Ironman 2011 Training Thread

Right here we go again
I am currently struggling with illness and injury and motivation so to get my mojo going its time to resserect last years training thread, so pop on introduce yourself if your a first timer and share how your trainings going, any questions or worries chuck em on here and one of the resident ironman gurus should be able to help
I am up for IM Wales this will be my 5th IM, I wasn't going long in 2011 but just couldn't resist the sound of this race


  • I'm a newbie and hope to complete the Outlaw in July. Training not going well so far. It's mainly the swimming - I just can't do it. I feel like I'm drowing all the time and haven't yet progressed to swimming without a nose clip - which I'll have to get sorted for open water swimming - which fills me with dread I have to say! Trying to stay positive though and now have a plan to follow which should help with the focus and direction! Looking forward to hearing how everyone else is going!

  • Iron man distance virgin here too, infact a triathlon virgin full stop.

    I'm in the Outlaw but will be entering Lakeside and a few others before hand. Can run and bike, swimming is alot of thrashing for not much result. Got my plan, so enjoying the last few weeks before giving it my all.

    Never thought about a nose clip Joolze image

    Thanks for this thread RBM, This is going to be fun!!

  • Joolze
    In january 2009 my buddy couldnt swim front crawl (and didnt own a bike) we spent quite a bit of time in the pool with me the first couple of weeks messing around in the deep end holding our breath on the bottom as he used to start hyperventilating when he stuck his face in the water he completed IMUK that August cracking the swim in 1:40 it took him a while to loose the nose clip in fact i nicked it image if you have a mate go swimming and learn off them if not get some lessons in as early as possible and you will be fine do not worry about open water swimming at the moment just get your stroke sorted great site here
    regards open water the Outlaw has got to be one of the most benign open water swims going almost like a big long outside pool so do not fret to much on that score image
  • Hi FFiaPT
    We had a great time on here last year with lots of first timers cracking their first Ironman hopefully a few will log on to share their hard won experience
  • First time for me too. Just fancy being an Outlaw image
  • Joolze and FF - pop into the Carp Swimmers Thread as it's full of hints, tips, advice and support
  • Hi Joolze...............I can not swim at all without a noseclip apart from old lady breaststroke.........

    Out of interest why do you have to learn to swim without one for openwater swimming..............I have done an ironman and 3 half ironmen OW with a nose clip as well as a few shorter ones............

    I have started mybtraining this week............8 hours done and managed to run and cyke in the ice and minus temps...........also managed all 3 swims which is amazing..luckily they are only 30 or 40 mins long at the moment.........

    just ordered a dolphin MP3 player from my mam to me as an extra christmas swimming to help with the boredom....

  • BookyBooky ✭✭✭

    Hello all, completely new to triathlon. I've entered a sprint distance for May, and have just signed up for the swim leg of Outlaw as part of a relay team.

    I'm very, very excited image

  • Seren
    The reason I weaned my mate off one is if it gets kicked off in the swim its another thing to deal with better not to need it in the first place.......but as with all things horses for courses image
  • Welcome Sarah and Madlot
    Seren let us know how you get on with the MP3 could be the answer to my 60 lenghts and I am out of here boredom problem
  • Another IM Newbie here.Planning on Outlaw but haven't entered yet.

    Hi RBM!!

    Have done 3 sprints trisover 3 years. Not good at swimming and not doing any (yet), local pool closed till after xmas. Running OK and Bike, trying to turbo but get bored after 30mins.

    Just bought some new gloves and leggings today though so can get back on road if its not to icy.

  • Ridgeback....I swim with a spare noseclip inside the arm of my wetsuit in races...............Had a terrible time in an olympic swim when I lost it so take a spare now...........

    i really cannot swim without one.......image

    and I can't swim very far without either a wetsuit or a pullbuoy..............was chuffed that I managed 800m yesterday without a pullbuoy.............have bn#never managed more than about 1200m at teh hight of my training last time

  • Hi RBM,
    Thanks for this - your IronmanUK training thread for 2010 was what got me thinking about doing an ironman myself. Have signed up for the Outlaw so hopefully get to meet a few others on here.
    Training wise: the moment running is mostly jogging, biking mostly sight seeing and swimming, well the less said about that the better. Although I can swim (I've done a few mile/1500m swims in the sea) it's pretty awful. I've seen a video of myself in an endless pool and I look like I've been Tazered or something. So, looking on the bright side, I have plenty of opportunities for improvement. Hopefully this thread will give me the motivation I need to get myself off the sofa when skies are grey. Roll on July 24...
  • I have just got a bike and a mate who can teach me to Breathe while swimming, want do the I'm but next year going for Olympic tri to start with a plant for 2012. It's the time needed for training that worries me. Hoping to get sorted with swimming to 2k fairly quick while the weather is carp and go from there.

    Looking forward to it!
  • Not a plant for 2012 - a plan for a Im or him
  • Hi Tri hamster and Malc
    glad it motivated you Tri. Good to see lots of first timers, ask santa to stick a copy of this in your sack
    have a good read stacks of good tips on saving/making time

    oh and also ask santa for one of these

    for those early morning sessions image
  • Hi RBM.

    Was planning on starting my first with a sprint, work my way up to a half in 2011 but all the newbies seem to be jumping in at the deep end (exuse the pun)image by going for the full IM distance. So I will have to see how the finances are in the new year, if ok will proberbly sign up for the Outlaw.That's it I've said it nowimage.Could only do 50mts FC in the summer but now up to 400mts, bike is ok just need to get more hills and distance, the run I'm up to half marathon distance about  9min mile pace. Hardest part is cramming all the training in alongside work, will have to start getting up at daft o'clock I guess.image

    Good luck to everyone taking part in your events and stay injury free in your training.

  • I have an early schedule at work, start at 0630 and am finished by 1500, so plenty of time to train after work except for this week leading up to the shortest day, next week onwards it'll start to get lighter again, hurray!
  • Morning Razor

    welcome to the journey stacks of pirates have raced IM as their first tri so no problem there get the training in wrap your head round the idea that it is very do able and you will crack it image

    Well my road to recovery took a knock felt good got up early to get some mountain biking in to find daughter has got my vomiting bugimage so staying close and playing nursemaid as Mrs RBM is at work might get out later still another days recovery wont do any harm

  • I like this thread. This could be good for me image
  • Its my rest day today............

    I'm lucky I can train in the week.............its a better alternative to housework..............but want to keep the wekends as free as possible ( apart from races).to sort out and horses most weekends.......

    today should be free but Me and middle son have got our practical exam in umpiring...........seems strange to be doing the same exams as my sonimage

    I plan Monday and tuesdays to be my big 2 days of trainingimage

    I think I might be the first so far for an IM .mine is June 12th i think............and then IMWales later on in the year

  • Madlot

    Its a good thread for me as it motivates me to get my @ss out of the door in the morning we had some great triumphs image(and some tearsimage) last year

    Seren where your early IM?

  • Hampshire...............Its the single thats attached to the deca and triple.......It was going to be my only one this year..........mind IMCH 2009 was going to be my only one ever..................But IM Wales was just too tempting to be at the first oneimage

  • I like this thread too.

    My first IM will be IMR so expect to be on that thread more but I had to delurk to say I loved this:

    Tri Hamster wrote (see)

    I've seen a video of myself in an endless pool and I look like I've been Tazered or something.

  • oops

    Mrs RBM back home early from work feeling sickimage its gonna be a fun dayimage

  • RBM for the last month or so I've lost motivation for the bike. Work has been a bit hectic and looking out the window at 5 in the morning and seeing what's out there hasn't helped.
    This is my first year of doing anything and I've done more than what I thought I would (met some dodgy people) and ended up doing 4 maras and a small ultra.
    I'm hoping once I enter I'll get a surge of enthusiasm and really get stuck in on the bike.
    I've got two more maras in jan and then that's me, I will then become a triathlete image
  • First time for me too. Just fancy being an Outlaw image
  • This is a great thread - exactly what I've been looking for. 

    I'm pondering IM Franceimage ... what do people think about doing a spring marathon then a June IM? I have heard that it's maybe a bit much focus on the running. 

    The thing is, I'm one of the SuperSix candidates in the sub-3:30 category, so if I am selected, I'll be training really hard for that and prob not get as many miles in my arms and on the bike as I would otherwise... 

    Would appreciate any thoughts.


  • Madlot

    Its early days for bike volume at the mo, any volume come to that, just start getting a structured Base of bike /run/ swim in at least 2 sessions a week in each disipline at a very easy pace (the Fink Ironfit book is very good at explaining all this) and build up very gradually you will clearly have no problem with run endurance  by January just  keep that ticking over and get out on the bike then, as Ironman really is all about nailing that 112 mile ride, the swim is a warm up, the bike is the key and beleive me running a marathon will seem like a good idea after 112 miles cos you will be so chocka with pedalliing image  by the way Outlaw 2010 was a great race far better than the IMUKs I have done, I am hoping the new organisers at IM Wales will really raise their game as it looks like a fantastic courseimage

  • Yep, it's outlaw that really appealed to me. I know someone who done it and said it was great.
    And it's not far from me, I'm in Brum.

    Right! I'm feeling more positive already image
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