Mental illness and running



  • X-post Frodo. 

    I don't have anything particularly profound to say but this seems like a good idea ((((Frodo)))) 

  • *wails*


    I wasn't a bad bear image

  • SCaz told you off so you must have been a nawty bear! 

  • Thanks for the hug, ((SOLB)) but it's funny, even with all the sadness and difficulties of the last month, I've not felt half as bad as I did back in June-July time. There was clearly something very much up with me then - I can see that more clearly now image

    I don't think you've been naughty, Bear. Or that your drunken posting was at all bad image
  • Bear wasn't very naughty.  I'll probably forgive him in about 2034

  • Very tired but happy.
  • 2034 - that's less than two hours time so that's not too bad!!!

    Thanks Frodo.  I certainly do have to make keeping going at work the No 1 priority.  I do know that if I can get to point where I'm able to enjoy things outside of work more though - that it can make keeping going at work a bit easier.  The crucial thing is for me not to get more depressed when things don't work out.  Glad you're doing better now. 


  • As someone who ended up going off work (and still off) I'd definitely try sticking with work as long as possible; being off in a way makes depression worse.  Not that I could stomach work at the time but I'm wishing there was some less stressful option - the same now really

  • Yes, I would agree.  I'm sure I would be worse if I didn't have work to go to.  All of this means I should actually good about being able to go to work tomorrow.  Easier said than done - but it is vital for me to cope as best I can whilst I'm there.  It must be difficult for you once you're off to make it back - assuming the job's still open - or finding work again if not.

  • Yes that's pretty much the stage I'm at now - need to go back but don't want to start at the stressy level of the full job

  • Hope you make it back to work Ok then.

  • I'm waiting for a volunteer agency to contact me - think I'll chase them up this week.


    Sorry your swim didn't work out SOLB, there's always another day to try again image

  • Night all

  • Urghhh I have loads to do today and not enough time to do it *bounces out of bed* had better get on with it then. Coffee anyone?
  • Is it really morning? Moo thinks morning starts at 6am and needs to be welcomed with the cry "mummy,mummy,mummy,mummy..........." until someone appears and gets him up. Mr by eck thinks I need to start planning on getting up at 6am so he doesn't wake little miss. Erm, that'll mean 9:30 bed for me and him being super quiet coming to bed.
  • Morning

    I think i spent more time doing stuff this weekend than i did all last week, Reffing, Painting and a Christening...

    back is in pieces today and got more to do when i get home.

    Happy Monday

  • Oooooh coffee please SOLB image

  • Solb,can I have a refill please?
  • How's the back Bricki?
  • killing at the moment - got more to do tonight as well

  • Sorry to hear that Bricki. My day starts to get a bit chaotic in 15 minutes. Oh well, I'll he walking about 4 miles...
  • Sorry to hear about the back Bricki


    In good news my baking book has arrived, plus I've managed to book to teach anatomy next week image


    Just to make things tough it's a revision session which means I could get asked about anything they've done so far.  One of my biggest source of wibbles is not knowing an answer, so this is going to be a challenge to me, but it'll be great to get back to having a purpose and feel like I'm doing something useful. image


    No opening pressies until tomorrow SOLB image

  • Has anyone else read Mind's blog post for today. Made me cry. So much of that I can relate to.
  • Do you have a link by 'eck?


    This is pretty good

  • Is this it by 'eck?

  • Yes. image I didn't sit in A&E but so much of it is sadly true.
  • It is the second one. It makes me very angry. Any hospital that left someone with a broken leg in physical pain because they were too busy, or laughed at a cancer patient whose hair had fallen out because of chemo would be hung out to dry
  • Indeed image


    Just found it on my news feed, I thought I was subscribed to Mind


  • I'm not looking at the blog cos it'll make me sad and cross but sadly I'm pretty sure I can guess the contents!

    I have fantastic news. I only have one more session with Vicky then I'm freeeeee. Vicky says there's another way of working against the OCD that's particularly helpful in people with a trauma background. She is going to have a chat with Sally to see what she thinks about adopting it moving forwards as both Sally and I feel I'm making progress but that our meetings aren't helpful at the moment.

    I wanted my diagnosis formally changed (cos it's only been done internally and I'll be leaving the CMHT soon - woo hoo!) Vicky has said there are a few questions in the formal assessment that she feels would destabilise me too much. She is a specialist (head of profession) with 37 years experience in disociative disorders so she is going to write a discharge letter explaining the diagnosis and include an article about DID for my GP instead..if it's not too revealing I'll post it for you guys to read too

    I've just done some scheming to help SOLBsis feel special tomorrow image
  • image fabulous news


    Ooooh I guess it's SOLBsis's buffday too

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