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    when you wear trainers kevin you have cushioning to take away the pain of heel striking. when wearing flip flops or running barefoot heel striking is uncomfortable or painful, forcing you to push off mid or forefoot 


  • JR - Yeah im sure I will be fine its just pre race jitters! image 10 mile eh?! NICE! This thread is turning into a testament to hard work and perseverance! image 8mm is a large difference in leg length! No wonder you were having all the problems before seeing the physio! I wonder if anything could be done about that naturally? Probably take sooooo long though and more than likely pick up some injuries along the way. So glad you found something that works! Yeah I agree with the business side, its all about money at the end of the day. The only exception being barefoot studies, tough to sell no shoes! image

    Kev - Not heel striking when walking?! *scratches head* ok you got me! When walking you should be heel striking?! JR is spot on on the difference for when your running but the walking shouldn't really change? Maybe your flip flops are too big? image

  • Perfect running weather here in Helensburgh nice and cool and overcast. I wanna go now but work is getting in the wayimage

  • stoooopid work! image

    Its looking like it gonna be a really hot one at the weekend *gulp!* image

  • Will be back later - just need to catch up a bit - To be honest I can't really offer much advice re footplanst etc - BUT am having an easier week so have listened a bit about having rest days!!!

  • image wait wait wait!! The weather is hot, Grendel is taking rest days, what the hell is going on?!??! imageimage

  • The last few weeks have been quite tough - have now done 12s, 14 and 2 times 15 - in terms of distance I am miles ahead of where I needed to be - so for once I am going to listen to you lot and drop back a bit before building up further.

  • nice one Grendel! You will be hitting 20`s soon enough! Your marathon time is gonna be a good one! I think after my 24 hr in september I might start working on getting a little quicker at marathon and 50 in preporation for next year. I want my 100 miles in 24 hour buckle! image

  • Oooft !!

    Temperature has sored here in Helensburgh

    But after last weeks disaster mileage wise got to get out so am off for a very slow very easy 5.

  • WK2- R1 done image

    waited till sun went down though Lol.

  • Went for a 10k run yesterday (8am and it was still hot), but my knees started to hurt right at the end. It's a rest day today but worried I wont be able to go out tomorrow as they still feel sore? imageShame as fitness wise I felt great and wanted to go further! I'm pretty sure I did a negative split too as I definitely felt stronger in the second half? (which never normally happens). Might change back to flat insoles instead of moulded ones just to see as I haven't had problems with my knees since having supporting trainers, and that's the only thing I have changed recently?image

  • Lisa - if you had no problems before why change to the moulded insoles ?

    Boy was hot out there, very slow hot sticky 5 miles

    B2B - you got an ultra in mind for your 100?

    Grendel your doing well your gonna smash that marathon

  • Funny you should say that lisa,

    My knees have been aching every day since starting running again with these support trainers and moulded insols.

    Just put mine down to early days though, was thinking of taking some glucosamine. 

    Be interested to hear how you get on after swapping the insols back.

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    Lisa, are you wearing moulded insoles in supportive shoes? If so, I reckon I can tell you why your knees are aching! Supportive shoes should not contain moulded insoles or orthotics as far as i'm aware.

    I think neutral/cushioned shoes are what you need.

    330, know how you feel, bring on the rain lol

    Nice easy 5 miles this morning, much cooler and even upped the pace a little over the last half mile. Felt very comfortable despite knees aching a little after Sundays run. When I finished my legs genuinely felt like they were still full of bounce.

    July - 19.72

    2013 – 285.84

  • Lisa - JR is of course perfectly correct. Years ago when I thought about it I read that insoles or orthotics go with Neutral shoes.

    Supportive shoes provide the support themselves so if you have moulded insoles you are basically getting "double" support. I would go back to wherever you got the insoles if they advised buying support shoes and to use moulded insoles - and tell them they are wrong and get your money back

    Wish I had gone out in the AM as well JR !! Still will be out tonight slow pace. Giving myself a target is another little insentive

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    Good man 330. I have found my race to give me the incentice to put in the training. Taunton 10k, 29th September. Etched onto the calendar, diary page blocked and phone diary also. This race will not be missed. I have asked a coupke of lads in work and they are up for entering too. I have a feeling my wife will also want to do this one as shes run it before. 

    B2B, I think the difference with swimmers is they are taking part in a non impact sport.They have all the cushioning they need from the water. 

  • Thanks for the info, yes I was given supportive shoes (as per previous trainers which I found great) and moulded insoles. Having another rest day today to give knees slightly longer to recover, then going to go out tomorrow with the normal insoles back in. If ok I will take the insoles back and get my money back.

  • I'm thinking of taking my shoes back and going for mizuno nutrel ones as i had them before and no knee prob's before,

    Also looking into the pose method of running as well, (looks better than chi) dont think i can do pose running in suported shoes anyway.

    Don't know what to do for the best at the moment, had an ice pack on my chin last night and tonight as i hurt it yesterday( only on week 2 ) as well?

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    lol Kevin, how did you hurt your chin? That's a new running injury on me! image

    Seriously though, your shins will get better. Keep the running easy, don't push it. Ice every hour for 20 minutes any evening you can and as long as it doesn't get to a 7 or 8 out of 10 on the pain scale then just keep plodding away. If it gets worse, then seek advice form a professional.

    If you're really worried then please don't be afraid to repeat a week!

  • Just Run wrote (see)

    lol Kevin, how did you hurt your chin? That's a new running injury on me! image

    Seriously though, your shins will get better. Keep the running easy, don't push it. Ice every hour for 20 minutes any evening you can and as long as it doesn't get to a 7 or 8 out of 10 on the pain scale then just keep plodding away. If it gets worse, then seek advice form a professional.

    If you're really worried then please don't be afraid to repeat a week!

    Lol spelling error but seriously though I wished i knew mate,

    I have was heel striking a lot last year, and suffered shin problems, so i have been consentrating on mid foot running this time round and seemed to be doing well, maybe im to high in th air and hitting the floor to hard or something i felt something in my shin yesterday after landing on my right foot.

    The pain hurts when i touch my shin bone about half way down, exactly the same as i had last year but only got it then after going over a mile continious running.

    I really need to learn this pose running technique.

  • Good luck with the 10K JR

    Just a 5 for me tonight slow. So hot here but chipping away at my target for July

  • Hey all glad to see you all going well!

    330 - not sure yet on which 100. Kinda reading a lot of race reports at the moment and trying to find a "flat" one image

    Kev - pose is great and a lot like chi to be honest. they both use gravity and a strucured form instead of power. Your shin pain sounds abit like you might be leaning to far foward? On your next run try just running a little bit slower and lean back just a little so you are landing a little more mid foot instead of up on your toes. Try shortening your stride, it will feel really strange but stick with it and let us know how it went. image

    No running for me today but I did get my final email for Race to the stones! 

    Im no expert at this thing but you can tell this is their first one! Lots of edits, no sports nutrition provided and PASTA at half way?!?! Not really sure how I feel about eating pasta after 30 miles of running knowing you have another 32 to go?! Appitite is no exactly what I would call normal after covering 30 miles......well, first time for everything I guess!

    I shall see how I feel on the day and might bale on the pasta if another option is available. Also they have said water and squash!! Where is the diluted coke at?

    This one is going to be interesting! image 

    All grumbles aside, im really looking forward to it I already packed my bag yesterday! image

  • b2b

    Thanks for the advice, im already landing midfood though, ill try a bit more upright posture on tonight's run.

  • Just RunJust Run ✭✭✭

    Stick to what you know B2B, last thing you need is a dodgy tummy half way round!

    Kev, B2B is spot on about shortening your stride. Try to skim over the ground (like the Kenyans) rather than lifting those feet too high (increasing impact).

    330, it was much cooler here for my early run yesterday and this morning. The sun just coming into play as I finished my run. Nice steady 5 this morning in 47:50. Was aching a little today, not pain but a bit stiff. Might actually get round to having a stretch or two while i'm at work.

    July - 24.72

    2013 – 290.84



    B2B above is a link to a whole thread about the race. Good luck with it will be interested to see your report. You seem organised and focused sure you will do well

    JR - I intend to do 12 Saturday but will try to be out the house by 7.30 - 8. To be honest I am wondering if I am pushing the distance to much and maybe churning out non productive miles - the reason for this is the fact I am doing 5 during the week and my long run is over 100% further

    Wonder if there is some kind of "rule" here ie long runs should be x% over the length of your standard run ?

  • I hope there is no rule!! image I go waaaaaay over the recommended 10% increase! ha ha ha Most Ultra runners train up to 30 miles then take part in crazy miles like 100, 150, 250 mile runs! 

    With that said when you are building up its a little more productive to only increase your longest run by about 10% because it means that you can heal quicker. Thats the real reason people stay with the 10% because not many people want the agony of the next week! image

    Thanks for the link 330 im on that one already! image

    Starting to get restless glad im going for a 5k walk/run with "mummysaurus" tonight! It will stop me from legging it! image

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    330, i am doing the same at the moment with my long run now double my weekday runs. I did read sonewhere about your long run being x% of your weekly total, will look again. The 10% rule is followed by most but various tests prove no difference in injury rates between those ramping it up and those sticking by the book. 

  • Interesting that there was is a calculation stating the long run should be x% of weekly total would like to find out what that is

    But then again when did we runners ever stick to the rules !!

  • I stick to the rules! image

    6 mile, 3 miles, rest rest rest rest rest rest 50.8 miles rest rest rest rest rest 3 mile 4 mile rest rest rest rest rest...............62 miles......

  • Never gone by those rules either - although never quite as extreme as B2B!!! - Did once increase my weekly mileage from 75 to 100, followed by a further 4 or 5 weeks of 100+  - There used to be a writer in Running Magazine called Geoffrey Cannon who did a monthly column (Running Mag was Runners World's predecessor) he used to advocate that the weekly long run shouldn't make up more than 50% of the weekly total.

    Well the easy week is going well, I ran the fastest 6 miles I have run in 14 years this morning, but I did it as a fartlek session, which consisted of a warm up mile, followed by 4 miles alternating either a minute or two minutes fast with a minute steady but not slow recovery, then the 6th mile I ran 7:48 which I was quite please with.

    What I am not going to do this week is a longer run will aim for 10 miles before doing a longer one the following week  –and I am having a rest day Friday. (yeah I know you have all heard that one before)

    I have followed the thread over the past week but not really had much to add, I don’t know anything about this shoe or that shoe, I just buy whatever is less than £30 off the internet.  

    Touch wood the Achilles/calf thing is going although I have continued to sellotape the frozen Capri sun to it now the ice burn has started to go. (going to sleep for a couple of hours with it on was not the brightest of things to do. What I am doing now is tucking it into my sock (under my trousers) sellotaping it to my leg and then driving to work with it on. I take it off when it has melted.

    Haven’t seen the weather forecast for the weekend but I am hoping B2B that it is a nice frosty autumnal day!!! For the race to the stones. I think Admin Liz from the fetch/RW challenge is doing it after doing 30 and a 26 mile runs back to back at the weekend – Even with your efforts B2B how can we compete with stuff like that!!

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