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  • Mikasa:

    Steady image I think that's appropriate!

    Mrs D - hope it's nothing too serious! Doesn't sound very good :/ and yeah more plan making for next year image don't know about Bala though it is after the Outlaw Half isn't it?

    Off to Bodypump soon image need to get a run in today as well - husband reminded me that  tomorrow is a rest day and I actually need to be not doing exercise on that day - I was going to be sneaky and get a run in tomorrow but husband has beady little eyes image 

  • *waves*

    Mrs D - fingers crossed for you.

    I have been badly ill this week, so my training plans were scuppered.

    I did manage to ignore the throwing up long enough to get through these all pervading challenges though - so yay for that.

  • ButterCup - can't find it on that one. image

    Dawn - Hope you get better soon. I still have the sniffles and sore throat is only now going away.

    Well, I've been very good this week with exercise and eating and have lost at least 1.5lbs (or 3.4) just can't remember exactly how heavy I was before. 

    Possibly no more exercise this weekend as need to unpack more and sort out the new flat.

  • mikasa I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't count, I was wondering about the challenges as well - but can't get onto the facebook link from the mobile - will try the laptop later.

    Gentle 10k this morning, first thing since last weeks tri, nice and easy no aches or pains.

    Now I'm hooked on Tri, I have a cunning plan for next year - Sprint Tri early in the year to see if the winters training has helped, then a standard distance tri a month or so later.  Obviously the Outlaw is fully booked, so I was thinking of the beaver and sow - but Mrs WS might scupper those plans.  Even the hours drive to Weymouth took a lot of work.

    So what would peeps recommend in Devon/Cornwall/M5 up to Bristol?  Am I being too cautious or over ambitious?  I know I'm mad, but that seems to be accepted and acceptable here image

  • Mrs D and DS hope all gets better, buttercup you know a rest day means just that - no sneaking out

    Steady I hope you didn't make Mr Steady suffer too much, us poor blokes can't be expected to remember every wedding anniversary - hmmm that reminds me best check when its ours image

  • Wrinkly - I can't believe I messed the counting up so badly but glad I'm not quite as unfit as I though. Well done on your run. I need to get couple of runs in next week but not sure where to fit them in as want to do the swimming and classes to make most out of my gym membership. I have to pay for almost a month and won't be able to use as leaving.

    Where are you based Wrinkly? I used to be in Bristol but just moved to Southampton.

  • mikasa - that swimming was pretty good timesimage

    Mrs D - hope it is nothing serious. DO you get the blood results soon? 

    bala - when is that? Need to find out exactly where it is!

    WS - there are probably loads down your way, buttercup and I are both in the Midlands so we may well chat about races near us. It is fairly early so a lot of dates for next year's tris won't have been fixed yet I imagine

    have been to masters swim today, felt like I was battling uphill most of the time. I did actually attempt a bit of butterfly and think I kind of got the legs right, can't do the arms yet though!

  • mikasa - the challenge is also on page 27 of this thread in a post by Lee the Pea

  • Bodypump done - the squats were fun image I put on half the weights I was doing this time last year since I haven't been since december thinking I would start light and then build up.  Apparently my muscle memory hasn't abandoned me image ftw! 

    Wrinkly you should definitely come up for the big sow!  Just follow the M1 up and it's about 20 mins from Loughborough.  The run is flat as a pancake image we like that.

  • EP are there not charity places? Or is that just the half?

  • Been a good few days. Had an early swim Thursday morning, followed by a quick 5km in the evening. Then had a hard PT session last night but still managed to get up fr Parkrun this morning image To top that I got a PB image

    EP - that's really annoying, but at least on the bright side you save money. Are there any ther events you fancy doing?

  • EP - shame about the outlaw but never mind, you will have a great time on the feedstation. Charity places are £500 but no minimum sponsorship - I guess because already you are giving them quite a lot in the entrance fee. Well done on yoru run though

    rocco - well done on your pb

    I am bit disappointed because the swim smooth sessions were supposed to start this Thursday but I got an email saying it would be the 19th nowimage. Oh well, gives me another week to get into the swing of things with school

    Going to cook for the kids and go and have a run - couldn't do parkrun this morning because OH was dropping his car off for service/mot and I had to bring him back home - for some reason him and the kids didn't fancy coming to parkrun and then to hang around at my swimming session! Can't understand why not - they could have run parkrun tooimage


  • DS - hope you're feeling better! Being poorly sick sucks! 

    EP if you come to the 226, I'll pop over to yell at you! Like that you're thinking outside the box.

    Young Buttercup, REST DAY tomorrow!

    Rocco, you're clearly rocking it! image

    i had a water sports day today. Canoeing, kayaking and some board thing you stand on. Soggy fun. 

    Maths, blood results Thursday. Are you gonna become a swimmer that clears the lane doing butterfly image

  • MrsD - I am a long long way off that, but the leg thing seemed to work today!

    buttercup - rest tomorrow and get OH to make you breaky in bedimage

    this cooler weather makes running much nicer!

  • Hi everyone

    It's been a rather busy week, so sorry I haven't been on here. My brother-in-law has cycled London to Brussels in the past 3 days. He came third image

    I am considering doing a flat 30mile ultra next month.... think I need to go on the Ultra forum and find some advice on what my training should look like image

  • Wow Chili consider me impressed!  I've been reading Ultramarathon man by Dean Karnazes - he is freaky cool image

  • Congrats on PB Rocco!

    Wow, an ultra Chili! Good luck with that. I'd just like to get to 10km atm.

  • wow chili, well done to your brother in law

    30 miles isn't much more than a marathon so you'll be fine! some long back to back runs I think are the way to train for ultras, not that I have done one, just the wisdom I have picked up from reading forums and books! I am sure loula can give you plenty of tips

    buttercup - yeah, I enjoyed that book too

    mikasa - like you I would be happy to get to 10k, or even feel like 5k is 'just a little run' again!

    felt so tired last night and this morning I didn't get out of bed and out on the bike despite it being a beautiful morning. Reckon I need to the rest or I won't get through this week at work! Won't be missing my swim this evening though!

    re the swim - I know I don't do my arms properly under the water and towards the end of the session yesterday I was wondering whether thinking about bringing the elbow back rather than thinking about bringing the arm back would help me to keep the elbow high under water? Any ideas? I am going to look at some videos and the swimsmooth website to see 

    buttercup - are you going to be doing the Thursday swimsmooth sessions?





  • Yeah I am MC although it's going to be fun getting there once I start my new job image however where there is a will there is a way!  I have to get faster in the water!

  • are you cycling to work? 

    yeah, I need to get faster in the water too! I am still the slowest at swimming club - not at tri club thoughimage but they don't do enough swimming at the tri club session so I don't bother with that anymore! They spend far too much time hanging around at the end of the lane chatting. At swim club we get told off if we do thatimage in a nice way but it makes us stick to how long the rests should be!

    bit disappointed it isn't starting this week after all, but will give me chance to get settled  back into school and all my new classes

  • Fair play to your brother-in-law Chili! Did wonder if you'd pop an Ultra in there somewhere. Which Ultra is it?

    Mikasa - the 10k will come... Hav you found a race to aim for?

    EP - it's lovely to hear you're enjoying the training. The weight loss is fab. Feels good when it seems to click into place! 

    Didnt sleep much last night, struggling to function today. Gonna fire some coffee into me then pop out on the bike. Enjoying keeping up with racing Pirates at the moment image

  • EP - great news about the knee. And lots of plans I see...

    MrsDigger - I'm bit at a loss on what to concentrate on atm. The next two weeks I need to commute on the bike and make use of my gym membership with at least two swims. Last week it got bit too much and no running. The furthest I gone recently is 4miles and not really done that much running. And really want to get fit for tri's next year so much more biking needed.

  • Mikasa - try and maybe find a winter training schedule. I consistently need structure and not knowledgable enough to do my own thing. So after last tri in Sept will use one from Beginnertriathlete. Gives you an idea of what could/should be doing. There are bike heavy programmes image

  • Thanks MrsDigger, will have a look there. There is a half mara close by end of November, not sure if it's when I'll be on holiday, need to check but definitely wanting bit more structure and something to work towards again. 

  • I have biked around the Surrey HIlls. Went from home to the club did a pleasant ride without rain, managed all the hills they could throw at me and then pootled home not stopping for coffee and cake. 37 miles in all, a bit short of  what I wanted but OK, average speed was down a little bit, too much coasting with all the others. Did a great downhill section and reached 41mph.

    Currently in the recovery compression tights. I feel the need for a short nap this  afternoon.

  • EP - yes!! I love the sufferfest videos and A Very Dark Place is good, and focuses on climbing I think

    well done Steady. I would have been terrified at 41mph, in fact, no I wouldn't as I would never have got to that speed!


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