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  • Bwahahahahah DS! So on my day off I decided just to htfu and get out the door (have to say it was a close thing this morning my CBA was off the scales - think the work thing is annoying me more than I choose to acknowledge most of the time) 1hr 20 run in z2 over the Hathern hill and back down through muddy lanes and home again in the sunshine and wind.  Made feel a lot better! Runs are good for that image


  • I crawled out of bed and in to the gym. 30 spin which was ok, but the run straight after was terrible, I just gave up after 12 minutes. admittedly I'd only had 5 hours sleep but still...

    Must try harder!

  • I did a little run/walk this morning.image

    My hip feels a bit sore but nothing a good massage and stretch can't sort out.

    Planning on a bit of everything for training this weekend, only 2 weekends to go before my HM which will be done as run/walk to ensure that I can keep up the cycling.

  • well done everyone on the training

    had a manic day but did get 1hr 20 on the turbo - just a z2 session as I didn't have the energy for a sufferfest 

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Well done on the training everyone!

    Steady - my HM is in two weekend time as well and I'll be doing it with run/walk as well. But I have no longer runs anymore as off to see my bf this weekend and then next weekend I'm off skiing.

    So, as my leg didn't give much jip today I decided to go for my run tonight. Got near to two miles when hip flexor started to go numb and jar when putting right foot down. Had to abandon the run and walk 1.5 mile to home. image

  • oh no mikasa that is a pain - do you know what is causing that to happen?

  • TheDanTheDan ✭✭✭

    Evening everyone! I may have overdone my slow run today (10miles in 1hr 28) starting to regret it now though as I'm pretty stiff, 

    mikasa, I know it's not an instant fix but have you tried strengthening exercises? I found it helps my hip no end

  • When my Hip Flexor was playing up, the physio had me doing a lot of core stability work, focusing on lower abs and glutes.... lots of exercise ball stuff, and superman type work... helped a lot... the HF problem was a symptom of me not engaging my glutes and abs properly and hence overworking HF... a good check is to lay on your stomach, bend one leg at the knee to right angles, and slowly lower the leg to either side in turn (by just a few degrees) while putting your hand between your hip bone and the floor... you should hardly feel your hip bone move, and if there is any movement, it should be equal on both sides.... mine was very clearly not even.

    lets be honest.... its all prep for an Ironman on my 100th birthday
  • Another 3 miles in 25 minutes today. Felt strong and could of carried on forma bit so will look at extending next time

  • Been quiet as been away for a week in Nerja on the Costa del Sol. Managed a couple of steady 3 mile runs, a couple of 14 mile rides, and a 40 mile ride after discovering a bike shop hiring out shiny new Trek One 1.5 road bikes. Didn't do much swimming as the pool was freezing and the sea was too rough every time we decided to give it a try. Been painful having to come back...

  • Hi everyone! I've been on half term 'holiday' which was just as hard as being at work but more fun with the boys. I've also gone crazy and cleand my disgusting oven and finally put up a shelf (OH not so good with a drill) A I certainly know how to live!

    mikasa you sound like you are having a rough time (having read over last couple of oages) - sending hugs.

    whaich are he HM that folks are doing next weekend? I am attempting Tunbridge Wells but I am no where near my pb time from last year! Just got no speed anymore!

    hope you are all well and training is strong. Thinking about doin a mini event at end of April to ease myself back in to things- havent been on my bike since September so think a sprint tri will be beyond me.

  • hi all

    DB - welcome back! Nerja is quite nice and there are some great places inland round there

    Emma -cleaning the oven, that is something I avoid!!

    manic day so had to miss swimming and only had time to squeeze a turbo in, shame as it has been so lovely outside.

    Just glanced at the pile of marking that needs doing before Monday image have an interview next Friday though and was pleased to find that I don't need to squeeze to get into my suit trousers!!image

  • Yay well done on the suit MC! I've gained half a stone during this marathon training season - not fair! Oven was awful And I was cooking for friends so shame pushed me to clean it!

    Curently marking A2 papers! image

  • currently marking AS maths tests on sequences image

    mind you if I get them done now I don't have to do them tomorrowimage

  • Fingers crossed MC is that the place you were talking about earlier? 

    2k swim in my new togs image was going to turbo this afternoon but fell asleep on the couch apparently I was more tired than I realised!

  • Done the A2 I'm now about to start the AS! Yippee!

    you obviously needed the rest buttercup!

  • Done the A2 I'm now about to start the AS! Yippee!

    you obviously needed the rest buttercup!

  • OopsOops

  • yes, it is! Although I am not sure what the job would be exactly as it has come about through someone passing my cv on rather than me applying for an advertised job, so I will go and see what is on offer (f they offer me anything) - no idea about salary either. 

    buttercup - sometimes you have to listen to your body and sleep! Wish I had had chance for a nap this afternoon! Well done on the 2k swim

    Emma - to be honest you could probably get round a sprint without having done much biking so long as you aren't hoping for a good time! Well, I did last year! (and the year before) it does make the run feel hard thoughimage


  • busy day for me, sauna while the daughter has her lesson, then public swim afterwards, there was no one in the pool for the first 10 minutes so I did a quick 15 lengths bad fc, before playing in the water with said daughter.  Then the rest of the afternoon trying to reroof the field shelter for the ponies.  My legs hurt going up and down the ladder.

    If the cat wakes me a stupid O'clock tomorrow morning I'll consider getting the bike out depending on the weather.  Its a howling gale out there just now.

  • 40 miles on the bike today, felt amazing, really glad to be out there again after my lack of training.

    In need of a serious snooze now though - might have also developed an addition to beef jerky.

  • MC - Aye, we're big fans of Nerja. We've fallen into the habit of going there every year, this is the fourth year we've been now, though we'll probably be going back again during the Summer. Discovered that Spain is a much nicer place for cycling too. The roads are in better condition, the weather's nicer, and despite expecting the worst from the drivers, they seem to be considerate and patient with cyclists. Normally the missus is a bit wobbly, unstable and nervous on her road bike over here, yet in Spain she was confident and happy, with a completely uncharacteristic lack of whinging going on.

    Think we've decided an annual "winter training camp" is in order...

    Back to proper training today though. We'll be heading down to the gym this evening for an hour of cardio and weights, followed by a decent swim. Now need to stick to getting the miles in out on the bike too, which will be interesting with the change in climate! Determined to get it done though, so will make it happen. Big kudos to anyone who's been out getting the miles in

  • Oh EP that sounds hideous! (The mraking that is not getting fitter)

    just finished my AS assessments but lessons not planned yet! image

  • Hi Gang, some good training going on, I myself went for long run yesterday after complete rest for 2 weeks, managed 9 miles at 10' 17" pace but I am now paying for it, my back is killing me found it difficult to sit and struggled to put my socks on this morning so it looks like a trip to the docs. image
  • Great effort Razor, I hope the doc can offer some reassurance.

    Good morning all. image I had my 1hr 30min Fink prescribed bike ride on Saturday. The saddle's not quite right yet, but I think I'm getting there with it and came back with less soreness than I was concerned might happen - so that's good.

    Some entirely rubbish but totally committed germ decided to move in on me yesterday and mess me up, so longer run didn't happen - but medicinal cherry pie did. 

    Week 8 of Fink starts here...

  • Hi Razor, Exactly the same happened to me a few eeks back, I saw a physio who massaged, twisted and contorted me while I sobbed, turned out my hips are in an odd position due to many years of being beaten up on a rugby field, because of my hips my back was working harder than it should be and eventually after a 10 mile jog decided to give up, on my next visit the physio put me through a bit of a workout, he got me doing planks and pelvic thrusts, and made me do it every day, (well expected me too) and I am pretty much ok a month on, I didn't do much of the plan he gave me but I do when I feel it twinging, I also do a lot more core stuff, mainly pushups and sit ups (I know its not propper core work).

    DS hope it passes through quickly, I can feel a chest thing happening, trying to keep it at bay with fruit and vitamins image

    Keep up the good work teachers image

    I am starting to pannic a bit about the swimathon in less than 4 weeks, swimming tonight for as long as poss ha

  • mikasamikasa ✭✭✭

    Good training and marking going on!image Hope everyone had a great weekend.

    Razor - sorry to hear about your back, hope you get it sorted out.

    Re: my injury, I've never had something like this before. It feels like a trapped nerve at the front of my hip. Funnily enough, it doesn't give me any gip whilst cycling but if I'm sitting and trying to lift my knee or move my leg, it feels uncomfortable and not right. Not really sure what to do about it. Off skiing this weekend as well...image Will try to do some stretching tonight, see if that help and maybe a nice bath. 

    Unfortunately, running might be out this week because of it and I really wanted to get another 10 miles done for the Runhub 50 mile challenge plus I could have done with another long run before HM. But there is no point trying to aggravate it by trying to run too early as proved on Friday.

    On another note, my trip to Toulouse was beautiful! Weather was warm and sunny and it was soooo relaxing. We poottled on city bike around the city, stopped at cafe's, went to the market, watched the rugby and Finland winning the bronze in ice-hockey, ate at a restaurant that only served steak and you had to queue to get in,walked around the japanese gardens and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I want to go back! image


  • oh razor sounds like you have done something nasty there, take care, hope you get it sorted soon.

    mikasa - Toulouse sounds nice image

    DS - hope you get over your lurgy.

    JP - OMG - you are right, not long till the swimmathon!! And I am skipping swimming tonight - tired and grumpy and sorting out stuff at home. A bit headachy too - just from the first day back at work I think. Did have a nice 4 mile run this morning though imageEarly night and up early for a turbo session I think


  • Razor - I'm just back from the osteopath-  I had a similar problem develop last Thursday after 8 mile run. Hot water bottles, gentle but frequent stretching and ibuprofen as a start. Have you got someone sports injury/osteopath you could see. Unless you hav a very sport understanding doc I often find I'm just told to rest. Luckily new doc at the practice is a cyclist so pretty understanding.

    im resting today after pb at parkrun sat and 18.5 hideous miles yesterday. How the hell I'm going to manage 26.2 I have no Idea! Less than 6 weeks to go!

    ooo where's the swim author? how far? Very exciting!!!!image

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