Starting again from the beginning!



  • The white peaks is by Matlock on the south Peak District and 2 hills is in Devon...

    theres always Comrades B2B....image

    actually, there's an ultra across Dartmoor I think and no pass port required!


  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Morning everyone.....

    Bit disappointed this morning as I have woken up with a sore throat, swollen glands and a nice headache....and a bit of a cough......thanks kids. To make things worse, it's a cracking day, the sun is out and the next four Saturdays i'm busy image

    Not enough to stop me running (unless it decides to go south to my chest) but enough to persuade me to give the park run (and the 25 mile round trip) a miss and see how I feel in the morning (unless i'm dead I will run).



  • Hope your feeling better soon JR and back on the road

    I am just back from 4.31 slowest of the week but run on tired legs so just wanted to get miles in that's me on 59.44 for the month - so hopefully break 70. As a nice surprise found £5 on my route

    B2B -I had to laugh at the Ultra runner from Holland in that videio moaning about the hills on the WHW saying in Holland it was all flat and he wanted to get back home !

    The name of the race gives it away a bit ie Highland !!

    Have a good bank holiday weekend and keep on keeping on !!

  • A nice easy 6 miles today - will do 10 tomorrow and am actually looking forward to a very very gentle stroll along the sea front - Happy Bank Holdiay

  • Hello all,

    had a variable day which included totally losing the plot and having a full on shout at my father in law (which, incidentally, he deserved).  However, I did just run my fastest 5k in some time, so there's a silver lining image

    Here's hoping that you've all had a calmer day than me and here's hoping that tomorrow is better than today... 

    happy bank hol all

  • Hope alls OK now Gammi - well all like a good rant and rave now and then

    Grendel was down seafront today full of day trippers ice cream parlour and chippie having a field day !

    No run for me tomorrow - two days rest now

    Keep on keeping on



  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Thanks 3:30, back on the road this morning. Glands and throat felt fine all day yesterday until around 10pm when I started feeling it again. Decent nights sleep and woke at 7am to a glorious day outside and no way, sore throat or not, I was staying in bed. Enjoy the rest!

    After clearing my throat for the first half mile....and realising my garmin had completely frozen!?!....I set off into the hills, ran around a blind corner and......WOW! standing in front of me was a young, but larger than I thought it would be....deer!....... all of a sudden it turned and bounced, literally, up the road and into a field. As I reached the field entrance I stopped by the gate, wondering quite how it had managed to clear this metal obstacle with such apparent ease. It stood in the field, not more than 30 yards away, staring at me, before turning, and proceeded to 'bounce' into the distance. Not sure what kind of deer it was? Maybe a roe due to the white behind but it was quite dark in colour so may have been a sika?

    Anyway, on with the run and after about 2 miles I started to feel much better and settled into a nice easy pace. Before I knew it I had gone the long way and clocked roughly 4 miles with the shortest way home another 3 at least. I've done the route a few times so 7+ miles logged for this morning. Quite pleased with that.

    Just realised that's over 60 for the month!

    Gammineez, hope all is well, nothing better than a run to de-stress.

    Month - 60.93

    2013 – 188.59


  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Thanks to garmin forums frozen forerunner is now unfrozen....all I had to do was hold two buttons for 10 seconds and it rebooted.....wish i'd known that earlier but never mind, i'll know if it happens again.

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Good luck tomorrow Gammineezimage

  • Cheers JR, congrats on that 60 by the way...


  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Nice easy 3+ miles with my youngest on his bike for company. Pace varied considerably throughout, from a nice steady 9:30m/m to a sub 5 sprint finish at the end up to 11:30m/m while passing dog walkers etc. Was very please while running around the 9:30m/m mark to be holding an easy conversation with my lad.

    Onwards and upwards

    Month - 64.06

    2013 – 191.72

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    330, I see you've joined the monthly challenge eh? Nice one!

    Grendel, B2B, Gammineez....... if you fancy joining in it's a great motivational tool and a great bit of fun. RW v Fetch each month. Here's the link, take a look...

    Monthly Challenge

  • JR

    Yup signed up but as Jason did tell me I should have waited until June !! as no miles logged for May, but can add my 59.44 (so far) if need be. Hopefully be out tonight again. Gonna stick with my 4.3 for this week at least see how it goes and maybe up mileage next week but will see. Will do a 5 Sat as a longer run see how that goes

    As you know I am looking through you tube to watch any running related stuff and came across this. The Badwater Utlra in Death Valley these guys are nuts. The official website give entry detail and its extremely very tough to get into


  • I've joined - didn't expect it to allow me to do May - but it did - put me in 12th place!!! 2th a couple of days to go (although can't run Friday)

    Took yesterday off as I am trying to take it easy this week - am hoping to do a ParkRun on Saturday but that will be dependent on my Mums good will!  as they will have to look after junior.

  • I will put my May miles in a bit later

  • hey guys hope you all had a nice break!

    Missed a bit so I shall do my best to catch up!

    Gammineez - There is no way im ready for Comrades!! Well done on your 5k!

    3:30 - Getting the ultra bug bad eh?! Yeah Badwater is a tough one! Remember the book I finished about Marshall Ulrich? He did Badwater 4 times in a row while pulling an ice cream cart with supplies in it!! image Have a read about Marvelous Mimi I am following her on twitter. This weekend was the 145 mile race of the grand union canals, she finished and then turned around and ran back!!!!!!! I think her crew said she finished the 290 round trip in 69 hours!!! Monster!!!

    Its so hard for me to not run at the moment but I need to just restrain

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Nice one 330, i'm hoping to hit 70 for the month with a couple more runs, the challenge has certainly kept me interested this month. Out of interest are you running at the same pace and distance with each run? Good luck with the 5 miles. 10k soon?

    Super Grendel  image, that'll boost the RW average! Could we have a top 10 runner on our "beginners" thread?

    B2B....some of us are still on a break...image. I have half term off work. And as for's the recovery going this week? Are you having to chain yourself to the sofa?



  • JR - I feel like a caged tiger! This sunday will be my 2nd week off and I am going to have to restrain myself on my first run! I really didn't think that doing nothing after an Ultra would be this hard ha ha ha!

  • JR

    Yes mostly the same pace, route, and distance, think  that's been my problem over the years just going out and running most runs at same pace. Actually got down to 9.30 last week !!

    Having said that still a lot slower than I was of course but sure I will get faster (I better !!) Also hoping to hit 70 for month, feel knackered today will see how I feel later


  • B2B -No not really just amazed at people doing them, your good self included.

    Maybe one day - its obviously a different mind set than that required for a marathon and I don't know if the old grey matter is up to that yet !!

  • No run for me tonight.

    Feel very tired. Looking at this year and after making a determined effort to make a comeback I have run March 10, April 27.6 and so far May 59.44

    Think I may have pushed myself a bit hard this month. But will be out again tomorrow also going to get some Wellman vitamins and an iron supplement. Its ridiculous I am feeling so guily about not going tonight as its only 3 days I have had off !!

  • Hello all! 

    Sounds as if you've all been racking up impressive monthly mileages.  I will have a proper look at that link you sent through JR, I only manage about 12m a week though on a good week...

    Two Hills went well, still don't have the results but I think I finished we'll within an hour.  

    1076 feet of climb up Meldon and Nattadon Hills. Total distance 3.45 miles (5.5 kilometres).  Feeling it today mind, especially as the kids wanted to walk up the second hill again!  Disconcerting to be running with some under 10s and for them to be so blooming hard to catch  image 

    haytor heller next then 

    be patient B2B, it will be worth having a break in the long run even if it is frustrating

    happy running all


  • 3:30 - its strange, its a hard push when you are training to get to an Ultra but now I have done one it feels like I have always been able to. Does that make any sense?! Im guessing a bit like you guys during your marathon days, knocking out great times for fun! Maybe its just the runners short term pain memory kicking in! image

    Thanks Gammineez I'm trying really hard to bide my time for a better running future!


  • Cool! Im now an official affiliate for Xero Shoe! If you want to grab some and give me a little cash then please click the banner on my blog! (I wont post it here right now as I am pretty sure this could be counted as spam! 

    Hopefully I also might have some free 2XU compression quad guards for review!!

    Lovin it! image

  • Oh, I've been wearing my xeros! So far I love them, not a blister in sight.  Have been forced to run in them once or twice after Small but no official runs as yet...

    Maybe running an ultra is like childbirth, hormones kick in and you forget how hideously painful it is.... Then you find yourself doing it again image

  • ha ha ha ha ha ha you could be right! It seems the more you run the shorter your memory gets for how far it actually is!!

    Just put up review of my new Earth Runners as well for the sandal minded! image

  • Just updated my mileage on that Fetch challenge thing - moved up to 11th place - but with guys like Admin Liz at the top end - how do you compete - I know Liz, she is running another marathon this weekend!! has I think run 9 so far this year inculding 4 in 4 days towards the start of the year!!!!

    Oh well - nice easy warm up this morning - followed by 20 times 1 minute off a minute recovery followed by a warm down - 6.03 logged on Garmin - at one point, just one point I felt as if I was flying - in my head I looked like Steve Ovett in full flow!!! and then the moment past!!!!!!

    B2B I read your latest review - can't afford a pair of those earhting sandals but may just pin an earth strap to my ar*e to be on the safe side.


    Happy Wednesday all -

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    B2B, while you’ve all this spare time on your hands maybe you’d like to join the RW v Fetch monthly challenge? We could sure do with an ultra runner on our team! I’m with 3:30 on this ultra stuff. I love reading about others amazing exploits and while I often think about what it would be like I remind myself that I’ve not yet run beyond 15 miles, and that was about 2 years ago? Nice dodge with the spamimage

    3:30, looking at the last few months your mileage has increased nicely but as you say quite quickly too so maybe that accounts for the same paced runs? I think sometimes we feel ‘safe’ running at the same paces for each run? I’m running 4 times a week now and my schedule usually follows this pattern… Monday – Easy run, Wed – Hard run, Fri – Easy run, Sun – Long slow run. It doesn’t always work out like that and if I get any niggles or feel under the weather I tend to run 10 – 10:30m/m and keep it safe, then when things are going well just let myself go a bit .The biggest thing I think I’ve learned is to enjoy (maybe not Wednesdays) my running and the simple fact that I can run. On the other hand, I think my biggest problem is trying to remember this is a lifestyle, not a 5 minute fix so take your time, it will come. With your experience, you know that much better than me! I maybe should have had a day off today as got a tickly cough but thought I’d sweat it out a bit.

    Gammineez, don’t worry about how many miles you log, the challenge is for all. You will be made very welcome. There is a thread Monthly challenge thread to keep you motivated. The guys on there are great. Jason d and drunkeneuphoria both run well in excess of 200 miles each month but still take time to give me encouragement. The ‘Two Hills’ sounds tough! I already have an entry form printed off for the Heller and it sounds great…..

    “Approx six miles of off-road running , get a breath of real fresh air, run on the wild side across Dartmoor”. I see the race has filled up for the last three years! The only worry I have is that I’m taking my youth football team to a local tournament that day and we have a strong team, reaching finals in most competitions. This means I could be there most of the day, possibly in the sun, before having to make a 30+ mile journey to the start line. I think I’ll email them and ask what time, roughly, they expect to be finished. It’s certainly my kind of event.


    Right, up at 7am on a day off to go for a nice 4 mile run. Shortly after starting I came across another runner a few hundred metres ahead. He was going around the same  pace but just a little quicker. The gap obviously increased a little but once I hit mile two and dropped 30 seconds off my pace I very slowly started to reel him in. As I closed it was all too tempting to put in a surge and pass but I was very quickly approaching half way so I kept pace, turned around and put in another 9:30 mile before easing slightly to 10 for the last one. Legs felt very heavy today and definitely not 100% but as there’s nothing on my chest I don’t see any reason to not run. I will, however, make sure I take on plenty of fluids.

     Month - 68.06

    2013 – 195.72

  • ha ha ha Grendel sounds like a plan!

    JR - Yeah I think I might join and start it on monday as that's when I can run again. Not a bad dodge eh?! image 

    Well done on all your running guys! Im getting itchy feet here!

  • hmm think I might use Cardiosaurus as my username for the monthly

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