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  • 330, just been looking at protein shakes before reading your post! Decided because of the vast cost involved in these things that chicken breast and fish will shoot to the top of my grocery list. They pack loads of protein and cost a hell of a lot less.

    Nice one Beachball image

  • Up at 7 for my run look out window - torrential rain - I am sick of this rain every single day now at some stage. I am off at 12 whatever the weather

    The green area in front of my house is literally under water the ground cant soak up anymore water

  • Have prepared some quorn mince to have with pasta and potatoes in the week. Doc said it is good enough for Mo!  Also off to Boot's or H&B to get some casilan, which is a protein powder. Struggled to run 2 miles this morning.  Will take all you guys advice and incorporate a Monday and Friday rest day as per my schedule.

  • Wobble board purchased , does feel that it will strengthen my weak ankles and calves. Had a really good session last night putting in a lot of work on glutes, leg side lifts , crab walks , working with the rubber band etc and most importantly stretching. Thankfully every thing feels fine this morning so will be banging in a lot of work till next Friday at least.  I feel I have caught the injury just in time and running through would have clipped me for a long time image


    I do think Grendel that sometimes quality rest is as good as running a 10 miler. Obviously resting every day is not an option image but you know what I mean. 


    Have a good one everybody and keep putting those miles in . I am so jealous but I will be back sooooon !   

  • /members/images/329046/Gallery/IMAG0163_(427x640).jpg


     Not sure about the health benefits of this but....image

    1 x large supersoft tesco sub

    4 x streaky bacon

    2 x cumberland sausages

    2 x fried eggs (I did use frylite lol)

    .....and Firecracker sauce.

    Ds, keep posting, running or not and let us know how you're getting on.

    Grendel, please don't think i'm having a go but last October you ran 127 miles. By December you'd put away 244. I think things have just caught up with you and hope you take the rest days. Good luck with the quorn mince. 

  • Yum Jaffa cakes use to love them...

    musical instruments - yep just a few including Clarinet, saxophone, keyboard, and Bass Guitar And 6 string acoustic guitars but not well 

    BB well done for beating the cheese toastie 

    330 hope the run went well 

    JR your Sub looks awesome, the most unhealthy bit of that would actually be the roll image

    DS good luck with the wobble board, they have them at the gym but I haven't tried one yet, might have to have a try

    Grendel I am glad the doctor at least listened to you, hope the added protein works for you, one of the best sources of protein is egg whites they are the only food that is 100% protein, did they do any blood tests? I am no doctor so feel free to ignore but one really common problem for tiredness is lack of iron or B12 you can lack in B12 if you are not absorbing it from your food because of bowel issues like leaky gut. 


  • Grendel thanks for the Caislan tip off seems a lot cheaper than the whey powders I have seen advertised (Did the Doc mention it?). I will going down to boots to have a look, we haven't got a H&B in town but will look on net. I used to use slim fast as a recovery drink, seemed to work (got a lot of goodness in one shake drink)

    DS take your time make sure that injurys healed

    B2B - The sub looks food but I don't think we will see Mo advertising it on TV any time soon !! Are you thinking of packing a few for the Thames Ultra ? lol !!

    Mummy yes went well if rather wet !! feet squelching most of the way round

    9.3 miles for me - 91.26 for the month (praying for one run where I don't get soaked through!!)

  • Got the cassilan in Boots, cost £9.49. Am going to take tomorrow off. Then Monday too so two days rest. The to follow the last 15 weeks of my schedule. Will have an ear ly night and lie in. Will go through what the doctor said when I have time to sit down at a PC rather than this tablet.   I think I got so caught up in that fetch challenge I missed my break over Xmas. And yes I should have listened to you guys REST!

  • Casilan is half price (online only deal) with Boots @ £4.74. Might give it a try myself. Trying to decide when to run today. Had a lie in this morning as it was torrential early. Still hammering down so feeling like 330 at the moment. 

  • Well I did it, a complete rest day,  no running tomorrow as per schedule, and a lie in until 9:30,  have got a full 3 months to train for Halstead plus 11 days in may to reduce mileage. Happy days.

  • Wow this thread has moved on loads since I last looked!

    Hope all the injuries heal up! I have a wobble board too, defo good for strengthening!

    Well done on the 10k Mummysaurus!

    Think I lack protein/iron. Gonna look at getting some vitamin tablets to include them in and give me a boost.

    Couldn't go out for Friday's run as I had plans, but got out today in the wind and rain and ran for an hour. 7miles done. Shins playing up to start with again but settled after a few miles.

    Went to the local Up and Running store the other day to get some energy gels/sweets ready to up my long runs and keep me plodding on. Hopefully give them a try next weekend.

    Happy running peeps image

  • 330 - the sub was JR`s but....hmm yeah I could pack some! ha ha ha image

    Grendel - really glad to see you trying out some rest days, I really think they will help you out with the quality of the runs rather than always bashing out the miles. 

    Well no running for me again, might have a look at my kit and try a test pack image

    Getting excited now! image

  • Well done Grendel. The rest will certainly do you good. Here's to quality over quantity.

    Glad the shins eased up Lisa, good luck with the gels.

    12.29 miles for me today. Nice and slow, added a 1 minute walk break at each mile to break it up a little. Easy week for me next week, then three weeks building again before two week taper.

    January - 86.88

  • B2B - lol !! sorry about the sub thing !!

    See that JR re the half price caislan am gonna give it a go as well. Well done on 12 today !!

    Lisa well done on getting out in the rain

    Grendel - hop you feel better for the days off

    No run for me today 21 miles to go for my monthly targe of 112.5

  • Well done Lisa for braving the rain

    Grendel interesting about the casilan, will be interested to see how you get on with it 

    JR nice running 

    330 Good luck with the months mileage your doing really great

    Just a quick run for me today 2.5 miles 

    January 36.18

  • 14m this morning, it was a bit grim, 126 for the month. curled up in a snugly warm dressing gown, with no intention of doing anything for the rest of the day now 

  • Well done for getting out there in those conditions booktrunk and JR and Lisa too.

    Took the cassilan last night in milk (with chocolate nesquik) also taking an iron supplement and metatone so three supplements.

    Looking back to when I was probably at my fittest, I was taking a protein supplement then, not casilan but tablets - I got them from Holland and Barrett - they were tablets by Joe Weider I seem to remember and I was flying at the time -

    Last time I ran a marathon I over trained massively and should have recognised the signs - and as the doctor said to me Friday, training methods have moved on and I haven't - he was more interested in what I was doing than the tummy problems but certainly gave me some food for thought.

    Quorn mince tonight on a couple of spuds should do me good - Also I noticed that baked beans are a good source of protein too - so will buy.

    Well 15 weeks to Halstead and following the schedul to the letter means a rest day today so guess what I took a rest day - and when I say rest  I mean I didn't go out for a run and run easy - I didn't get out of bed - I just laid there.

    At the end of the day I am running Halstead for a cause - my Brother in Law is suffering from Multiple Myeloma which is terminal - he is undergoing horrendous chemo treatment at the moment which is set to get worse - just to give him the opportunity of a few more years. So I really can't be to monay about me being a 'bit tired' when it is in my hands to do soemthing about it.



  • Sorry to hear about your brother in law Grendel. I am glad to hear you are listening to your body though and getting that much needed rest. It's during this r3st that your muscles repair and grow. I have a nesquik chocolate shake with semi skimmed milk after my long runs. Had pork loin steak last night with roasties and steamed veg. Hard boiled eggs are also good for protein. Chicken breast (fajitas tonight) are also very high in protein. I googled high protein foods a while back and now at least make an effort to get some more protein in my diet.
  • Mummy - thanks

    Booktrunk - Good run

    Grendel - Sorry to hear your news, nice touch running the marathon for the charity. Where can I sponsor you? I have looked it up but cant seem to find any protein tablets, all seems to be powders, tablets are easier but if it has to be a drink so be it. I love baked beans !!

    JR - Love fajitas !!

    Out again tonight, was dry to start, then the rains came  and windy as most of the route follows the coast road !! 6.4 tonight and 97 for the month, my biggest since 2006!!


  • 330, going great guns image

    Will catch up again tonight but a nice easy 2.83 miles at the start of my easy week last night.

    January - 89.71
  • Grendel - sorry for the news but good on you for doing something positive about it 

  • After two days off, and some protein - was back out on schedule this morning with a 6 miles - pretty nasty out there rain and wind and completely over dressed. 

  • Grendel - Did you go for the tux? image

  • ha ha ha oh dear, this was just posted from last years Thames Trot...

     This year has been wetter.......perfect sandal conditions! image

  • Sorry flying visit, will catch up later.............

    OMG so B2B you need to pack the snorkel and flippers, do I need some kind of hovercraft skirt for the car? If the temp drops by Saturday your going to need ice skates...............

  • ha ha ha my Oso could double up as skates image It looks crazy but im starting to really look forward to it now! Its just too funny not to give it a bloody good go! image

  • So this looks like the perfect place for me ! 2 years of back injuries and broken ribs and 8 months of pretty much no exercise to recuperate have left me in tatters where running is concerned.

    I'm going for my first run tonight - zero expectations just hoping to trundle round without breaking anything !  I need to lose 2.5 stone by March so long and slow is my plan although I might do a couple of 10k's later in the Spring (PB is 41.59 but that was three years ago  !)

    I think I'm way off the man-tights like in the picture !!!


  • Grendel - re that protein powder, I see it come in 250g box

    The dosage says add 200ml of water but doesn't say how much of the powder (I am only looking on web site) does it say on the box how much powder?

    Am trying to see how long 1 box would last if I took it once a day

  • BenjysDad wrote (see)
    PB is 41.59 but that was three years ago  !

    PB is actually 44.59 !! First post for three years and my typo struggles have started again already !! 



  • hey BenjysDad welcome aboard! image

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