Thames Path 100

Further to the significant number of early entries into the North Downs Way 100, 50 and 26.2 mile races in August, we have established a new race for 2012 - the Thames Path 100.

The course is a point to point run from Richmond in South West London to the centre of Oxford, sticking to the Thames Path throughout. The course is marked, there are 14 aid stations and provisions for drop bags which will be transported to two of the stations and can be accessed during the race also. The race has a cut off of 30 hours and is limited to the first 200 runners (we are currently 15% full). Race date is March 3rd 2012.

All of the details can be found here but any direct questions can be put to me at .

Thanks a lot and thank you again to those that have supported the NDW races this August by entering early on.


  • Ooh ya bastad! In the nicest possible way of course. Can't do the NDW because of the proximity of the CCC this year but this looks good, only ten minutes from Richmond too
  • i entered last week. My first 100 miler, Might do NDW 50 as a training run or The Toad Challenge, on the same route as TP 100 , but in opossite direction. 90 miles over 3 days. £120  which includes food drink and accomodation in  school halls for two nights in September.
  • Ooooh - looks interesting. Haven't done a 100 miler before (only 95 miles) and course sounds great along with the perfect time of year and lack of requirement for full time support team. Going to keep an eye on entries and wait till mid-June when I've done a few more ultras and see if I can stomache more of them!
  • Just realised that at that time of year that there will be over 12 hours of night running - eek
  • Dan ADan A ✭✭✭
    Interesting...very interesting. Will have to decide between a fast road marathon or this for next spring. Might wait until after GUCR and UTMB this year before committing.

    Been running on sections of that towpath for fifteen years so I should know the way.
    Good luck - hope it is a successful event.
  • This sounds brilliant.  I'm not going to be able to take part as I've planned my running around building up to 100miles in June 2012, and I won't be ready by March.  If anyone is looking for a pacer to run the last 50 miles with them though, please let me know as I'd love to do it.
  • If I start training now, I might just manage it. Was thinking about doing the NDW 50 in august, so that might be a good training event for it, better get over to that thread and ask some questions ...

  • It's on my birthday......30 hours of peace and quiet. hmmm, though how long can an ipod last?
  • Oh dear Dustboy, you don't want to open that particular Pandoras box image
  • I only 'discovered' ultras recently and now I'm obsessed with completing one! The Thames Path 100 is the goal - but can't commit until I at least have done 50 in the late Summer/ Autumn.

    Only started running a couple of years ago, and very, very slow.

    Good luck with the training everyone. There is a song on the radio at the moment called 'slow down'. My favourite on the long runs!

    I'm on Facebook if you're interested.... Martin Maudsley


  • I've entered this raceimage it looks like a great first 100 miler. I am also doing the Toad Challenge as a training run - I did another XNRG event in April/May - the Pony Express - and can very highly recommend their events! Am entered for the Kent Challenge Hub in July as a 50 miler - anyone else doing this one?

    I am wondering about lining up some pacers - do others plan to use pacers for the TP100?

  • Hi Runningbikechick

    I am doing thames path and planning to use my brother in law as a pacer for the last 30 miles if everything goes ok. I am also planning to do the toad in september, but have not signed up yet , as i am injured at the moment, but as soon as i am back running i will be signing up. Good luck with the training and hopefully see you there

  • Having just ran my first 50 miler last weekend the Cardiff Ultra and loved every minute of it I think its now time to consider running 100 miles. With this event being 9 months away that should be enough time to prepare for this one...............I hope

     On a practical note to those in the know how important do you rate having a pacer at these types of distances ???? I have no idea

     Cheers lou

  • Thanks Wayne, yeah hope to see you at the Toads and hope your injury heals up soon, good luck with getting back into trainingimage

    That's a good question Lou, and one that I've been wondering about ... I think it sounds really sensible - for moral support and practical help - in a race of that length, and from what I've read pacers can be really invaluable. So I have started trying to line a pacer or two up. I'd really love to do it for someone else sometime, I think it sounds like a nice long training run with no pressureimage 

  • I've the West Highland Way in 18 days time. Will see if I can face any more if I complete this. Finally onto tapering now - phew.

     Never used a pacer as such and often they're not allowed till about half way. They are then more of a pychological boost than a pacer and most welcome. The pacer is really needed in the first 20 miles to get than speed way down.

    I've no idea how easy the route of the Thames 100 will - is it easy to follow? Coming from Scotland it would be a long way  to do a recce.

  • Hiya Hillheader - yes it is pretty easy to follow, I live in London so run some of the southern sections of it quite regularly and have started to check out the race route. It's mostly a beautiful and varied trail and, as the race site says, no real navigation problems. 

    Yes I've heard pacers are more about psychological support, lying by telling you how great you look when you look shocking and as if you're about to expire, and talking you out of dropping out of the raceimage I'm definitely going to use one for if can, I think it must be tough in the latter stages, especially with the lack of sleep and night time running in a 100 miler image It sounds like a big leap from 50 mile races to 100 miles. Can't wait though!!

  • Hi runningbikechick- I too am doing the 50 mile challenge in July- my first 50 miler! Did my first 50K in Feb (London Ultra) so now stepping up! Hope to see you there image


  • That's great Jennyimage I did the London Ultra too, it was my first ultra and responsible for my slowly getting hooked on them image

    Good luck with your training and hope to see you at the Kent Challenge image

  • Should be a good event, I am looking forward to there NDW 100/50/MARA races this August, I should be doing the 50 or the Ridgeway 85, unfortunately family commitments rule out the NDW100.
    In my experience, on an event that involves going through the night you are hopefully going to end up running with someone of the same pace and this becomes your running buddy/pacer and the aim is to keep each other going. Running through the night on an Ultra is something that you may find OK and you just tick along and don't fall under the spell of the sleep monsters, and when the sun starts to come up you start to come back to life (anti vampire is how a friend describes it). The hours of 2am to 5am are the worst as your body really wants you to sleep, being in the best physical shape you can will help, but it is a lot about mental strength as well, and not dropping your guard. Other than that, train hard and race easy, Just my 2 pence worth.
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Right. Seriously considering this as my first 100. Website looks very professional, entry fee very reasonable, but can my legs do it! Hmmmmmmm
  • Mr Immune I've personally not run all night though I have left for work at 5 in the morning numerous times and always love (when it happens) the sun rising. Anyhow for me this is a massive draw the thought of running all night a must do experience!!!!

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Right, I'm entered!

    Louis, night running is a surreal experience. Mind wanders all over the place! Awesome.

    Just the small matter ofbtraining now to hit the 30hr Target time!
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Just reading through previous comments and Mr immune gives very sound advice. I share your thoughts exactly re the sleep monsters!
  • eeeeeeek i`ve entered too.image

    whats the longest training run you need to do before it. sort of like a benchmark.

    also is my previous longest run of 30.00miles at 8.34pace any use on this sort of race preparation.

  • My biggest problem with entering this race is trying to persuade the wife that I'll be OK. Just completed the WHW with wife (and others) as support. She was brilliant but scarred by the physical and mental anguish. Doesn't help when at two checkpoints, she saw 2 runners collapse unconcious.

    On the flip side, being a bit slower than previously, I managed to run through 2 nights without any sleep problems. Speaking with various others on this and other events, they agree that sleep is the least of your problems. You'll be tired / exhausted but not sleepy.

    Wondering about doing this race without support. Will the checkpoint crew be able to manage things like popping blisters? I'd also need to be set up to change shoes and top at the bag drops at least.

    An essential item at each check point needs to be milk! Found it brilliant at settling a dodgy stomach. Strange.

    Andy, I'd try to get up to at least 40 miles, ideally 50. Try find find a 50 mile ultra for the Autumn? Good pace for a 30 mile run though.

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    I'm aiming for 50 along the TP in January and a few other long ones.

    Will the checkpoint staff be able to pop blisters? Christ, I don't thing anyone would go anywhere near my feet during this run!!

    The sleep thing is just surreal. I did the 24he thunder run last summer and I'm sure I was sleeping some of it. Adds to the fun don't you think?

    As they say, if it was easy then everyone would do it.
  • Hill header, the advice is much is much appreciated. i have yet to do a night run due to lack of confidence. i have done a run/walk 5:1 od 5 an a bit hours in duration. what point would you say a night run is the next step in training. also i have a 40miler in september hopefully yhis could be a usefull 40miler experience ready for the thames path 100. your thoughts appreciated no matter what they are. Thanks.

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Andy is your 40 in sept the ultra peaks race or the high peak 40? I'm hopefully doing that too.

    I wouldn't push for a big night run till early next year. I like the night sections, I strangely enjoy it when it gets dark, you want to stop and the doubt creeps into your brain and you ask why the help you signed up for this race! It's them I get some music on and try and get myself into a good pattern till sunrise. Useful to train with a head torch though, as can be a bit strange especially in pitch darkness. That's one thing I'd make sure you spend well on. I've got a petzel tillage plus and its really effective but think there are some newer ones our now
  • Mr F the 40miler is the High Peak 40. ye it`d be good to see someone there like yourself who has soom been there done that type experience.

    okay i`ll leave the night run for a bit then.image

    although i remember when i first got my vibrams delivered as soon as i got home from work i went straight out on a night run of about an hour in duration. and yes it really was magical. Very soon after that run, literally the morning after i bought a Petzl Tikka head torch an ent on a few Fell runs in the dark. this was all last winter though, so it was the only way to get runs in. loved it though.

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Just looked at the hp40 website, its dreadful!
    Any idea how much entries are? I should be free that weekend
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