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  • The reason I was being particularly dim over working out what SOLB stood for is that is shown on the article linked to from your first entry on this forum, which I read when I first joined.  I assume you were using the name in full at the time.  I've only just put two and two together and realised.

  • SC, M and S GF pork and leek sausages are very yummy, only found them last week. I like HC buns but think they should make them without the cross for most of the year, and just put the crosses on for Easter.

    I had a tiring day concentrating on learning some new stuff at work but it went well, just hope I can remember it all tomorrow. I did make loads of notes in my notebook in case.

    Positive vibes and hugs to all those that want/need.

  • Sounds really positive CJ image 

    I've never knowingly eaten GF anything, does it taste similar to it's gluten filled cousin or is it difficult to find nice stuff? 

  • Thanks for positive vibes CJ.  Let's channel some positive vibes into you remembering today's new stuff tomorrow.  I found out today that the meeting I thought I was going back to tomorrow has been put back a week.  That's good because I really need to do some reading up before it and I need more time.

    Trying to get into an unwinding for bedtime routine.  My mug of 'night time' herbal tea is far more appropriate than the bottle of wine I had last night.

  • Enjoy the tea LR and the sense of relief at the postponed meeting image 

  • Thanks.  Just unwinding with some relaxing new agey music as well.  Hope this works.

    Hope your change of meds goes well for you tomorrow. Really good to have you back on the forum tonight.  The 'blip' was a worry - glad that you've got a really good friend in Caz to re-assure us that you were OK.

    I'm on a running club run tomorrow night.  Anyone else out tomorrow?


  • Poor Caz, the message only said 'I'm OK' I'm sorry for worrying you all, I was a bit paranoid about communicating too. Much, much calmer tonight just for having a solution. 

  • Woohoo I'm home - had to wake up mummyBear for my spare set of keys as I forgot to swap my main set back from my shorts.


    Improv was mega-fun - exhausting but weird in that it flowed better if you didn't think too hard and focussed on what other people were saying or conveying by their body language. And quite often just spontaneous stuff is unintentionallt hilarious. I haven't laughed so much for ages image

  • Oh Bear that's such wonderful news. So so glad you were brave and had fun. 

    What did they have you do? 

    (Poor MummyBear) 

  • We did lots of games - it would take ages to describe even if I could remember but they just sort of made it all happen. We had all sorts of weird made up scenarios that we just went with and came up with stuff.

  • Sounds brilliant, and really creative. It was very, very brave of you to go - you must have been really nervous. I'm so glad it paid off. 


    Bring on the day
  • Glad things went well for you Bear - though had I still been around when you reported in I would have said 'What sort of a time do you call this?' image

    SD was saying last night do we have to find a more positive name for SOLB.  Well I think I've cracked it - the SOLB is fine, it's just what it stands for which I think from now on should instead stand for She of Lotsa Bravery.  What do others think?

  • Oh! This mornings post has disappeared.

    Morning all.

    Hope you win the battle today Bricki, we're all right here in your corner.

    That's very sweet LR but we're all brave! T.Mouse calls me solb the brave but I'm in awe of her at the moment.

    I've been doctored, she's very proud of me for fighting the demons so hard, asthma wise we are carrying on with the Fostair for another month, if it doesn't improve I need to take a tablet too. My notes have now been updated the incorrect diagnosis has been removed so no more battling to get people to listen image
  • Morning. My day off today and so lovely to start the day with so much positive happy postings. Bear, it sounds amazing what you did, its lovely to hear the fun you had. Well done. 

    Solb, from now on you are going to be in lower case from me. I'm hopeless at acronyms but I like LR's idea. My name was going to be just temporary until I thought of something more imaginative but its just stuck now and I respond so easily to Soupy. Some of my fb friends think its odd when a forumite refers to me as that. image

    Bricki - clobber em well. image

    I'm planning a run later today. My schedule says long run because I'm alternating Sundays with a long run and long bike ride, but I'm still a bit tired from Sunday so might have to rethink this. 


  • Just one thing else I meant to say - Solb, you can still be brave even if you think others are. Bravery is not exclusive. Solb the brave sounds good to me. 

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Morning all. Im finding it very helpful monitoring this thread at a time where I appear to be recovering from another great setback in my life. It's so refreshing to see people talking openly about mental illness and offering the levels if support that you do. I sadly work in a job where mental illness, depression and anxiety is very much on the increase but the acceptance of it is still dwindling. I'm not sure what I can contribute to the thread, but its just refreshing to hear other peoples dilemas, strategies and positive stories.
  • Morning mr f. You have already contributed loads with that article. It struck such a chord with me as stress was my trigger. I was made to feel totally inadequate at work for breaking down and that article has given me a new focus so thank you. And sometimes its just nice to chat, we don't have to be experts so please hang around. 


  • Soupy I'll change the case when I get on a computer image

    I'm still happy about Bear's big adventure. Guessing he's asleep having been up til 3 being too excited to sleep.

    I image your name Soupy image

    Mr F you don't need to make a marked contribution, even if all you do is grunt from time to time and help yourself to virtual tea we're still enriched for having you with us.

    Hope you really are recovering from the setback, I think its sometimes hard for people to understand how frustrating and difficult getting back on your feet is too.

    I worked in the same place for three years, I thought it was pretty open but I had an argument with someone who wasn't there in the middle of the open plan office. I was off for 9 months and when I came back people barely spoke to me. My team of 10 did the tea round over my head and didn't include me. I felt like quitting. Then one day someone had left his headphones plugged into the computer another colleague joked that he was hearing voices. I saw them clock me then burst out laughing at the mortified looks on their faces. It was easier after that, I answered a few questions about what had happened and what it was like. It turned out that they didn't know what to say, said nothing then didn't know how to make amends. That said I didn't ever feel like part of the team again
  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    Thanks.... That sounds truly awful solb, thankfully my workplace issues are more quiet ignorance as opposed to out and out bullying its more as if you are expected to be strong and these issues shouldn't effect you. I am on the up, but the last 8 months have been a horrific experience. Thanks for the welcome again, for noting I'm an Earl Grey drinker!
  • The expected to be strong is so irritating I hate when people assume a personal failing. They wouldn't if someone with chronic back pain had another flare up. If pulling socks up really worked we'd all have done it a very long time ago, no one wants to be in pain, especially not so much pain it takes you to the depths of despair.

    I don't think the guys at work meant to be cruel they were just crippled with ignorance and social embarrassment.

    Since I came out about my mental health problems I've been overwhelmed by the support I've had. Not always from the people I'd expect it from. Life is definitely happier not keeping the secret
  • *puts kettle on and rummages in back of cupboard for Earl Grey* 

    Hmmmm - I haven't dared tell me new colleagues about my difficulties. One of them asked why I was there for 2 months, and if I was a temp but I just said I wanted some varied experience. I might think about sharing some more when I've got to know a few better. I don't want to come accross as needy. 

    I wonder if my old colleagues didn't talk to me out of embarrassment too? I didn't think of that, but they were quite nasty too and kept on saying that I didn't work hard enough even though I was doing the same work in less hours than them. Yesterday it was commented on how fast and accurate I type which was reassuring to hear. I'll just have to be carefull not to keep pushing too hard again, I'm obviously not really working slowly, so don't need to go overboard. 

  • mr fmr f ✭✭✭
    But of course mental illness is 'the curse of the strong'. That says a lot about the sufferers I think.
  • I don't think there's any excuses for meaness and cruelty. Not just in regards to mental health but in life. I really don't think there's anything anyone can do that makes indifferently or maliciously inflicting unnecessary harm on them acceptable.

    I am always wary of seeming needy too, even when I am in need! I often don't ask for help and try to brave stuff alone rather than risk being too needy ... Silly but true.

    I think its sensible to hold off the confidence until you feel a bit more sure of your colleagues Soupy. There's nothing to be ashamed of and you have nothing to hide but equally you are very precious and you are doing really well it seems wise to check that your confidence won't be betrayed
  • Weird double post removed.
  • Popping in the say the bleeding obvious.........."the more I run the easier it gets and the more enjoyable it is".  

    Thats it. 


  • I've never had MH problems that impacted on my work but I found it very hard going back to my normal activities after being in hospital. Some people had visited me and moo. My concern was that would see me in the same way as the other patients when I came out. There are occasional references to it, but actually people have wanted to talk to me when they or their relatives have been ill. It actually gave an elderly gentleman the nudge he needed to get treatment when his depression became too much for him to handle.
  • Oooh heck all yesterday's excitement has left me pooped!

  • Bear, put your feet up and take a rest.
    solb, yes I am going to follow Soupy and keep you in lower case letters. To answer your question GF food tastes OK but it tends to crumble more than normal stuff, years ago it tasted horrible, so have got used to eating freshly prepared and more natural foods. Although still like  eating biscuits and cakes.

    The positive vibes worked, work was OK only had to make a couple of phone calls to get work signed off when completed. Everyone pleased with what I did, so onward and upward as the saying goes.

    I would have popped in during the day, but work computers have a block on this site and many more but I can access the BBC News and travel reports for the buses and trains.

  • Evening beautiful people
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