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  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    Wowee Daren - given the long runs you are getting in I cant wait to see what you do on marathon day.  Its sooo long away though...  How about getting an entry for Edinburgh? image

    Good to have you back freemers - sounds sensible on the foot, did you manage much walking when you were away?

    2old - yep, am in the lakes biking for a week at the end of June and will be rounding the week off with the coniston tri on the saturday and the old man tri on the sunday image.  I've spotted a midweek hillrace and a 10k which hopefully I'll get to as well image.

    not bad Col - sounds like you arent far off being recovered and ready to smash a few more pbs

    kiwi - I found the f*rman book (run less, run faster) quite useful when I was planning my schedule - worth a look if you havent got it.

    yeah pink! - got unfinished business, definitely give that half a shot!


    Went for my first swim in the olympic pool tonight.  nice place to swim, but its so big it made me feel even slower...  oh well, 2k ground out, onwards onwards...

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Simon-I always wondered about these hills that only go up

    Pink-I tend to use my spinner as a turbo really.My heart rate goes through the roof at 12! Bit keen getting in the pool that early..crazy

    kfc- thats going to be a big week-how many calories will you need to fuel all that? Lots of Cumberland sausage and Theakstons Old Peculiar will do the trick. An Olympic Pool...thats a long way for each length.


  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Simon, nice 31M on the bike, the cake bit sounds nice ;0)

    Hi Daren, Superb Long run, not quite sure how you do 23 miles before breakfast with no fuel on the run, especially with those splits. I too am waiting in expectation at your upcoming marathon whenever it shall be?

    Hi freemers, hoping you are refreshed after the holiday. Just scratch those itchy feet ;0)

    Hi Barry, Well done on the 89 min HM, not always that the chip comes in for you!

    Hi 2old, I didn't think it was possible to lock your keys in the car now? There is a message there....

    Hi col, One more long run left, thankfully. Although I did enjoy the run Saturday.

    Hi kiwi, Yes, my wife swipes my garmin, which makes my TC session reports look interesting!
    I think on the 3 sessionsa week DD is spot on, and I suppose you have to make sure those 3  sessions are quality sessions.

    Hi DD, Maybe the body is still recovering from Boston? Don't upset the numskulls, they worked hard at Boston maybe they want a rest ;0)

    Hi Pink, Nice to see you back out there.

    Nice swim kfc..biking in the lakes sounds good, so does the fuelling 2old!

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Rest day yesterday and went into the gym for some S+C. Out this morning for 7 miles of hill reps. Could feel it in the legs this morning from yesterday. But lovely morning, so that made things better. Must get to bed early as I am finding it hard getting up at the moment image I'm fine once I am out though ;0)

    The advantages/disadvantages of living on a hill is that the hill reps go on all the way until you are back home!

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Nell-I managed to lock the keys in!The message?...I am an idiot! Those hills can only make you a stronger and faster runner. Its not totally flat here but I tend to bottle it and stay where it is level

    Another swim today- im starting to develop the allergic reaction I normally get-sneezing and sore throat

  • Col  - Nice parkrun, are you planning shorter stuff over the summer, autumn marathon?

    kfc/kiwi -  When I tried F*&man, not for long, a few years ago I found the recommended paces for the interval sessions very hard to achieve.

    kfc/2old - well done on the swimming, that's sounds a very long way.

    Speaking of which, I had a swimming lesson this morning, coach  v happy with leg kick, so moved on to arms, which went a bit pear shaped but after some drills to try and sort my head out I managed a whole half length proper swimmingimageimage.  So now allowed to practice arms as well as kick before next lesson. Me and Pink now entered for Edgehill HM. 

  • Nell: have told numskulls to shut up

    2old: take beconaze before you swim

    Simon; yep 9 x 100.

    Barry: using your arms helps!! Swim improvements come in jumps you will plateau for ages then suddenly improve before plateauing again.

    Cycled 25 miles will run with club tonight.

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi 2old, Yes, hopefully those hills will strengthen the biomechanics, that is if they don't kill me beforehand image stop drinking the water and your throat will be fine ;0)

    Hi Barry, well done on the half length, a half more than me. I am now picking my moments to race my 11 yr old son. He is on the verge of skinning me. I suppose that is what happens when your kids have lessons from babies and I have never had one!

    Hi DD, lovely day for a cycle and lovely evening for a run.

    Wife went out for a run whilst son at rookie lifeguard, I was left cutting the grass ;0(

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    DD- thanks for the medication advice. good stuff today 

    Nell- ahh it's the water that's to blame. Snif sniff. It's not good when they realise they can beat you and toy with you when they do far none have beaten me in a marsthon. That's about all though

    Bit more spinning tonight. Tempted to sign up for a sprint TRI mid May but it's a lot to write off if I have to DNS 

  • Just back from a site visit to one of our third party companies in Sudbury. Over 550 miles for the day, I could of popped in and seen Daren, I didn't realise how far it was, and that A14 is a ball ache. 

    Nell - Yes 'The boat house' is renown for its large portioned cakesimage.

    DD - Only 25m bike, and a club run, what sort of training is thatimage

  • kfc.kfc. ✭✭✭

    barry - I agree its tough to hit the f*rman paces, but despite that I think the plan is still good, the trick is to not get disheartened if you dont always hit the interval paces it asks for.

    Theakstons?  wash your mouth out 2old.  Jennings surely.  Best thing about the tri's I'm doing there is that you get a nice bottle of beer rather than a rubbish finishers medal. 

  • Hi y'all

    Hope all well..... Liking the swimming chat - quite timely for me, just about to dip my toe back in the water again.  I had lessons last year (previous ability was 1x25m front crawl, followed by a near cardiac arrest as a child) & made some headway but was still struggling with the breathing - then stopped for a couple of reasons.   Am hoping that it will click relatively quickly...... I want to do one of the open water Great Swims in 2015 (probably the half mile in London), so figure a concerted effort now will get me where I need to be for that.... Problem is that swimming is in the same bucket for me as foreign languages - no natural ability, therefore lots of effort for minimal gain! image 

  • alright all - been absolutely hit for six since I had my wisdom teeth pulled on Saturday. image So no training at all. Face starting to get a little better now, hoping to get out for a run tonight. Hopefully I can put this dental disaster of a month behind me now!

    Nell - you must be about to enter the taper for Edinburgh. Hold tight!

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Simon, I do love a nice piece of cake, fruit cake preferred. My wife is pretty good at baking so I am well provided with flapjacks and fruit loaf throughout training. On a nice batch of date flapjacks at the moment ;0)

    Hi kfc, Yes the bottle of beer sounds a good alternative to a medal ;0)

    Hi Cooks, I like the analogy on swimming that just about sums up both for me too!

    Hi Ant, Yes, last LSR this weekend. Glad you have got the toothache sorted, nothing worse ;0(


    Out for a steady 8 miles this morning at avg 7:45 mm pace. Feeling a bit of tightness in the upper right glute, so will get out the spiky ball later!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Sorry I've been awol folks!

    Loved the Boston reports. 

    Hope the injuries and niggles are sorting themselves out.

    Nell - not long till Edinburgh!

    I've been running and trying to stick to my rule of no more than 8 miles. Failed with that on Sunday when I lost my way slightly in the hills in fog and ended up doing 12 instead of the planned 6. image  Good fun though.

    The hip is generally the same.  I'm trying to do some shorter faster stuff while I wait for the next appointment (next week) and I have some races lined up.  Not really using them for any pb attemps but just trying to get good training in.

    I have:

    5k tonight
    6th May - 10k
    10th May - HM (Lock Leven - Nell will you be there?)
    14th May - relays
    31st May - 5k
    9th June - 10k
    15th June - 10k


    Good news is Miss Minni is now getting Uni offers from her interviews so that is a weight of my mind.  Hopefully I can now get back to thinking about the important things in life, ie running!! image


  • Cooks - I feel your swimming frustration, it's amazing how some people make it look so easy, years of practice and natural ability I guess,  but I'm determined to get to a decent level.

    Minni - Impressively packed racing diary.

    Nell - Take care of any niggles, historically I usually breakdown at the 12 week point.

    5 slow miles this morning,  legs have  recovered from last Sunday's race now getting ready for next Sunday's adventure.image


  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Minni-Hello again ..strangerimage. Impressive list of races .Hope you stick to the plan and dont try and pb them all .Any of them A races? Congrats to Miss M ,its always a worry until the offers come through .Heres hoping the hip problem gets resolved soon

    Cooks-swimming pah!! I want to run. I have signed up for the Windermere GN Swim , 1 mile , in June though. Ive DNS for the last two years so Im on for a hatrick

    Ant-at least you can rest while the mouth fixes

    Nell -watch those niggles-get a massage-Im an example of what can go wrong

    Barry-thats a good and quick recovery

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    2old - none of them are A races.  I'm really just looking at using them to do quality miles.  The half was entered because some of my club mates do it every year and love it but I'm always recovering from the marathon so never go.  I don't think my hip will hold our for 13 fast miles at the moment.  Plus its undulating!  image

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Weather forecast in for South Wales this weekend - looking OK for the 100 miles.  Osteopath on Friday morning to try and give me at least 20 miles before my back starts to hurt image

    Doing the same as Minni [after this weekend] shorter and faster:

    3rd / 4th May 100 miles

    17th May Relays

    22nd May 5 miles

    2nd June  4 miles

    10th June 10k

    21st June 21 miles off road OR a 7 mile relay leg [Man v Horse]

    28th June Cotswold Way relays

    All back dependant as well as house moving - we are currently occupying 2 houses and shifting boxes on a regular basis. 

    Mad busy at the moment and looking forward to retirement this summer image

  • o4s -  where are you running at the weekend, hilly? weather looking good.image Retirement, lots more time for running then.image

  • old4speedold4speed ✭✭✭

    Barry: Welsh valleys, 16,000 feet of ascent image

  • O4S: an easy day in Wales then.

    Ant: Ouch

    Cooks: if i can go from 1 length semi drowning to IM in 12 months then anyone can learn to swim, good coach essential

    Minni: busy race schedule

    Today was spent in A & E with DD1, gashed the same knee from which stitches were removed last week, so training was reduced to 23 miles on the bike this evening.



  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    DD - that knee looks nasty.

    O4S - Pam did the Highland Fling last weekend, 8 weeks after fracturing her ankle and off no training! You ultra lot are hard and mad!! Like the look of your race plan.

    5k tonight was a free run to a) test a new parkrun course and b) organisers of a 10 testing their new timing system.

    There were only about 30 of us there running a course of 2 laps on nice paths around a lake. I finished in 21:28 and it didn't feel that easy! But it's a nice bit of speedwork banked, if nothing else.
  • o4s -  That sounds a bit more than hilly.

    DD - That is impressive swimming progress.

    Swimming practice this morning, the highlight of which when I was practising breathing and only using my right arm an old fella in the next lane commented it was really impressive I could swim with only one arm.  image

    With my new training regime came the vow to race more, so the plan for next couple of months is

    4 May - Neolithic marathon.

    18 May - 5 miler.

    11 June - 10k .

    6 July - Edgehill HM.

    With maybe a few Parkruns thrown in. No target for the marathon, but will be racing the others.


  • 2old - the GN Swim sewed the initial seed in my mind, I was up in Ambleside during the event a couple of years ago - looks great.

    Barry - I was making good headway & then they cancelled the office gym/pool membership which makes it a lot harder to practice but I share your detirmination.  Hopefully we can spur each other on to greatness! image

    DD - encouraging words, gives me hope - did you do one on one coaching and if so how often? I was doing group lessons, affordable but a little frustrating at times.......

    First longish run since Brighton last night - 12 miles in 1.26 at a flat pace, feeling good.  Conclusion - in good nick but will struggle with the hills of Windermere in a fortnight!  Lots of runners out - twas really nice.

  • Morning all,

    Busy race schedules Minni, O4S and Barry. I've just got Regents Park 10k on May 10 and Southend HM on June 8 planned. They're sort of A- races in that I'll be hoping for good times, but not tapering as much as I usually would for an A race, as I want to keep the mileage up for the marathon training. After Southend, I'll have an easy week then start my 18-week marathon schedule.

    Long intervals for me last night with steady recoveries as part of a 9-miler. Reps were 1.3 miles long and all came out at 6:12/13mm, with recoveries of 800m at 7:3xmm. Had intended to do 4 reps but stopped after 3, as it felt tough, as it was a bit muggy out there and I think I've still got Sunday's 23-miler in my legs too.

  • 2Old2Old ✭✭✭

    Cooks-yes Windermere is nice to swim as are the other lakes, in but Ive only done it for fun so far despite attempts to swim it in race conditions.Maybe my way is the best anyway..I know there is quite a thriving wild water swimming scene up there.Sorry I missed what you said about running in that do you mean you are you doing the marathon there?

    Minni-wise not to set targets until you feel 100%. I would like just to be able to sign up for 'a' race ,setting an A target is not on the horizon. After all the long runs of the past few months a 5k wont feel easy .Im betting the next one wont nor the one after that and so on.

    Barry-that marathon is in a few days and not a sign of a taper! Its come around fast.Makes me tempted to sign up for one too but that would be stupid

    O4S-how are the valleys looking these days? Sadly I still remember the post industrial days of decline and decay. I take it 16000 of ascent isnt one hillimageAfter doing those races you are going to be even faster.

    Daren-you still knocked some fast intervals there.What marathon plan are you following?

    Went to a coached group swim lesson/session last night.Got some useful technique tips.Enjoyed trying to keep up withthe others or trying to prevent  them taping my toes.Sadly the coach said he would feed me a few more over the coming weeks so I will have to keep going.

    More spinning today



  • Hi 2old - re Windermere, yes am doing the Brathay Windermere mara on May 18..... Not for a time - it's always been one that appeals as I love the area and the commeraderie should be good with the 10 in 10 guys finishing on the marathon day.  Really looking fwd to it! Wild Water swimming - hmmmm, might give that one a miss for a while! image

    Daren - nice intervals!  I bet that you're looking fwd to those 2 races - looking like yr in great shape!


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    For those wearing a neutral shoe - what make do you wear?  I'm wanting to buy a pair to try out to see if it makes a difference to my hip.  I used to always wear the Adidas Supernova before moving onto the Saucony support ones a few years ago.  I've found that when I do the shorter races and stuff in my flats my hip doesn't hurt and I'm not sure if this is the shoes or the different stride.   Looking on Sportshoes to see what I can pick up.

  • Minni - I use the Adidas Supernova Glide myself. Have done for the last 3 years. Seem to work for me.

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