Training for a shorter Tri



  • Oh DB, take care of yourself! Sending hugs to you.

    Well done Mikasa image

    And Razor you seem to be doing wonderfully! image

    had a really lovely bike ride today. Late afternoon just as dark was coming. Was so mild and peaceful once I got out of the town and into the country park. Very happy.

    And tomorrow I get back to swimming. First time since the Hols started and I really hope there aren't too many people in the pool.

  • Chilli....yeah I'm plugging away trying to keep as near as I can to the Fink plan and really enjoying it, managing to swim at lunchtime so can get two training sessions a day. If I need to.

    Sounds like a stressless ride and it does help with it being mild image

    ST......where are you mate? Anyone heard from him?

    And where is Shaz?
  • Razor, all going grand it appears. Great stuff on the bike. Chili, sounds like lovely ride. Really need to brave the roads again. 

    I did manage a 17min run all in one go this evening. Averaging 10.3min/mile. Most excited. No walk breaks anymore and things feel ok. Was rubbish during nights and didn't train at all though.

    Maths, how is it back at work? 

    Mikasa, always good having someone to push you. Keep pushing on...

  • Mrsd well done on your run

    I am giving myself an easy week on the training while I cope with the first week back at work, although I could do with the exercise to deal with the stress. Eldest son has turned into a stupid annoying brat again now he is back at school with his stupid friends! he was much calmer and nicer over xmas....Dealing with him is way more stressful than dealing with the 200+ kids that I teach!!

  • That's EXACTLY the words I was looking for. My youngest has just turned into one too.

  • how old is he DB? Mine is 12 and the transformation occured on starting secondary school this September. He was much nicer before!

  • image He's become a teenager!!! ((((((hugs))))))

  • image I blame the parents! image

  • I am trying to persuade the other one to stay 8 forever....

  • The 12 year old is OK, sort of, it's the 9 year old that is becoming the problem!

  • maybe we should swap - I'll have your 12 year old and you have my 12 year oldimage

  • Keep 12 year olds away from me, they are aliens.

    I did my first 2.5 min run and 1 min walk, made sure I did a good warm up by walking for 7 mins before running.

    Cycling is on the agenda for tomorrow.

  • 1.2k swim at lunchtime in 25 mins and 30 mins turbo tonight.

    Run with Horse tomorrow evening.
  • Power test on the turbo tonight. It told me I'm back where I was in Sep. More bikework needed.

    Hope all gets better DB.
  • Got a throat infection - can't do anything image

  • (()) to all. God, I am jealous of you lot who are at it!

  • 4.5 mile run tonight, felt like shit but got through it must have been the beasting I gave myself on the turbo last nightimage at least it was a bit warmer in my garage than out on the road.
  • Glad tonight was 40 min turbo in the garage, it certainly felt cold out.
    I have managed 4 days of training, so hopefully I can keep it up and stick with the little bit of everything training.

    Got to check on Winterswim as I think the next round is 800m, which I find a challenge to do in the pool, having to dodge the head up breast strokers and others that don't swim at a consistent pace.

    Chilibean, plenty of hot lemon and honey drinks may help.


  • Good run tonight with the club. Hilly 10km in 47minutes. Hadn't run since last Friday, due to being a socialite at the weekend, and resting for the power test. Swim tomorrow, including some stroke analysis image.

  • got really fed up in the pool last night with all the people that don't understand the concept of a lane swimimage.

    CJ - yep, winterswim is 800m, not sure when the round finishes

  • maths it's January and a lot of new years resolutions. Give it a couple of weeks and they will get the idea or go back to watching telly.

  • image

  • Okay, so managed to swim for 30mins tonight all fc. Lost track of laps and distance but only had a few recovery breaks. Really chuffed. 50min turbo done on Wed. All on track at the moment. Bike tomorrow and run Sun hopefully completes the week. 

    Hope you're doing okay DB.... Taking it easy. 

    I wish all with colds a speedy recovery and Maths a visit from Nanny McFee. Have a good weekend peeps!

  • Okay so turbo not done... Took painkillers last night due to shoulder stopping me sleeping last few nights. Woke up very late and now going to work. Might try and get done after work... Wake the neighbour's! 

  • Keep an eye on the shoulder MrsD....what brought it on?

  • I think moving a patient... Don't seem to generally notice it but is difficult to get comfortable and sleep. The not sleeping is the worst bit really. Turbo not done. How the devil are you Mr Cat?

  • I hope it gets better. Rotator cuff stuff can be horrendous. You can't swim and cycling can hurt. I know all about the not sleeping too. LH shoulder still crunchy after Friday's swim.

    I'm not too bad thanks. Overslept yesterday so did a hard turbo instead of club cycle. Off to penultimate league XC in a mo. It's run by Iron Tractorboy's club.
  • MrsD - hope your shoulder is ok

    nice 7b mile run/walk this morning, running still feels so much harder than it used to, but knee wasn't grumbling too much which is a good signimage

  • Did parkrun yesterday, forgot how tough it can be not done it since last Feb, finished in 27.41 which is about 1.30 shy of my pb. I did manage to get my HR up to 199bpm so I can now work out my Zones properly. Horse didn't cross the finish line until I caught him up, he only lost about 20 seconds because he sprinted faster than me ( show off) image
  • One whole week and done nowt. Nothing from quacks yet. I AM GOING UP THE FERKIN' WALL!!!!!


    But ticker is stable most of the time. And beta blockers suck!

    Curiously, last parkrun I did, managed 199bpm.

    Hey ho, not game over yet.

    Cat5, how was the XC? Was it muddy, slimy, hard and utterly childish?


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