Starting again from the beginning!



  • B2B I agree that you would need to train your brain for an effort like that

    It seems like you obviously had set your mind to this and your training was aimed at completing the task. Obviously you done the physical work but as you say its as much mental as physical

    I can only like it to when I done my first marathon the mental approach was different from a half. I knew I could do halfs I had done dozens, but to go twice as far required a different mental approach to carry on past the physical limitations in a way

    Thanks for posting I admire your approach and your plan. You obviously studied  reports of ultras and others approaches to get your mind set right. You done the physical training and your mindset helped you endure. The mental thing I would imagine is the biggest thing, I am sure at some stages you were basically knackered but your mental toughness helped you carry on

    If I ever decide to do one I will come to you for advice !! You picked your race in advance, you done the prep and the physical work over a long period and you carried out your plan perfectly. You must be proud - I would be - I bet the feeling on crossing that finish line was one of sheer joy.

    So what next a trot around a smaller race - a marathon maybe ?  lol !!

  • Well gonna have a couple of weeks off to rest up my OTHER hamstring image and my foot then yeah maybe a smaller race image you know, just to get back into things!

    I knew that I hadn't really done enough training and to be honest I blagged it!

    I think I could do another one anything up to an hour quicker with some proper training! Now I know what to expect it has mentally made me tougher.

    Is there a marathon that we could all get to?

  • Not sure where we all are to be honest I am on the West Coast of Scotland Helensburgh about 25 miles north of Glasgow


    B2B if you blagged that one your powers of blagging must be excellent. I can see you are quietly planning another one !!


  • ha ha ha not quietly enough apparently! image Helensburgh?! Ah! Erm im nearer London!

    So far we would need something in say, Manchester?

  • What about the Keilder Marathon?  In Northumberland on 6th oct....looks really beautiful 

    says the woman who lives in Somerset and cleary wouldn't be ready for any kind of marathon by Oct image 

    managed 2.6m yesterday, tried to put in some efforts up the hills.  Felt ridiculously heavy in my regular shoes but trying to transition a bit more slowly after 'toegate'!


  • Still a little far for me I think image It would take me about 5 1/2 hours to get there!

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    I'm in Devon, and also not ready for a marathon in October?!?

    I do think, however, that the idea of us all trying to get together for a race of some sort is a fantastic idea. It would be absolutely brilliant but I do fear there's a little bit of a distance between 3:30 and myself?

    Off to coach the kids at football in a minute then off for a run to de-stress. Want to get a nice easy couple of miles in tonight rather than tomorrow with Saturdays park run looming...


  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    2.21 easy miles tonight. Might have been a little further but thanks to Garmin not playing ball for the first few minutes I may have missed a bit.

    Month - 53.93

    2013 – 181.59


  • Gammineez - I have a few hills in any route I do around here and at first thought I would be better going down seafront for a flat course. However, although I struggle still its getting easier. Also no way would I be ready for a marathon in Oct

    We do seem to be scattered around the country !! B2B if you decide to do the West Highland Way Ultra I live right next door to the course !! 

    JR - Would be brilliant to all meet up for a race agreed

    To be honest this thread keeps me going as I run alone but love to come on here and talk running !! A virtual running club !

    Broke the 50 barrier for the month and also recorded my fastest pace since my "comeback" 4.31 miles at 9:33 pace.

    Not brilliant but considering this "comeback" only started on 19/3 over a 2.6 miles course at 11.17 pace I feel as if progress is being made.

    May - 50.82 miles  Would love to get to 70

    2013 - 94.02

  • Finally managed to change my pic that me at the finish of the Brighton Half. Now that's one marathon I would love to do !!

    B2B Heres a good link for you - some great scenery in these races.



  • Not ready mentally for a Marathon for a good few years - would be good to meet up at some point but am on the Essex Coast - so we sure are a wide spread.

    A hard run today, not hard in effort, or speed run, but hard just in the act of placing one foot in front of the other, decided rather than running 5 today I would cut it short and do 2.5 miles very easy. Did 2.5 miles out and then  and then retraced my steps.

  • JR - You have 4 months! image All joking aside I think meeting up would be a lot of fun, as 3:30 said this thread has turned into more of a running club than a thread!

    This could however be a logistical nightmare with us covering most of the UK! image

    Ok we have Devon, Somerset, Hertfordshire, Essex, Helensburgh...

    Sounding to me like it would need to be a weekend plan! Bit of running, some food and real distance or event in mind

    Thanks for the link 3:30 i shall have a look!

    Just had a look for Brighton...

    "Entries for the fifth edition of Brighton Marathon, which will take place on Sunday 6th April 2014 went live at midday on Tuesday 16th April and are still available.  There is no ballot, once you've entered, you have a place!

    Entries were priced at £50 for the first 2,000 entries, which sold in four hours.  

    When the 2,000 limit was reached the price of entry increased to £60.  The price will stay at £60 until 5pm on Friday 14th June when entries will close.  (There will be no price increase to £70 as previously advertised.) 

    Don't miss out - we promise Brighton Marathon 2014 will be our best race yet!"

    There is still time 3:30..........image

    Grendel - Everyone has hard days but those are the ones that really count! Everything told you not too and you did it anyway! That's a win in my book! image


  • B2B - Have done the half at Brighton twice, then it was announced there was going to be a marathon, so, I pre registered.

    Then it was announced that due to police problems it was being delayed a year and by then we had moved up the road. But would still love to do it and its on my mind especially watching the highlights on you tube. I love Brighton as a place

    When I started the comeback lark and before I was on here properly I thought I may get to another few halfs one day but now am fired up to do more !! - No not an Ultra !! .. yet ... not any time soon ... well may have a look in a few years ... maybeimage

    Grendel - I go through it sometimes invent excuses not to go out and actualy think I hate running .. but push myself out and it all comes back. I don't think I have ever been so enthusiastic as I am now

    Keep on Keeping on .......



  • hmm the "fling" has my attention! But not sure as its in April and the NDW50 is in May!!! 

  • ha ha ha 3:30 - I can see you a year from now looking at your first ultra

  • I have a friend that does that one would be a beautifull course !

    Out of interest what distance is considered an Ultra ?image

  • I would say anything above 30 miles would be considered an ultra -

    A very easy 3 miles done this morning, 10 minute miles on the way out, 9 on the way back (wind) Planning on 10 tomorrow and 6 Sunday (or more likely 6 tomorrow and 10 Sunday)

  • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha the first cracks are showing 3:30! image

    Well it depends on how elite the person is that you ask! Technically the term Ultra is used for any distance above a marathon yet a lot of people would say that an ultra starts at 30 miles as anything under is just a long marathon! 

    Some will tell you that 50 miles makes you an ultra runner, others will flat out scream that it doesn't count unless its 100 minimum!

    I think im in the 31 mile way of thinking. My reason for this is I truly believe that most marathon runners on the day could hit close to 30 miles if you just didnt tell them to stop. Mile 30 seems to hold a real mental wall for a lot of people and if you have a look over some of the ultra results you will see this is when a lot of people drop out. This also translates in time to about another 1.5 hours on your feet and I think that can be really telling on the unsuspecting

  • Grendel / B2B

    Yes I guess anything over 30 that's what I was thinking but as B2B says up to 30 is just a long marathon

    As B2B says its mental toughness and way of thinking. 26.2 is known as the longest race and biggest test of endurance to most people so peoples mindsets are locked into that and at the end of 26.2 they think they could go no further. Alternatly if the 26.2 had never been "invented" and all marathons were the norm at 30 miles I am sure people would still do them and not stop at 26.2

    A lot of this running lark is all a case of mental attitude at times - 

    Changing subject - do you guys take vitamin supplements at all ? I used to take Glucosamine when I was running seriously and marathon training


  • I don't -take a supplement - could probably do with eating more pasta etc.

  • I use elete water after 2 hours of running but mainly I should just eat better! image

  • been looking at race to the stones image looks very pretty

  • I agree that race to the stones does sound good

  • hmm 2 months time.....62 miles this time....should I?

  • Depends how you recover from this race to be honest - how is the foot?

  • Still a little sharp but im convinced its tendinitis now. Lots of ice and rest should fix me up good!

    Just got and email from my other brother in law.......registered interest for Tough Mudder next year! image We will have a team of 1 gym nut, 1 nut and 2 ultra runners! image

  • Ooo Tough Mudder, you'll have a laugh with that one image

    How about The White Peaks.... One with a choice if full or half, beautiful and about halfway....

    getting ready for The Two Hills race on Monday, 

    happy Bank holiday people!

  • Where is that one Gammineez?

    3:30 - 95 is just too far yet but I will get there! image

  • Made me tired watching it !!


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