Training for a shorter Tri



  • thanks for all your comments.

    It was a bit windy and snowy and icy and some trees came down, but it wasn't as bad as it was forecast in NE Scotland.  It did wake us a 3am just from the sound of the wind, but I waited until day light to drive in to work and by then all of the trees had been cut up and moved from the roads. 

  • Emma I'm a very labour type so biased but everything Gove has ever said has always looked daft when you look at the details. Nice to have you back kid. image


  • Glad to hear it Cake! Gove is a TURD end of.

    i didn't swim this morning because my chest still doesn't feel right and I have a 10k tomorrow - I won't be racing but pacing my friend through her first event! Then Sunday  morning 10 windy miles across the South Downs. ... Dressed as a tree! image

    Well done bean pole and take it easy razor!

    Steady - I'm going to get my chum to do east grinstead too - such a nice event and I'm looking forward to OW now I've got my wetsuit.imageimage


  • evening all

    had a rest day today

    pete - glad to hear you have survived

  • Hi Everyone

    Sorry I have been AWOL. I have been training in small amounts but the darkness of December always gets me a bit down.

    However I have been doing lots of crunches and planks and have a lovely set of abs... it's just a pity there is still an inch of fat covering them...

    Congratulations on the swim improvement Beanpole.

    All the best for your two events this weekend Emma

    Will be parkrunning in the morning as normal with two of my girlies image

  • Emma, is that the Peachaven Mince Pie Run with Xmas puds as prizes. I did that once a very long time ago, it was cold and foggy.

    Glad to hear you survived the weather Pete.

    Chili I am also having to work on my abs. I expect you are really busy at this time of year.

    I walked this evening, rather than run due to some smelly bonfires. I plan on swimming and running tomorrow and cycling on Sunday.

  • It is indeed CJ no matter what the forecast it is always windy there! Last year I was an elf and the year before an angel with a full length dress and gold organza wings!image

    Hi chilli - with you about December. Even if I hadn't been poorly I would have found it tough to train! I'm yet to try a park run.

    have put on 1/2 a stone since being laid up so feeling very flabby - should do planks but I'm terribly lazy!


  • I hate the short days too, but in two weeks they start getting longer again

    spinning and swimming today

    I should be working on my abs!

    Good luck Emma

  • 30 mins Z2 and Bodypump class today - grubby day outside image I have an ab does that count MC?

  • Coached swim session then a long run/walk of nearly 4.5 miles.image


  • 30 mins turned into 47 lol had to go slower to keep it in Z2 - got to class looking pretty - not image turns out today is quite a nice if nippy day out there - the grubby faded away quite quickly.  Getting the winter tyres on my road bike today ready for a run out tomorrow image

  • Well done Buttercup and Steady, lovely day for it image well it is in the East Mids....

    Parkrun this morning, finished 3rd in 18:13 (1 second PB haha!), swim later.

    The winner of my parkrun today set the new course record - 14:59!!!! image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Too tired for parkrun this morning, had late nights on Wednesday and Thursday and just needed rest. Still not over the cold either.

    And it looks like we'll moving again in January...

  • well done beanpole - you are really quick - but the winner of your parkrun - that is an amazing time!

    I was hoping for a run this afternoon, but have had chores and shopping etc to do, only just got home after leaving at 8:20 this morning and realised I am just too tired. So having a bit of a 'feet up and browse the internet' half hour before having to sort out kids etc!

    mikasa - make sure you get plenty of rest. Why the move?

  • Well done Beanpole.

    And well done to everyone else who has trained today. I did parkrun this morning with my daughters and then swimming this afternoon. Then had a rare hour sitting with my hubby on a sofa drinking coffee and reading image  - albeit in a softplay centre whilst my youngest clambered about.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Wowsee Beanpole, well done on the podium finish!

    MC - glad you had a moment of chill time.

    Chili - ha ha, it still counts even if it's not at your own sofa! image

    Well, bf has finallly made the plunge and is going contracting and it's much more important that he is close to work. Only moving about 40 miles closer to London. I'll be taking the train to work which will work out ok short term as have just started a distance learning course to better my career prospects so when I finish my first level I'll be looking for work closer to where we live. Am bit anxious about the move as don't really want to let work know yet. And I can still learn a lot in this place that will actually help with the course I'm doing.

  • Blimey beanpole that's amazing!

    i ran with my friend who was doing her first 10k today. She managed brilliantly despite being poorly this week. She did stop to walk for a moment with just 400m to go and got a bit tearful with herself. I think it was an incredible achievement and she's up for another event soon! image

  • had forgotten about my major achievement of the day: doing a whole length of kick WITHOUT  finsimage it was slow but I did itimage

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Woop woop MC!

    The leisure centre close to work is offering a 5 day free pass. So Monday after work I'm going for my first swim for awhile as they need to 'see' you and give you your pass and they aren't in in the morning before I start work. So plan is to cycle to work Tue, Wed and maybe Thu morning. Getting my hair cut after work on Thu so don't want to spoil it straight away especially as I'm hoping it'll last till Friday evening when we have our work's Xmas do.

    Btw, who had entered East Grinstead tri? 'Only' 50 miles away from it so thinking about it...Will have to go on M25 though, boo!

  • Not entered EG yet but was my first ever tri last year and was fabulous!

  • Mikasa, I am doing East Grinstead. Depending on where you will be you coming from the options include A3 up and then cut across, or you could nip up the M23 from Brighton area then turn off for East Grinstead rather than coming up to the M25. I use mainly A roads to get there, it is just as quick as using the motorway. This race usually fills up just after the new year, so get in quick.

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Great! Will be nice to meet some threadies! Coming from Farnborough way so I think M25 is not optional. Thanks for warning about it filling up too, I will consider it properly and then hopefully entering.

  • Mikasa if you are set on avoiding the M25 you could go via Guildford to Horsham then up to Crawley and along A264 to East Grinstead. Although early on a Sunday I think you'll be fine. But this way you've got a back up route.

    I was hooked after this event and then booked 3 more!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Emma - yeah, I'm sure M25 will be just fine on a Sunday morning but will be good to know an alternative route so thanks. If I do it, it'll be my return to tri first tri. Only done one try-a-tri before and that was two years ago, not sure what happened!

  • morning everyone

    woke up with a sore throat so probably not doing much today apart from school workimage such a pain when the weather is so lovely

  • Take it easy MC, rest is best, I'm plastering today so no training for me either, but slowly stepping up next week, trying to do lots of bike


  • Busy training weekend for me, but am now going to rest up for the rest of the afternoon.

    Yesterday I did my tri club swim session, and then my LSR of 12 miles. Today I have done a yoga class followed by a 20 mile cycle ride around the Surrey/Sussex undulating roads. Feet up with coffee and flapjack(s) now and to read all the posts that I have missed. Crikey this thread moves along quickly!

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Good training Lisa! Where are you based exactly as will be moving to Farnborough in January. Though I think I'll be a lot slower than you...

    MC - take it easy.

    I'm not a happy bunny, I thought I was starting to get over my cold but now today I've started sneezing and blowing my nose all over again, GRRRRR!!!! image I don't think the cycling to work will happen either, just too much hassle and when I get better I want to be concentrating on my running and not be too tired for it.

  • Lovely ride out with Super Caz and Lumpty this morning - good weather for a ride around the countryside 50k z2.  Then home to husband's cake and a nice cuppa tea image

  • well done Lisa

    mikasa - what a pain about your cold. I think I am going to skip swimming tonight, shame because I am really enjoying swimming and on Sundays it is at a great pool. 

    Buttercup, what a pain I couldn't come, and I haven't even managed to do all the marking I brought home yet image  I am determined to have it all done before the xmas holidays though, and I am going to have mock exams and end of term tests too this week and next to do.  

    Must beat the sore throat though, it is my eldest son's concert on Tuesday at the Royal Concert Hall in Nottingham, got to be able to cheer loudlyimage

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