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  • I need to do a 20mile in 2 weeks image, then I have Hastings half 23rd March, possibly another half the week after, then I have Brighton marathon on 6th April image. Other than my Achilles (which I'm convinced is from the hills on Sunday) the rest of my body feels good to go already! My Achilles felt a little better after icing them yesterday, so gonna do the same tonight.

    Well done Brad, you'll be running miles further in no time!

    Great Grendel!!

    B2b will do!! Been gently stretching and strengthening today too. Anything to recover!!

    Love seafood! As for nutrition, I'm still working on that??

  • Good on you Grendel but MacDonalds? I didn't think anybody bar my kids ate that!!image

    B2b - Sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. I do feel sometimes I struggle to get what I need and as I build up my mileage it will more than likely get tougher. No sugar here either but no grain? That must be tough.

    Don't mind food/nutrition, wherever it goes. Homemade curry with Quorn chicken and a naan for me at the moment. Fav veg is leek or spinach.



  • Lisa 20 miles in two weeks now that's my kind of race image Seriously hope the Achilles feels better soon, you have a busy few months ahead

    well do.  Brad and Grendel

    BB I was also veggie for several years, loved it just found it very difficult to eat out, still eat as little meat as poss now but lots of fish these days, I also don't add sugar to anything but I do use honey or xylitol I have now started making my own energy bars to use for when I get to do longer runs. 

    Enjoyed. A nice 3.5 miles with B2B tonight through the woods, very squishy in places lots of muddy bits 

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    Hi everyone, great to see the thread moving quickly. Will have a proper catch up tonight and add miles. Been on a project at work the last couple of days, had forgot all about it until Sunday evening.

    Went out for my 10k and a little 3 miler today (missed Monday) so will add those runs later to the challenge etc. Just a few days now until the grizzly so a gentle 3 Friday and then 20 miles of hills, mud, more hills and more mud....and a beach....and a climb that's called "the stairway to heaven". I reckon that may be steep?

    It was inevitable food would be discussed as we runners love our fuel. For me the list is endless, hence my waistline. In the healthy list a pork loin roast with steamed veg, especially broccoli, lots of protein and goodness. Love curries....and gourmet burgers. Recently had a wild boar and chorizo burger with firecracker sauce, jackmans cheese, smoked bacon and chunky chips. love fish, smoked haddock a fav. And as for nutrition....i am miles from getting that right but do make much more effort with protein these days, and its very evident within a few weeks when I am.
  • Macdonalds is a once in a while treat which is why I can't go the whole hogg on the veggi thing - other than that I am eating loads of quorn as per the doctor and Mo Farrah -

    6.48 miles this morning - it should have been 3 times 1 mile but it just wasn't there today - but kept the pace rocking along a bit but may have a go tomorrow.

    It was a lovely day today though, certainly lighter although I was out from 5:05 - a bit frosty and very still - 

    Well done Mummysaurus  (what is the receipe for your energy bars please? )

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    Very frosty here too this morning Grendel, I wouldn't mind that recipe also Ms.

    Just reading an article on high protein diets being as bad as smoking during middle age. To be honest, I ignore a lot of advice given as every ten years its something else going to kill us all.
  • /members/images/787829/Gallery/cranberry_chia_bars_fg.jpg

     Cranberry Chia Energy Bars (Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free)

    • 1 heaping cup raw almonds or any other nut of choice
    • 1/2 heaping cup dried, pitted dates that have been soaked in boiling water for 2 minutes to soften (substitute dried cherries, figs or prunes for dates)
    • 1/3 cup just nuts walnut butter or nut butter of choice
    • 3 heaping Tbsp chia seeds
    • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
    • 1 Tbsp honey or pure maple syrup
    • 1/4 cup dried cranberry




    Makes about 8 bars or 16 squares 

    Place almonds in blender or food processor and blend for about 30 seconds or until nuts are fairly well ground.  Add drained dates, walnut butter, 2 Tbsp chia seeds, vanilla and honey/maple syrup blending until the entire mixture is well combined.

    The most important part of the recipe: you want to make sure that the mixture is sticky - if it is too dry, your bars will crumble to pieces and you won't be happy.  Add a touch more nut butter to achieve sticky consistency.  The sticky factor will also help adhere cranberries and chia to the surface of the bars. If the mixture is too wet, your batter will never gel into a bar (it will end up like a blob of cookie dough - yummy but a bar it will never be).  If you find yourself in the latter situation, you can add some dry nuts/seeds to the mix.


    Meanwhile, place a piece of wax or parchment paper into a loaf pan (the pan should be in the range of  8" x 4") such that it hangs over the sides.


     Remove mixture from blender and press it into the base of the loaf pan using the back of a spoon or other implement to flatten and smooth it down.

    Sprinkle the surface of the mixture with cranberries and remaining Tbsp of chia seeds, pressing down gently with your fingers so that they adhere to the surface.


    Fold both sides of the hanging wax or parchment paper inward, one at a time, over the mixture and gently press down one last time with your hand on top of the paper resting over the mixture.




    Place the pan in the fridge and allow the mixture to gel somewhat into a singular slab for about 1 hour or so.  If you wish to accelerate the process, you can pop the pan in the freezer for 30 minutes or so and return it to the fridge.


     When you're ready to slice the bars, simply remove the pan from the fridge and gently elevate the slab by pulling up on the ends of the wax/parchment.   Slice the slab into bar shapes or squares as desired.  Store any remaining portions in the fridge.   ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I can't take credit for inventing these guys so here is the link to the website where I got the recipe from there is some amazing stuff on there all yummy so please enjoy!!!!Inspired Edibles


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    Super, thanks MS! Will check out the link later.
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    Chicken fajitas for tea, with real mayo, none of that lighter than light rubbish! I LOVE fajitas and enchiladas too....mmm

    Great race time Lisa, well done you. I have my 20 miler this Sunday, it may take a while lol image

    Beachball, I will ask my daughter what she thinks of Quorn but I am wary of substituting my food for something I may not like. My wife has had me try all sorts over the years, some good, some bad (in my opinion). She made us a slimming world spag bol one night with homemade meatballs. Sounded great. We sat down after a hard day at work, had a taste and decided there was just one thing missing.....taste. My brother and I nearly came to blows with him trying to pursuade me that lighter than light mayo tasted just like the real thing...arghhhh!!!! Nooooo! And as for tofu.....image

    There are some foods which really need banishing from my diet but at the same time how far do you go? I'm over three stone lighter than I was in my twenties, haven't touched a cigarette for 6 years (maybe longer?) and live a much healthier life than ever. If I get rid of all my vices I could still get hit by a bus tomorrow!

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  • Forgot it was the big race on Sunday JR! I am sure you will blast it!

  • Thanks sharing the recipe mummysaurus, they look great!

    Good luck for Sunday JR!! Also, life is too short to take out too much yummy food from your diet!!

    Went out for a gentle run/walk/stretch 4miles tonight, brain and lungs wanted to go further but Achilles said no, so 4 was a happy medium. Going swimming instead tomorrow to see if that helps?



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    3 years, 5,737 posts.....Happy Birthday SAFTB!!! imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

    Lisa....try stair drops. I will find a link later. They really help your achilles 

  • Another good run into work 3.3km 16:05. No walking to day. My thighs do feel the run. But it was good. Will take it easy on the way home.
  • JR - Wow I bet when you made you first post all those years ago you never thought the thread would still be going with all those posts !!!!!

    Good luck for Sunday as wel!! I haven't been out since Saturday - mixture of work and laziness defo out tonight. I cant be doing with all this one night run 3 nights none stuff either I do it or I don't !!

  • wow 3 years eh?! Ive been around for about 2 or so of them!! image

    Well done everyone for kicking away! I will have a proper catch up later after I figure out what im doing at work after 1 day holiday and 2 days sick......91 emails....gah! image

  • Happy Birthday to us eh? (mind I joined on the 9th of March so am a bit behind!!!)

    Well done to everyone for keeping the thread going and thanks for all the support and to listening to my various whinges and moans in that time.

    6.23 miles run today slooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!! 

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    Three years after this thread started and although I've not yet ran that marathon, and despite the fact my training has been on and off to say the least I think it's fair to say "starting again from the beginning" has exceeded all expectations.

    I never expected to meet, even if it is via the internet, such a fantastic group of people. Some have come and gone, some have come back again, some pop in on e in a while, some have kept this thread going.

    This thread is becoming a running bible. Advice and information, backed up by experience of anything from a 5k to an ultra. From stretching to nutrition, racing amd the inevitable injuries. I'm not sure id still be running if it wasn't for this thread and this weekend I'll be running 20 off road miles with my wife, who also keeps me going!

    Happy running all image
  • Happy Birthday to the thread, how fantastic!! I have drifted in and out during that time but always know where home isimage

    Ms - Those energy bars look amazing. Thank you.

    JR - Family feud over mayo, did make me lol. I agree on the taste factor. One thing I hear alot is 'vegetarian? I bet your food is bland?' This is just not the case though. You can throw chillis and peppers in just about anything to give it life.

    Lisa - Busy schedule coming up, I hope that achilles calms down for you.

    330 - Godd luck getting out tonight.

    Brad - Well done, nice progress.

    Nightmare last night. Got home from my run, attach the Garmin to the laptop....nothing, watch is completely dead. Thankfully the support forums are really good and it's a common problem with the 110, so managed to reset it eventually and didn't even lose my data....bonusimage

    Same 5k route (although the dead cat did put me off my stride for a bit) in just over half an hour.

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  • Nice post JR.

    All I can add to that is I hope there are many more birthdays for the thread.

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    Well done on the run to work Brad, good stuff.

    330, good luck tonight, the first steps the hardest but you'll be fine once youre out there.

    Consistent mileage being logged Grendel, well done.

    Beachball, Garmin forums very helpful and failing that their customer service is first class. Have come across a few dead animals along my routes, a rotting badger not the most pleasant site the last few weeks.
  • forgot to add the 3.5 we did the other night...

    Looking at my total for the year is starting to make me nervous! image Im going to be doing that in one hit....oh dear LOL 

    2014 - 95.1

  • If anyone can you can B2B!!!!!

  • Yay party!! imageimageimage

    JR I have read about stair drops. As my Achilles are already injured I have read to start lifting from the floor first, then when they are stronger progress to the stairs, so I will try just that!!

    Well done Brad! Wish I could run to work, but not only is it about 11miles away, its on unsafe running roads.

    You can do it 330!!

    B2b you'll be fine! Your ultra running is an inspiration to me!

    Keep running everyone!! You're all doing great!! image You definitely keep me motivated!!

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    B2B, we have faith in you!

    New shoes arrived today...


  • image

    I didn't get out - combination of work and home life, sorry guys and thanks for your kind words, feel I have let the side down. I am actually gutted, after 113 miles in Jan and only 65 in Feb I was hoping for another 100 at least this - so far 7!!

    Oh well cant turn the clock back just gotta make sure I am out tomorrow. But not impressed with myselfimage

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    That's 7 more than most people 330. As you say, you cannot turn the clock back so forget it mate. I feel just as you do when I miss my runs and I think it's a good thing as you're clearly determined to get back out there. Do you work at the weekend? If not, then now is the perfect time to start again!

    Have an appointment this afternoon in town so will get the bus in and run home afterwards. Should be about 4 miles. Will run in my new shoes today. image
  • No don't work weekends and like to get out for a longish run Saturday early

    Tomorrow my daughter has announced I am taking to to Brahead shopping centre at 9 so have to drop wife off at seven come back drive to to Braehead and back 50 mile round trip for a pair of trousers !!!!!! Then decorate !!

    But I will go out for my run on my return from Braehead - decorating will need to wait. Sick and tired of being dictated to

  • Thanks Grendel! I can only give it a go eh?! image

    Lisa - image thanks! image I really believe anyone can run an ultra its just a change of mind that is needed image

    330 - dont sweat it, Its just running! image I know its frustrating to not be able to get out and run but you can do other things that will benefit your training while not running. Start looking at your food and maybe do some light weights. A couple of dumbbells can give you a great workout and really help keep you in shape. SMILE! image 

    Shocking news, I actually went for a run...I know, I know! 10k last night, really slow to try and keep everything in the same place, both Achilles ache a little today but no hamstring issue so I guess the form practice needs just a little more tweaking but it was interesting to really concentrate for that long on just form. Not done that for a while, must do it more often

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  • B2B - yeah I guess it is but to me its really important, its something I can do for me, something I enjoy and want to do, to be honest about the only thing that gives me a sense of achievement !!!

    I can t even imagine the buzz of finishing an ultra must be euphoric !!!!!!

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