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  • open water in March???image 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Cake - great report, does sound like fun'ish except for muddy part of mtb...

    Ecoseal - exciting news about meeting wth British cycling, good luck!

    Second day at work and actually did some most of the day, it's a nice place. Atm going on the train and walking. No showers at work image. So thinking about joining a gym/leisure centre so I can bike to work after holiday. Leisure centre just over a mile away though and closest you have either Curves ( a women's gym) or some proper body building gym, gotta work out what to do.

    Got home 6.40pm today and bf wanted to go to a lecture at 7 but still managed to go for a quick run for 1.7ish miles at a much quicker than my normal pace, average 10:49 image

  • Open water in March????? image

  • Cake, that sounds like so much fun. If not quite hard work. Well done indeed.

    Hurrah Mikasa, it's lovely when you see improvement in the numbers image Glad new job seems ok! 

    Eco seal - sounds very cool. Turbo season begins! 

    Aw Maths, you're really suffering at the moment. Hope it all settles down. Sleep well.

    OH did his first Sufferfest yesterday (Downward Spiral) then I beasted him at the gym tonight. His legs are a bit sore I believe. 

    DS - don't be away too long (stern voice) image

  • Crikey, OW in March! even us soft southerners don't get in the lakes until April. image

    I went swimming, found it tiring, then went to Pilates tonight and discovered my leg muscles were very tight as I failed to do any stretching after the swim. R shin is just a bit sore now.

    Pete, glad to hear you survived London.


  • How warm was it today? Or was that just my northern layers?

    OW in March doesn't sound nice though I'll back that up.

    7 mile run this morning took it easy due to hip and it started to agitate a bit at about 7 miles so I just stopped - no point risking.

    This evening I went for a swim - plenty of breast stroke and a bit of front crawl, trying to take it really slowly and not panic and it seemed to pay off. I have my first private swimming lesson on Sunday, so I'm hoping that will boost me on.

    Does anyone ever get a itchy and blocked nose after swimming? I'm suffering quite badly tonight!

  • I need to wear a nose clip to stop chlorine filled sinuses, when I have not used it I really need to concentrate on blowing air out of the nose.

  • I breathe out my nose underwater all the time, even when I'm doing breast stroke. That could be what it is though... I'll survive image

  • Quick 30min pootle out in the cold. Easy week as on nasty nights and have the Bath Skyline on Sun. See you guys after my nights!


  • I just use beconase after swimming in a chlorine pool. 

    Well have had a lzy day but it has been a long work day - no free time, no lunch time bcause I had to spend lunch speaking to the Uni tutor of a PGCE student and then did some private tutoring after school for the son of a friend who is struggling at his school!

    Going to make some chilli to fortify me ready for tomorrow's morning run and evening swim

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    I still have not been swimming,and biking has lapsed as well...image Only running atm.

    At home about 5.45pm by using train but trying to find away to cycle to work. Had to go food shopping after work today but when I got home, did my exercise video. Tomorrow I'll try to run 4 miles...been awhile....

  • You aren't the only one Mikasa - have only biked to work this week - suspect this is one of those lazy weeks where only pump and biking will get done.  Although garmin connect tells me the time to start training for the loughborough half is the first of december image apparently you start with a rest day image but it will be a cycle day if the weather behaves!!

  • Today is the first day this week I've felt normal, I love my job but sometimes the amount of driving plus concentrating on site visits so I don't miss anything really grinds me down.  Makes my brain feel super mushy. I imagine working nights would make me feel even worse so hats off to Mrs D.

    Thursday is cycle circuit day 11-12 followed by weights, foam roller and stretching.

    I've booked tomorrow off as holiday as I'm finally going to get round to putting lights in my garage - will make turboing slightly less grim.

    Happy Thursday all image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    I did it, 4.2 miles done and didn't even feel hard. But I did do it slowly, took me 52 mins but that's ok, slowly catchy monkey... Feel great! image

    Parkrun planned for Saturday but they've changed to their C winter route which means running up the nasty hill twice! image

  • Good luck with the Parkrun Mikasa.

    I went to spinning tonight and now my legs ache, so think I worked hard enough, lots of climbing done, so wrists ache as well.

    So glad that tomorrow is Friday.

  • well done mikasa!

    yep, I have had a lazy week and been very hungry which doesn't make sense. Did get myself down to swimming tonight though and enjoyed it, though I didn't feel as though I had done particularly well the coach said I hadimage He also reckons I should be able to get my 400m time down to 6:30 - I think he said by the summer - I would be over the moon, it is currently 10mins something


  • Wow, MC that is some reduction in time for your 400m. Mine was 10 something in the summer but the other Saturday we had to do a 400m non stop swim and did it in 9 something. I do not think I could get mine down that much by next summer but I suppose with consistent training it may be possible, after all practise makes perfect.

  • Yayaya MC! I think it's the weather - I too have been quite hungry this week especially in the mornings - have ended up eating half my lunch by morning tea time image

  • That'd be an incredible improvament MC, plenty of time to get it done image

    Buttercup and MC  - I do a huge shop at ASDA every Mon/Tues and end up struggling at the end of the week because I'm always hungry!! When it's warm weather though I never feel as hungry so you're probably right.

    5 and a half mile run yesterday with a swim in the evening, feeling fairly sore today so shall do a core session with my parkrun tomorrow. Have a good day all

  • steady - getting down to 9 mins is good, well done. Apparently we are going to do a timed session after xmas so that will show some improvement from when we did it before

    went running on the track at school after work with a couple of the other maths teachers which was great, took a lot of will to get changed and do it after a long week but felt good. I did it as a 'track' session too, warm up followed by some 200m intervals followed by a cool down. I was doing the intervals at about 7:20 pace which I am chuffed withimage the others were mainly walking or run/walking so for once in my life I was the quickest there

  • MC, I did Winterswim competition the last 2 winters, have not bothered this year, that gave me a 400m time to do at a certain date, so I could judge my improvement. Just back from a swim and managed to do 2 x 400m with a long break, both were in 9.5x, so pleased with that as that proves that last Saturday was not a one off, plus I did get the lane in the pool to myself for 20 minutes.

    I am hoping to get out in the morning for a run/walk.

    Anyone racing this weekend?

  • Well done MC that's got to feel good image I just biked this week and pump tomorrrow.  Will be taking my running shoes with me on holiday so I am hoping that I can get a couple of runs in while I am away and get back into it when I get home image

  • well done steady. I signed up to winterswim last year but then found that it was difficult to get chance to do the timed swims in the public sessions. I think my swimming is pretty focused now with the sessions I am doing so won't bother this year either

    just booked onto spinning for the morning so that I will go!

  • Have 10k trail run Sun with OH. Could be interesting after nights!

    Well done all remaining positive in the cold. Maths ur gonna be like a torpedo by next year! 

    Good luck to all parkrun-ing or racing. 

  • MrsD - good luck for tomorrow. Realised yesterday that my 10k is in 2 weeks, may have to walk some of it but I don't care!

    this morning is quick session in the gym before spinning then swimming.

  • What day is it MC? If I am around I can come support image or run with if I can!

    Am off to bodypump now - I am determined to keep up the strength work - gotta have strong armies and leggies for the coming season image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Was tired last night and woke up tired...and the typical thoughts about bed being much nicer than a run in the cold started filling my head...

    But, I did do parkrun! And am very, very happy! imageimageimage

    In training I've been running 36/37min 5k's so was really hoping would be able to do it in 35mins and dreaming of 34mins. The new route starts straight on the flat, then starts climbing up, then you come down, across and start the loop again going uphill. Second time round the uphill was really hard, legs really feeling it. Kicked of at the last uphill bit to get rid of a couple that I was running with. Last 500/600 metres I was starting to breath really hard. The last straight seemed to go on for ever. Down the finish shoot absolutely knackered and quads and lungs screaming. Forgot to press stop on the watch straight away, my watch I did it in 31:37 from the back of the group!!!! Chuffed! image

    Good luck with your race MrsD!!

    Edit:  Parkrun official time 31:22! Happy happy happy!  image

  • mikasa - that's fantastic well doneimage

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭
    Thanks MC,I'm well pleased,training is working.
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