Training for a shorter Tri



  • image Well done Chilibean image sounds like a real grueller, you did well to battle through, I wouldn't be upset about walking, its a smart move image

  • Evening everyone, and thanks for your very kind words. Cake, the medal is really nice image Feeling pretty good today. A slight ache in the right knee but otherwise my body just feels tired. Have been bouncing around with our holiday club kids all day and managing just fine.

    ElBeanpole - yeah, a 30miler is pretty much like marathon training. It's only 4miles further. I trained properly for my marathon in August (couple of 18miles and a 20mile). Ran the marathon well, rested completely for a week, took it easy for another week, then started again at 15miles. Two more 18-20 mile runs plus a 22mile (with a couple of drop back weeks). And was ready for the 30 miles.

    To step up to a 45 or 50 miler would be a big leap though. I would need to do many more back-to-back runs and longer training runs. Since I am so slow I simply don't have the time to commit to 5+hr training runs.

    Storm hit us last night/this morning and we lost electricity for 5-6hrs. Made our holiday club this morning quite interesting! image

  • Well done Chilli, your made of tough stuff, I knew you would do it   image 

  • Get in there Chili - being a girl at times sucks! Well done lady!

    Well, 60min on a static bike at the gym. That is the way you finally decide to set up the turbo and buy some decent winter bike gear. Never again! Job done though. Would never have been safe on the roads, far too tired! 

    Everyone survived the weather? 

  • weather? has it been a bit windy?  I think I saw something about it on the tv... Up here in Scotland, it was lovely.  Although if the storm had been north of the border, it wouldn't have featured on the tv at all.

    I turbo'd every night last week except for sunday when I went to see the Wedding Present.  Yesterday I did a really gentle 5km run and now my knee is hurting!  Stupid knee.

    Turbo or swim tonight, depending on commute times.



    And well done Chili!  Finishing an Ultra is ace!


  • Runmute - ftw!! ran to the station 8.4 km and ran from Beeston Station to the Uni 3.19km image right hip was a bit stiff but it always complains but I felt good - was really warm out there still. Pleased with the rain stopping in time for me to run to the station as well image didnt fancy waiting for the train soaked again!

  • well done buttercup

    despite wanting to stay in bed this morning I managed to drag myself out and run 4 miles (well, still run/walk but have out the running part up to 6 mins). Have a slightly sore left calf so will spend some time with the foam roller tonightimage

  • Spindrome (group sufferfest type thing)on Friday  then short bike/run brick on Sunday. Not great but not disastrous, however impersonated a scared cat at work and have f-ed my neck again. image Off to physio at lunch time so good timing at least!

  • Oh Ali hope it's ok. The weather didn't really effect us up here. bit wet and windy but that's normal for the area.

  • Has anyone heard from EP lately?

  • Nope was slihgtly worried in case she had lost heart. She normally PM's me every so often but the things a bit broken so she might still be about we can't can't see her.

  • I Pm'd her yesterday but hadn't heard back image

  • She might not be able to see it chuck the pm thing in all broken. image

  • oh I had been wondering what had happened to her to. Wonder if she is on facebook in the PSOF group? I'll go and have a look. Mind you, I am getting fed up of the drivel the people I work with post on facebook - why do they feel the need to express displeasure at the crud they watch on tv??? Turn the tv off and do something more interesting is what I always feel like saying!!!

  • found her but not convinced the message will get to her! Farcebook said that it will go to her 'other folder' because we aren't friends - but wouldn't let me send a friend request

    oh well

  • Todays swim was good, just 2 of us and the coach, so lots of advice after spotting errors.

    As it is half term there was no Pilates class, so I was good and ignored the cba voice and did 40 mins turbo with Chrissie W instead.

  • Woop woop for the runmute! Glad it all went according to plan this time. Good work early doors. 

    Pete - we are all southern softies compared to you image Have you entered the delights of Sufferfest on the turbo?

    Well done with the run Maths. Seems to be building nicely. 

    Spindrome sounds cool Steady! 

    Small run done, chuffed as still shattered after nights. Like Steady fought the CBA and won image


  • MrsD, no I haven't done sufferfest...I'm thinking of suggesting it to the wife as a chrimbo prezzie...I never know what to get...I need to set up my bike computer etc as well...

    I didn't get to swim or turbo last night....tonight, definitely turbo...definitely...

  • Well done Mrs D! Stunning day this morning - nice ride into work - more work on my HIM training plan to be done today!! Base training starts on Monday so better get myself together image

  • 8 mile run yesterday, body fancies a day off today so it's just active recovery and a core workout for me. 

    Doing my first park run on Saturday which should be good fun. Haven't even got a clue as to what time I'll come in at, it'll be my first ever timed race.

    P.S. Post-storm weather is a fair bit chillier

  • image I'm all excited now. If you remember was saying about that canue tri up north? Went round my dad's last night and picked up canue kit. Couldn't bring the canue itself as sarah's car doesn't have a roof rack but got my paddle. Bring it on!

    El Have fun with the park run kid.

  • image kid in a lollie shop image

  • cake - excitingimage

    beanpole - enjoy parkrun

    decided to have a day off because Wednesday is my worst day at school

  • I have tried to run again. It was going OK for 15 minutes, just doing run 1, walk 1, then the lower back started hurting and the front of the quad so walked home and doing lots of stretching. Annoyed but at least I last a bit longer before the hurt.

    Spin class tomorrow, yippee.

  • steady, 15 mins is better than nothing. why not keep it at 15 mins for the next week or so before trying for a few more minutes?

  • MC, I will keep it at that, the run bits feel OK, just after doing 4 or 5 I start to hurt and then my form goes to pot and then I struggle to even walk properly.

    I will try again on Friday if I get a chance.

    So tired, will have an early night. zzzz


  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    I went for a short run today, just 2.7 miles but felt gooood! I think I'm finally getting back to it. Will need to start adding to one of the runs now, especially if I plan to do the half mara in March as it's on 9th... Eeek, what you think guys, I can do it can't I? It's a trail hm so not done one before, the John Austin one in New Forest. I think I should just do it, was thinking about entering today but didn't...still not sure if I can get back to that kind of mileage from almost no fitness base. When I did Bristol I didn't train properly but had much better fitness base and probably a stone less to carry...image

    Well done on your run Steady, just keep it to comfortable distance, it'll get better. Have you been injured? 

  • mikasa - enter and that will make you get the training in, you can always walk some of it if you need to! Build base till xmas then build up the mileage

  • Just enter it Mikasa be like the Super Caz and go crazy!! MC and I entered one last night image as you do!!

    Right runmute day 2 where it all worked was slightly slower but that was me being on autopilot - all good tho image

    Steady could you not just do 15 mins 3x a week plus one lsr of 20 for november and then up it to 16m in Dec? 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    ENTERED!!! image Eeeek!

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