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  • Well done MC image good work!  Commute done this morning - run tonight image so begins the training...

  • MC you definitely will have then - the old man wasn't really small and very hunched over was he? I gave that old man a little bit of motivation on the way past image

    What you training towards buttercup?

  • Well there's the LB half marathon in March and Outlaw half in June and the Outlaw bike in July and a billion other things - this is just to get me back on the grind proper I work better focused I am so the donkey with the carrot.

  • Just in case uk triathalon who run warwichshire tri are doing an advent calendar think via e-mail to drum up business. Got one yesterday giving a discount if you enter there race with a code on the e-mail. there is anouther one today giving 24% off there races on discount code. xmas24. image

  • Hi guys can I join in this thread please image.

    A little info - was solely a runner until this summer when I managed to overtrain and give myself a stress fracture whilst training for Chester marathon. Being a bit of an exercise addict had to fill my time doing something other then running. So at the beginning of Aug decided I needed to learn to swim fc and contacted local tri club. Since then thankfully in part to my completely obsessive nature I can now swim fc and tri coach now describes as a proper swimmer. I was also able to buy myself a road bike which I managed to get out on once I was able to weight bear again.

    I am now back running and have just today started my Spring marathon training plan. But I am determined to keep up with my swimming and biking as Tri's will be my main aim come next season... currently in the process of deciding which ones to do next year will prob do a couple of sprints and finish season with an oly.

    Sorry for the epic post image

  • Welcome Lisa!! Where are you based so we can suck you into joining our merry bunch image

  • Thanks Buttercup, I am down in Sussex not sure if anyone is localish?

    Any recommendations on tri's to enter, at the moment am considering Mid Sussex sprint (pool based), Hever Castle Oly and Vachery Oly all very close to me. I am also considering Bala Oly in September may make a long weekend out of it. 

  • welcome Lisa

    I am in the East Midlands, but there are some southerners on here. 

  • beanpole - that was the guy! I think I overtook him for the first time near the 1k mark, and that was some steady incline there but I managed it!! Nice race, I can recommend it, the marshals were all fantastic

  • Ey up Lisa I'm a southerner but legged it up north years ago. Your very near some folks who some times post so might be able to get training buddies. Which tri club are you with?

  • Welcome Lisa, I am in Surrey and have been known to cycle into the top part of Sussex.  I can recommend the East Grinstead sprint tri for a first event, May time pool based and very friendly organisers.

    Try to keep your addictive nature under control or you will still end up injured.

    Dustboy are you up for a little bike ride on a nice day. I need to hear that voice going "pedal in circles" and other such stuff.

    Cake having now seen your hills, they are definitely bigger than my hills but you have so much green space I just have little bits unless I go in a southward direction.

  • 35 min steady run Z2, 24k commute on beastie hybrid - crab cakes made with gram flour and salad for tea.   Feet up now image

  • Hey Lisa! I'm East Midlands/North West based so not very close... Looking forward to your first year? Any goals/aims?

    Swim for me this morning, more of a rest day before my long run tomorrow. I'm really enjoying the training at the min, I've pretty much 100% decided I'm going for an IM next year - life's too short - so it's time to do some planning and try and get a sprint and Oly lined up too image

  • SteadyCJ wrote (see)

    Cake having now seen your hills, they are definitely bigger than my hills but you have so much green space I just have little bits unless I go in a southward direction.

    I see your hills and raise you my hills...or as they are called up here...the grampian hills are bigger than your hills...

    Hey Lisa, I'm in NE Scotland, no where near you.  heheh

    10K at lunch 56 minutes....I need to my running partner to come back so I don't slow down in the last couple of k...

  • Pete, I am well aware you have great big massive mountains, but Cakes hills look  challenging as they are a bit steeper and much longer than my ones. I still struggle to cycle up them so have something to aim for in my abilities, then I could think about doing Peak district ones.


  • pete - well done on your run

    beanpole - if you are thinking about IM in 2014 then you need to decide which one and start getting training!

  • Funnily enough CJ I was just planning a route from Matlock Bath up the hills a bit then back home - 100k then I realised that I probably wont be able to bike it until march april due to snow image

    Most of the big long distance ones in the UK will have sold out by now Beanpole - get cracking!

  • Thanks for the welcome image.

    Steady - I was looking at the East Grinstead Tri but fly home from the States on the same day. Am looking at doing the Mid - Sussex one though.

    So advice guys would be great, I started my marathon training plan yesterday with an 8 miler with 4 @ LT pace (P&D'ing). My current plan was to follow the plan religiously and still fit in all other activities, however this may be a touch unrealistic or lead to inuries image  . So what I am now thinking is that each week I do the main runs from the plan and leave out the 3-5 mile recovery runs, continue with my Saturday tri coached swim session, with one other swim session, a longish ride out at the wkend and either a spin or turbo session mid week. I also try and do a couple of pilates classes at some point during the week!

    What has everyone else done whilst marathon training, how have you juggled the disciplines? Thanks in advance.

    Swim session for me this evening after work possibly followed by a quick turbo. 

  • This year I tried to combine a half marathon plan with a half Ironman plan - i ended up doing 3 runs instead of 4 as i would frequently just run out of juice.  I also focused on my swimming and running to the detriment of the bike.  Plan this coming season is to focus on getting faster on the bike and the run and add in the swim around January time twice a week and a strength session as well.

  • Calm down everyone image

    I'll be doing the Owler, not overly fussed about a huge event as my first time and the Owler is ideal in terms of cost and locality of where I'll be living in 2014.

    9 months today! Lots of training to be done.


    Lisa - sorry can't really help there as I'm a newbie too but as my strongest discipline is running I'll focus on the other two disciplines more - obviously with your running events you can't sacrifice too much but it depends what you'd rather do better in next year image The others should be able to help a bit more.....


  • Lisa depending on your target's I would think about using the swimming and biking as cross training for the running and consentrate on that. Once you have the marathon out of the way step up the other two and work on your weakest one. Don't think your being unrealistic but if your body starts to scream at you listen to it and do less.

    Steady there are bigger hills round the back but not Pete Level he has some cracker's of hills up there. image

    Mortimor road near us has recently been resurfaced due to the tour de france going up our way so some right nice rides. If you ever fancy a training ride just shout and we can put you up chuck. Same goes for anyone else really unless they are a axe murderer in which case I will ask my sister if they can stay at her's. image

  • *hides axe behind back* image

  • image

    Buttercup if you did want to come up you could take Caz with you? That way we can get blink drunk on wine and talk carp all night. image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Busy,busy on the thread. 

    Welcome Lisa! I'm based in Southampton. Still not that close.

    Maths - well done on your 10k!

    Pete - nice run.

    Buttercup - your commuting is going strong. Are you doing both run and bike commuting to work? How far is it? I am planning at some point to start biking to work which will be 6 miles each way but will probably only start with 3 days commute. When I commuted the last month in Cardiff I got absolutely knackered with just 4 miles each way, double that on days I went swimming and 2 days of classes so will take it easier to start off.

    I'm starting to feel a bit better (not 100% yet though) so might go for a short run tomorrow and then do parkrun on Saturday. Thursday is reserved for a gig in Farnham. image

  • Mikasa - am only biking at the moment - will be running to work on Friday however - am trying to build up my runs so I can do 4 or 5 a week by January.  Was knackered this morning so the next run is tomorrow.  Post holiday slump image

    I bike from my house to Loughborough train station (8.41k short route, 9.0km long route) and train to Beeston, then bike from Beeston to the Uni (3ish k) and I do the same on the way home.  Ends up being 24km return trip as I now refuse to ride the short way home during rush hour - dont feel particularly safe so the long way it is.  If I run I run to the station and then to the uni, on the return trip I run to Beeston train station and then take the bus from Loughborough home.

  • ooohh... the met office has given out a weather warning for snow and strong winds on thursday and friday for my part of the I'd better run tomorrow lunch time...and collect some hay for the ponies in the evening...I don't like running in a blizzard...and the ponies don't like to run out of food in a blizzard.  I'll treat the hay bales as weight training...image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Cheers Buttercup.

    I know if I start cycling I'll have to take it easy to start with, maybe twice/three times a week but the annoying thing is we don't have showers at work so I need to join the gym which is a mile away from work. I can't cycle 6 miles and go straight to work, I don't know how to cycle without getting sweaty...image I was supposed to check the route last Sunday but was feeling rubbish so might try this weekend instead. It's just annoying there is the added hassle about showering.

  • mikasa - for a while last spring I cycled to work a couple of days a week - and it is a 36 mile round trip. I just took some wipes, wiped and sprayed myself with nice smelly stuff and no-one commented on any sweaty smells! The kids I teach would comment I can assure you!

    after a bad night's sleep I didn't get up for my run this morning and just felt too tired this evening to run, so I have turboed. Revolver, which is much harder than I rememberedimage

    buttercup - if you are focusing on bike then running 5 times a week might end up being too much - and that is the way injury lies

  • Yeah tbh MC it's probably going to end up being 4 days but will give it a bash so to speak image

    Cake that could happen image

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Maths, I don't think that would work for me. Methinks I must be a sweatybetty. image

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