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  • Silver Trucker - I've been going to go swimming all week, but still haven't made it. My local pool does the lane sessions first thing, and I've been adamant that after the night shift this week I was going straight there. I found though, that every day my bed has won out over the swimming pool. Strange.
  • ST..........It's been a long time since you have  been  swimming, now dont forget you will need a cosie and a towel.  lol  image
  • ST - enjoy the swim!

    Sounds like everyone is doing great with their training, or at least their plans! 

    Steve - i have to confess that all my friends think I'm completely nuts doing anything at all! That's why this site is so valuable. I don't know anyone else who runs, swims or cycles. I am trying to pursuade my youth club to do a 5k charity run though. We had the Mayor come and speak to us this evening about his Teens Unite which supports teenagers with cancer. My youngsters are considering it image

    Today was my long bike ride. Smidge was in nursery and I didn't have to work so managed 2 hours on the bike image Went up and down the canal and pretty slow but really nice. Much better than on the roads. And the mars bars were much nice. Might try jelly beans next. What do you guys drink? (other than sherry of course)

    Oh, and the other good news is that my daughter's school has started a lunch time athletics club. And the teacher has promised to look out for any opportunities for her to run. She is really excited.


  • I have to report I did nothing yesterday, but have made up for it today.
    Did 20 mins cycle then straight to x trainer for 10 mins, repeated twice more for a 1.5 hour workout, although I did keep it at an easy level.

    Feeling knackered, so will put feet up and just do some more wrist /arm physio exercises this afternoon.

  • Gosh, you've all been busy! Had to cancel my runs this week, still feeling yuck and coughing up all sorts of goo. image Tried a brief bike ride this morning but not 100% at all. Debating a swim later.

    Yersinia - a quick run after a short bike is a great way to get the feel of what it will be like going through T2 at your event. As a few people have said, even a 5k bike then1k run will be of benefit. Almost see the bike bit as a warm up for your run!

    Chilibean - I drink either SIS Go or Lucozade Sport powder Orange flavour, unless i'm going to eat something during the ride or run in which case I drink water or half flat Coke half water. Tastes better than it sounds! I tend to eat either Powerbar or SIS Gels, or Powerbar Cookies and Cream bar if I need a whopping hit of 900 calories!

  • JEvaNsJEvaNs ✭✭✭

    ST - Am waiting patiently for the swimming report...

    Chili - great news about the athletics club and other activity plans going on! You are a driver for change!

    SF - People generally seem impressed by the idea of triathlon in my social circles - even the friend who's boyfriend is thinking of doing a deca-Ironman....! My husband is disapointingly blase about it - I'd like him to be a bit more impressed when I say that I've booked onto two spin classes and plan on doing a 5k run after each of them. After all, I pretend I am impressed when he says 100kg on the chest press machine is too easy for him image

    Only training round these parts has been Zumba, and I'm not counting that. Yes I got a bit sweaty, but it wasn't what I would consider exercise. It was weird because it's like dancing, so I got into it a little bit, but then I realised I was in a gym hall in my gym kit and not out on the razz in my sparkly top with a cocktail on the side... Weird!

  • JEvaNsJEvaNs ✭✭✭

    Oh yes, drink!

    I am about to start experimenting. At the moment I don't drink anything on my runs or cycles, but I do drink water on a swim. Quite silly since when it comes to the event, I won't be drinking anything on the swim and lots on the other two!

    I've got some asda own brand orange stuff to try and some red powerade stuff too. I'm also going to experiment with homemade stuff (water, juice, salt), and have also heard about eletrolyte tabs that I am going to explore too. I started a thread elsewhere that has a load of ideas for other food to take on during races/training too. I'm going to be eating all sorts of delights over the next six months!

  • OMG no I mean OMG ( that's goodness Chilli imageimage ) Do you have to do the swim bit in Triathlons??? you can guess the swim wasn't the best. I did 30 lengths image 25 single lengths with a lot of spluttering image and about 30 secs recovery after each one. Then 2 1,1/2 lengths was trying to do 2 lengths but didn't quite make it image then I did it 2 lengths image I no I no it's rubbish but it's been so long and it's not like riding a bike imageimage I'm gonna have to put a lot more effort into swimming. Looks like my training plan is gonna change. Still going on Sunday to Tri club I'm just hoping that some one will take me under their wing and see me as a challenge.

    Gonna go for my brick session tomorrow 1hr bike 30 min run ( roughly 22k 5k ) that should sort me out image

    Water,lucozade sport, powerade, to drink. Eat porridge,toast jam,scramble eggs toast, 30 minutes before long stuff. I always always have pint semi skimmed milk and either banana or kiwi after training.

  • I am glad some other people have experienced the same as me! I think it got to me more the other day because I was suffering after an hour high leg cadence on the bike...bad timing!! ?

    On a happier note...two rest days in a row ?
  • Guys if you are thinking about a particular race for training you are going to find it very useful to take the same sports drink as will be at the actual race if practical to get it. Some sports drink can have a bad effect on your tummy and so if you can get used to it you won’t suddenly get tummy cramp or need the little triathlite’s room half way through the run. Always best to train with the same stuff you will be racing with.

    Sliver trucker I know the drink at Stratford will be gavtoraid (sorry for the spelling) as they have a sponsorship deal on with the organiser’s. Personally I think the stuff is disgusting image and will be avoiding it but you might find it quite nice.

    Oh and I always have a bottle strawberry milkshake, chocolate bar and ever soup or a cheese sandwich ready for after a long training ride. image
  • Hi Cake

    Are you on about my half marathon in March? Have you done it before?
  • image No throught you where down for a tri in May. Not yet down for half marafun but the night is young which one son? imageimage
  • Glad to hear someone else has to stop for a few gasps after each length of the pool! Went swimming this afternoon - managed 45 x 25m but hard work - got really out of breath, guess my poorly-ickness hasn't gone fully. But then, a new first - managed to get a nose bleed in the pool! Nightmare!
  • Evening

    Have to say the momentum on this thread is deffinitely keeping me going with my training plan!

    ST - So you survived! image Sounds pretty good since you haven't been swimming for a while.

    Ginger- sorry you are still feeling ill.

    Thanks for letting me know your drinks will experiment over the next few weeks. And I'll have a look at your other thread too Jevans.

    Have just come in from a run/bike brick. Really didn't want to do it (which is quite surprising for me!). Was feeling cold before I started and there is a bitter wind - not strong enough to stop me going out, but chilly enough to feel a bit miz. Since my duathlon is run/bike/run I thought that this week I would do a run/bike brick. Felt tough but my watch says i did pretty well on my time. There was an idot boy cycling down the middle of the road in the dark on a unicycle that really annoyed me, but other than that it was uneventful.

    Am a bit worried though that I might have a slight plantar fascitis thing on my right heel/instep. Been feeling tight for a few weeks and I've been rolling it with a golf ball. But this morning it was more of a niggle. Doesn't hurt now though after my run. Might rest from running for a few days and see if it will heal.

    My hubby is away tomorrow so I'm going to have a girly day with my four little daughters. We are starting with blueberry pancakes for breakfast image 

    Happy weekend everyone!


  • Cake, I think we are both way of the Mark cause I think your on about up north Stratford and I'm on about Stratford upon Avon lol image am I right?
  • The Shakepeare Raceway Half-Marathon
    Shakespeare County Raceway
    Long Marston Airfield, Campden Road

    Event website:
  • Hi Chilibean - I had Plantar Fasciitis in Autumn of 2008 when I first started putting in bigger miles running - horrible agony. image It was characterised by being much worse in the mornings, so yours may not be PF if its OK in the mornings (my doc told me that overnight the tendons shrink/contract so when you get out of bed in the morning they stretch suddenly and its like standing on a nail deep inside your heel, just in front of the ball of your heel) .

    I had to change my shoes to fix it (after having a gait analysis done) as they weren't giving me enough arch support (i'm a moderate overpronator) and they weren't giving me enough heel cushioning as I land hard on my heels. My funny narrow feet made finding some shoes tough, but finally settled on Brooks Adrenaline GTS and Saucony Hurricanes which have been spot on (I have 2 pairs on the go at once - I buy in advance of one pair wearing out, online, and get old models in sales for a cut price from sites like startfitness or runnersdirect).

    Hope you're feeling better soon, Chili. Why not go for a swim? No strain on your foot!image

    I decided to try to kill of my lurgy this morning with 1 hour on the Turbo - i've got one of those training DVD's so gave it a whirl - dead good! Hard though, but made it through a 55min mixed Flat/Hill climb session. It's a Rides one in Southern California by Endurance films. Anyone experienced any other DVD's like this that they can recommend? I fancy getting another for a bit of variety.

  • Hi all,

    Done my brick session today 18k bike 6k off road run image very happy felt good image the only down side was it was Bloody Freezing lol when I got back from bike I got a second hat to put on image feet felt better running to when they started warming up. Well worth it though best session of 2011 imageimage Tri club swim tomorrow well splutter image
  • ST - Sounds really good! image

    Seem to have gained an extra child and it is mayhem in my house. They are all rather grumpy considering all the fun things we've done so far - kids!

    Ginger - it is worse in the mornings imagebut not painful enough to stop me walking or anything. I have narrow feet too and wear Brooks Adrenaline. I haven't upped my milage but my trainers are a year old so have just bought a new pair in the end of the January sales. Am hoping that will solve the problem and maybe I should replace my trainers a little sooner.

    Also think that walking several miles the other week in unsuitable footwear didn't help.


  • JEvaNsJEvaNs ✭✭✭
    I'm also loving the momentum of this thread, though frustratingly I still have nothing to add. I'd like some of those blueberry pancakes if there are any going spare!

    ST - well done on the swim! I think improvement will come with grit and determination. I spent two months last year where I only went to the gym to swim (3 or 4 sessions a week), and did a lot of kick work to strengthen that element (which was the part I was getting so exhausted from). I used to have to stop half way when just kicking, but after six weeks I could do two full lengths all in one go! I also had one to one lessons (though they were supposed to be group lessons, I was the only one who turned up!) which really helped to pick up the other aspects of my stroke that needed improving, and you'll probably get that from Tri session...?

    Oh - talking of swimming, I did sign up to a 5k swimathon in April... YIKES!!! 10 weeks to double the distance I can swim. And I also have to practise swimming in a 50m pool too.

    I also hope to be putting a new tube in my rear bike wheel tomorrow. Then Monday will hopefully be the start of a better week.
  • These forums really help me cause when I'm not feeling to good and want to skip training I just come on here and read what other people are doing and that gets me motivated. image
  • Hi Gang ..........................I am feeling really lethargic and weak at the moment and I can't put my finger on what is wrong with me image. Normally I like my training but at the moment I've got no motivation to get out there and do something, maybe I'm coming down with something. I last ran on Wednesday  (3.5 miles)  and felt totally crap but my time was nearly as it usually is.

    ST....well done on the brick session and on your first swim/ splutter image lol.  It will all come together in the coming weeks.

  • Thanks Razor51 image hang in there we all hit weeks were CBA image just got to forget last week and start tomorrow fresh and do which ever you like best swim/run or bike. I'm sure you will get your mojo back soon image
  • Cheers ST   I will see how I feel in the morning.image
  • JEvaNsJEvaNs ✭✭✭
    Razor - get some good stuff in you (fruit, porridge, juice, smoothie) and just see how you feel. Keep well hydrated - that seems to have helped me (she says, having had a week off...). But listening to your body is just as important. My husband says 'he told me so' when I went out on my bike last weekend. He said "you should rest if you have a sore throat". 3 miles in and I knew he was right, but I was out at that point and wanted to get on with it. Silly me.
  • well 2km done the pool today.. got a long run of 11.5miles planned for tomorrow and need to fit a nice bike ride in somewhere.. help!
  • JEvaNsJEvaNs ✭✭✭
    Bootsie - jealous of your run. Did you do it?

    I tell you what though people. I had to change the tube in my rear wheel today. I nearly considered quitting triathlon because of it. What a pain in the a$$! The tyre was so tight to try and get off - after 20 minutes I stomped off in a strop and husband did it. But it took him a while too. Then I couldn't get the flippin' thing back on! I tell you, if I have any problems in a race, I'm screwed. I'd rather DNF than spend 2 hours getting mighty frustrated and angry! Stupid bikes.

    Off to glam up my swimathon page now in the hope I can get some lovely sponsorship and make swimming 5k seem like a good idea. I'm starting to quite regret it if I am honest!!! I have other things to think about!

    Lovely weather out today though. Hope you've been able to make the most of it. I'm giving myself one more day for recovery and then off to the gym tomorrow. Can't wait!
  • I would prefer to chew of my own leg than DNF imageimage
  • Well I did it I met up with my local Tri club for a swim image it was well worth it spent hour and half in pool and an experienced guy helped me out and gave me some tips and drills to do. I now can do 4 lengths image not bad considering on Friday could only do 1 length. Did 800 meters altogether and I'm knackered now lol did most of swimming with float between legs so arms took the brunt of it all. Bring on next week imageimage
  • Well  done  ST....................The English channel next ??? image
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