Training for a shorter Tri



  • mikasa - good luck, but don;t feel forced to take the first job you are offered if it doesn't feel right

  • I have runimage, was only 2 mins @ 11 - 12.5 min/mile followed by a 1 minute walk repeated a few times but nonetheless a tiny bit of progress, so long as I remember to stretch fully this evening. I took my head torch and did a long slow upflat in the dark to start with which was not too bad. I am so out of practice I will need to concentrate on keeping an even pace.

    I needed to exercise after a 3 hour plus journey home from work on 4 buses instead of the usual one bus and one train, only about 20 miles, I could have cycled home quicker.

  • steady - what a horrible journey home! Well done on the run, just keep it up and you will get the fitness back. 

  • Lovely bike Ali image

    Eco - that does sound really lovely, made me smile image

    Steady - oh that journey sounds awful. I remember getting stuck on the train at Tottenham just 10 miles away from home and wishing I had my trainers. The day before I had run to Tottenham and back along the canal in training!

    No training today cos I've had a daughter off school sick and hubby working away.

  • no training for me for the next week or so, we're coming out of the hills and going to the big smoke...a long weekend in that there London...if I don't see pearly queens, choreographed dance sequences and cheeky young scamps on every corner I'm going to be disappointed.  I've even been practising speaking the local lingo...

  • You can always take your trainers Pete I hear they have some nice parks to gad around in image

  • Pete - Come join us at Gunpowder parkrun image or any of the other dozen parkruns in London.

  • Sounds like a horrible journey home steady!

    Pete - I'm not the biggest fan of London at all, but have fun! Definitely get out for a jog and see how many people you can p*ss off!

    Rest yesterday, was much needed to get some work done too. 6.5 mile run this morning, 4 of my 6 miles were at 7.10 pace exactly, call me mr.consistent image

    Planned spin for tomorrow then a parkrun on Sat.

  • Pete being married to a cockney and all that if it helps just make every third word a swear word and remember if you are walking around in london village no-one will stop for any reason even if they are trampleing over your still warm corpse. image

    What you doing down in london anyway? Are you going to the natrual history musium? If not why not. image

  • Pete - have fun in london town, I'm allergic to the place, step of the train and immediately start sneezing.

    "Mr. Consistent" nice run image

    *yawn* sleepy after my ride today, trying to build up the number of laps I can ride of the circuit at "tempo". Legs are satisfyingly battered now. 


  • Enjoy London Pete.

    I have been to spin class and now my legs are very tired.

  • where has everyone gone? 

    Mind you - I am trying to read through the Pirate Race Team thread, although I am only half way through and it seems to have gone off the rails a bit

    nice run this morningimage

  • Lol I think that it has a bit image I haven't been doing anything this week due to the manflu - had Wednesday off but cycled yesterday and today - feeling a bit better will be off to the gym tomorrow then settle in for the ruggerfest that will be taking place at our house image

  • glad you are feeling better buttercup

    I have found out this week that one of the guys that swims at the swimsmooth sessions on Thursdays is a paratriathlete on the GB squad hoping to be selected for Rio 2016. It is amazing to be in the pool at the same time as someone like that. Even better is that he is coming into my school to talk to the kids later in the monthimage

  • MC, I have managed to keep up with the Pirate Race Team thread, just about, and now the sub 10:00 thread as well.

    I CBA to do my run tonight, a long day in London has frazzled the brain and the rain and dark just do not seem inviting enough. I will do my exercises though.

    I plan on going to spectate a race tomorrow and will wear my pirate jacket, hope to meet a few pirate peeps.

  • Still here, also been lurking on the aforementioned thread - like watching your parents fight! 

    Grumbled my way through a 45 min bike at the gym. To the point went at looked at cheap hybrid/mountain bikes after as can't bear it. 25min run and gym work After the bike. Couple of runs and swims through the week. Another week nearly completed. Top banana. 

    Have a top trip Pete! Hope the weather holds for you!

    Glad you're feeling better Buttercup, so dodgy that manflu! 

    Look at you Maths, hobnobbing with the elites! So proud.

    Eco - nice to see you're loving the biking. Must be smashing to look forward to 'every' session. 

    Mr Consistent bangs in the quality session again image Enjoy the parkrun. Working all weekend - boo!

  • MC that's awesome.

    I'm still here, 80 min spin this morning. Hip inflamed after Thursday's run so parkrun looking doubtful for tomorrow and a weekend's rest may be in order image


    Have a good weekend all!!

  • Exercises and stretches have revealed that the twang felt in the L hamstring during spinning is still there and not wanting to play. So I will be good and look after my body by going swimming as planned then stick to housework for the rest of the day, no getting an extra session in as I had thought.

    Good call Elbeanpole, rest and make sure you can do next weeks training.


  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Hi all, went for the interview on Thursday, job was much better than described, interview went really well, got offered the job at top end of scale and accepted, will start on Monday!!! image

    When I got home, went for a run, felt so good was thinking about doing 4 miles but ended with just 3.28, got the call about the job at 2.61 miles. Tomorrow I'll be tail runner at local parkrun, which means I'll be there from 8.30 till 10ish. Can't wait! No pressure with time but I'm running and attending and doing something good. 

    Have a great weekend all!

  • Great news mikasa! Good luck for Monday image

    Join the club steady, no pain no gain they say don't they?...............image

  • Woop woop Mikasa imageimage Hope it's all fab! Enjoy Parkrun!

    look after yourselves Steady and ElB! 

  • mikasa - brilliant news, well doneimage

  • Yeah Yeah Mikasa - job well done.  Am off to pump this morning - still pondering spin class might not be the best idea - hate being sick.  Has completely derailed the start of base phase image and I have a holiday in a week and a half - November is looking a bit spotty!! Nevermind the run and bike and body pump will have to do!

  • buttercup - it is the off season, it is only a couple of weeks and won't have a long term effect

    spinning and swimming this morning, although I feel a bit funny, not sure if it is just tiredness so I will see how I feel after spinning and make a decision on the swimming

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Very wet and cold parkrun.Shepherded 2 newbies round the course in 54:40. Hope they don't get discouraged and come again. Was freezind when I started running back home and went over my ankle, nothing too bad though, had to walk for a bit but then managed to run the rest of the way. Anyone else at parkrun today?

  • Well went to pump - was right not to do the spin class - I struggled a little with the clean n presses a bit image but feel good about doing something!  The rain hasn't turned up here which I'm really glad about - very good shepherding Mikasa!  Told husband I will be taking my running gear with me to Prague image

  • I span and swamimage

    mikasa - well done

    buttercup - a nice early morning run round Prague would be lovely - I love being in cities really early in the morning just as everything is starting to come to life

  • Congrats for getting the job Mikasa and top marks for shepherding newbies at Parkrun, my debut run was in the region of 40 minutes but was a definite run/walk some time ago.

    Buttercup, take is easy, remember training plans are not written in stone.

    MC, nice spin and swim.

    I have swum, then walked up Box Hill to spectate the Winter Ball Buster Duathlon. It started out sunny then the rain started and continued. I met up with Cheerful Dave, shouted at 3 racing pirates, drank hot chocolate (needed to keep warm), more talking and shouting then walked back down the hill but on the road as the paths would have been too slippery for me.


  • Shepshed 7 Race Report

    The day dawned all blue sky after a couple of days of rain – WIN.  It was a bit blustery but all good. SuperCaz and Andy turned up on the doorstep looking a bit chilly so I took them in and phaffed around getting myself ready and then we were off – not very far as the start line was only down the street really.  We got ourselves registered and realised there was no baggage drop area and apparently the locals were honest and everyone just left their bags in the school hall.  We were shepherded down to the start line – it was quite chilly by this point and we had to wait a bit but all good – waved to husband and eventually they fired the gun and we were off!

    SuperCaz had previously said for us to run our own races (paraphrasing image ) so I made a speedy start – really got to learn to pace myself better!  I look like Im in pain in the photos I’m not I was just thinking about where my feet were going – the start line and first half km ran across the schools soggy rugby fields and the wind had picked up since leaving home.  The course consisted of two laps that exited the school grounds and headed out on to Butthole lane, over the M1 and through rape fields and skirted the side of the Garendon farm before running through the estate, past the duckpond and up a low gradient hill, past the folly and up a steeper hill and under the M1 again and through quiet side streets up to the High School. 

    Much like the Royal Parks half I saw someone I could keep up with and mentally latched onto them (thank you Sarah of the purple shirt).  I lost Sarah, as she kicked up a gear when her friend ran past her.  I ran for a while with the herd – as we reached the school for the first time (I for some reason thought it was one lap round image) I heard the MC boom over the speakers “Well done Laydees only one more lap to go” WTF?!! Arrrghh Suckitup Buttercup - get over it and get around!!  By this time the wind had picked up a lot and the tape outlining the course across the fields sounded like it was going to take off and the ground had got a lot more slippery.  Running through the fields I could hear really loud footsteps behind me and really heavy breathing – thinking to myself it’s a race not midnight on some dodgey back street of Loughborough image hope they’re okay, as this guy who was running bent over passed me – WTF?? Rock on brother image

    Looked at my Garmin as I was running past the duckpond which said 46 mins for 8ish kms and I went hmm I can do that (I wanted to do better than my time in the Royal Parks half) so I put my foot on the gas a little bit more and then I realised that there was the big hill of the course up ahead standing between me and a PB.  May have said naughty words in my head and decided to try a bit harder and passed a few people on the way up the hill.  I surprised myself with the power I had in my legs at this point and didn’t slow down.  I wasn’t looking at my Garmin when it went past the 10K mark and I thought I had taken 60 mins to do it in and thought Im okay with that. 

    It was at this point I caught up to the lady in pink (who had previously overtaken) and passed her.  I hit the top of the hill and just let myself run fast downhill, and then running under the M1 overpass and heard footsteps behind me – it was the lady in pink who wasn’t so keen on me passing her and had kicked up a gear.  Fair snuff – I am running my own race Mrs go hard as she passed me again and ran off about 100metr

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