for a peak weak. Not exactly my idea of a recovery week though.

    I'm about to drive up north for the parentals Golden Wedding. I was hoping for a short run tomorrow morning before I leave, but by the sounds of it the streets up there might not be runnable. Might have to wait until I get back to Notts in the evening then. 

  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭

    There is a typesetting error in P&D - the recovery week is actually Week 7 at 74 miles!  Week 8 at 87 miles, containing a 7 mile LT run, a 15 mile mid-week run and a 24 mile run on the Sunday is of course the peak week of the schedule!

    I don't think there is much chance of me reaching 87 miles this campaign but I am still hoping to follow the 55-70 mile schedule!

  • 17M for me; legs grizzled a bit at the hilly route I chose, but I wanted pretty, and pretty means undulations!  Pace wasn't as bad as I feared (8.12m/m) and breathing showed me that my cold can cope with steady running but not racing at the moment.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Poacher - now bookmarked  ( last line = image ) ! 

  • Nice long runs from Blisters and Jools.

    18.8 miles for me today. It felt so much easier than same distance run 2 weeks ago, plus today was 10 minutes quicker. I did leave the killer hill at 12 miles out today. Gives me a weekly total of 54 miles.

    Plan is cut back next week and then a week off prior to starting theschedule. What are other peoples plans or what would they suggest?

  • I will be starting my plan in a weeks time, and have one week off sometime in March for a spot of sunbathing in Iceland. All I need to do is come up with a plan.

    Planned on 14 today, but turned into 18 due to the level of the Thames. Henley in the sun was nice.

    Good luck DS2 with getting picked. You've done all you can now, so here's hoping.
  • 74 miles doesn't sound much like a recovery week to me either SBD!

  • I've got an eye on the Asturias Marathon on 24/3/2013, so I suppose I should really start something serious before Christmas, or simply build up steadily to a 12-week onslaught in the New Year with a shorter taper. My goal at this stage is only to a) toe the start line in good shape and b) get my GFA for VLM 2014, so I don't think I need do a full-on 16-weeker.

    Lorenzo - Usual address.

    10 miles this morning in bright sunshine, focussed on working hard-ish up the many hills and inclines. Finished feeling susrprisingly good image. Hopefully the injuries won't come back to haunt me much more...

  • 74 miles in a recovery week? Don't think I've ever got close to that as a peak volume week!

    Good running from Blisters, Jools, Scoobs and AR. Also v. encouraging news from Asturias.

    5.5 mile XC race for me this morning. Chilly and a few icy puddles but clear skies made for nearly perfect running conditions once I'd warmed up.

    Managed 15th place overall in a shade over 38 mins - average pace of just under 7mm so no complaints at all.
  • Didn't mean to give you nightmares Minni - at least you got out throught the fields.

    Good weekly total scoobs. Got a half mara next Sunday, so will do a few base weeks till Xmas then start the plan just after. A 16 week plan would start 6th of Jan so want to be up to mid  - late 40's per week before that.

    Some good long runs being done today. I had planned to go out for 15, but only managed 12 in the end. My only window of opportunity was early doors and had to be back home for 8.30 in order to drive my lad to his football. Still feeling rough with a cold type thingy as feel shattered again tonight - grrr! I'm hoping the green colour of my snot means it on its way out?

  • Nice long run AR ,time based run fro KR and med from Ant.

    Lorenzo Very impressive XC


  • Good to see the Telegraph doing their bit to encourage people to get out there and exercise:

  • Some great long runs going on by a fair few today.

    Just got in from a long run myself, 17.2 miles along the towpath with my new head torch to keep me company. Great piece of kit. I was only plodding along a 8.30 min/mile pace and I wonder if two and a half hours on my feet is a bit too long at the moment.

    KR- I've had to ditch the nice relaxed Sunday morning runs at the moment as my son has joined the local under 7's football team. The next few months or years will be spent ferrying him around to home and away fixtures and standing around in the cold for a couple of hours. They didn't do too bad today as they only lost 6-0 and 8-0! It's been worse so they're getting better. (My lad is definitely the quickest on the field. image)

    Lorenzo- don't bother reading that shite.
  • Nice going Lorenzo, and good longer stuff from Blisters, Jools, Scooby, KR and AR. How I've missed you all!

    O.k., then:

     THE TEAM is set up - come and join us (me) :

  • Moof - don't worry. I'm a die hard Guardian reader - someone at work forwarded me the link. Good luck with the football spectating - fortunately younger Lorenzito decided to drop the weekend football this season so I no longer have to freeze to death straight after the long run.

    Ant - good man. Thanks. Will sign up later today.

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