Training for a shorter Tri



  • Top work Mikasa! 

    My turbo den now has lights and heating for when I'm working on bikes, chuffed image

  • Well done Mikasa, I went out for a walk /run and did just about 3 miles. Not saying how long it took though.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    At lunch time we went for 6.5 mile walk in the country side, some of it on South Downs way. Tired now and will keep my feet up for the evening.  If I have time  tomorrow, might go for a 2 mile run as off on holiday on Monday. Thinking about taking running gear with me, even if I only do couple of short runs. Really starting to enjoy running and don't really want to take a week off.

    EcoSeal - your turbo den sounds nice! I have money to buy a turbo but not a bike to go with it!  Not sure we'd have space for the turbo anyway...image


  • Blinkin' heckers mikasa, that's an excellent time. Well done you!

    I've done nothing all week. Although I did buy some new running shoes. So I'll do a 10k on monday to try them out. I'm hoping new shoes will get rid of the niggly injuries I seem to have picked up recently. 

  • Hi Gang,

    Ran 4 miles on Thursday evening it was really dark, good job I had my head torch with me, couldnt see the kerbs with all the dead leaves, so be careful out there they can be really slippy.

    Did parkrun this morning with Horse, decided to do the one near where he now lives, so was a new course for us. We started towards the rear of the feild so we could follow the other runners, it was a 3 loop route so after the first loop we we upped the pace, there were two hills on the loop so that meant six in all  image so we just went for it.garmin said It was 27'41" so happy with that seeiing that we started well back.

    It nice to meet Viking again for a catch up .

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Cheers Pete! 

    Looking at pace calculators, my easy runs from this parkrun should be 12:30 pace which is what I've been doing although some of them a bit quicker. But seems like this working on base really works! image

  • Well done Mikasa!! MC the trains dont run on a Sunday until 12.54 up to Mansfield image and it will take me at least 3 hrs to bike up there image Dont think Im up for six hours at the moment image

  • that's a shame buttercup but never mind

    decided I needed a lie in this morning, so now up and breakfasted, will get some work out of the way before an afternoon run

  • well done yesterday Mikasa!

    Been a big weekend for me, bought my first bike and had my first swimming lesson image Resting up a bit ahead of my 10km race next weekend, no idea what time to target or what to hope for.

    Razor - the leaves are incredibly slippy around me, the council have done quite a good job of removing them to be fair but everyone walks in the cycle lanes as the pavements are that bad.

  • The leaves are bad, it makes the cycle path near me useless as it is one mess of soggy leaves and I have seen many people fall off.

    I spotted a pirate whilst out on my ride, he was going the other way so we just shouted a greeting to each other. I did 30 miles, bit slower than last week but not too bad, was tired by the end and my back was aching.

    My training plan for the spring HM starts tomorrow, hope to be able to keep up as still doing run/walk.

  • well done steady

    despite wanting to spend the afternoon in bed I went out and ran/walked 6 milesimage very happy with that and didn't cut short any of the running sections

    beanpole - sounds like an exciting weekend - what bike did you get?

    swimming tonight

  • I have been investigating local cycle clubs image I am in planning mode MC image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    I'm off to Spain tomorrow for a week. Trainers packed just in case, only planning couple of quick 2 milers I think to keep legs turning over but not too fussed if it doesn't happen.

    Good training for everyone!

  • Have a good trip Mikasa.  I'm off to Prague and Bratislava on Thursday for nine days and Im taking my shoes as well altho' given the forecast I dont know if the weather will allow it image 

  • I'm off to Egypt Friday. Have a good trip you two. Time for more planning young Buttercup!

    Well blooming done Mikasa on your parkrun, hope it keeps your positive vibes flowing!

    MC - how was swimming? Well done on the run. And yes come on Beanpole we need some bike porn!

    Well hellooooo Mr Razor. Loverly to see you remain an inspiration image

    All becomes real when the HIM training starts image

    So, for varying reasons did not make the Trail run today. Main point is lack of recovery after nights. Still shattered and feeling quite sick. Although other factors were involved. OH got me out tonight for 4.2mile run In about 45mins. 

  • swimming was good, but felt really slow but that was because the others that swim around my pace weren't there tonight so I was sharing a lane with people much speedier than me

    have good holidays you lot!

    buttercup - I need to get into planning mode! Just need to find a little time to sit down and sort it all out

    MrsD - hope you get a bit of rest and recovery. 4 miles in 45 mins is pretty good going. I am still on run/walk, but I might keep it that way for a while actually because it seems to keep my knee happy as it isn't constant pounding 

  • Well done Mikasa! image

    Have a nice holiday

    And well done to those who had some great sessions over the weekend.

    Since I haven't got any races in the foreseeable future I'm just plodding around doing bits of everything and nothing particularly interesting. Might set myself the challenge of actually managing a proper 'pull up' by Christmas. Anyone else care to join me? I can do half a one. My eldest daughter (aged 11) can do three!

  • well...after being grumpy for two weeks, I took my new running shoes out at lunch and did a 10K.  It actually felt good to run again.

    I should do it more often.image especially as I told everyone I'm doing the inverness marathon next year image

    No backing out now!

  • Good man Pete, have you entered?

    Swim for me today, 1km in sets of 200m. Blocked ear from my lesson yesterday image

    Starting to think about planning races for next year now I've finally got a bike etc. For whoever asked (MC I think), it's a Trek 1.1 2013 in 60cm or something, I'm no good with the lingo yet! image

  • well done pete, best get training!

    think I will have to google your bike beanpole to have a look!

    well, a bit fed up at work today, but went and had a good swim at the masters session, still came home fed up with work though!!

  • Hope those going on holiday have a fun time.

    So it turns out I've picked up a 'parasite' which is giving me crazy GI issues - lovely.

    Hoping to get better now.

    First closed circuit race at the start of December - very excited, I am comfortable with coming last just want to get out there and learn.


  • Have great holiday you lot, I think I'll stay here in the cold and wetimage

    I have started planning for next year

    Carr Hill sprint end of March

    Manchester marathon, DIY Half and Ribby Hall in April only the latter defiantly booked at the moment, plenty of time to sort it.
  • Razor with luck should see you at manc marathon is horse doing it?

  • great run this morning, had to take care on icy leaves though

    going to jump on the turbo for a bit - still trying to work off my fedupness with work - it is good for training motivation if nothing else!image

  • Cake,Yeah, we've not entered yet but it's on the list for us.
  • Did a run/walk of 2:2. image

  • well done steady

    having a rest day today

  • well done Steady, enjoy it?

    Light swim for me this morning because it's now only 48 hours until my first 10k image

  • Morning all, hope we're all well?

    What are your running plans for tomorrow ElB?


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